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Godly System: Evolve From a Kitten

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Ding, you have eaten a piece of rotten flesh, evolution point +1!

Ding, you ate half a piece of mouse meat, evolution point +1!

Ding, you killed a wild dog, evolution point +10!

Ding, you comprehend the Xiaoyue Code by yourself, and you will be rewarded with 25 evolution points!

When he wakes up, he regenerates a kitten and binds to the god-level evolution system. In this age of fighting for survival, he fights monsters, eats and can evolve.

What are you doing so hard practicing every day? Go hunting and have a meal with me!

what? Are you trying to understand martial arts? Then when I sleep, I will come to play with you again! The system is in hand, I have the world!

Don’t think it’s a cat, you can bully me, the world will tremble at my feet!

Don’t call me a pill emperor, I just play with alchemy, I am omnipotent and proficient in everything!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:GSEFK
Alternate Title:神级系统从小猫开始进化
Author:Zhun Ti Ye Shi Fo Zu
Weekly Rank:#351
Monthly Rank:#370
All Time Rank:#396
Tags:Cautious Protagonist, Demons, Evolution, Game Elements, Harem, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Modern, Monsters, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist, System, Transported to Another World,
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31 Comments on “Godly System: Evolve From a Kitten
  1. I just wanna say why even bother making him a beast if you have him transform to a human in 5 chapters then proceed to the cliche sect route. Dropped

  2. Why Chinese novels always use the same plot, the idea of a good story but it'll be disgusting when the MC starts pretending to be weak, underrated, and then whacked back. It won't be boring to use boring like this

  3. Ugh the story is actually kind of good until it introduces girls, at first it’s still bearable because they’re just gushing over a kitten and all you have to deal with is him molesting them as a cat, but then when he turns into a human.. teenager all the girls turn into annoying dumb and irrational tools or sex objects oh because they’re also hot but they have no brains or they do but they’re taking advantage of a stranger to try and scrape out benefits because they didn’t want to move out of this penthouse this guy was letting them crash in because he’s a simp r*pist who got his d*ck crushed, like as soon as he because of f*ckable human appearance the girls become stupid like guess that earlier character development was an accident, and the brainless train scene I detest Lin Zixi appearance, and literally everyone is.. every female (besides Li Zhen who’s probably going to be another member of the harem) is obsessed with being like I was taken advantage of!! In ridiculous situations where they were obviously in the wrong and the “taken advantage” was literally them being pushed out of the way?!? It’s honestly hard to read any scenes with woman in it like should’ve just stuck to no women and it would’ve stayed good or if you need to use them as a plot device make them like able and then move on after your done using them as a damsel

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