Chapter 769 Human and Dragon Success

  But Bai Cangdong is not a human in the holy world, he is a descendant of ancient human beings, his body is protected by dragon head crystals, and he is a pure human body.

   Seeing that he has reached the realm of the holy grade and the perfect person, Bai Cangdong did not stop, and directly launched an impact towards the realm of the saint, wanting to break through this barrier in one fell swoop.

  However, without the Sacred Path Monument, it is impossible to forcefully break through. The cultivation techniques of the Sacred World must not be able to break through, but the "Human Dragon Sutra" is different.

  Thirteen human dragon beads and thirteen dragon scale beads were donated by Bai Cangdong, and they formed a circle and floated above his head. With the help of the two powers of gods and demons, they crazily absorbed the power of the twenty-six dragon beads.

  The twenty-six dragon **** shone like the sun, and the dragon power poured into Bai Cangdong's body like a mighty river.

  The Undead Tree seemed to feel the power that frightened it, and countless spears burst through the void, and directly drew towards Bai Cangdong.

Among the ancient emperors of ten thousand feet and ten directions guarding behind Bai Cangdong, the black iron epee slashed forward, and the black iron epee turned into a divine sword that opened up the world, and cut the many roots and undead trees in half with one sword , Many demon emperors and saints who saw it were all in high spirits. Although they failed to kill the undead tree, such power was shocking enough.

  They speeded up the infusion of power into Bai Cangdong, wanting to make Bai Cangdong stronger, hoping to have the opportunity to kill the undead tree.

  But the undead tree has reunited into one, like a giant, directly rising from the ground, and many roots are like countless tentacles and claws of an octopus, twisting and moving its body towards Bai Cangdong.

Seeing the performance of the Undying Tree, everyone was even more overjoyed. When they gathered everyone's strength to kill the Undying Tree, the Undying Tree didn't make any movement at all. But at this time, the Undying Tree was obviously afraid, and it even took the initiative to move towards the white tree. Cang Dong launched an attack.

  Although everyone was overjoyed, the terror of the power displayed by the Undead Tree still made them shudder.

   Today's undead tree has plundered a large amount of energy from the two worlds. The power of each tree root has even faintly reached the level of a demon emperor and saint, and every move makes people's scalp numb.

  At this time, the Undead Tree came with thousands of roots, and everyone was terrified.

  Bai Cangdong just looked coldly at the undead tree like an evil ghost crawling out of hell, and with a thought, Ancient Emperor Shifang took out an ancient mirror in his hand and took a photo at the undead tree.

  The extremely ferocious undead tree instantly turned into a small beast, and was directly beheaded by the black iron sword.

  The undead tree came back from the dead, and came back to kill again. The ancient emperor of Shifang had another gourd in his hand, turned to the undead tree, and a sharp light flew out, immediately beheading the undead tree into pieces.

  The undead tree was reborn and killed again and again, but it was directly beheaded by the ancient emperors of the ten directions again and again. All the demon emperors and saints were stunned by the many magical methods.

   But even so, the undead tree still cannot be killed, which is very worrying.

  At this time, the dragon scales on Bai Cangdong's body gleamed, and a pair of dragon horns grew on the top of his head. With each breath, the dragon's breath circulated, and fearful power was being bred on his body.

  Saint is the method of addressing after the immortal **** destroyed the world. In ancient times, there was no such thing as a saint. Everyone in the world is a practitioner.

  The same is true in "Human Dragon Classic", there is no mention of rank at all. Under the infusion of infinite power, Bai Cangdong's body continued to transform, and soon surpassed the level of a saint.

  Bai Cangdong sucked up the dragon power one by one, and directly refined and melted it into his own body with the help of many demon king saints.

  When the double star dies, it turns into dust and blows away with the wind, and when the double star dies, it also disappears in dust.

  Pairs of dragon **** were destroyed, and Bai Cangdong's aura became stronger and stronger, which was no longer comparable to that of a saint.

The undead tree frantically wanted to rush to Bai Cangdong to stop him, but it couldn't rush in front of Bai Cangdong at all. The ancient emperor of Shifang who had absorbed the power of the demon kings and saints from all the heavens beheaded the undead tree in front of him time and time again. It can't get close to Bai Cangdong at all.

  Bai Cangdong has never felt so powerful like today, as if the breath he exhaled could destroy the world, and the endless dragon power transformed his body into an incomparably powerful body.

   Another pair of dragon **** was destroyed. This is already the twelfth pair of dragon balls. Only the last pair of dragon **** is left. The "Dragon Scripture" has reached its ultimate form.

   There should be the power to destroy the heart of immortality and completely destroy the **** of immortality.

  When Bai Cangdong was about to absorb the last pair of dragon beads, suddenly a figure rushed out and picked off one of the thirteen-star dragon scale beads.

   "Zi Yi, what are you doing?" Bai Cangdong looked at Zi Yi in surprise, he never thought that he would take the 13-Star Dragon Scale Orb at this moment.

  If it were someone else, Bai Cangdong would have slashed over with his sword and taken back the Dragon Scale Orb, but the one standing in front of him was Zi Yi, no matter what Zi Yi did, he couldn't bear to attack Zi Yi.

   "People are people, dragons are dragons, people are not dragons, and they can't be dragon people." Zi Yi murmured, looking at the 13-star dragon scale bead in his hand with a complicated expression.

   "Zi Yi, what are you talking about? Give me back the Dragon Ball, without it, I can't kill the Heart of Immortality." Bai Cangdong didn't understand what Zi Yi meant.

   "Promise me one thing, please?" Zi Yi hung in front of Bai Cangdong, still holding the girl in his arms, looking at Bai Cangdong with a strange expression and said.

"I can promise you anything, give me the dragon ball now, there is almost no time." Bai Cangdong was a little anxious, his Dragon Scripture has reached the most important juncture, there is no 13-star dragon scale ball Without the dragon power, he would not be able to take that last step, and if he could not truly transform into the body of a human dragon, his success would fall short.

  Although it is already very strong, it is impossible to truly destroy the heart of immortality, and naturally it is impossible to truly kill the **** of immortality.

   "Take good care of her, never let her down, don't let her suffer any harm." Zi Yi said, and put the dragon scale bead in the girl's hand.

  Bai Cangdong was wondering what Ziyi wanted to do, but Ziyi suddenly reached out and pulled out the dragon-slaying sword that Bai Cangdong was hanging on his waist.

The dragon-slaying sword that others couldn't pull out at all was easily pulled out by Ziyi, and then Ziyi looked at Bai Cangdong, and pierced his chest with the sword. The dragon-slaying sword directly pierced his heart, and the blood flowed smoothly. The sword body flowed out.

   "Zi Yi, what are you doing?" Bai Cangdong turned pale with shock, and wanted to stop Zi Yi, but Zi Yi stretched out his hand to stop him.

"A man is a man, and a dragon is a dragon. If you become a dragon, you won't be you anymore." Zi Yi smiled and shook his head, his blood flowed out from the Dragon Slaying Sword, turning into dots of red starlight and rushing towards the white man. Cangdong is like thousands of red stars in the sky.

"Promise me, take good care of her, this is my only family member." Ziyi said, and suddenly pulled out the dragon-slaying sword from his chest, and the blood that filled the sky spouted out, turning into rainbow lights in the sky and flying towards Bai Cangdong, into his body.

Bai Cangdong's human-dragon body continued to function, and Ziyi's blood replaced the power of the 13-star Dragon Scale Bead and merged with the power of the 13-Star Dragon Bead, breaking through the last hurdle of the Human-Dragon Scripture, making the The achievement of Bai Cangdong's human-dragon body seems to be slightly different from the state of great achievement described in the Human-Dragon Sutra.

  (end of this chapter)

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