Li Yun pulled her sleeves and waved her hands, indicating that it would be fine to talk after Master finishes meditating.

Sage Fan Qing finally closed his mouth, took out a book from the bookshelf beside him, leaned on the recliner, and read the book leisurely while drinking tea.

Li Yun: "..."

Okay, he finally knows what kind of life Qing Sheng used to live in the Hidden Sacred Valley, which is probably the case, lying down reading a book, talking about love... No, it’s playing the piano and practicing by the way. With her talent, her strength progressed by leaps and bounds, and she reached the Void Returning Realm with ease.

Even if she often comes to her master's place, Qing Sheng probably sits and reads leisurely, and may occasionally help take care of her master's vegetable plot.

very good.

Quite leisurely.

It is one of Li Yun's longing lives. Of course, he must be accompanied by the internet and his confidantes around him. It is best to have a large library. The library is covered with high-quality carpets and walks up barefoot, soft and soft, very comfortable. Kind.

That kind of life is perfect.

As time passed, while waiting silently, Li Yun seemed to hear a sound. Turning his head to look around, he saw Qingsheng's master who seemed to move.

The waist of the kneeling seat seemed to be less straight, quite like a discouraged person, just not knowing how to end this pretense.

"It must be an illusion!"

Li Yun closed her eyes, wiped them again, and when she looked at Fan Linglong again, she really resumed her kneeling posture with her waist upright.

Li Yun breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was an illusion, otherwise it would be terrible.

But I don't know if it was his new shoes or something, Li Yun noticed something inexplicably.

As I said before, Fan Linglong’s hair is very long and beautiful, quite like the starry sky of a black feather butterfly. The long hair hanging behind her head should have covered her waist and hips.

But somehow, Li Yun discovered something.

Fan Linglong knelt down on the buttocks of the heel. It was very wide, and his long hair could not cover it. The simple and generous gossip robe could not cover it. The straight waist perfectly showed the charming and charming attitude of mature women. .


After noticing this, Li Yun only glanced at it, maybe only three or four seconds, but already felt dry and dry, and hurriedly lowered his head to drink tea.

I was shocked.

Really, Li Yun had never experienced the excitement of secretly watching. He had never thought that a senior over five hundred years old could actually have such a good figure.

Fan Linglong is like the peach with fruit hanging in front of Xiaolou. Li Yun guessed that he would pick it off by himself, and after a bite, he would be able to taste the good taste.


I don't know if it was an illusion, a woman's grunt sounded in Li Yun's ears. He looked at Fan Linglong in surprise and found that she had already stood up and looked at him facelessly.

Fan Linglong is really beautiful.

This is Li Yun’s first positive evaluation of her. The facial features are exquisite and not to mention, the key is the exquisite and mysterious temperament, revealing a sense of aloof indifference. A pair of dark eyes are looking at Li Yun indifferently. .

She was tall and tall, a head taller than the one-meter and seven-meter Fan Qingsheng. When Li Yun hurriedly stood up, she felt that she was actually taller than him.

Of course, this is just an illusion, because Fan Linglong's temperament is too strong, so that Li Yun has a guilty conscience. Just watched the second half of her affairs.

"You are Li Yun!?"

The indifferent beautiful woman asked indifferently.

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