Chapter 766 Forbidden Art

  The sixth son wanted the Four Treasures of the True Dragon to improve his strength and defeat his compatriot elder brother, but those things were arranged by the Holy Emperor for the Undying Tree, so how could he give them to him.

The sixth son was so obsessed with defeating his elder brother that he was almost insane. In the end, he set up a scheme to join forces with several senior brothers to sneak attack on the Holy Emperor. As said before, several senior brothers succeeded in winning the four treasures of the real dragon part of it.

   But the most important dragon head Jing was saved by the Holy Emperor and sent into that mysterious space.

   Several disciples who got a part of the Four Treasures of the True Dragon each wanted to benefit from it, but without the Dragon Head Crystal, their income was very limited, and they could not touch the core secrets of the Four Treasures of the True Dragon.

   "What happened to the sixth son and other disciples?" Bai Cangdong asked.

   "I don't know what happened to the sixth son, but you should have seen the fourth disciple of the Holy Emperor, that crazy old man on the long dragon road." Said the sub-human **** son.

   "How is it possible? That crazy old man is just a perfect person?" Bai Cangdong said in disbelief with his eyes widened.

   "How do you know that he is just a perfect person?" Demihuman God Son asked back.

  Bai Cangdong opened his mouth, but didn't say anything, he just judged by his strength, the crazy old man is a perfect person, and he can't really be sure that he is a perfect person.

"The crazy old man was severely injured when he attacked the Holy Emperor, and he has not recovered. That's why his strength has become so low. In fact, the few disciples who attacked the Holy Emperor at the beginning were all traumatized to varying degrees. My grandfather, since that time, only a hundred years later, he couldn't bear to pass away. If not, our lineage would not have been forced out of Zhenlong Valley and forced to start over elsewhere." Shenzi Yaren sighed.

  Bai Cangdong's heart moved, he looked at the sub-human **** son and asked, "Do you know which real dragon treasure the sixth son took away?"

   "Dragon Slaying Sword." Subhuman Shenzi replied.

Bai Cangdong had already guessed in his heart that the skeleton in Haiyan was probably the sixth child, and he didn't die well in the end. Someone locked him in Haiyan, and he still held him tightly until he died. Dragon Slaying Sword.

   "What are the names of the sixth son and his elder brother?" Lao Bai also asked.

  Shenzi thought for a while and said: "Their surname is Fu, one is Tsing Yi, the other is Zi Yi. Tsing Yi is the younger brother, and Zi Yi is the elder brother."

  As soon as these words came out, Bai Cangdong's eyes widened and he blurted out: "This is impossible, how could Fu Qingyi be the sixth disciple of the Holy Emperor?"

   "What? Have you met Fu Qingyi?" Yaren Shenzi looked at Bai Cangdong suspiciously.

"Of course I have. I was born in Nanli Academy. The dean of the academy is named Fu Qingyi, and he does have a brother named Fu Ziyi, but they can't be disciples of the Holy Emperor. Dean Fu is just a perfect person. And he was born in a far different age than the Sage Emperor." Bai Cangdong thought for a while, and thought it might just be the same name.

   "It must just happen to have the same name." Lao Bai also said.

  Yaren Shenzi frowned and asked, "What do Fu Qingyi and Fu Ziyi from Nanli Academy look like?"

"It can't be them. In fact, I have seen the dragon-slaying sword, and it may be the bones of the sixth son." Bai Cangdong told the story of his encounter with the skeleton and the dragon-slaying sword in the eyes of the sea, and said that the dragon-slaying sword The sword was taken out for Yaren Shenzi and Laobai to look at.

"This is indeed the Dragon Slaying Sword. The skeleton you saw should be the sixth child." Yaren Shenzi stared at the Dragon Slaying Sword, but continued: "But this shows that Nanli Academy Fu Qingyi may be the sixth son."

   "Why? Didn't you say that the skeleton is the sixth son? Why do you say that Fu Qingyi may be the sixth son?" Bai Cangdong felt that the words of the Yaren Shenzi were very inconsistent.

  The Son of God was silent for a while, before he said: "Actually, I have already guessed why the Holy Emperor is not in the jade coffin, and I probably know what happened to the last fight that the Holy Emperor said."

   "What's going on?" Lao Bai and Bai Cangdong asked at the same time.

  Although they didn't know why the sub-human God Son didn't answer the previous question, and instead brought it to the Holy Emperor, they were really curious about it, and it was too important.

Yaren Shenzi said: "Actually, before my grandfather passed away, he used a taboo technique, hoping to be reincarnated so that his life could continue, but unfortunately it failed in the end, and that taboo technique, My grandfather learned from the Holy Emperor, and he snatched it from the Holy Emperor when he attacked the Holy Emperor."

  Bai Cangdong suddenly understood, looked at the sub-human Shenzi in horror and said, "You mean, both the Holy Emperor and the sixth son used the forbidden technique of reincarnation?"

"That's not right. If the Holy Emperor and the Sixth Son are really reincarnated, with their abilities, they will definitely be able to reach the peak soon. Why have there been no news for so many years?" Lao Bai looked at it in disbelief. With the Son of God.

Yaren Shenzi explained: "That kind of taboo technique can give people a new life, but it has to pay a very high price, and the chance of success is very low, otherwise the Holy Emperor would not say that he would have to fight for the last time, and I His grandfather is also the best example, not only did he not succeed, but he also ended up being smashed to pieces."

After a pause, the subhuman **** continued: "Even if the reincarnation is successful, all the memories of the previous life will be lost, and the soul will be incomplete. It takes very harsh conditions to restore the memory of the previous life. Because I have never seen a successful reincarnation. I don't know exactly what will happen, but if Fu Qingyi succeeds, he probably doesn't even know that he is the sixth son."

"That's not right. Even if Fu Qingyi used the taboo technique, he was the only one who succeeded in reincarnation. How could he have a brother named Fu Ziyi? And you said he should have forgotten his previous life, so what about his name? Will it be the same as in the previous life?" Bai Cangdong retorted.

   "If Fu Ziyi helped Fu Qingyi to make his reincarnation successful, and Fu Ziyi was also reincarnated because of this? Is there such a possibility?" Lao Bai said suddenly.

Yaren Shenzi nodded: "Other than the Holy Emperor, I am afraid that Fu Ziyi is the only person who has this ability. I also guessed so, so I think that Fu Qingyi and Fu Ziyi from Nanli Academy may be the sixth son. Reincarnated with his eldest brother, but this is just speculation, and it doesn't help us in our current situation."

   "If the Holy Emperor really reincarnated successfully, then his body in this life should also be in the jade coffin." Lao Bai turned the topic back to the Holy Emperor.

"Actually, there is a situation where reincarnation can be reincarnated in the physical body directly with all the memories, without having to start all over again, but this method of reincarnation is thousands of times more dangerous than the one used by my grandfather." Subhuman God Son Said slowly.

  (end of this chapter)