The heart of Yulongwang is complicated.

On the one hand, he couldn't go back to Baibei City. Han Fei raised his strength too high, it was already comparable to Zhang Xiaotian.

Growing at this speed is simply not something your own blood can afford.

Although the Yulong King is proud, who doesn't want to live? After eating the red pill, he has only become a thousand-year-old snapper, a woman... But he himself is a fish! For fish, the boundaries of **** are not very clear. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose.

As for the blood and spirit, Han Fei turned himself into a thousand-year-old snapper. If he really hid in the Blood Sea God Wood City, Han Fei should not be able to enter either.

In this way, it should be impossible to control his own life and death through his own blood and soul.

This kind of thing, he knew better than Yu Cailing and Lan Xueer. Beyond a certain range, this control becomes extremely weak.

Originally, the Yulong King did not have that high loyalty to Baibei King City. They were all sea monsters, but just to absorb the past.

If he could become a supreme arrogance in the Blood Sea God Wood City. That seems not bad! The status should not be reduced much.

Just listen to the King of Fish and Dragon: "Okay, I will eat."

However, Han Fei said, "I'll give it to you later, and I will think again."

The Yulong King suddenly became anxious, and the red pill that was delivered to his mouth was taken back by Han Fei. He thought that Han Fei would go back...

Suddenly, Yulong Wang shouted: "Han Fei, you promised me that you would let me go.

I saw the fish asked and stepped the Yulong King under his feet: "Don't talk, I will add up."

Yulong King: "..."

Beyond the refining world.

While escaping, Han Fei said to the Queen of Life: "Wait a minute, I will die again after 30 breaths. I feel the breath of an acquaintance."

But the road was not far away, and Yang Ruoyun had already been smelled by Han Fei as soon as he entered the grassland. After all, Han Fei now has Xiao Bai's sense of smell.

Yang Ruoyun thought he was very careful. Before entering this grassland, she calculated carefully.

As the so-called "seeking wealth and wealth", my life in Blood Sea God Wood City has not been easy for the past six months, and he is still the one to be excluded.

And this grassland may be dangerous, but he has already set up a directional teleportation array outside. But if there is something wrong, tear up the fish skin map by yourself, and then you can send it back.

Yang Ruoyun thinks that: he has gone through hundreds of battles, he has experienced all kinds of battles, and eventually came through. Only this time, I met Han Fei here. That guy, now Shuimutian's strongest arrogance, has even overcome the catastrophe. The strength and the rapid growth make me amazed.

In the past two days, although he has gained a lot, he even gained some unowned souls. However, these are not enough. What I need is a leap-type growth that can support my growth through the catastrophe.

Suddenly, Yang Ruoyun only heard a voice in his ear: "Yang Ruoyun, what a coincidence! Unexpectedly, after so many years, we will see each other one day."


But at that moment, Yang Ruoyun was shocked, his scalp numb, and he immediately opened the fish skin map to escape.

She thought to herself that Han Fei had pretended not to know herself before.

Han Fei: "Wait a minute, cooperate."


As soon as Han Fei finished saying "cooperation", he heard a roar in the distance.

A rune lighted up on Yang Ruoyun's body, and he fell into the grass and hid him.

Following that voice, Yang Ruoyun responded: "What do you want?"

Han Fei's voice was long: "Give you a big gift. The Yulong King has been hit hard by me and is dying. You can take the opportunity to ambush. But you have to promise me one thing."

Yang Ruoyun doesn't know what medicine Han Fei's gourd sells? Kill the fish dragon king? Will this kind of good deeds be for yourself?

Also, if Han Fei could kill the Yulong King, wouldn't it be easier to kill himself?

Just listen to Han Fei said: "Don't worry, if I want to kill you, I won't talk to you. You have been hunted by me. Thinking about your personality, your loyalty to the Blood Sea God Wood City is not high. It would be better than us. Mutual benefits have their own benefits."

Yang Ruoyun's heart moved: Han Fei was right. With Han Fei's current strength, want to hunt himself? The problem is really not that big.

Originally, in this trial, there would be no one at all. The reason why I have also appeared in the list of trials is that some people want to call themselves fall, and some people want to see if they are worth training? All parties have different goals, which led to this ghost place.

But since it's here, this is an opportunity. Hearing what Han Fei meant, he actually had an action against the blood sea **** Mucheng?

Yang Ruoyun: "What's the matter?"

Han Fei: "Well, it's easy to talk, it's like this..."

Han Fei quickly confessed a few words, only to hear Yang Ruoyun's heart startled secretly: "You make me a traitor?"

Han Fei: "Don't say it so bad, what is a traitor? You are a human being. Even if you become a thousand-year-old snapper, you can really integrate into the blood sea **** Mucheng? There is really no one to oppress you? But, change One thought, for the sake of mankind and national justice, you bravely sacrificed yourself, incarnate as a sea monster, and plunged into the wood city of the blood sea god... How singular is this? This can be written into a moving story that inspires future generations. How can you Can you sum it up with the word traitor? Superficial, simply too superficial."

Yang Ruoyun rolled his eyes: Han Fei was still extremely proud and conceited as he was back then. On this dangerous island, just met yourself for the first time? Even if it had reached the head of the Blood Sea God Wood City.

Just listen to Han Fei said: "The time is only 10 breaths. The Yulong King is no longer good, so there is no need for the last one. You really don't think about it? If you don't think about it, run quickly! Or after I kill the Yulong King, I will download One will kill you."

Yang Ruoyun: "..."

"Boom bang bang!"

Yang Ruoyun suddenly raised his head and saw the midair, like a firecracker, the ichthyosaur king was bombarded by the insect man Han Fei from a height of 3,000 feet, like a falling meteor, like a big fireball.

Just listen to the insect Han Fei yelling: "The arrogant arrogant of Baibei King City is a mess."

Yang Ruoyun watched this scene stunned: She had personally experienced how strong the Yulong King is. To be honest, with the strength of the Yulong King, it shouldn't be a big problem to easily beat two or three himself.

However, at this moment, Han Fei is playing the fish dragon king, like a fish abuse! Sweep at will.

Yang Ruoyun thought: This is what Han Fei showed to herself, so she couldn't help but feel deeply lost and had to consider Han Fei's opinion again. As Han Fei said, he was indeed excluded in the Blood Sea God Wood City.

Needless to say, the thousand-year-old snappers that I brought from the Yinyangtian third-level fishing grounds are now gone. Not many are still alive. Although their parents are still alive, their qualifications are limited. They can't say whether they can protect the Lord.

Yang Ruoyun couldn't help saying: "Okay, we can cooperate."

In fact, how long will it be able to fight in a mere thousands of miles?

It has only been about 30 breaths since I found Han Fei, the insect man.

Originally, if Yang Ruoyun hadn't appeared on the grassland, Han Fei wouldn't care. Because he has the Yulong King, he can negotiate terms with the Yulong King, and he can enter the interior of the Blood Sea God Wood City.

Now that Yang Ruoyun is added, it is actually just another choice. At that time, there will be no plan, and there will be another plan, which is not bad.

But seeing Han Fei at this moment, covered in blood, he shouted: "Han Fei, the Dragon King wants you to be buried together."

"Boom bang bang!"

I saw Han Fei's body surface, with small holes exploded, intertwined with monster energy and blood energy. Just listen to his fierce roar, the power of the big way is displayed.

Han Fei roared: "Knock the Tianmen."

With this blow, Han Fei combined all his demonic energy, blood energy, and even spiritual power into a single blow. With the power of the great power, let this power be stronger out of thin air by three points. It can be said that if the real Yulong King really uses such a trick, it should be able to contend against himself.


He saw Han Fei's hand, the red long spear shattered, and was melted into the final blow. A shocking gun shadow slammed into the air.

outside world.

Chang Shuiqin's pupils shrank: I only felt that Yulong King's attack was comparable to Scarlet Nine Spears.

It turns out that the Yulong King can really grow to the realm of Zhang Xiaotian?

The insect king frowned slightly: "This one is not bad, but it's still a bit worse."


Just when the deities wanted to see the result, they suddenly saw a rune arrow appear suddenly. After a closer look, it turned out to be a small branch, a high-grade magic weapon, thrown by Yang Ruoyun.


I saw that twig, pierced through the heart of "Yulongwang" and directly pierced his chest.

He saw Yang Ruoyun stretch out his hand and grabbed a sun-moon shell, followed by a picture of fish skin.


A terrifying explosion swept across hundreds of miles, shaking the grasslands and ravines. The prairie was crushed by a single blow for nearly a hundred miles.

At this last moment, beyond everyone's expectations. Although they had seen Yang Ruoyun ambush over there, they didn't expect Yang Ruoyun to be so decisive and outrageously shoot.

The Yulong King attacked Han Fei's pinnacle with a single blow, and even failed to get out, he was attacked and died, which was unavoidable.


At the moment when Yang Ruoyun disappeared, the insect man Han Fei suddenly appeared. He reached out his hand and caught it, but he caught nothing.

Only saw the insect man Han Fei standing quietly in the air, behind his hands, a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, as if Yang Ruoyun had robbed his prey and was angry.


Chang Shuiqin took out a jade slip and held it tightly in his palm. The top ten arrogances, the second and third place in timing, and Qingsiling, both fell, and lost too much this time.

If Zhang Xiaotian couldn't get that chance, this time Baibei King City would have suffered heavy losses.


Emperor Bai Jia's face was slightly ugly, and his eyes flickered and said: "What a Han Fei, UU Reading Mu Wuhua, you must protect him, don't give this king a chance."

The Queen of Life's voice was faint: "What? You majestic, do you want to do it yourself?"

It was Yun Chu, with a face full of surprise at this moment: Yang Ruoyun's strength can also sneak attack on the Yulong King?

However, the sneak attack and escape just now were only momentary. She also snatched the Yulong King's sun and moon shells, and the timing of this moment was simply perfect.

Whenever she took a step slower, she had to be captured by Han Fei.

This time, Yun Chu secretly remembered: Yang Ruoyun does have merit. At least this courage is rare.

Yang Ruoyun made many people admire this trick.


Within the refining world.

Bai Wu Han Fei appeared. He looked at the ichthyosaur king whose body was squirming into a big red fish. He couldn't help but be surprised: "It's a terrible fruit!"

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