God of Taoism

Because I like to collect antiques, I was accidentally brought to a magical world by a crystal skull in my collection..... Read more

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~ End of this testimonial v100 Chapter 770 Opening of a new world (finale) v100 Chapter 769 Well done

v100 Chapter 768 All the holy demons give me strength v100 Chapter 767 Coming to Nanli again v100 Chapter 766 Forbidden Art v100 Chapter 765 The Six Sons of the Holy Emperor v100 Chapter 764 True Dragon Four Treasures v100 Chapter 763 Holy Emperor's last words v100 Chapter 762 Open jade coffin v100 Chapter 761 Who is that person? v100 Chapter 760 non-human non-demon

v100 Chapter 759 Raid the Qin family v100 Chapter 758 the only person v100 Chapter 757 King's Landing

v100 Chapter 756 Undead tree is alive v100 Chapter 755 Prepare v100 Chapter 754 endless speculation v100 Chapter 753 The Secret of the Immortal God v100 Chapter 752 escape ascension v100 Chapter 751 rampant undead tree v100 Chapter 750 save lives v100 Chapter 749 Square Mutation v100 Chapter 748 Swallow the Devil Raw

v100 Chapter 747 old white v100 Chapter 746 Meet Zi Yi again v100 Chapter 745 Dragon Ball v100 Chapter 744 Variations of the Crystal Ball Technique v100 Chapter 743 immortal god v100 Chapter 742 Dao Wenqu Painting Array v100 Chapter 741 White Skeleton v100 Chapter 740 Break the altar with one finger v100 Chapter 739 one finger v100 Chapter 738 Understanding the Three Hearts v100 Chapter 737 Altar of Bones v100 Chapter 736 Zifu Taiyi Sword

v100 Chapter 735 death of a saint v100 Chapter 734 strange stone box v100 Chapter 733 two crystal balls v100 Chapter 732 stone box v100 Chapter 731 dead to life v100 Chapter 730 Heartbreaker v100 Chapter 729 holy wars v100 Chapter 728 scroll on the altar v100 Chapter 727 Demon King Apprenticeship v100 Chapter 726 murder duel v100 Chapter 725 Warlord v100 Chapter 724 the other end of the teleportation array

v100 Chapter 723 Magic Stone Palace v100 Chapter 722 Saint Emperor Bloodline v100 Chapter 721 Meeting you never dreamed of v100 Chapter 720 promoted to human v100 Chapter 719 Spirit Flame Burning Chain v100 Chapter 718 Depressed endlessly v100 Chapter 717 secret book v100 Chapter 716 study companion v100 Chapter 715 The **** the other side looks over v100 Chapter 714 a cluster of flames v100 Chapter 713 Refining fire wire v100 Chapter 712 Hellberry

v100 Chapter 711 see things that are not human v100 Chapter 710 Jade bottle v100 Chapter 709 Feed the devil in the back garden v100 Chapter 708 mysterious chain v100 Chapter 707 If you live in heaven, you will die v100 Chapter 706 safflower tree v100 Chapter 705 Do you really dare to marry? v100 Chapter 704 woman in back garden v100 Chapter 703 Demon King Promise v100 Chapter 702 I sing a love song for the devil king v100 Chapter 701 The last obstacle to the ascension to man v100 Chapter 700 There is no true saint in the world

v100 Chapter 699 Zhensha Jiuying v100 Chapter 698 Collect the nine-headed dragon v100 Chapter 697 desperate lament v100 Chapter 696 Fist Infant Killing v100 Chapter 695 materialized divine light v100 Chapter 694 Promoted to the eighth grade v100 Chapter 693 death of red dragon v100 Chapter 692 you are amazing v100 Chapter 691 Steal the power of Yunmeng v100 Chapter 690 way to escape v100 Chapter 689 Five grades of sages v100 Chapter 688 Youyun epiphyllum

v100 Chapter 687 Big advantage v100 Chapter 686 Magic fruit v100 Chapter 685 The day the devil eats v100 Chapter 684 Gourd Elixir v100 Chapter 683 The Magic of Slaying the Immortal Gourd v100 Chapter 682 hell fountain v100 Chapter 681 Great Demon Realm v100 Chapter 680 royal monster ~ New book "Super God Gene" v100 Chapter 679 The Eighth Prince's Life and Death Showdown v100 Chapter 678 ecstatic v100 Chapter 677 Weird technique

v100 Chapter 676 One thing in heaven v100 Chapter 675 go on alive v100 Chapter 674 impossible person v100 Chapter 673 banquet v100 Chapter 672 Two sheep strayed into a pride of lions v100 Chapter 671 between hatred v100 Chapter 670 lifeline v100 Chapter 669 unbearable v100 Chapter 668 room with the enemy v100 Chapter 667 pass the quiz v100 Chapter 666 strange rules v100 Chapter 665 Sea Demon Castle

v100 Chapter 664 Killing the Immortal Gourd to Show Its Power v100 Chapter 663 Clothes and bones v100 Chapter 662 Reappearance of the Sacred Emperor's Bone v100 Chapter 661 Once the most beautiful woman in the world v100 Chapter 660 at your disposal v100 Chapter 659 crazy auction v100 Chapter 658 true bone v100 Chapter 657 She is Xuesheng? v100 Chapter 656 god stone v100 Chapter 655 four star crystal ball v100 Chapter 654 inscription for the painting v100 Chapter 653 beast car beauty

v100 Chapter 652 ring finger bone v100 Chapter 651 One Finger Breaking Heaven Sword v100 Chapter 650 run amok v100 Chapter 649 into battle v100 Chapter 648 One Hundred and Eight Heavenly Sword Formation v100 Chapter 647 be honest v100 Chapter 646 love song iceberg v100 Chapter 645 Washing Jade Feet in Stream v100 Chapter 644 Sky Sword v100 Chapter 643 Let me tell you about my daughter-in-law v100 Chapter 642 miraculous battle v100 Chapter 641 Let Haitian gather energy for me

v100 Chapter 640 stick to v100 Chapter 639 evacuees die v100 Chapter 638 Suppress the Devil Emperor v100 Chapter 637 helpless v100 Chapter 636 rain master v100 Chapter 635 imperial monster v100 Chapter 634 black water river v100 Chapter 633 Four grades of sages v100 Chapter 632 Deal with Sister Mo v100 Chapter 631 Road song v100 Chapter 630 You you on the line v100 Chapter 629 Ants on hot pan

v100 Chapter 628 choice of fate v100 Chapter 627 capture the flag failed v100 Chapter 626 Taishang True Life Banner v100 Chapter 625 A flag on Qibing Peak v100 Chapter 624 I also send invitations v100 Chapter 623 Kong Chuan apprentice v100 Chapter 622 the treasure v100 Chapter 621 It's a good thing to wake up from a dream v100 Chapter 620 Jie Sheng Beast v100 Chapter 619 engraved poem v100 Chapter 618 continue writing v100 Chapter 617 half a poem

v100 Chapter 616 ridiculous hole v100 Chapter 615 Return favors for the old lady v100 Chapter 614 Golden Eagle Bow v100 Chapter 613 untie the sword v100 Chapter 612 open bow v100 Chapter 611 tenno bow v100 Chapter 610 market v100 Chapter 609 One Kiss Poetry Chapter 608 a kiss a poem Chapter 607 poetry as evidence Chapter 606 Do you really want to help? Chapter 605 success and failure

Chapter 604 The pride of Yuxu Palace disciples Chapter 603 Confused Chapter 602 tea party Chapter 601 you can be willful Chapter 600 Jade Press Tree King Chapter 599 Yam wood Chapter 598 The Price of the Secret Chapter 597 suppress Chapter 596 give pointers Chapter 595 Morning Q&A Chapter 594 Allure son Chapter 593 Lighting

Chapter 592 defeat the enemy with one finger Chapter 591 Ancient Austrian Emperor Chapter 590 sword fight Chapter 589 head disciple Chapter 588 What is strong is easy to break Chapter 587 all hot Chapter 586 Peach Blossom Song Chapter 585 Borrow the sword Chapter 584 leaving marks Chapter 583 The roots of troubles Chapter 582 Jinmu stone Chapter 581 I will go if you let me go

Chapter 580 Hengwu Grand Ceremony Chapter 579 dead skinned Chapter 578 Dan Furnace Body Refining Chapter 577 Dan Furnace Mutation Chapter 576 White jade furnace Chapter 575 The Old Lady's Call Chapter 574 incomparable posture Chapter 573 Stepping on the fairy road Chapter 572 a rock Chapter 571 Yuxu dao pattern Chapter 570 Deng Xiandao Chapter 569 Deng Xiandao

Chapter 568 Can you still play like this? Chapter 567 This young man is unreliable Chapter 566 Knock on Heaven's Gate Chapter 565 Conditions for going to Yuxu Palace Chapter 564 brother don't go Chapter 563 be my senior sister Chapter 562 Lianyin's two conditions Chapter 561 guerrilla warfare Chapter 560 Qin's attitude Chapter 559 Young Master of Yuxu Palace Chapter 558 one against four Chapter 557 The prestige of the Chu family

Chapter 556 Zhenlong ruler Chapter 555 Trapped him for a hundred years Chapter 554 revenge yourself Chapter 553 predicament Chapter 552 worst case Chapter 551 Snatch the Sacred Emperor's Bone Chapter 550 The old madman is out Chapter 549 rolling Chapter 548 conflict Chapter 547 Blood Fiend Chapter 546 Bai family blood Chapter 545 beheaded

Chapter 544 white skull Chapter 543 emperor tomb open Chapter 542 Entrance Chapter 541 fist Chapter 540 Meet polar ice again Chapter 539 Fenglongtai Chapter 538 don't kill fast Chapter 537 threaten Chapter 536 ghost dragon show off Chapter 535 Scaling Chapter 534 Zhenlong Valley Chapter 533 closed door

Chapter 532 Rising Dragon Nine Rings Chapter 531 high priest Chapter 530 upstart Chapter 529 The Role of the Dice of Fate Chapter 528 choose Chapter 527 wish fountain Chapter 526 get on board Chapter 525 ghost dragon boat Chapter 524 crazy war Chapter 523 reverse Chapter 522 desire to kill Chapter 521 people of the world

Chapter 520 Yan Three Realms Chapter 519 The most promising person in Qingzhou for three thousand years Chapter 518 The tattoo reacted Chapter 517 forbearance Chapter 516 people who dare not provoke Chapter 515 middle finger bone present Chapter 514 beheaded Chapter 513 one against many Chapter 512 crazy auction Chapter 511 magic blood stone Chapter 510 crazy? Chapter 509 Magic blood stone entry

Chapter 508 Dream Interpretation Cheats Chapter 507 Dream Sutra Chapter 506 ancient fruit Chapter 505 One life, one fruit, one life Chapter 504 Gowon-dong Chapter 503 demigod Chapter 502 true to false Chapter 501 subhuman revenge Chapter 500 The family destroyed by the devil Chapter 499 pendant Chapter 498 little girl Chapter 497 like a dream but not a dream

Chapter 496 The Secret of the Millennium Dream Chapter 495 Promote a sage Chapter 494 kill everything Chapter 493 beheaded Chapter 492 Siege Changli Chapter 491 The night gave me black eyes Chapter 490 Another holy piece Chapter 489 I am your mistress Chapter 488 two roads Chapter 487 win the monument Chapter 486 Holy Spirit of Time and Space Chapter 485 birth of the holy spirit

Chapter 484 black crystal Chapter 483 eye realm Chapter 482 companion spirit Chapter 481 foreign body in grave Chapter 480 lead the way Chapter 479 Tomb of Solitude Chapter 478 stall for time Chapter 477 track Chapter 476 good luck Chapter 475 partnership Chapter 474 dig a grave Chapter 473 Possessed by the Holy Spirit

Chapter 472 kill the holy spirit Chapter 471 tit for tat Chapter 470 The title of the sword Chapter 469 empty holy sepulchre Chapter 468 No emperor's bones will not enter the emperor's grave Chapter 467 True and False Tiangang Changli Banner Chapter 466 curse Chapter 465 Undead Book Chapter 464 Corpse kneeling before the statue Chapter 463 saint tomb Chapter 462 purple stone gate Chapter 461 Elixir

Chapter 460 transaction terms Chapter 459 you are the real stupid people Chapter 458 You are the ones who are stupid Chapter 457 If you don't want to stay, go away Chapter 456 Taixuan Secret Technique Chapter 455 eukaryote Chapter 454 strange magic bloodstone Chapter 453 golden blood Chapter 452 in Baoshan Chapter 451 sword surprise Chapter 450 war lion Chapter 449 Are you crazy?

Chapter 448 Clouded Leopard Chapter 447 magic blood stone Chapter 446 Black Gold Mountains Chapter 445 magic gold Chapter 444 Disciple centrifugal Chapter 443 Fall of Nanli Chapter 442 Extreme Ice Wake Chapter 441 Broken coffin (plus more) Chapter 440 traitor Chapter 439 seduce the devil Chapter 438 survive Chapter 437 Nanli surprise

Chapter 436 behead the sage Chapter 435 leave the sword Chapter 434 Collect the sword spirit Chapter 433 sword case Chapter 432 How to Capture the Sword Spirit Chapter 431 sea ​​eye sword shadow Chapter 430 Bi Hai Yu Sword Spirit Chapter 429 Heaven outside the sky Chapter 428 Thirty-three days sword style Chapter 427 exchange swordsmanship Chapter 426 Forcibly apprentice Chapter 425 calculate

Chapter 424 Taixuan Monument Chapter 423 The real strongest attack secret technique through the ages Chapter 422 monument Chapter 421 Underground Dragon Spirit Chapter 420 just want your life Chapter 419 Swallow sword light Chapter 418 the only flaw Chapter 417 unprecedented enemy Chapter 416 number seven Chapter 415 living? Chapter 414 jade coffin statue Chapter 413 Underground Jade Coffin

Chapter 412 The usage of the strongest attack secret technique in the ages Chapter 411 Zhenlongshi Chapter 410 King class demon weapon Chapter 409 Six star benefits Chapter 408 Demon test Chapter 407 stepping on the holy peak Chapter 406 fairy rope Chapter 405 Legend of Qingzhou Chapter 404 Weightlessness Chapter 403 Sweeping the world with one sword Chapter 402 silver greed hell Chapter 401 enemy everywhere

Chapter 400 life or death Chapter 399 Dilemma in the South Chapter 398 Jade lantern Chapter 397 Rescue Nanli Disciples Chapter 396 Linglong spring Chapter 395 Depressed Hu Shentong Chapter 394 break the sky Chapter 393 To kill Chapter 392 Hu's routine Chapter 391 Geumwangsan Mountain Chapter 390 walk with beauty Chapter 389 Gourd harvest white fox

Chapter 388 subdue the spirit of light Chapter 387 Seven Absolute Sound Range (add more) Chapter 386 arctic fox Chapter 385 Zhanxian Flying Knife Chapter 384 final third hit Chapter 383 Dare to make a move? Chapter 382 your show time is over Chapter 381 exactly the same Chapter 380 Alien Fountain Chapter 379 blocking the door Chapter 378 Go together? Chapter 377 Millennium dream returns

Chapter 376 prove yourself with strength Chapter 375 Fu Qingyi's Surprising Decision Chapter 374 Demon mirror? Chapter 373 unexpected benefits Chapter 372 Tiangang Changli Banner Chapter 371 Still water Chapter 370 To shut up Chapter 369 You deserve it too? Chapter 368 no man invincible Chapter 367 Crossed Souls of Destiny Chapter 366 invincible Chapter 365 came back!

Chapter 364 anger Chapter 363 hand defloration Chapter 362 Mojing Chapter 361 Rule the way with the way Chapter 360 Lectures Chapter 359 old man under the tree Chapter 358 one punch Chapter 357 green hair Chapter 356 the feeling of being spied on Chapter 355 wrong deduction Chapter 354 Stolen Spirit of Light Chapter 353 Qin's decision

Chapter 352 fifth artifact Chapter 351 Phoenix kill Chapter 350 way to win Chapter 349 Blood Demon Chapter 348 blood-breaking power Chapter 347 speed Chapter 346 Way of the gun Chapter 345 alive Chapter 344 quick solution Chapter 343 Life and death Chapter 342 Silver Beast Chapter 341 The coolest knife

Chapter 340 ghost knife Chapter 339 ghost Chapter 338 Black Emperor Eagle Chapter 337 combo three Chapter 336 hunting test Chapter 335 ancient mirror Chapter 334 Ability to travel through space Chapter 333 secret spring Chapter 332 reunion Chapter 331 Phoenix Wings Chapter 330 Ravenwing Chapter 329 The power of food

Chapter 328 fate dice Chapter 327 Solution Chapter 326 spirit bird Chapter 325 Real three products Chapter 324 Spirit of Light? Chapter 323 Jumping out of the Three Realms is not in the Five Elements Chapter 322 monster Chapter 321 doom spring Chapter 320 artifact of fate Chapter 319 doom Chapter 318 to eat or not to eat Chapter 317 Animals can be killed

Chapter 316 Cloak of Darkness Chapter 315 secret spring Chapter 314 Destiny Forged Iron Chapter 313 Destiny Eliminates Diseases Chapter 312 disease-ridden palm Chapter 311 Dongxuan First Divine Fist Chapter 310 The person who should be robbed Chapter 309 Destiny lock Chapter 308 fools do not know destiny Chapter 307 Royal Sword Fairy Chapter 306 moonlight wheel Chapter 305 day blood star

Chapter 304 Cloth complete Chapter 303 do not go Chapter 302 murder Chapter 301 death penalty Chapter 300 throw in the towel Chapter 299 Re-practice Tyrant Moon Slash Chapter 298 Zhan Lianshan Chapter 297 Wang Si Chapter 296 three wins Chapter 295 be my girlfriend Chapter 294 Windfall Chapter 293 play

Chapter 292 Do not move Chapter 291 slow sword Chapter 290 water drop Chapter 289 music and singing Chapter 288 I am invincible Chapter 287 teach you kendo Chapter 286 Offensive and defensive way Chapter 285 On the sword Chapter 284 sea ​​of ​​blood Chapter 283 Chapter 282 invisible spirit of light Chapter 281 real one

Chapter 280 Peacock Chapter 279 break the formation Chapter 278 Battle of the Beast Chapter 277 Dark Iron Sword Might Chapter 276 obstructed Chapter 275 doomed to die Chapter 274 Dong Xuan Shu Chapter 273 infiltrate sabotage plan Chapter 272 Qin Yuxi Chapter 271 Royal Sword Flying Apsaras Chapter 270 Dongxuan sage Chapter 269 love silk sword light

Chapter 268 Wrapping Words Sword Light Chapter 267 front Chapter 266 oracle Chapter 265 Voice of the Avenue Chapter 264 invincible Chapter 263 kill blood Chapter 262 Mystic bone Chapter 261 The Mystery of the Holy Emperor Chapter 260 Break three goals in a row Chapter 259 source of devouring Chapter 258 Emperor's Relic Chapter 257 golden key

Chapter 256 contract power Chapter 255 fairy test Chapter 254 recast Chapter 253 The small cave has fallen Chapter 252 Birth of the Light Chapter 251 Capture the Spirit of Light Chapter 250 The magic of umbrella sword Chapter 249 moving stone sees fairy Chapter 248 Shenguang cast iron Chapter 247 Dark Iron Umbrella Sword Chapter 246 an hour Chapter 245 Spirit of Light

Chapter 244 spring Chapter 243 Fucheng Chapter 242 beauty charm Chapter 241 Hundred Talismans Chapter 240 Beast Blood Chapter 239 Charm business Chapter 238 Saint goods transaction Chapter 237 Divine Beast Chapter 236 Innocent body Chapter 235 Dark iron heavy sword Chapter 234 god cast Chapter 233 reincarnation astrolabe

Chapter 232 star ring spring Chapter 231 small wheel cave Chapter 230 kill Chapter 229 promotion real person Chapter 228 Give me strength Chapter 227 Robbery Chapter 226 god bully Chapter 225 life and death card Chapter 224 The Power of Three Phases (four more) Chapter 223 Shenzhen Mountain Chapter 222 Shenshuhai Chapter 221 Storytelling Monument

Chapter 220 Unbearable (fourth watch) Chapter 219 god cast Chapter 218 "Mystery of God" Chapter 217 peep Chapter 216 Shen Nongyu Chapter 215 Incarnation Monument Chapter 214 Shenshuhailuohuating Chapter 213 ashes Chapter 212 Monument Chapter 211 Doseiichi Chapter 210 monarch Chapter 209 kill you while you are sick

Chapter 208 hell Chapter 207 crazy attack Chapter 206 No joy at night Chapter 205 One punch, five breaths Chapter 204 Ice soul sword light escape Chapter 203 Immortal Yufeng Chapter 202 Feixian Chapter 201 Battle night kill Chapter 200 Shura survived Chapter 199 Power of Heavy Mystery Chapter 198 Hidden Sword Peak Chapter 197 Beiming

Chapter 196 Fog Flower Poetry Talisman Chapter 195 Secret Skills Nobody Learned Chapter 194 The strongest attack secret skill in the ages Chapter 193 poetic symbols Chapter 192 Saint Secret Technique Chapter 191 a cup Chapter 190 sleepless night Chapter 189 fight Chapter 188 Asura's Second Transformation Chapter 187 fight hard Chapter 186 Shura's first transformation Chapter 185 fist fight

Chapter 184 Seal of Destiny Chapter 183 sword duel Chapter 182 Mirror Academy Plays Chapter 181 Esoteric Disciple (fourth update) Chapter 180 Again Chapter 179 Ten-game losing streak Chapter 178 Never Falling Bird Chapter 177 roll call challenge Chapter 176 escaped one Chapter 175 promotion Chapter 174 my name is one day Chapter 173 list of ten

Chapter 172 Marriage fairy bridge lock Chapter 171 Your resentment is my sword Chapter 170 Have you had enough fun? Chapter 169 Master Fu Hua Chapter 168 ghost in picture Chapter 167 street encounter Chapter 166 long distance sword Chapter 165 fountain of light Chapter 164 Sun Phoenix Chapter 163 trainee Chapter 162 genie day Chapter 161 smoke fire

Chapter 160 Dove Occupies Magpie's Nest Chapter 159 Snap your fingers to silence the sound (seeking subscription) Chapter 158 Qilang Dementor Chapter 157 Four-game losing streak Chapter 156 I only know one trick Chapter 155 Beiming Disciple Chapter 154 return Chapter 153 begging to die Chapter 152 fist to flesh Chapter 151 Fate and Shadow Twins (Subscription required) Chapter 150 No one in the world knows you Chapter 149 Testimonials

Chapter 148 subhuman beliefs Chapter 147 chance of winning Chapter 146 man kills Chapter 145 murder Chapter 144 subhuman name Chapter 143 fifteen year agreement Chapter 142 anger Chapter 141 three conditions Chapter 140 three hearts Chapter 139 Fate Chapter 138 Battle of monsters Chapter 137 Xuanjiashi

Chapter 136 ghost puppet Chapter 135 magic garden Chapter 134 voice still Chapter 133 Lonely Hill Chapter 132 Kill Shura with one sword Chapter 131 two declarations of victory Chapter 130 wolf girl show off Chapter 129 time speed up Chapter 128 Flying Waterfall Chapter 127 different Chapter 126 deadly trick Chapter 125 dead style

Chapter 124 Black Shura's plan Chapter 123 you Chapter 122 kill if you want Chapter 121 undefeated Chapter 120 Great Swordsmanship Chapter 119 master and servant Chapter 118 Red tears of swordsmanship teaching Chapter 117 Famous shock magic city Chapter 116 Ancient Emperor's Kiss Chapter 115 hole naive Chapter 114 watch the game Chapter 113 sky blue

Chapter 112 Eight Absolute Swords of Longmen Chapter 111 Magic Fighting Platform Chapter 110 Majin Castle Chapter 109 power is everything Chapter 108 cherish flowers Chapter 107 anger Chapter 106 Nana Chapter 105 Asian Chapter 104 Qiyang Chapter 103 seriously injured Chapter 102 fierce battle Chapter 101 impatient way to kill

Chapter 100 What are you waiting for? Chapter 99 Wait Chapter 98 no one alive Chapter 97 battlefield relics Chapter 96 Extremely Ice Chapter 95 A picture Chapter 94 fourteen crystal balls Chapter 93 Sacred bone Chapter 92 woman in a box Chapter 91 fanatical monkey Chapter 90 Wu Zidao Chapter 89 massacre

Chapter 88 The strongest holy beast of the scribe rank? Chapter 87 Invincible Great Ape Chapter 86 tail fire four-winged tiger Chapter 85 Feast of the Beast Chapter 84 one day Chapter 83 Six Winged Eyes Chapter 82 Flowerless Island Treasure Chapter 81 Famous thirty-six hospital Chapter 80 give me a heart poem Chapter 79 plum orchid bamboo chrysanthemum Chapter 78 condition Chapter 77 proud frost pine

Chapter 76 Relic Chapter 75 Pity the hidden disease Chapter 74 another holy product Chapter 73 eye of the moon Chapter 72 Alien blood power Chapter 71 horror devil Chapter 70 take by force Chapter 69 Big Rain Reef Chapter 68 gift giving Chapter 67 red tears Chapter 66 Divine Beast Chapter 65 Assign a task

Chapter 64 Are you convinced? Chapter 63 useless waste Chapter 62 test date Chapter 61 Chiron in the way Chapter 60 apprentice Chapter 59 i would like Chapter 58 no condition condition Chapter 57 only accept top grade Chapter 56 recruit disciples Chapter 55 From then on, Nanli has no quatrains Chapter 54 Dao sentence showdown Chapter 53 Nanli Wendao No. 1

Chapter 52 Rely on the old and sell the old Chapter 51 recruitment order Chapter 50 Return to the stage Chapter 49 wolf girl Chapter 48 fairy peak Chapter 47 red fruit Chapter 46 three jade boxes Chapter 45 both can be thrown Chapter 44 Ren Er's East, West, North, South Wind (please collect tickets) Chapter 43 scribes Chapter 42 Devil Emperor's name Chapter 41 Ancient Devil Hall

Chapter 40 after the stone gate Chapter 39 Flowers are not flowers Chapter 38 endless stone steps Chapter 37 Millennium only dream Chapter 36 put to death Chapter 35 desperate situation Chapter 34 Can't go Chapter 33 Mountain path alone Chapter 32 Can sit on your goose? Chapter 31 Omen and Four Dangers Chapter 30 One chanting Chapter 29 Shengpin Gongfa

Chapter 28 Kill the devil and become enlightened Chapter 27 Dust free Chapter 26 Wish Chapter 25 one cut against ten directions Chapter 24 Life is a person of the Bai family, death is a dead person of the Bai family Chapter 23 reunion Chapter 22 Four Elephant Islands Chapter 21 Dao poetry duel Chapter 20 don't study Chapter 19 Nanli College Chapter 18 Those who humiliate my magician will die Chapter 17 Ban Yuanjun

Chapter 16 Devil's name Chapter 15 The Devil Comes Chapter 14 magic mark Chapter 13 Oral punishment Chapter 12 to invite Chapter 11 Chamber of Secrets Chapter 10 Order of the Holy Beast Chapter 9 buy you half a poem Chapter 8 Great talent? Chapter 7 Order of the Holy Blade Chapter 6 ancient emperor of ten directions Chapter 5 one word shocking

Chapter 4 Monument of St. Chapter 3 top grade green lotus Chapter 2 Shinmeido seal Chapter 1 Monument

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