Shen Ruyu risked being burned by the phoenix fire, forcibly approaching Shen Lin, he must have tried.

Because she wanted to rely on the power of Bachiqiong Gouyu to **** the power of the Vermilion Bird Sacred Orb with Shen Lin, but this was the first time that Bachiqiong Gouyu had been used in this way, and she was also a little bit bottomless.

Eight-foot Qiong Gouyu has the power to absorb and merge, and needs to inadvertently impose Gouyu curse on the opponent in order to exert its power.

However, the Suzaku Sacred Orb is different from ordinary power, and Shen Ruyu does not know whether he can forcibly absorb the power of Suzaku for his own use...

When Shen Lin saw Shen Ruyu forcibly approaching, although she was a little confused, she also guessed that the other party must have a plan.

Not long after Shen Ruyu approached Shen Lin, he didn't give the opponent a chance to throw her away, but fought each other.

"Phoenix Burning Palm!"

I saw Shen Lin condensing the phoenix flame between her palms, and it was no longer a large-scale explosion.

It has to be said that Shen Lin's source martial arts level is also extremely high, but he is good at mid-to-long range attacks, facing Tai Chi that can take advantage of strength, close combat is always at a disadvantage.

Tai Chi Entangling Hands is the most difficult source of martial arts in close combat. As long as you are entangled, you can't easily break it away in a short time.

But what is strange is that Shen Ruyu didn't seem to launch any effective attacks, but kept wandering around Shen Lin's body.

The seemingly weak palms hit different positions of Shen Lin's body, but they couldn't hurt Shen Lin who was reborn from the ashes.

"Are you fighting a war of attrition with me? It's too ridiculous..." Shen Lin and Shen Ruyu slapped their hands and frowned, "My spiritual power is much deeper than you, so such an attack has no meaning. ."

Shen Ruyu stepped back a few steps before stopping, smiling and saying, "This is not necessarily true!"

As soon as the voice fell, eight marks of red gouyu gradually appeared in Shen Ruyu's palm, and they were still spinning continuously.

However, Shen Ruyu's fists were clenched at this time, and the Gouyu mark that kept flowing in Shen Ruyu's palm was completely invisible.

Suddenly, the Vermillion Bird Sky Wheel behind Shen Lin gradually became dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the power of Vermillion Bird gradually became weaker and weaker.

And this is not the most amazing. The most amazing thing is that behind Shen Ruyu, another identical Vermilion Sky Wheel appeared, and it became more and more substantial.

In between, the Vermilion Sky Wheel behind Shen Ruyu turned out to be much stronger than the one behind Shen Lin!

Here is Ba Chi Qiong Gouyu's domineering ability, which can forcibly absorb the opponent's power.

But the prerequisite is that you must cast an eight-foot gou jade curse on the opponent before you can absorb the opponent's power for your own use.

Under normal circumstances, Shen Ruyu can use the Liangyi Burning Sky Bow to impose the eight-foot gou jade curse, but in order to prevent the Sun and Moon Team from seeing the clue.

Therefore, Shen Ruyu chose the safest melee method, applying the curse seal through close contact.

But what Shen Ruyu didn't expect was that he could actually successfully absorb the power of the Vermillion Bird Holy Orb.

For a while, everyone in the entire Xuantian martial arts field was shocked, and everyone looked confused.

"This...what's going on? Is it possible that there are two Suzaku sacred beads?"

"How is it possible! There is only one Suzaku holy pearl, where did the second one come from..."

"Could it be that the Suzaku Sacred Pearl chose Shen Ruyu and was about to abandon Shen Lin?"

"I think it's very possible. It seems that the purity of Shen Ruyu's Holy Spirit bloodline is very high!"


Almost everyone was discussing the scene they saw before their eyes, and in the end they gradually agreed with this view.

That is, the Suzaku Sacred Pearl abandoned Shen Lin, who had a low purity of the Holy Spirit's blood, and instead prepared to plunge into Shen Ruyu's embrace.

Shen Lin was also stunned by the sudden change, and the shock in her heart was no less than that of the audience.

This is the first time that she has encountered this situation, and now she really doubts whether she is really going to be abandoned by the Suzaku Sacred Orb...

In fact, there are also reasons for this. If other people use the eight-foot Qiong Gou Jade, they will not be able to achieve the effect of plundering the Holy Power.

Even Feng Yixiu and Dongfang Late Summer cannot use them to deprive Suzaku's power. Only Shen Ruyu, who has the blood of Suzaku, has this ability.

Because Shen Ruyu owns the Suzaku bloodline, and its purity is much higher than that of Shen Lin...

Shen Lin looked into Shen Ruyu's eyes again, unexpectedly began to produce subtle changes.

There seems to be a little admiration and surrender in it, and the desire to win in his heart is also reduced a lot in an instant.

In fact, he had already lost to Shen Ruyu a long time ago, but he was invincible with the power of Vermilion Bird.

And now that the opponent has mastered the power of Suzaku, and uses it more powerfully than himself, it can be said that there is no chance of winning.

Shen Ruyu slowly took off the Liangyi Burning Sky Bow on his back, even though a surprising scene happened.

After absorbing the power of the Vermillion Bird, the Liangyi Burning Sky Bow unexpectedly changed its appearance.

The entire Liangyi Burning Bow became a beautiful crimson color, and the flames of the Vermillion Bird burned violently on its surface, and the overall appearance was as graceful as that of Vermillion Bird's wings.

At the same time, Shen Ruyu's battle armor of Burning Heaven also appeared corresponding changes, and the radiant fire light on it gradually transformed into the beautiful lines of the Holy Suzaku.

There are several beautiful flames on the shoulders like the tail feathers of a vermilion bird, making Shen Ruyu, who is already extraordinary in temperament, even more shocking!

I saw Shen Ruyu slowly raising the Suzaku Burning Sky Bow in his hand, aiming directly at Shen Lin with indifferent eyes, the aura like a queen over the world is unforgettable...

At the moment when Shen Lin was locked in by Hawkeye, an unspeakable amount of pressure made her feel hard to breathe, and her heart could not help but beat violently.

She couldn't figure out why Shen Ruyu could change the spirit weapon and spirit armor after borrowing the Vermilion Bird Orb.

It's as if the Vermilion Bird Orb is wasted in his own hands, and it has no meaning at all...

"call out!"

Shen Ruyu slowly loosened the tight bowstring, instantly as sweet as a hundred phoenixes.

I saw an ordinary Arrow of Burning the Sky, gradually transforming into a vivid Suzaku on the way!

And this Suzaku grows as long as it sees the wind, but it grows to the point of ten meters in a moment!

The Suzaku in Shen Lin's eyes was constantly magnifying, and the intense high temperature made her feel the real heat!

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