Chapter 770 Opening of a new world (finale)

   "Zi Yi!" Bai Cangdong reached out and grabbed the fallen Zi Yi.

  Zi Yi's face had no color at all, she looked extremely weak, she just put the girl in her hand into Bai Cangdong's arms: "Take care of her."

   "I won't let you die, you have to take care of her yourself." Bai Cangdong scratched his fingertips, and dripped drops of the ancient emperor's blood into Zi Yi's body.

  Zi Yi just smiled: "My body has already died in the endless cycle of reincarnation. Even if you give me the vitality of the whole world, I can't survive my life."

   "What nonsense are you talking about, I want you to live, so you live for me." Bai Cangdong gritted his teeth, but he already felt that his blood of the ancient emperor had no effect on Ziyi.

   "Take good care of her, she is the only proof of my existence in this world." Zi Yi reached out and touched the girl's head, with indescribable tenderness in her eyes.

  Bai Cangdong wanted to say something, but Ziyi pushed Bai Cangdong's arm away, and his body fell down.

  Bai Cangdong still wanted to catch it again, but Ziyi's body was floating slowly in the sky like flying ash.

  Zi Yi just smiled like that, as if transformed into a butterfly all over the sky, flying farther and farther, gradually disappearing into Bai Cangdong's already blurred eyes.

   "Ah!" Bai Cangdong felt his heart was about to be torn apart, and let out a low voice in pain, wanting to yell, but he couldn't.

  Looking at the innocent girl in her arms, my heart was about to break.

"From now on, she is my own daughter of Bai Cangdong. If anyone dares to make her frown, no matter whether Shangbi falls into the underworld, even if it destroys this world, I want him to die without a place to bury him." Holding the dragon-slaying sword still stained with blood, he swore an oath.

  Seeing the undead tree rushing towards him frantically, he swung the dragon-slaying sword in his hand angrily.

  The terrifying dragon energy sword light broke out from the sword, rushing out with supreme might.


  Countless tree roots and branches were chopped off and flew into the air, and the sword light rushed out wildly, directly cutting off the undead tree in the middle with an unrivaled posture.

  The frightening dragon energy and sword light continued, spreading outward like a shock wave, and undead trees were cut in half everywhere, rising into the sky as if they had lost gravity.

"There is no regeneration... There is no regeneration..." The Demon Emperor and the saints who almost didn't know what to be excited for a long time, saw that the undead tree cut off by Bai Cangdong's sword light had not been reborn again, and they couldn't help shouting excitedly speak up.

  After the huge undead tree was cut in half, it fell on the ground with a bang, almost as if a huge mountain range fell on the ground, shaking the whole ground, and a huge crater that was a million miles long was smashed out.

   And in the lower half of the undead tree, suddenly a black mass of light and fog flew out, tearing apart the space and trying to escape into the void.

The Qi in Bai Cangdong's heart had nowhere to vent, how could he let it escape, and he slashed out the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand again, the dragon Qi sword light pierced the sky, directly tearing the black light-like mist-like Qi from it The opened space is directly cut into pieces together.

  The black light mist was full of thoughts of hatred, anger, death, destruction, killing, cruelty, etc. After being sliced ​​open by the dragon sword light, it roared even more with hatred.

Bai Cangdong slashed forward with one sword at a time, and every time he slashed, the black light mist was reduced by one point. After cutting many swords in a row, the black light mist that was overwhelming like a dark cloud had already been weakened. Only a small piece remained.

  In the black mist, there seemed to be something faintly beating inside, but even with Bai Cangdong's gaze, he couldn't see anything inside.

  But Bai Cangdong is very clear, that is the heart of immortality.

  Just as Bai Cangdong was about to swing his sword down, the space between heaven and earth collapsed suddenly, and an indescribably ancient and mysterious palace burst out of the sky, facing the hood of the immortal heart.

   "The Temple of Immortality." Bai Cangdong fixed his eyes and guessed the origin of this temple.

  The Temple of the Immortal, which has been worshiped since ancient times, is the existence of the immortal god, and it is also a symbol of death.

  The whole world is groaning in fear under the Temple of the Undead. All living beings are afraid of death. For life, death is the supreme god.

The Immortal Heart roared excitedly and charged towards the Temple of the Undying. As long as it returned to the Temple of the Immortal, no one could destroy it again. Although it had been weakened to the limit, as long as he was given time, one day, it would be able to destroy it again. Restore your strength and rule the world once again.

   How could Bai Cangdong allow it to go away, and he would kill the immortal heart in the world with a flying sword.

  But seeing that the dragon-slaying sword was about to hit Immortal Heart, the Immortal Temple seemed to be teleported. The door of the temple opened and appeared directly in front of Immortal Heart, taking Immortal Heart into the temple.

  Bai Cangdong's gaze flashed, and he had rushed into the Temple of Immortality along with his heart of immortality.


  The gate of the Temple of the Undead is closed.

  Everyone turned pale with shock, Bai Cangdong rushed into the Temple of the Immortal, the power they poured into Bai Cangdong had been cut off, without their support, how could Bai Cangdong destroy the Heart of Immortality in the Temple of the Immortal.

  In the Temple of the Immortal, the heart of immortality is equivalent to the absolute body of immortality, how can it be killed.

Even Lao Bai and Yaren Shenzi's expressions changed drastically. It was also said in the paper left by the Holy Emperor that it is precisely because the Undying Tree is not in the Immortal Temple that the Human Dragon Scripture can be combined with the Four Treasures of the True Dragon. kill it.

  But now that the Immortal Heart has returned to the Immortal Temple, Bai Cangdong entered it, and was cut off from many demon kings and saints by the Immortal Temple. No matter how you think about it, he is already in a very unfavorable situation.

Everyone was looking at the Immortal Temple, which was slowly returning to the void. Lao Bai and other demon emperors and saints shot at the Immortal Temple, but they couldn't hurt the Temple. There is no true sage and real great demon emperor, it is difficult to rival a real god, and it is impossible to touch the Temple of the Immortal at all.

  In the Temple of the Immortal, Bai Cangdong was holding the girl and standing in front of a huge black monument, and the heart of immortality had already escaped into the monument.


  Bai Cangdong's dragon-slaying sword directly slashed on the Undead God's Monument, splitting a long sword mark in the Undead God's Temple immediately, causing the Undead God's Monument to groan in pain.

   Without the blessings of many demon emperors and saints, those don't matter. He has achieved great success, and he no longer needs the blessings of other people's strength. One person and one sword are enough.

Although the current Human Dragon Scripture is somewhat different from the original human-dragon supreme realm because of the lack of the 13-star Dragon Scale Bead, but because of Zi Yi's contribution, it replaced the 13-Star Dragon Scale Bead, making the Human Dragon Scripture reach another level. The different supremacy did not completely transform Bai Cangdong into a human dragon, but kept his human body.

  Now Bai Cangdong has somewhat understood why Ziyi wanted to prevent him from absorbing the 13th Samsung Dragon Scale Orb. It was not to destroy the heart of immortality, but to prevent him from losing himself.

"I am the God of Immortality, and I am the source of death. If there is no life, there is no death. If there is no death, there is no life. If you destroy me, this world will lose its vitality..." A roaring sound came from the immortal **** tablet. full of anger and fear.

   "The chance of life and death is something you can control with a stone tablet." Bai Cangdong snorted disdainfully, but mercilessly cut out the sword in his hand again.


   Another deep mark was cut on the Undead God Monument, and countless souls were moaning and howling in pain.

   "You will regret it if you kill me. If there is no death, there will be no new life. If you kill me, you will destroy this world..." The Immortal Monument roared frantically.

   "Then let this world be destroyed!" Bai Cangdong's eyes were stern, and he slashed out the Dragon Slaying Sword again.

   Sword lights crisscrossed and criss-crossed the undead **** tablet to pieces and collapsed in an instant, but in a blink of an eye, the undead **** tablet recovered again.

   "I am the God of Immortality, you can't kill me, and no one can kill me, haha..." The God of Immortality laughed wildly.

  Bai Cangdong smiled indifferently: "I really forgot, this is inside the Immortal Temple, it is useless to just kill you."

As he said that, Bai Cangdong cut his two dragon fingers with the Dragon Slaying Sword, and stained the body of the Dragon Slaying Sword with his blood. Immediately, the dragon energy rushed over the Dragon Slaying Sword, with infinite terrifying power , condensed on the Dragon Slaying Sword.

   "What do you want to do..." The Immortal God screamed in horror, but without a body, he couldn't do anything.

  Bai Cangdong didn't say a word, his power concentrated towards the dragon-slaying sword in his hand, making the dragon-slaying sword more and more dazzling, like the scorching sun in space.

  Amidst the terrified cry of the Immortal God, the Dragon Slaying Sword slashed out, and the fearful Dragon Qi Sword turned into a shock wave with dragon chant, breaking through the sky in an instant.

   Outside the Temple of the Undead, a group of demon emperors and saints are trying their best to prevent the Temple of the Undead from returning to the void, but it has no effect at all. It seems that a small half of the Temple of the Undead has entered the void.


Suddenly, I saw a ray of sword light rushing out of the Immortal Temple, directly into the sky, and the simple and mysterious Immortal Temple was suddenly cut into two halves, and slowly fell from the void, like a sinking continent in the sea .

  In the void where the rocks fell, there was a figure of a man holding a sword in one hand and holding a little girl in the other, slowly walking out from the crack in the void, as if he had returned from hell.

  For a moment, no matter the devil or the human being, they couldn't help but let out a sound of surprise. At this moment, no matter the enemy or the friend, their hearts were beating crazily only for that figure.


Several years later, on the roof of the Peace Building, the tallest building in Donglin City on Earth, a young man and a beautiful girl of 13 or 14 sat on the guardrail, watching the ants-like flow of people and cars below, not only did not Feeling a little scared, the girl was still eating ice cream with a smile on her face.

  The young man looked up at the night sky, with a strange smile on the corner of his mouth: "Lovely people, it's time to get to know the real world."

  In the night sky at this time, there was an aurora quietly cutting through the night, as if a corner of the void had been lifted, and incredible streamers of light rushed out from the crack.

   "Mom, look, meteor shower!" On the street, a little girl pulled her mother's clothes and pointed to the sky and shouted excitedly.

  Brilliant beams of light criss-cross the sky, blooming and falling like fireworks in the sky, turning into mysterious and simple stone monuments and descending to all parts of the world.

  (end of this chapter)