Chapter 1 Saint Monument

"Young Master Bai, the eldest miss said that you should prepare well for the test of the Holy Dao Monument. Without her permission, you are not allowed to leave Dongxian Garden." A fifteen-year-old maid desperately pulled a sixteen-year-old boy arm, and his face was full of anxiety.

   "She, Gong Sujun, is just my wife, not my mother. It's not up to her to control what I should or shouldn't do." Bai Cangdong said angrily.

  Bai Cangdong has always thought that he is a highly educated and gentle man, eating, drinking and having fun is his strong point, fighting and killing is definitely not suitable for him.

But God made a joke for him, and let him travel to this cultivation world where demons are rampant and evildoers abound. Strength is also an essential factor in obtaining great power.

There are five levels of scribes, real people, sages, sages, and saints. Each level needs to use force to condense the text, and print the articles and poems created by oneself on the holy way tablet. It is necessary to be able to advance to the next level and obtain the power bestowed by the Holy Monument.

  The better the article and verse you create, the stronger the power you get. But you must have the corresponding strength to be able to condense your essays with energy and leave your own essays on the sacred monument. Both civil and military cultivation are indispensable.

Bai Cangdong's body was originally a rich second generation. His father, Bai Dingtian, was a strong man of the sage rank. Xia Baicangdong's first son was taken in by his fiancée Gong Sujun, and he became a door-to-door son-in-law, living a life of being dependent on others.

  But this Bai Cangdong is still not up to the mark. He is already sixteen or seventeen years old, and he has not yet passed the test of the sacred stele of the scribe level, and failed to obtain the symbol of the scribe level, the "True Fate and Dao Seal". He even wanted to **** his wife Gong Sujun, but in the tragic **** attempt, he was severely injured and fell into a coma, which made Bai Cangdong travel through time.

The only thing that makes Bai Cangdong feel gratified is that the former Bai Cangdong practiced the "Cangtian Domineering Art" left by his father Bai Dingtian since he was a child, and he has cultivated a strong and domineering aura, which is enough to be branded on any grade of scribes and saints. Words saved him more than ten years of hard work.

  Writing is divided into upper, middle and lower grades, and the same is true for the stele of the sacred way. If it is a low-grade stele of scribes and saints, even if your writing has a literary talent that shocks the past and the present, you can only get the seal of true life and dao.

  If you have a top-rank scholar's sacred stele, then if you have enough literary talents, you can get a top-rank True Life Seal, and its seal power is far from inferior.

There are holy grades above these three ranks, but the stele of the holy rank and the holy way is extremely rare, and the peerless articles that must be passed down through the ages cannot be printed on it. There are very few practitioners who can have this literary talent in the world, and it is rare in a hundred years one sight.

  Moreover, the more advanced the sacred monument, the harder it is to leave marks on it. It must have a strong enough energy, which is Bai Cangdong's only advantage.

  In the past, Bai Cangdong's literary talents were not good enough, and he wanted to be promoted to a scribe with the high-level True Fate Dao Seal. As a result, at the age of sixteen or seventeen, he still failed to be promoted to a scribe.

   "Where are you going?" Bai Cangdong ignored the maid's obstruction and walked to the gate of the courtyard, but was blocked by a beautiful woman in Tsing Yi who was about 20 years old with bright eyes and bright teeth.

   "Go and drink." Bai Cangdong's eyes fell on this beauty, without any intention of shrinking back. There is no TV, no computer, no mobile phone, no internet in this **** place, he is so bored that he is going crazy, how can he manage a lot.

The beauty in Tsing Yi is Bai Cangdong's wife, Gong Sujun, the eldest lady of the famous palace family in Qingyun City. At the age of nine, she passed the test of the high-grade celestial maiden saint's way tablet with a piece of "Tiannv", and obtained the top-rank celestial maiden's true destiny seal. The reputation of the city's most talented woman, her appearance is also elegant and refined, which makes many young heroes from famous families covet her.

  Everyone is envious of Bai Cangdong being able to marry such a talented and beautiful wife, but Bai Cangdong knows very well that although Gong Sujun and the former Bai Cangdong have the name of husband and wife, they are not actually husband and wife. Gong Sujun looked down on Bai Cangdong, and did not allow Bai Cangdong to enter her room at all, not to mention the fact that she was a husband and wife, and she didn't even hold her little hand a few times.

   "Tomorrow is the test day for the Holy Dao Monument, and you still want to go out to drink?" Gong Sujun looked at Bai Cangdong and frowned and said.

   "It's not the first time, what's there to be nervous about?" Bai Cangdong has no interest in Gong Sujun, he is not the former Bai Cangdong, and he doesn't have a good impression of this strange beauty.

The reason why Gong Sujun abided by the agreement to marry Bai Cangdong was simply because Bai Dingtian had saved Gong Sujun's father's life. Gong Sujun agreed to marry in order to repay the kindness of the Bai family. Don't look down on Bai Cangdong.

"You also know that this is not the first time? With your literary talents, you can still try the middle-grade sacred monument, so why bother to strive for the top-grade. People are valuable in the name of self-knowledge. You are almost eighteen years old. If you If you can't be promoted to a scribe this time, you will delay the golden period of scribe level cultivation. No matter how difficult you are to achieve in this life, it is even impossible to reach the real level in your life. You should think carefully about whether you want to continue this time Challenge that top-grade Qinglian Sacred Monument." Gong Sujun said.

   "This time I will not challenge that top-grade Qinglian Sacred Path Monument again." Bai Cangdong said flatly.

"It's natural that you can think the best. Among the medium-grade scribes and sacred tablets in our palace, the Dushan sacred tablet is the most outstanding. If you can get Dushan's seal of true destiny, you will be promoted to a real person in the future." I also hope a little more, so that I won't be ridiculed by being mediocre all my life." Gong Sujun nodded in relief when he heard that Bai Cangdong would no longer insist on challenging the high-grade Qinglian Sacred Path Monument this time.

   "Can I go out now?" Bai Cangdong said casually.

"Although it is a middle-grade holy way stele, don't be careless. You should think about how to write an article on Dushan, so as not to fail the test of the middle-grade holy way stele." Gong Sujun Seeing that Bai Cangdong still wanted to go out for a drink, he immediately said displeased.

   "I have my own plans, and you don't need to worry about them." Bai Cangdong spared Gong Sujun's side, and left Dongxian Garden quickly.

What is middle-grade top-grade, Bai Cangdong has never considered these grades of true destiny and Taoism, other Bai Cangdong dare not say, he must not be able to fight and kill the current him, but when it comes to literature, human beings on the earth have been passed down from ancient to modern times, both at home and abroad. Literary works through the ages can be said to be as numerous as cow hairs and brilliant as stars, and there are so many legendary works that they cannot be counted. Bai Cangdong happened to have worked hard here, and he had recited many poems and songs. The test is not a problem for him at all.

  Bai Cangdong's goal is by no means a middle-grade or top-grade sacred way tablet, but the only holy way tablet of the Gong family, and also the only holy way tablet of the Gong family.

  (end of this chapter)

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