"I still have some questions for you."

Ye Heng looked at the man and said.

The man nodded.

"Did you get that love on Earth?"

"That? Why am I doing that?"

"Why is there such a strange enchantment?"

"Strange? Ha ha, actually speaking, that's not the kind of love robbery that I was so impressed with."

After listening, Ye Heng couldn't help but stunned, watching the man's face showing a trace of doubt.

"The so-called love robbery was the last ancestor cloth of the Holy Empire. They fled to the earth. Before the deity looked for them, they had a fairly comfortable life. The ancestor thought day and night, and finally felt They ca n’t live in revenge all the time, otherwise they will never go far. So they set up the so-called robbery, but what they want to let go is hatred in their hearts, not love. If even their loved ones have given up , I still practice a fart, is there a gross meaning? "

When Ye Heng heard it, he was dumb and silent, not knowing what to say.

"So, what about destiny?"

"Oh, he was a **** I met before I came here. It annoyed me several times. When I was in a bad mood, I put him there and let him keep the gate. I also specified that unless I let If the person defeats, he will never die, but he ca n’t go to other places. Then the guy is alive and worn into that look. "

Ye Heng was really speechless now, and didn't know what to say. How does this person feel that there is still a little belly.

But the man replied with a faint smile.

"Am I also an ordinary person, but after being a **** for a few years, you can't just ignore me as a human because of this."

Ye Heng shook his head helplessly.

"Now, don't you want to do it?"

"Well, I don't want to do it."



"Is there any reason why I don't want to do it? My previous generation, the previous generation, and the previous and the previous generation, I don't want to do it, so I gave up, isn't it normal?"

Ye Heng was silent.

"Then, if there is to be a **** here, are there any requirements?"

"Request? What request?"

"For example, what should I do?"

"This, you do n’t need to do anything, but the whole world is under your control. A living person, you can improve his cultivation behavior or reduce his cultivation behavior. All of this can be done, but it ca n’t be let alone. People come to life. "

Ye Heng still doesn't quite understand.

"God who doesn't need to do anything? Can I leave this place?"

"Yes, this place is used for handover ceremonies. I haven't been here for a long time. I usually accompany my wife and concubine."

Ye Heng was completely ashamed.

"Yes, but this right, you don't have to do anything, it's impossible."

The man shrugged, but he seemed to think of something, and suddenly he suddenly showed his enlightenment.

"I remembered it, my predecessor seemed to have said that before a few, they did have a mission, that is, to control the balance of the universe, try not to favor any party, and let black and white be in a certain proportion presence."

"what about now?"

"Now? No one cares."

Ye Heng was stupid again.

"Nobody? Why?"

The man sighed helplessly and looked at Ye Heng, who seemed too lazy to explain to Ye Heng, but he still had to say, who made Ye Heng his successor.


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