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God Pet Has Opened Up For Me Again

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This is a very serious Xianxia book, but why the introduction I always want to describe it as: My second child is a giant, and there will be something going on in the future, and so on.

In short, you will understand after reading it, this is really not the YY of male species, what is missing, what is missing, etc. I am telling the truth.

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Short Title:GPHOUFMA
Alternate Title:神宠又给我开挂了
Weekly Rank:#6063
Monthly Rank:#3943
All Time Rank:#6616
Tags:Cultivation, Discrimination, Dragons, Godly Powers, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Racism,
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27 Comments on “God Pet Has Opened Up For Me Again
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  1. Sigh another hypocrite mc ,mc killing people is ok but if any other race kills humans it's bad they must be killed disgusting but after reading the comments this still way better than the disgusting nationalism in later chapters

  2. oke, jadi novel ini masih mengandung nasionalisme terselubung, MC mengatakan bahwa dia melindungi umat manusia, tetapi sebenarnya manusia di sini hanya di Kekaisaran Wu besar sementara yang lain berbeda ras, novel ini juga merupakan cerminan dari dunia kita, menurut saya kerajaan wu yang besar itu seperti dinasti Qing yang sedang di penghujung kejatuhannya, dan negara musuhnya adalah negara seperti Jepang (sangdao), Nanni (Korea-mungkin), dan kemungkinan besar Vietnam, serta Mongol dan Manchu. Sementara ras barbar merah mungkin Amerika atau Eropa, novel ini tidak menyebutkan nama berdasarkan karakteristik negara di atas tetapi Anda pasti bisa merasakannya, yah harus saya akui tentakel PKC telah mencapai dunia fantasi dan Xianxia

  3. okay, so this novel still contains disguised nationalism, MC said that he protects humanity, but actually the humans here are only in the big wu Empire while the others are different races,

  4. this novel is also a reflection of our world, in my opinion the great wu empire is like a dynasty Qing is at the end of its fall, and the enemy countries are countries such as Japan (sangdao), Nanni (Korea-probably), and most likely Vietnam, as well as Mongols and Manchus.

  5. While the red barbarian races may be America or Europe, the novel does not mention the name based on the characteristics of the country. above but you can definitely feel it, well I must admit the CCP tentacles have reached the fantasy world and Xianxia

  6. Again an annoying sister that is a baggage to the MC making him stay put in a cursed village and not leaving it for 100 chapters or so. The MC can kill 1+ cultivation level above him, but what annoy me the most is that he gain knowledge from his pet that isn't making any sense like recipes for weapons and a boat and he get experience how to make them which really pushing it too far as a cheat.

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