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Gods and Demons Are Unparalleled

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In the boundless universe, the strong are like clouds, and the arrogance of heaven is like rain. The ancient powers can swallow clouds, move mountains and overturn seas, and destroy a dynasty at the click of a finger. The ancient saints can even pick the stars and take the moon, and refine the sea of ​​​​stars into playthings in their hands.

You can be astonishing in your talent, coercive for eternity, and invincible, but no match for the knife of time. In the end, your soul will rot and turn into dead bones in the tomb. There is no immortality between heaven and earth.

Su Han, who came from a small family in Xiyuan Town, embarked on the path of cultivation after obtaining a mysterious stone eye. Defeat countless geniuses and evildoers, and move forward step by step towards the road of immortality.

I am a god and demon, unparalleled in the world!

ps: Interested friends who have finished “Zerg Invincible in Another World”, “God Card” and “God and Demon System” can go and have a look.

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Short Title:GDAU
Alternate Title:神魔无双
Author:Asset surge
Weekly Rank:#2284
Monthly Rank:#2747
All Time Rank:#4713
Tags:Cultivation, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Sexual Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong, Xuanhuan,
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13 Comments on “Gods and Demons Are Unparalleled
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  1. Chapter 204 finally mc found cultivation called gods and demons after mc learned it i also quit lol...The gods and demons is actually like a clone of mc one is righteous and the other is demonic way...but the thing is they are real individual with the thought of thier own mc is not controlling them it feels like a different person it feels weird lol what about mc woman lol they look the same as mc wtf ...

  2. Define cheat? He gets a chance at the beginning that allows him to reach the peak, that and plot armour of course. From that chance he gets the god and demon body art which he at the beginning uses for alot more than strengthening his body. Still not sure what happened to his avatars (god and demon). The base function is strong body and increased aptitude for cultivation. But its origins are never explained

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