"But in fact the so-called legend is just something that does not seem to happen. It happened to the person. It is like on the battlefield, the enemy ’s guide, the bomb fell to your side, but you just stood It ’s outside the explosion range, so he only splashed the soil on you, but he did n’t hurt you. It seems that you picked up a revolver, ready to get a Russian turntable against your head, and then you pull Trigger. Then, there was a bang, but the bullet did not come out. Then you tried a few more shots, but your luck was good, and there was no bullet in one shot. At this time, your finger suddenly cramped and the trigger was pulled again. You thought you were finished, but in the end, bang ~ the bullet still didn't come out. "

Speaking of which, a slight smile appeared on the man's face.

"Do you know why?"

Ye Heng shook his head.

The smile on the man's face was even brighter.

"When you opened the bomb nest, when you looked at it, you were surprised to find that you took the wrong revolver. The shell was full of bullets, and there were traces on each one. Go out. Do you know why? "

Ye Heng pondered for a while, "Is it dumb?"

The man nodded steadily towards the leaves.

"What do you think of this chance?"

"Small, if not deliberate, it is almost impossible to be small."

The man nodded. "I think so too, but he did."


Ye Heng's first reaction was to look at the man in front of him. But the man shook his head immediately.

"No, it's not me, it's my grandfather, but he wasn't playing the turntable at the time, he was committing suicide. He was the commander of a unit, and while they were holding on to a position, they didn't wait until the arrival of reinforcements, At that time, they had exhausted all the food. My grandfather felt he was dead, so he took out his revolver and prepared to commit suicide. In addition to this, several other soldiers were watching beside him, preparing to wait for me. Grandpa also committed suicide after he died.

But as I said just now, my grandfather pressed a dozen times, but none of them hit a bullet. Just as he was desperately preparing to drop his pistol, reinforcements arrived, and they wiped out the enemy troops as quickly as possible, and my grandfather was not only awarded the medal of honor and honor for his position, but also because of the six bullets. It ’s a legend. Everyone said it was God ’s instruction to bring victory, so the bullets did n’t come out. "


Speaking of which, the man showed a faint smile and looked at Ye Heng.

"The odds are small, but it ’s not impossible. You think it ’s incredible to happen to you, but do n’t forget that any one person selected from the crowd is one part per trillion, after all, this universe is There are still many humans. "

After listening to Ye Heng, he slowly accepted his ideas.

He didn't come here because he was special or because he was manipulated by people, but because he was lucky, which made people feel a little incomprehensible, but it seemed reasonable.

"What about that system?"

"I made it."

The man answered straightforwardly.

Ye Heng froze. But the man quickly explained.

"Don't worry, I didn't want to throw it at you. I just stayed here for a long time and didn't want to do it. Then I made some small things and thrown a place.

Ye Heng listened, but couldn't help but stunned.

Long? It seems that it is less than 50 years since I got the system.

The man seemed to see something, and then quickly said.

"It's been a year since I threw out this system, but it's only recently that I got it in your hands."

Ye Heng couldn't help but stunned, but then a helpless smile appeared on his face.


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