Hearing this, he nodded silently, and when he looked at Shen Ruyu under the arena again, his eyes became more solemn.

Before I knew it, my prospective son-in-law's influence in China had surpassed me.

If I want to accomplish this, I am afraid it will be quite difficult...

And there may be an infamy on his back, but if Feng Yixiu manages it, the meaning is completely different.

"Good boy, it really didn't disappoint me..." The corners of his heavy mouth raised slightly, muttering to himself.

After a short break between the two sides, the official team competition officially started.

The Angry Scales and Burning Feathers have basically recovered their best conditions, and the injuries on Shen Lin's shoulders have almost recovered.

"Let's go together!"

Feng Yixiu gave an order, and everyone in the Angry Scales team rushed out.

After Shen Ruyu's victory just now, the current Raging Scale team can be said to have a morale like a rainbow, and it is the best opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

And after Burning Feather team tried their best and the captain's defeat, the morale was not too low, which shows that their psychological quality is also extremely strong.

Shen Lin immediately summoned her own war spirit, Liuyun Huofeng.

But the spirit soldiers have been unable to condense in a short time, and it can be said that they have lost a means of attack.

"Frost and Ice Phoenix!"

Ji Ningxue also summoned his own ice war spirit at the same time.

Frost Ice Phoenix is ​​also a war spirit that has always exceeded the limit, but it is also the only data that maintains SR in Mogong.

The appearance of this frost ice phoenix is ​​almost exactly the same as that of the liuyun fire phoenix, except that one is a crimson flame phoenix, and the other is an ice crystal phoenix condensed from ice crystals.

The remaining two war spirits of the Burning Feather team are pure auxiliary war spirits, one of which is the fire auxiliary war spirit, the Swallowtail Firefinch.

The other is an ice-based auxiliary war spirit, named Swallowtail Ice Sparrow.

The two auxiliary type war spirits were summoned, and they continued to surround their respective auxiliary assault type war spirits, just like satellites.

When Feng Yixiu saw these two war spirits with similar shapes, his brows were also frowned, and he said loudly, "No! These two war spirits must be able to fuse, and they cannot be allowed to succeed!"

"give it to me!"

At the end of Eastern Summer, she immediately volunteered and saw that she took out a golden demon card.

"Insidious Assault Leopard King-Assault Arms!"

A golden streamer submerged into Jiu You Minghu's body, and a black vortex was condensed under his feet in an instant.

Jiu You Minghu quickly sank into it with Dongfang Xia Mo, Xuan even appeared at the feet of Liushuang Bingfeng.

Shen Lin didn't move, and a black gold demon card was thrown out suddenly.

And Ji Ningxue also threw out a black gold demon card at the fastest speed, which seemed to be the same as the one that Shen Lin threw out.

"Flaming Phoenix-Undead Armed!"

"Frozen Phoenix—Undead Armed!"

The two were armed with demon cards almost simultaneously.

The two auxiliary war spirits also threw their black gold demon cards at the same time.

This whole set of things is very skillful, as if it has gone through thousands of times of running-in.

"War Spirit Fusion: Xuanbing, Liuhuofeng!"

Shen Lin and Ji Ningxue shouted at the same time, and the two war spirits exploded with completely different elemental powers.

The two completely different forces of ice and fire collided fiercely, and the energy ripples that erupted in a short time made it difficult to gain a foothold within a range of hundreds of meters.

Two completely different forces seem to be constantly merging, producing an unpredictable blue flame.

Although it looks like a flame, it is completely different from a normal flame.

Because it feels really cold and bitter, and an explosive force of coldness makes people completely unstoppable.

Not long after Jiu Nether Tiger came out of the dark vortex, he saw this jaw-dropping scene.


A dazzling energy ripple suddenly exploded, and circles of light blue flames spread out indiscriminately.

And the spread range reached an astonishing hundreds of meters wide, and the Nine Nether Tiger that had just emerged from the dark vortex was inevitable!

I saw a light blue ice flame on the soles of Jiu Nether Tiger's feet at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the Jiu Nether Fire and Dongfang Late Summer were gradually sealed by ice crystals.

Suddenly, an indescribable feeling made Dongfang feel painful at the end of summer. She couldn't describe whether it was cold or hot.

This feeling is as uncomfortable as being in a cold lake, but the inside of the body is like being in a **** of extreme heat.

Jiu Ning Minghu's body was completely frozen, and the entire huge body began to be completely covered by light blue ice crystals.

"Late summer!"

When Han Xiao saw this scene, he immediately rushed towards the vortex before the dark vortex had disappeared.

"Tiangang is angry!"

I saw Tian Gang rushed out of the dark vortex violently, and his powerful body slammed directly on the ice seal.

At this time, the Tiangang chasing the water had already activated the unmoving mountain warfare, and carried out the mountain armed.


Cracks gradually appeared in the outermost ice seal of Nine Nether Tigers, and immediately burst open under the efforts of Nine Nether Tigers.

"Late summer! Are you okay?" Han Xiao looked at the bloodless Dongfang Project and asked with concern.

At the end of Eastern Summer, his lips were trembling, and he couldn't say even a word, so he could only shook his head gently.

"Let's go quickly!" Han Xiao glanced at the fusion war spirit that had gradually formed, frowning.

"Want to leave now? Wouldn't it take us too far!"

Suddenly, the voices of Shen Lin and Ji Ningxue came over, and their voices seemed to be one person.

Han Xiao and Dongfang Xia Mo looked up and saw a huge phoenix directly above them, looking down at them indifferently.

At this time, the two war spirits have completed the fusion, and the size of the Xuanbing Liuhuofeng after the fusion is even more amazing.

Xuanbing Liuhuofeng's size reached an astonishing half a hundred, and his body was covered with cold blue ice flames, and the powerful aura exploded without concealment.


When Han Xiao and Dongfangxia saw Xuanbing Liuhuofeng at such close distance, they were shocked beyond the reach.

This is the fusion of two ultra-limit war spirits, and the fusion of two completely opposite elements. The strength is naturally terrifying!

Now let alone a close attack, if you get too close, you may be iced directly into a popsicle by the blue ice flame!

"Cang Yan's Fury!"

Shen Lin looked down at Dongfang Xia Mo and Han Xiao, and had no plans to keep her hands.

They have already lost the battle of the family, and must win back a city in the team battle!

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