Compared with the phoenix flame formed by Shen Lin's use of the Suzaku holy pearl, it is simply the difference between the clouds and mud!

A cold sweat was left in the future before it was evaporated by the intense high temperature, but my heart was extremely cold...

She has no doubt that if she is forced to resist this Suzaku arrow, she will most likely be burnt to ashes on the spot!

At the moment of the moment, Shen Lin made a wise decision, only to see that she took the Vermilion Bird Sacred Pearl back into the storage and ring.

In an instant, the Suzaku Sky Wheel behind Shen Lin disappeared, and the more dazzling Suzaku Sky Wheel behind Shen Ruyu also disappeared.

And the flames on the amazing Vermilion Arrow began to dissipate, and the change became an ordinary Sky Burning Arrow.

Shen Lin dangerously avoided the vital part that Burning Sky Arrow was about to hit, but only shot an arrow in the shoulder.

The blazing high temperature made the flesh and blood rattled, and Shen Lin gritted her teeth and pulled out the Burning Sky Arrow from her shoulder.

However, Shen Lin, who had lost the power of the Vermillion Bird, made her "hunch" with intense pain, and the big cold sweat on her forehead kept slipping.

This feeling seemed to be a walk through the gate of a ghost, and the eyes that looked at Shen Ruyu again became calm, like a pool of stagnant water.

Shen Ruyu seemed to understand the meaning of the opponent's eyes, and was not ready to take advantage of the victory, but slowly put down the Liangyi Burning Bow, just staring at Shen Lin faintly.

"I lost……"

Shen Lin did not remain silent for too long, and slowly spit out three words from her mouth.

There is neither unwillingness nor jealousy, but real conviction...

Regardless of whether he borrowed the power of the Vermilion Bird Pearl, Shen Ruyu undoubtedly crushed Shen Lin in an all-round way.

Shen Ruyu slowly put the Liangyi Fentian arch in his hands behind him, and said in a deep voice, "Can you still count on the previous agreement?"

"Don't worry, although you don't want to admit it, the Vermilion Bird Pearl is much more useful in your hands than me. Even for the glory of the family, I won't do stupid things that don't know the general way." Shen Lin said solemnly. Immediately continue to speak: "I will personally serve it after the game is over!"

I have to say that Shen Lin is still a woman who knows how to advance and retreat, and takes care of the overall situation. At least her heart is much broader than her father Shen Rang.

Shen Ruyu nodded gently, without saying too much.

Just as Feng Yixiu said, a strong woman like Shen Lin would only obey one type of person, and that was someone more powerful than her.

It is very obvious that Shen Ruyu has been recognized by Shen Lin, and I am afraid that he will not do anything out of the ordinary in the future...

Shen Lin changed the conversation again and said, "But as I said before, this is just a discussion between us, and it will not affect the game between our two teams. I have to be responsible to my other players."

Shen Ruyu also smiled and nodded, and said in a deep voice: "I think so too. Now that our family's affairs are settled, it's time to solve the game's affairs..."

After that, the two of them walked towards their respective safe areas in a tacit understanding.

The audience in Xuantian Martial Arts Field was even more excited when they saw this scene.

After all, the money for a ticket can be equivalent to two games, and they are naturally very happy...

The two teams took a short break within the time allowed.

The entire Xuantian martial arts field became quiet again, and the atmosphere on the rostrum was even more solemn.

Shen Rang's face was a little blue, and he could even see blue veins violently between his neck, obviously he was very angry.

But he can only sulp himself, even if he wants to find fault, he can't find a reason.

Not only did Shen Ruyu achieve a complete victory in the regular competition, but Shen Lin was still abused after using the Vermilion Pearl.

This was a scene that Shen Rang didn't expect, and there was nothing to do except sulking.

The heavy expression was completely opposite to Shen Rang, and he laughed heartily: "If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. You can't win even if you cheat. Are you angry?"


Shen let his fists clenched, making a crackling sound.

"Oh... Since Yu'er left, all the resources of our family have been given to your daughter, and we have also received the highest aristocratic education. It can be said that all the strength of the family has been cultivated. As a result... this is it?" With a bit of sarcasm, he said coldly.


Shen Rang was ashamed that the ground was flushed, and finally couldn't help it. He suddenly smashed the table in front of him to pieces.

Shen Rang glared for a few seconds, but he still couldn't say a word of rebuttal. He could only leave the rostrum in shame.

"Hahaha...It's so happy!" Shen Zhong smiled more happily when he saw Shen let go, as if he was excited like a three-year-old child.

Since Shen Qingci led Shen Ruyu to leave the family, Shen Zhong has endured much criticism.

Not only have to bear the external pressure brought by other families, but also silently bear the criticism within the family.

It can be said that these years have been very heavy, but since meeting Feng Yixiu, the prospective son-in-law, everything seems to be getting better and better.

Looking at Shen Ruyu with a heavy expression of pride, the depression in his heart for many years disappeared in an instant...

"Congratulations, Patriarch Shen, for having cultivated such an excellent daughter, it seems that no one will look down on Suzaku Shen's house in the future. Dean Gu said with a smile.

He smiled and shook his head, and said lightly: "I don't have the ability to train such an excellent daughter."

"Patriarch Shen is overly modest..." Dean Gu only regarded the other party as humble, and immediately asked: "But Shen Rang seems a little unconvinced? There will be no problems, right?"

Hearing this, he bowed his head and said nothing, the other party was his elder brother anyway.

He can't drive him out anyway, he can't do so unfeeling and cold-blooded...

Murong Beijia, who has never spoken, suddenly said: "Palm Master Shen, don't worry, I recently heard that South China seems to be recruiting a group of high-level elites, and there seems to be Shen Rang on the list..."

"But isn't this department stipulating that members of the four great saints may not hold positions in the department?" Shen Zhong said with some doubts.

"Isn't there an exception?" Murong Beijia said with a smile.

Severely, even if he understands his heart, the exception that the other party said naturally means that the wind also cultivates.

After all, Feng Yixiu had an important position in the Feng Department, and he was still the lord of Qinglong City.

"Could it be..." He frowned slightly, and Murong Beijia stopped him just as he was about to say it.

"There are some things that don't need to be said so clearly, you and I know it." Murong Beijia smiled slightly, and immediately continued: "This is also for the stability and unity of the Four Holy Cities, and it is also a good thing."

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