Chapter 767 Returning to Nanli

Bai Cangdong and Lao Bai glanced at each other, and they both felt that what the Son of God said was very possible. If it was the Holy Emperor, he might not be willing to just live and forget everything. That would count as living another life. For his daughter There was no help either, maybe the last real choice of the Holy Emperor was the method of physical reincarnation.

  But since then, no Holy Emperor has appeared in the world. It can almost be guessed that the Holy Emperor should have failed in the end.

But Bai Cangdong looked at Ziyi who was holding the little girl, and his mind was full of imagination: "Is it possible that Ziyi is Fu Ziyi? His origin is mysterious, and he seems to know a lot about the holy emperor and the emperor's tomb. If If he is the reincarnated Fu Ziyi, then all of this can be explained. Even his intermittent memory can be explained because he has not fully recovered the memory of his previous life, and it is also in line with the taboo technique that will make the soul Incomplete statement."

  But even if Ziyi is Fu Ziyi, it is of no help to Bai Cangdong. Even if Fu Ziyi has recovered all his memory now, he is not a holy emperor after all, and I am afraid that he knows very little about the undead tree.

  Although there are many things that I didn't want to understand before, now I have some context, but it doesn't help the actual situation.

   "Old Bai, give me your Dragon Scale Orb." Bai Cangdong stretched out his hand in front of Lao Bai and said.

   "What are you doing?" Lao Bai took two steps back holding the Dragon Scale Bead.

   "I need your dragon scale bead. Only by practicing the human dragon scriptures to the limit can it be possible to kill the undead tree." Bai Cangdong said.

   "Have you really mastered the Human Dragon Scripture?" Lao Bai looked at Bai Cangdong in surprise.

Yaren Shenzi looked at Bai Cangdong in surprise. According to the paper left by the Holy Emperor, only those who have not been polluted by the power of the immortal **** can practice the Dragon Scripture, and they also need the dragon head crystal, Bai Cangdong. It is said that he has practiced the Human Dragon Scripture, which naturally makes them a little suspicious.

  The undead trees outside are like pillars of the sky. I'm afraid it will be very difficult for even the sages to deal with it. If they continue to wait, everyone will die. Now he can only fight.

  Bai Cangdong directly pulled out the dragon-slaying sword, and performed the human-dragon scripture technique, his eyes turned into vertical pupils of dragon eyes, and his body was covered with dragon scales.

With a sword cut, a row of undead trees was cut off by him immediately. After those undead trees were cut off, their vitality recovered extremely slowly. Unlike Lao Bai and the others who cut off their vitality, not only did their vitality recover very quickly, but they could also Absorb their power.

  Obviously, Bai Cangdong's power combined with Dragon Slaying Sword is different. Those undead trees can't digest his power, and they will be injured by it.

  But because Bai Cangdong is still only a perfect person, his strength is still too weak, it is impossible to eliminate all the undead trees, and it is impossible to completely kill the undead trees.

   "So you are the person from that mysterious space." Without further ado, Lao Bai took off the crown from his head, took out the 13-star dragon scale bead and threw it to Bai Cangdong.

   Now it's time to die, and no one wants to waste any time.

   "Do you have other dragon scale beads and human dragon beads?" Lao Bai asked.

   "Only the eleven-star Dragon Scale Orb is not with me, so I have to get it now." Bai Cangdong said.

   "How high is your Human Dragon Classic?" Lao Bai asked again.

   "It's only the second level." Bai Cangdong didn't need to tell lies.

   "It's too late, even if you get all the Human Dragon Balls and Dragon Scale Balls, there is no time for you to practice." Lao Bai's face collapsed immediately.

"I definitely don't have time to practice by myself, but it's not impossible. Let's go to the Nanli sea area first. I'll go get the eleven-star Dragon Scale Orb. Whether it can be done or not depends on whether the saints and devil emperors are willing to help me. A helping hand." Bai Cangdong said.

  Yaren Shenzi and Lao Bai also knew that now was not the time to ask more questions, so they directly used the method of space teleportation to take Bai Cang east to the Nanli sea area.

  At this time, in the Nanli sea area, in the huge pit that was blasted out before, a huge undead tree grew like a **** that reached the sky. The roots of the tree danced wildly, and even the devil emperors and saints had a hard time dealing with it.

   A group of demon kings and saints besieged the huge undead tree, but they couldn't do anything to it. Countless powers of the Great Dao hit it, making it stronger and stronger.

Countless roots stretched into the void, directly rooted in it, and actually penetrated the two realms of the holy and devil, causing the power of the two realms to convect, forming a huge vortex of the power of the holy and devil, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth from the two realms into it .

  The demon kings and saints have already changed their faces, and their faces are extremely ugly. Although they know that their attacks will not affect the undead tree, but will accelerate its growth, but if they don't try, it will still be a dead end in the end.

  But the result of the experiment was not satisfactory, it seemed that there was no power that could stop the growth of the undead tree.

  The huge undead tree is desperately devouring the heaven and earth energy of the holy and demon worlds, making it grow faster, and providing energy to the ubiquitous small undead trees.

  The so-called single tree forms a forest, those small undead trees are actually part of a huge undead tree, and they are infinitely plundering all the energy in this world.

  Including all human beings, devils and monsters, they are the targets of their plunder, and the whole world is already in a mess.

  Bai Cangdong and the others have already broken through the sky and arrived at the Nanli sea area, watching the battle between the Undead Tree and the Demon King and Saint from a distance, the scene is both dazzling and tragic.

  Bai Cangdong relied on the induction of the blood of the ancient emperor to find the endless position.

   "Wujue, give me your dragon scale bead." Bai Cangdong didn't have time to explain, so he asked Wujue directly.

   "What dragon scale bead?" Jin Wujue was slightly taken aback.

   "It's the Eleven Star Bead, give it to me quickly, I need its power to destroy the Undead Tree." Bai Cangdong said.

  Although Jin Wujue was a little puzzled, he still gave Bai Cangdong the eleven-star Dragon Scale Orb, and Bai Cangdong was immediately overjoyed, all the Dragon Scale Orbs and Human Dragon Orbs were finally in his hands.

   "Demon emperors and saints, I have a way to get rid of the undead tree. I hope all the seniors will help me." Bai Cang turned his divine light and roared directly.

  The sound spread throughout the Nanli sea area, those demon emperors and saints were taken aback for a while, and then saw that the person speaking was only a human being of the highest level, so they ignored him.

   Some people even said angrily: "What are you doing here, run for your life."

  Bai Cangdong felt a little helpless, after all, others were soft-spoken, and here are all unrivaled powerhouses, who would listen to his command?

Bai Cangdong yelled several times, but no one paid any attention to him, when Bai Cangdong was depressed and helpless, he suddenly saw a demon emperor flying towards him from the battlefield, looked at him and asked, "How can I help you? "

  (end of this chapter)