"Know the situation of the Holy Empire."

The leaf nodded steadily.

"Do you think the deity and the sacred empire are right or wrong?"

Ye Heng heard it, stunned for a while, but finally shook his head.

"Each has its own right, and it's unclear who is right or who is wrong."

"Right, that's too much, and our head is so big that we don't know how to control it, so we just ignore it and let it grow."

When Ye Heng heard this, he suddenly felt that it seemed reasonable.

"Okay, I'm not talking to you. Are you ready to accept the divine power."

The man said, one was directly held on Ye Heng's shoulder.

"Ah, so fast?"

"Okay, then when you are ready."

Having said that, without giving Ye Heng a chance to respond, he waved his hand directly, and the white dot before that flew towards Ye Heng. Soon, Ye Heng and the man were in a piece of white.

"Is there a place I want to go? After handing over the divine power, I can just send you back."

The man asked while transferring his divine power to Ye Heng.

Ye Heng wanted to speak, but he was so powerful that Ye Heng couldn't adapt for a while, and even his body was a little trembling, let alone speaking.

Fortunately, the man knew a little about Ye Heng and smiled softly, saying.

"Is the earth right, is the girl named Lin Ya right?"

Ye Ye nodded steadily, but she seemed to think of something again, but she couldn't say a word.

"Relax, don't forget the girl named Zi Hanyu."

As soon as the words fell, Ye Heng felt a huge force rush into his body. He had no time to say a word. The next second, a white light illuminated in front of him, and he lost his meaning.


"Om ~"

I do n’t know how long after that, a sound rang in Ye Heng ’s mind. He opened his eyes, saw the blue sky, saw the city not far away, saw the purple Hanyu beside him, and looked at the familiar earth. .

auzw.com Ye Heng froze. And Zi Hanyu slowly woke up at this time, looking at the strange high-rise buildings and cities not far away, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

"Is this your planet?"

Zi Hanyu asked, they are now in a small forest outside the city. Although there is no breath to prove that there are powerful monsters here, she is still very cautious.

Ye Heng stood there, putting his hand on his heart.

He can feel the power of the whole world, people's death, birth, walking, and even breathing, and Ye Heng can feel them one by one, and the person he wants to feel also quickly appears in his perception.

Ye Heng grabbed Zi Hanyu's hand, did not explain to him, and ran with him along the way.

Their speed is faster than anything on the earth, and they reach their destination in less than a minute.

This is a community, a community that looks very dilapidated, but Ye Heng did not expect that 50 years later, the place has not yet moved, but it seems that no one lives.

Then Ye Heng walked into the community and came to a small building, he saw several familiar backs, a girl, or a woman, a fat cat, and an adult wolf demon, sitting there quietly , Watching the dusk gradually come, the scene of the coming night.

"Come with me."

Ye Heng said, let go of Zi Hanyu's hand, then step by step, slowly walked towards them.

It didn't take long for him to feel his heartbeat became heavy, but that wasn't because he was nervous, because he knew that while his heartbeat was getting worse, the heartbeat of a kitten would also increase.

Then, Xiaokui seemed to feel something, and slowly turned her head to see Ye Heng at a glance.

He was stunned, silly stunned in place, his eyes fixed on Ye Heng, full of incredible.

And then, Lin Ya and Xiao Hei also turned their heads slowly. When they saw Ye Heng, they were both stunned. They looked at Ye Heng who was standing less than five meters away from them. Lin Ya ’s Tears began to flow out unconsciously.

She stood up and looked at Ye Heng. Ye Heng walked up and hugged her.


Ye Heng's words just fell, and Lin Ya's tears flowed out of her eyes unstoppably.

He hugged Lin Ya tightly, and he was not willing to let go of her in this life, even for a second. He has many things to say to her, there are many scenery that he has seen that he wants to tell him, and there are many people who want her to know.

And she is willing to spend all her life listening to him talk about everything, no matter good or sad, she just wants to spend time with him.

At this time, the sunset in the sky was over, the night was coming, and infinite stars appeared in the night sky, just as they were here when they were feeding cats together.

These stars have not changed, and I hope that the people they shine on have not changed.



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