Naturally, Tang Yue would not be threatened by Han Fei.

After all, in her cognition, although the strength of the Yulong King is extremely strong, it is still weaker than herself.

On the grassland, Han Fei was frantically using the proximity technique. However, Tang Yue seemed to be walking violently, a red mist sprayed out of her body. This feeling of running rampant is a bit like the state Xia Xiaochan had when she was running rampant.

If nothing else, this woman should have a personality similar to that of Xia Xiaochan.

Two people traversed the grassland, like two phantoms, knocking the grass across the grassland. If you slow down the picture, you will see Han Fei's feet floating like an immortal, stepping on a fish-and-dragon dance step, with a peculiar figure, one step kilometer. But Tang Yue lifted the knife and swung it, energy gushing, and every cut was like cutting wheat. In an instant, thousands of meters of grass were shattered.

This picture is really beautiful, but also full of great horror.

Han Feixin said: You cut... if you have the ability, you just keep cutting!

The existence of this necromancer is to serve the only mighty one. If you cut down the entire grassland, just the one just now, I can't believe it without eating you.

The whole island is not big.

This grassland covers more than 1,000 miles vertically and horizontally. Only on the grassland, the space seems to be changed and it is easy to get lost. Therefore, it feels that the grassland is extremely big.

However, there is only such a large grassland, and the queen of life is here, how can Han Fei not find it?

In Tang Yue's eyes, the Yulong King was fighting with himself.

However, amidst the traces of the air waves they were fighting against the ground, a shadow that was so dark that it almost didn't exist was also speeding up.

Even if Xiao Hei was not so dark, he would not be seen by ordinary people. Han Fei has inherited the same characteristics after using Gemini.

The fighting between the two seemed fierce, but in fact it only chopped down a large area of ​​grassland.

Suddenly, Tang Yue glanced away and saw a figure with a smiling mouth standing in the grassland.

"Han Fei?"

Suddenly, Han Fei and Tang Yue separated immediately, and both of them were facing enemies.

The person who came was naturally the insect man Han Fei.

All this is already planned. Therefore, Han Fei has always been drawing Tang Yue here.

Queen of Life: "Your speed is fast. The secret here is chaotic, so you can find me so quickly."

Han Fei had no time to chat with the Queen of Life, and responded directly: "Two things. There is an ancient deserted tomb in this grassland with a dragon slayer inside. I don't know if it is a corpse or a living person? I have temporarily held him back. The second thing , The black mist under your feet is me..."

Insect man Han Fei's expression remained unchanged, but there was a storm in his heart: Is there a grave on the grassland? I do not know how?

Different from Han Fei's thoughts, Queen of Life's first thought was: If there is something she can't find, she can only say that the hidden existence, at least in terms of strength, must surpass her, definitely above the king's level. In other words, he used the power of the big formation.

However, from the tone of Han Fei just now, can this ancient existence slay the dragon? What kind of strong is this? How did Han Fei hold him?

At this moment, she did not feel any trace of Dao Yun from Han Fei or Tang Yue.

That means: The Chaos Qi and Dao Qiyun that came just now do not come from these two people, but are related to the grave.

The Queen of Life took a breath: "You mean, someone is recovering?"

Han Fei nodded: "Yes, that person should be a human race. However, this is not the time to talk about this,"

While talking, Queen Han Fei held a knife in one hand, looked down, and saw nothing for the first time. However, when the king's heart moved, Han Fei's black mist body was discovered.

The Queen of Life was a little surprised: What kind of magic is Han Fei? An external incarnation of the mist type?

"It's just that, on this black fog, how do you feel that there is always a rhyme on it?"

Just listen to Han Fei: "Now, can the outside world be able to see what this grassland looks like?"

Queen of Life: "I can see it."

Han Fei: "Let me give Yulongwang an exit."

Xu Shi Han Fei and the others played a long distance, and Xu Shi that deserted grave could easily envelop Han Fei and the others, so the outside world could see them at this moment.

From just now, when the two started fighting, in the eyes of outsiders: Tang Yue first left the formation, then met Han Fei, and then fought again.

Of course, in the meantime, some pictures are hidden. For example, Han Fei disappeared for a while.

It can be said that even the Queen of Life and Emperor Bai Jia did not see through the mystery of this grassland.

At this moment, the encounter of Tang Yue, Han Fei, and Yulongwang, in the eyes of a group of venerables, these people are the representatives of the tripartite forces.

According to common sense, in this case, it is difficult to fight.

After all, from the level of strength, Han Fei should be the strongest. However, in their perception, even if it is strong, it should only be strong and limited, and not too exaggerated.

In fact, how did they know that Han Fei's strongest state has reached the level of half-sage!

Just listen to Han Fei shouting: "Tang Yue, you can let go of the grievances between you and me, you and I can join hands to deal with Han Fei."

Tang Yue narrowed her eyes slightly, her face was cold and did not speak, on the long knife in her hand, the demon spirit rolled, as if she was thinking.

And Han Fei, the insect man, smiled softly and said: "Tang Yue? I...Shui Mutian and Blood Sea God Mucheng have never been fighting. I have nothing to kill you, but this fish dragon king will die today... If you want, you can join hands. . If you don’t want to, you can leave or watch the show. If you join hands with him, don’t blame me for being ruthless."

Tang Yue was stunned for a moment: "If I watch the battle, are you afraid that I will attack you?"

The insect man Han Fei grinned slightly: "If you want to make a move, you can come anytime."

When Tang Yue heard this, her heart moved slightly: This person is so arrogant, he actually ignored his existence? He is not afraid of joining forces with the Yulong King.

This also means: he has absolute self-confidence, can kill himself and the Yulong King.

As a Tianjiao, Tang Yue also had her own arrogance, and at this time she was very dissatisfied. This Yulong King, after all, has a big feud with himself. Seeing him being killed by others, but he can only watch, can't do it? Didn't you admit your cowardice? How is it different from insulting yourself?

Just listen to Tang Yuehan's voice: "I am the King of Fish and Dragon, and I have a big enemy! I also want to make a move, why don't you and I join forces?"

Han Fei's body of white mist immediately shouted: "Absurd...Tang Yue, you and I are of equal strength. If I fall, you will be his next target."

Han Fei, the insect man, looked at Tang Yue and said, "I! I have no objection. If you think I will kill you, you can leave now."

It has to be said that the Queen of Life vividly interprets Han Fei's temperament. It was even said to be so high a grade, although it was a harmonious voice, it was full of proud temperament.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei was stunned: Oh, this acting is really cow!

Tang Yue grinned: "Kill!"


The moment Tang Yue burst out, Han Fei fleeed away. He chose to escape first, after all, he had to behave.

The speed of the insect man Han Fei is no more slower than that of the nearby technique. When letting the queen conceive this worm person, the queen of life specially confessed: letting the queen worm be more convenient and more important.

"Frightening thorn."

"Knock the gate of heaven."

He saw Han Fei burnt his vitality for 200 years.

In this scene, the Queen of Life was speechless, and she couldn't help but transmit her voice: "You burn your vitality, but this king will make up for you? Your vitality doesn't need money?"

Han Fei couldn't help but smile: I want to act after all!

Just listen to Han Fei: "It's okay, I have other ways to make it up."

Anyway, Han Fei lacks so much soul, what is the mere 200 years of life? When it happens to absorb the soul, you can also steal a little bit of life back. The best of both worlds, how good!

Han Fei, who was burning with vitality, seemed very strong, and even blocked his sword-drawing skills. The changing body technique moves in the void, as if avoiding the line of nothingness.

Han Fei couldn't help sighing: The Queen of Life imitated too much, can even imitate her own line of nothingness? Although he could feel that this thread was different from his own thread of nothingness, it at least showed that the Queen of Life had paid attention to herself before and was aware of the existence of the thread of nothingness.

The three of them walked while fighting, mainly because the Yulong King was at large, while Han Fei was pursuing them quickly. Unexpectedly, Han Fei was shocked by the Queen of Life.

Simultaneously appearing at the proximity technique and the Tianxu Shenxing technique, they saw the two figures twinkling on the grassland like long distances. Tang Yue suddenly took the knife after fighting for a hundred breaths. Now she is not talking about hunting down the Yulong King, but only seeking to catch up with these two people, because they are so fast.

outside world.

Looking at Chang Shuiqin, his brows frowned: The Yulong King has been trying to fly into the sky three times, but every time he did not reach the height, he was directly photographed by Han Fei.

This makes Chang Shuiqin a little bit chilly: It's not that Yulongwang's performance is weak, but Han Fei's performance is too strong.

In fact, when Han Fei challenged Zhang Xiaotian in Baibei Wangcheng, he didn't use all his strength.

At this moment, after performing the Gemini Divine Art, his strength is only about 70% of the previous.

However, because of the burning of vitality, some combat power has been made up.

At this moment, Han Fei was almost fully exerting it, and had already exerted the Yulong King's handy skills to the extreme. No matter how strong it is, it would have exceeded the growth limit of the Yulong King in a short time.

Even so, Han Fei's Yulong King was still bombarded by Han Fei.


Han Fei blasted a big hole in the ground. UU reading lifted his feet, stepping out of kilometers.

Insect man Han Fei turned his hand to draw a sword and swung it out, almost about to attack Han Fei's body, the latter once again was close to the end of the world, widening the distance.

The fighting outside was very tense. In the refining world, Yu Wendao stood in front of the Yulong King, holding three red pills in his hand, and saw the Yulong King's scalp numb.

Just listen to the Yulong King roaring: "Han Fei, what do you want to do?"

In the world of refining, Han Fei’s voice sounded slowly: "You don’t want to eat? Yulong King, now there are only two ways for you to choose. One way, you die, you will be dead after you die. There is another one, you After eating this red pill, with your talent, you will become the supreme arrogant of the Blood Sea God Wood City. The same tianjiao, you also have the possibility of becoming honorable. My time is limited, I will give you 10 breaths, 10 breaths after that……"

Yulongwang's face was distorted, and his expression was struggling: Is this really a human thing?

Just listen to Han Fei adding: "I! By the way, after eating, you still have to give me a wisp of your blood and soul. What is it for? You should know. You think, as long as you can survive, everything is It's possible. Are you thinking about it?"

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