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God-level Quick Wear: Sick Host, Ask For Light Pet

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[1V1 single pet, diseased ghosts and animals for life]

After Ning Meng died, not only became a system, but also contracted a host of snake essence disease with strong desire to control and blackened from time to time!

When the protagonist passes through, she is given a golden finger, but she didn’t expect that she would wear a golden finger herself!

Ningmeng anger: “Why the hosts of other systems are all good-tempered national male gods, but her host is a disagreement, so she plays with all kinds of tricks in front of her own system wall, wall, bed and bed. High-cold hooligan!? Raise my hand to protest, I want to change host!

A belated host adult smiled evilly: “Little Ningmeng, what were you just talking about? Come here, let’s discuss the sleeping posture tonight.”

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Alternate Title:神级快穿:病娇宿主,求轻宠
Author:Jun Sheng
Weekly Rank:#1474
Monthly Rank:#1726
All Time Rank:#1661
Tags:Ancient Times, Apocalypse, Beautiful Female Lead, Cute Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Jealousy, Male Yandere, Possessive Characters, Quick Transmigration, Shounen-Ai Subplot, Smart Couple, Souls, System Administrator, World Hopping,
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29 Comments on “God-level Quick Wear: Sick Host, Ask For Light Pet
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  1. Its an 8/10 for me. Novel has good plots in most of the arcs, the romance between ML and FL is super sweet too, the character development of ML and FL was exceptional too, it was a thorough step by step process, at a slow but steady pace. There are quite a lot loopholes in the plot and some dissatisfaction that you may feel but if selectively ignore it then it's a 10/10. The arcs as said, were well written, I only have 2 arcs I am dissatisfied with. In those arcs, I even wonder if the author tried adding some heart wrenching drama and failed or it was written by someone else, "The waste's counterattack" and the arc after it are those 2 arcs. ML made a long approach of an easy win thing and made FL suffer a lot, I almost couldnt bear cursing out loud, it even made me wonder if ML's IQ was lelf in system space or went from 200 to -200.

  2. FL is sweet, innocent and bright yet cold, ruthless and indifferent which is a biiiiig yes for me, I definitely eat this set like most people. It was refreshing to see ML as the host and FL as system and where they don't lose their original memories in most arcs. Apart from this, its disappointing that the author didn't come up with a reason as for why FL's soul dispersed to the 3000 world's in the first place, after all, a simple flood could kill her, okay, but how can it disperse her soul? P.S. It was a pity that Fate wasn't mentioned again as if author completed forgot the character, the end of ML's adoptive parents agents written either.

  3. Anyone knows the name of the novel where FL is a robot and she transmigrate to retrieve the soul of the man (ML) who created her..

  4. I'm not sure which one did you said, but I think it should be 《Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead》 or maybe not

  5. Una novela muy linda, me gustó bastante, algunos mundos fueron encantadores, la autora la paso mal con esta novela, así que, estoy agradecida de que nos haya dado un final, no el mejor, pero un final uwu

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