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God Level Recovery System Instantly Upgrades to 999 (Recycle System Upgrades Instantly)

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Novel Summary

“Didi! A corpse of Primordial Tyrannosaurus can be recovered to get 1,000,000 strengthening points. Will it be recovered?”


“Didi! You used 100,000 strengthening points, and your cultivation level began to improve. One star…two stars…three stars…”

“You used 100,000 enhancement points for a lottery draw!”

“Obtain the supreme martial arts——【Nine Sun Magic Art】!”

“Get the ancient battle to defeat the Buddha’s magical soldiers-the wishful golden hoop!”

“Get the best martial arts of the heavenly rank-[Eighteen Palms of Jianglong]!”

“Get an ancient beast——White Tiger!”


Su Ba, a fighting master who fought all over the world in his previous life, accidentally traveled through another world, determined to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts.

The system is in hand, all recycled!

Since then, his legend has been kept on the road to becoming stronger!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:999
Alternate Title:神级回收系统瞬间升级999 / Recycle System Upgrades Instantly
Author:Three golds under the pen
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#73
Monthly Rank:#8
All Time Rank:#218
Tags:Fast Cultivation, Harem, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, System,
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15 thoughts on “God Level Recovery System Instantly Upgrades to 999
  1. The “blood is thicker than water” trope is just annoying. Like he’s a unwanted child that the Su family forgot even existed until he made a name for himself in the sect. Then he just suddenly becomes accepting towards those people.

  2. This novel is a copy of a martial novel i used to read only changing his Phoenix bloodline with lightning dragon bloodline and the same for sect. even the war between the sect is the same.

    More importantly why is the name of the novel god level recovery system and the system is a recycling system.

  3. ADMIN kindly stop coolboy from editing tags and spreading misinformation about novels. Please kindly lock the tag system so that not everyone can change it and please banned this trollers.

    1. Really? That’s dumb as fck Wtf. Can anyone in china be a writer nowadays? So much novels, it is toxic when you write something cliche everytime. Can they stop and write a story with a plot.

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