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Because I like to collect antiques, I was accidentally brought to a magical world by a crystal skull in my collection.

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Short Title:GT
Alternate Title:神品道圣
Author:Twelve Winged Dark Seraph
Weekly Rank:#8751
Monthly Rank:#6284
All Time Rank:#8961
Tags:Cooking, Male Protagonist, Transmigration,
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10 Comments on “God of Taoism
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  1. Not sure why, if it's a xuanhuan/Xianxia without system, I automatically ignore it. Maybe because I've read stuff since a long time ago (PMG, ISSTH, CSG days) and got bored of MC who needs to struggle.

  2. Same, I tried every now and then, but I cringed and bored on their copy pasted struggle and challenges. The troupe that i hate are, School/academy/sect tournaments, and Family/clan disputes. I hate those fcking plot and hope those authors choke to death.

  3. Yeah, I agree, those tags you mentioned are among the most common/generic ones. I will skip those too, but if they're comedic/funny, I'll still read. Struggling MC is boring for us because their emotions are usually only stern/tense. And it got repeated again and again. Sigh.

  4. Its probably because the protagonists for most of these novels are exactly the same, and by that I mean that they exhibit a certain level of acceptable ruthlessness but hold on to the same general values. I think the reason RI was so successful as a story, even without a system, is due to the charisma and presence of the MC, both of which are qualities direly lacking in most of the stories serializing currently.

  5. Oh, you're right. Now that I think about it, System/Cheats MC can be ruthless, shameless, dramatic, etc. But these novels MC who needs to struggle, will only have/can only afford to be serious all the time. Which in turn bore me.

  6. I've been really hungry for a top-notch cultivation novel. But you will hardly find them anymore. Those that try can be very lazy or have a lot of flaws. These days, It's all system. Look at ED, it's fallen from grace. I've never seen an Author kill so many of his characters like that, just erased from the story. Sigh. He left 8 Desolate so f*cking quick, I did not even noticed he left lol

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