Chapter 768 The Holy Demons of the Heavens Give Me Strength

  Bai Cangdong took a closer look, and found that the Demon Emperor who came was also someone he knew, and he was also the Demon Emperor Ming Yuexin whom he had de-named. Unexpectedly, he was also promoted to Demon Emperor.

   "Just like that gentleman, please lend me strength." Bai Cangdong said looking at Ming Yuexin.

   "Magician, you are the body of a demon emperor, so you can bear that kind of power. Even if you have the same ability, I'm afraid your body won't be able to bear that kind of power." Ming Yuexin hesitated.

  She ordered the wolf girl to follow Bai Cangdong, and she knew everything about Bai Cangdong, but Bai Cangdong hadn't summoned the wolf girl recently, so she didn't know anything about Bai Cangdong's recent affairs.

   "I have my own method, would you like to use my strength?" Bai Cangdong looked at Ming Yuexin and asked.

   "Since the magician needs it, why not." Mingyue Xin smiled slightly, stretched out her jade finger and pointed at Bai Cangdong, but saw a ray of spiritual light flying from Bai Cangdong's body, it was the wolf girl.

  The wolf girl turned into a ray of light and threw it into Ming Yuexin's body, instantly merging with her.

  The magic light on Ming Yuexin rushed into the night, turning into a magic moon and throwing it towards Bai Cangdong.

   "Mingyue's original heart, where did Mingyue's heart come from? If you owe the magician, you can pay it back today." Mingyuexin smiled brightly, and the empty Mingyue threw herself into Bai Cangdong's body.

  Bai Cangdong received the power of the bright moon in the sky, and the ancient emperor's brain was running crazily, just like a king, turning the external force into his own use.

  The ancient and mysterious ancient emperor of the ten directions transformed his face and body, protecting Bai Cangdong's back, transforming the terrifying magic light as much as possible before flowing to Bai Cangdong's body.

"Old Bai, Son of God, Wujue, please help me." Bai Cangdong's voice was like thunder. can be heard.

  Lao Bai, Yaren Shenzi, and Jin Wujue did not hesitate, and immediately evolved their power to the end, and threw themselves at Bai Cangdong.

What Lao Bai transformed into was a human-shaped imprint of the demon way, and the sub-human **** son transformed into two **** generals with magic armor and jade armor, and the endless Fufeng, three different forces also threw themselves at Bai Cangdong, immediately making Bai Cangdong and Shifang Gu The emperor's momentum skyrocketed again.

  The body of the ancient emperor of ten directions is hundreds of feet tall, standing upright like an ancient god, and many artifacts are also added to the body of the ancient emperor of ten directions.

   "Please help me, all the demon emperors and saints." Bai Cangdong shouted again.

   It's just that the momentum at this time is not comparable to before. With the help of four demon emperor-level powerhouses, his current power has surpassed any demon emperor or saint, and even the Jade Xu God Emperor cannot face him head-on.

   It’s just that the demon king and saints are still hesitating. You have already tried once before, gathering the power of everyone to kill the undead tree. As a result, you couldn’t kill the undead tree, but it made the undead tree evolve significantly.

  Nowadays, even a human being wants to use this method, and the success rate is naturally even pitiful. If the Undead Tree is allowed to evolve again by leaps and bounds, I am afraid that the two realms of the holy and the devil will be destroyed immediately.

   "Magician, I'll help you." Seeing another demon emperor flying towards him, it was Bai Cangdong who was the first demon king to solve his demon name after he came to the holy world.

   Unexpectedly, she has already been promoted to Demon Emperor. When Bai Cangdong saw her a few years ago, she had not been promoted.

   "Thank you." Bai Cangdong was overjoyed. Now that one more person is more powerful, it is impossible for him to kill the undead tree by himself.

   "Are you sure?" Jun also broke away from the battlefield and flew in front of Bai Cangdong and asked.

   "Yes." Bai Cangdong said without hesitation, if he hesitated, others would not believe him, and if he couldn't unite as one, how could he borrow the power of all beings.

   "Okay." Jun responded lightly, and the magic mark broke out, and lent it to Bai Cangdong for use.

  She could naturally see that the method Bai Cangdong used came from the same source as her natal power, almost exactly the same, and she probably already guessed what was going on.

   "Demon emperors, now we have no use in destroying the immortal tree, please lend him your strength, maybe there is still a chance." Jun said to the many demon emperors.

   "Please lend him strength." Jin Wujue and others also said together.

  The demon emperors hesitated for a moment, then left the battlefield and flew towards Bai Cangdong, pouring their magic power into Bai Cangdong.

   After the connection, more demon emperors flew over, lending their power to Bai Cangdong one by one, and not long after, almost all the demon emperors had poured their power into Bai Cangdong.

  I saw that the ancient emperor of the ten directions was tall, and he was not inferior to the undead tree.

The saints were also a little shaken at this time. They believed in the king before, but they failed abnormally. At this time, they really dare not trust others, but seeing that many demon emperors have already lent their power to Bai Cangdong. This human being couldn't help thinking about it.

   "Even a demon is willing to help a human being, so what are we afraid of?" But seeing the Emperor Yuxu flying out, he summoned his true life seal and injected it into the ancient emperors of the ten directions.

  Many sages donated their power without any hesitation, making the two powers of gods and demons on the ancient emperor of Shifang even more terrifying.

  Bai Cangdong felt the blessing of endless power, and all kinds of strange feelings filled his body.

  The passion of fire, the cruelty of ice, the gentleness of water, the cruelty of gold.

  The flow of time, the change of space.

  The vicissitudes of life, love and hatred.

  The wind is gentle and ruthless.

  Ray is calm and violent.

  The most powerful powers of the holy and demon worlds are gathered on the ancient emperors of the ten directions, so that Bai Cangdong can clearly feel the true meaning contained in those powers.

  The innocence of Taoism enables Bai Cangdong to directly use these feelings for his own use, which continuously improves his realm.

   "I follow the shadow, the shadow follows me, I am the shadow, and the shadow is me. Originally, this is the true meaning of the shadow..."

   "I am not afraid of being smashed to pieces, and I want to stay innocent in the world... This is the mystery of bones..."

  Among all kinds of extreme power perceptions, coupled with infinite power blessings, the rank of Bai Cangdong was instantly raised, one rank after another, with almost no obstacles.

  Bai Cangdong borrowed the power of many demon kings and saints, not to kill the undead tree directly, but to break through the shackles of his rank and promote to the body of a saint with the help of countless ultimate power experiences.

  Being promoted to a saint is only the first step. With the body of a saint, he can absorb all thirteen human dragon beads and thirteen dragon scales in one breath, so as to achieve the body of a human dragon and truly kill the undead tree.

  All the demon emperors and saints, seeing Bai Cangdong's successive breakthroughs in grades, actually broke through to the realm of saints, were shocked in their hearts.

  They also didn't expect that Bai Cangdong would use their power to attack the realm of saints first.

  But there is no saint-level monument here, how can he break through that barrier only by relying on strength? For humans, that is simply impossible.

  (end of this chapter)

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