"Hello audience friends, welcome to watch today's focus interview."

Sister Yan opened the prologue of a new episode with a ten thousand years of unchanging opening remarks.

Next, go straight to the topic.

"In recent days, a video of a car accident captured by a traffic camera detonated the network, igniting a heated discussion among the people.

At the same time, the video was transported to overseas media such as UTB, which also caused a shock, hitting an ultra-high playback volume of nearly 30 million in 24 hours.

However, unlike the worship attitudes that have shouted to the gods of cars abroad, the domestic network has set off a **** battle for this.

Next, let's take a look at the original video. "

Peaceful, Zhongzheng, cut in from the perspective of a car accident, the position is unknown.

However, regardless of the position, the focus of the "Focus Interview" is a big surprise for everyone.

On the fiercely furious Weibo and various forums, a meteorite suddenly fell.

"Lying trough! Focus interview is talking about this car accident!"

Suddenly, the two warring parties collectively murmured and looked at each other, and the number of posts suddenly dropped to the freezing point.

In a few moments, the news was confirmed, and then quickly spread to all directions.

"It doesn't make sense? Why is CCTV suddenly so grounded?"

Everyone whispered in disbelief while turning on the TV or the official website of CCTV, intending to take a look at it in person.

The real-time ratings monitoring data of "Focus Interview" suddenly jumped up, then picked up, and rushed up without looking back.

As Sister Yan commented, this matter is really hot.

Regardless of whether Wang Yan is black or not, it is only a small part of the real heat.

More people are eating ONE: 1 melon that crashed into waste, the melon that is the ultimate operation, and the melon that the star big Vs end up rubbing the heat.

The above-mentioned melon-eating masses have heat, no direct attitude, quantity, and no direction to set fire.

The sailors and friendly forces performed with great pleasure. The most important purpose was to fight for the reversal of the neutral masses.

Now, all the disputes are finally determined to be in the position of the most powerful official media.


The short video is finished soon.

Sister Yan concluded: "Many professionals commented that this was the most difficult miracle in the history of car accidents. It was the only time that courage, technology, and luck were in harmony with a probability of one in a million.

It is because of such a miracle that a car accident that occurs every day can cause such a huge sensation.

With this sensation, the brave Porsche 918 driver in the video suddenly fell into a vortex of controversy. "

The screen turns again, and several clips are played in sequence.

Sister Yan is accompanied by a commentary for each picture, and will pass through.

"When communicating with reporters rushing to the scene, the driver's "improper speech" was interpreted as threatening and arrogant by netizens."

"Then, some people broke the news through an interview with Modu News Channel, and outlined a vulgar, arrogant, barbaric, and uninhibited second-generation image of the rich and rich for the majority of netizens, completely detonating the online crusade.

"Finally, the show broadcasted a video of the interviewee drinking in the bar. In the video, the members of the super sports car team who had just experienced a major disaster at noon were fighting. The interviewee was sitting around the beauty. In the middle, the gas field is amazing, like a messenger behind the scenes."

"Koenicek ONE scrapped in a car accident: 1, priced at more than 50 million yuan;"

"The Porsche 918 used by the interviewee to save people is priced at more than 20 million yuan;"

"The super sports car team at the time gathered a variety of world top models with a value of over 100 million."

"The rare luxury car fleet, the miraculous drift pick-up operation, the one-time scrapped 70 million, the arrogant and arrogant life-saving heroes, all the members who were involved in the fighting incident that night, the focus teenager sitting alone...

"There has never been a hot event that can gather so many explosion points. For a time, the attention of netizens all over the country focused on this, causing the Weibo server to once go down."

"The unscrupulous second generation of rich people not only made the netizens angry, but also made many people puzzled, and even issued: What happened to our country, what happened to our younger generation, such a severe question."

"On the Internet, two groups of people quarreled endlessly, and the fighting spread to the major forums."

"Overnight, our society seemed to be torn apart."

"Poor and rich, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong, heroes and scumbags, angels and demons... topics that are destined to discuss no results, gradually evolved into various vents based on emotions rather than facts."

"Angry, blurring our eyes."

"So, what does the truth look like?"

"Let's start with understanding the boy who triggered all this and start thinking today."

The sound faded and the picture appeared.


The first act is an interview with Liu Fang in the ward.

Reporter: "What kind of person is Wang Shao in your eyes?"

Liu Fang hangs his left leg, and his face is full of hanging child Lang, who seems not to take the interview in front of him seriously.

"It's a good buddy of my life!"

Reporter: "What is the specific point? Personality, life, etc."


Liu Fang's expression "Are you stupid?"

The reporter waited for a long time, but did not see the following, and wondered: "Just one?"

Liu Fang's face blushed a little, and suddenly he said a little: "Uh... Actually... We were not very familiar before... Of course, I admire Wang Shen's car skills, but there is no chance to deal with..."

Reporter: "Do you mean that before Wang Shao rescued you, you were not really good friends?"

Liu Fang shook his neck: "I take him as a good friend!"

Well, the answer to the question is already clear.

It seems that it is because it is meaningless to continue the interview. Perhaps it is because the following interview does not have any valid content. Anyway, the interview with Liu Fang came to an abrupt end.

Moreover, the reporter did not have any summary and position, and the picture was directly cut out.


Liu Fang, who was lying on the sofa, saw himself as the first interview clip to be broadcast, and he almost jumped up.

"Mom! Look, am I handsome or handsome?"


First, she slapped her hand, and then Mother Liu scolded: "Honestly! What a mess?"

Liu Fang was about to commit a second offense, and a sound of opening the door came from the entrance.

Mother Liu immediately greeted her and greeted the old Liu who had just returned home: "Why is it so late today? All the interviews have been broadcast..."

Old Liu frowned: "Your son's two times, I saw Tim Shun instead. I deliberately pushed away the wine bureau and hurried back. I wanted to take a good look at Wang Yan."

Liu Fang pouted, calling Wang Yan beautifully.

Brother, how do I behave? !


The young man is being questioned by He Miaomiao.

"Unfamiliar people, don't worry about it next time, OK? Why do you love being a hero so much? How dangerous!"


Wang Yan coped with it one by one.

Lao He, who forcibly accompanied his daughter to watch the interview, looked at Fang Qingwan and was shocked.

"Miao Miao, the child who drove to save people...is it Wang Yan?!"

Miss He, who had just complained about Ergou, nodded proudly: "Yes! Is he handsome?"

The mood of Lao He and Fang Qingwan became complicated at once.

It’s a bit of conscience.

Be handsome...

Why is this kid so uncomfortable? !

The son of Qianjin does not sit down.

Throughout the ages, whose rich children would take their lives so seriously? !

Not only Miao and Miao thought this way, many middle-aged men and women who watched the show thought so.

Interestingly mentioned this.

Yo, this kid is very interesting!


In the second act, I interviewed Brother Song in the MYST bar.

Still the same opening question.

"What kind of person is Wang Shao in your eyes?"

Song Brother replied without thinking: "Very intelligent, a leader who understands the goodwill of others and is particularly strong, but willing to leave room for others."

The reporter didn't show up, but the surprise can be heard from the voice.

"The evaluation is so high? I confirm again. You should only see him on the night of the fight?"

Brother Song nodded decisively: "Yes."

Reporter: "Then please tell me specifically, why do you think so?"

Song brother began to recall.

"That day, the group of people did not drink less when they came, it should be a celebration-after all, there was a big deal, but the person was fine.

Anyway, many people drink too much.

Then because our store is full and there is no space, then some of them are a little bit unwilling, and feel that there is no card that does not meet their schedule...

Uh, actually I can understand that the situation was special that day!

But it was very stiff at the time, and it was likely to intensify, making me anxious.

Then at this time, I saw Wang Shao who was guarded by everyone at the time-I didn't know what was going on during the day, I learned it later-anyway, I thought it might be a person who talked, and bit his teeth , Just ask him to discuss.

Actually, Wang Shao didn't drink too much, but he spoke very well and was very happy. He immediately proposed a compromise and asked me to give them the dance floor.

Then everyone listened to him, no more trouble.

At that time, I felt that this young man was amazing, able to live, and not aggressive, knowing to leave room for others..."

The reporter listened to all the content with great interest before continuing to ask.

"So, what happened later?"

Brother Song knew the rough idea, but it was impossible to tell, so he apologized and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, the contradiction of the guests, we really would not have asked."

Reporter: "So what role does Shao Wang play in your perspective or your understanding?"

"I know this because I have always focused on that Wang Shao!"

For the good words of Wang Yan, Song Song readily expressed his willingness, and the description was particularly clear.

"At that time, Wang Shao went out to make a call, right in front of our shop, and then at this time, the two people inside had a fight.

Then, when Wang Shao came back, he wanted to go there, and was immediately caught by the same ladies.

Then Wang Shao didn't move anymore and looked quietly until the end. "

Reporter: "So, there is no online talk, is Wang Shao behind the scene?"

"That definitely doesn't exist. We still have videos in our store, which proves that Wang Shao did not participate."

Reporter: "Can you give us a copy of the video?"

"Okay, I will prepare it for you immediately!"


Seeing that Brother Song really described it, there was no avoidance, and no splash of dirty water, and there was a burst of cheers in the speed alliance lobby.

Jianwu lifted the cup to the black tiger: "Come on, Brother Hu, I would like to honor you with a glass of wine, and thank you all in the wine! If you don't work hard, the goods will definitely not be interviewed!"

Black Tiger scolded: "Thank you? My own brother, can I help?"

He smiled and glanced at him, thinking: When you were locked and rubbed by the dog on the ground, that was not the case...

But the friendship between men is often only in a **** room.


The third act is to play MYST surveillance video.

Limited to time, cut short, but the key points are in it.

Wang Yan started playing one and a half minutes after going out. During the period, he didn't have any communication with his peers. After returning, there was a rushing action, which was pulled...

Everything is clear.


The fourth act is an interview with Xiaodou.

The stupidity of the big anchor, still like before, when faced with a stranger, he was so nervous that he was helpless.

"What kind of person is Wang Shao in your eyes?"

A dull okay eyes, revealing the silly expression joked by the female perverts in the live broadcast, "want to kiss the old man", after a while, he spoke.

"Yes, a kind brother..."

Reporter: "Why do you say that?"

"Uh, when we had nothing, we took us to the door of eating and broadcasting and started to make money from it. Later, we took us to open a studio and share our shares...

Uh, he also asked me to ask my teacher to let me learn more, and when I couldn't eat anymore, I transferred to a management post...

what! By the way, when we first met and asked us to eat king crab, we were afraid that our stomach would be uncomfortable. We distributed all the Jianweixiaoshi tablets we used, and we didn’t leave any of them...

I have always remembered this matter, and I later wanted to buy the same medicine for him to prepare, but I couldn't find it..."

Reporter: "Is Wang Shao always so intimate?"

"I do not know."

Dumb shook his head, being obedient and honest, and he couldn't help but trust.

"Mr. Wang rarely came to the company later, and he didn't make much contact with the anchors in the company, but everyone who has contacted him said that the boss is a good person."

Reporter: "There is a saying on the Internet that Wang Shao opened a brokerage company for the convenience of unspoken female anchors. What do you think?"

Dumb immediately flushed with rage.

"Crap! President Wang has never talked to the female anchor of the company and talked to the sky alone. Many female anchors want to find that Wang can't find anyone. How is it possible?!"


At Wang Ting Entertainment Headquarters, all the executive anchors watching the program collectively gave a laugh.

"You're stupid!"

"That's the focus interview! Why broadcast your interview screen?"

"Hey you make it clear, who wants to tease President Wang?"

"What do you know?"

Several S-level anchors suddenly broke out.

"Oh, why didn't my boyfriend come to see me?"

"Oh my husband didn't come to the company today..."

"Oh my family Wang Wang went to the Saohoo live broadcast room again today!"

All kinds of quotations with high-sounding words were burst out one by one, and everyone laughed together.

Among the crowd, elegantly pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows, exuding a sense of superiority throughout her body.

You guys can only say hi scum, the old lady is really hi!

That's a great thing...

Is it estimated to be the swan song in the company's female anchor? !


Before the beginning of the fifth act, the over-the-air sound started.

"Because I noticed that Wang Ting Entertainment's employees have a strong feeling of worship for Wang Shao, we canceled all the follow-up interview plans and decided to only interview neutral subjects.

Then, there was no interview screen, and it was always a phone recording.

"Hello, are you a Liu Yajing reporter from Modu News Channel?"

"Yes, I am, who are you?"

"I am from the "Focus Interview" program group, and I want to interview you about the car accident..."

"Ah! I'm sorry, we have rules and we cannot accept any interviews."

"It doesn't matter, we can apply to the superior..."

"I'm sorry I still have work...toot..."



"Hello, are you the victim of the car accident on the 24th, Mr. Zhang?"

"Where are you?"

"We are the focus interview..."

"You made a mistake!"


"Hello, are you an overbearing owner of license plate number XXX?"

"I am, what are you doing?"

"We are the focus interview..."

"Don't call again! I will not accept any interviews!"



"The next interview with the parties was completely deadlocked. After the parties who were happy to accuse in front of the camera, no one was willing to speak on the matter after hearing the reporter from the newspaper door.

"So we had to temporarily suspend the investigation from another angle and put the target on Wang Shao himself."


The lens is pulled back to the studio.

Sister Yan said with a serious expression: "When I looked at all the side interview materials, I became deeply curious about the person concerned. Is he really like that?


The progress of the program is over one third, and Wang Dashao finally came out.

At this moment, the intention of the program group has been made clear.

Wash white.

After receiving the news temporarily, Huang Yiying, who turned to watch the program, almost spit out an old blood.

"Fuck! The grandsons of the imperial capital!"

Throwing the remote control fiercely, he immediately called Cheng Lao Ba.

"Old eight, how is the situation now?"

Cheng Laoba looked nervously at the various summary messages on the screen, his expression fluctuating.

"The amount of postings on the opposite side is continually declining, and the overall popularity and related discussions on the Internet are also declining, having fallen to one-third of the peak!"

"So? What's going on?"

Huang Yiying was a little ignorant and didn't quite understand the meaning of this change.

Cheng Lao Ba has never encountered this kind of situation, but, in the end, he is always active in the front line of shit, and quickly guessed the reason through another data.

"The degree of discussion on topics related to focus interviews is on the rise, so it shows that there are many people watching this episode of the program, and they are more engaged in watching.

Huang Yiying was almost mad.

"Damn! How can so many people watch an old-fashioned official show?!"

Cheng Laoba is extremely helpless: "Because it is exactly what everyone is most concerned about!"

Heizi wants to find support, the friendly army expects to reverse, and passersby will instinctively run to the largest melon, the simple reason.

In fact, Huang Yiying is not incomprehensible, just unwilling to believe it.

"Hurry! What should I do now? Can you stand there?"

Cheng Laoba's expression moved, and looked at the younger brother, showing a smug smile.

Then called Ku Liantian's complaint: "Huang Shao, that is the official media! How do you call me?"

"Shao Te was **** with me! The official media came down and was overturned by netizens. Are there too few examples of cynicism?!"

Cheng Lao didn’t panic at all, and continued to refute: "You said that it is the official media network port such as People's Day, Ziguang, etc. Can it be the same as "Focus Interview"? It is said that big leaders will look at "Focus" whenever they have time. "Interview", I dare not hard-top."

"Then I don't care! Anyway, you have to do things when you receive money!"

Cheng Laoba sighed, just like the real one.

"Yes, you can rest assured, now that the 7 million I will definitely spread it to you... But I can tell you well, because the official media is white, the counterattack of the other party must be very fierce. I will support it until tomorrow night at most. You can ask Gao Ming, I dare not continue to blend in!"

Huang Yiming was in a hurry.

If Cheng Lao Ba picks a pick, then in the current situation, where can I find another organization to take over? !

"You **** play me?!"

"Huang Shao, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is not the same today..."

"Less beep, at most I will add you money!"

Cheng Lao Ba laughed so hard that his teeth were almost revealed, but his tone was still decisive: "Huang Shao, it's really not a matter of money..."

"Don't bother, wait for my call!"


Hanging up the phone in anger, Huang Yiying thought more and more angry, his chest undulated violently, and the muscles in the corners of his mouth were pulling the wounds on his face.


Finally, Lao Huang violently threw the phone against the wall and slammed it apart.

On the TV screen, Wang Yan's figure suddenly appeared, sitting on a shabby sofa, with a relaxed mood.

As if to laugh at someone.

Huang Yiying gritted his teeth, and his brain was so painful that he didn't want to see that figure, that face, that kind of smiling eyes.

However, he had to force himself to read on.

How could one suffer? !

For the first thirty years, Huang Yiying, who has been in smooth water for the first 30 years, has never completely lost the initiative, even if he is in trouble with his ex-wife. Instead, he relies on the rogue and tortures the other party to the utmost.

Now, he finally realized the feeling of blunt knives cutting the flesh, and his heart twisted like a knife.

Brothers, I was defeated...

After the manuscript is not saved, it is useless to urge me...

I really want to write all the climaxes at once, and a 50,000-word chapter will hit your face.

However, concubines can't really do it!

Today, the results of a total of 13,000 words and no sleep for 24 hours have been updated.

If it is not to thank [repeatedly necessary] the support of the Dameng League and the New Sanmeng League, how could there be so many of them!

The green onion is the sauce. I have to bubble my hands and press the massage.

Tomorrow more and less, discuss again.

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