But all of this is a later story. At the time, all this happened within milliseconds, and Shen Lin had no extra time to think.

This was followed by the third arrow bursting over again, this dragon flame arrow can be said to be the most explosive arrow!


Shen Lin's right arm is already injured, how can he withstand the most powerful dragon flame arrow!

I saw that the Long Yan arrow hit the hilt of Liuyun Sword accurately, and exploded suddenly at the moment of contact.

This is the power of Longyan Arrow, capable of bursting out a powerful flame explosion in an instant...

The powerful explosive force made Shen Lin, whose right arm had been injured, couldn't hold the Liuyun sword in her hand, and was blasted away by the powerful explosive force.

Shen Lin wrinkled tightly after seeing the spirit soldier in her hand let go, but she quickly realized that the spiral arrow in her left hand was burned out, and then she violently pulled out the arrow of wind in her right wrist... …

The Suzaku flame burned instantly at the wound on Shen Lin's wrist, but it completely recovered in a moment.

Just as she was about to summon the Liuyun Sword that hadn't flew too far, she only heard a clear sound of broken gold!

I saw a deadly flame about the thickness of my thumb accurately hitting the falling Flowing Cloud Sword, and instantly folded it into two sections.

If the spirit soldier is damaged in the hands of the master, it may be repaired, but in this case, it has been completely destroyed, gradually turning into aura and dissipating invisible...

What dissipated with the first was the Extinguishing Flame Array in the sky, and the falling flames finally stopped.


Shen Lin spit out a sigh of hard work, and she didn't know whether it was because of the destruction of the spirit soldier or because of being alive.

For a while, the entire Xuantian martial arts field was quiet, and everyone was stunned by Shen Ruyu's dazzling archery skills.

On the surface, Shen Ruyu only shot three arrows, but actually shot four arrows.

And the effect of each arrow is different. The first arrow is the spiral arrow with the strongest penetration, in order to restrict Shen Lin's left hand and make it impossible to move easily.

And the second arrow was an ordinary Burning Sky Arrow, which was actually just a bait to cover up the Fengyan Arrow.

As for the fourth arrow, it is the most explosive Dragon Flame arrow, which is also the main reason why Shen Lin can't hold it...

Not to mention how Shen Ruyu shot four arrows in half a second, but for each arrow, the precise distance and time control can only be seen, which is simply amazing!

The most terrifying thing is that Shen Ruyu's four arrows must have been prepared long ago, otherwise he would not be able to prepare the Arrow of Dragon Flame and the Arrow of Wind Flame after leaving the Great Xia Dragon Sparrow.

If there is a slight mistake, I am afraid it will not be able to do it now...

Shen Lin stared at Shen Ruyu angrily, frowning and said: "Do you think you can win this way? Even if I don't have a soldier, you can't beat me!"

Shen Ruyu frowned, and then slowly raised the Liangyi Burning Sky Bow in his hand, aiming at Shen Lin not far away.

I saw that five burning arrows condensed from the Burning Sky Bow of Liangyi at the same time.

When Shen Lin saw the five arrows, the corners of her mouth twitched twice.

I originally thought that Shen Ruyu's limit should be to control four arrows at the same time, but he did not expect that Shen Ruyu would condense five arrows at the same time!

Is this still not the limit of Shen Ruyu's archery? !

"Shoo, hoo..."

The five Burning Sky arrows were launched at once, and they scattered out almost at the same time. The power of each shot was amazing.

However, Shen Lin did not evade, even though five penetrating arrows penetrated her body, her expression was still very calm.

But for a while, the penetrating wound on Shen Lin's body began to burn with phoenix flames, and the injuries were quickly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"I've already said, it's useless..." Shen Lin raised her mouth slightly, looked at Shen Ruyu with a smug look on her face, and sneered.

Hearing that, Shen Ruyu also gradually became more solemn.

As long as Shen Lin possesses the power of Vermillion Bird, she can't really defeat the opponent at all.

And the other party's spiritual power is much deeper than that of her. If it is a protracted battle, she can only lose...

After a moment of contemplation, Shen Ruyu made a bold move, only to see that she actually arched Liangyi Burning Sky behind her back, obviously not planning to use the spirit weapon.

With a sudden step, Shen Ruyu rushed towards Shen Lin like an arrow from the string.

When Shen Lin saw the other party's actions, she also felt confused and sneered: "As a sharpshooter, are you going to fight me close?"

It can be heard that there is a sense of disdain in Shen Lin's words.

Because from the perspective of normal people, a marksman who is good at archery must have a messy melee ability...

But when she really fought against Shen Ruyu, Shen Lin realized that this idea seemed a bit stupid.

The Suzaku Sky Wheel behind Shen Lin burst out with a dazzling light, and the Suzaku flames gathered in the palm of his hand, and he shouted angrily: "Fire and palm!"

A huge fire phoenix flew out of Shen Lin's palm. Both the temperature and the power of the flame were jaw-dropping!

Shen Ruyu posed a Tai Chi starting position in the air, and the red Tai Chi array was faintly rotating under his feet.

I saw that Shen Ruyu's left hand displayed the light yellow flame of gas, and then the red flame of flame was gasped on his right hand!

Although Yin Zhiyan's power is very weak, it can overcome the rigidity with softness, and even envelop all the oncoming phoenixes in it.

At the same time, the Ba Chi Qiong Gou Yu, which was worn by Shen Ruyu between his neck, exudes a faint light.

It's just that the eight-foot Qionggou jade is in the clothing, except for a few people who know it, no one knows that this is the power of the holy thing.

Shen Ruyu ran the Tai Chi grinding plate, and forcibly completely assimilated the phoenix flames into yin flames.

"The sun bursts!"

I saw Shen Ruyu slowly stretched out his right palm and shouted angrily.


The violent anger burst out fiercely, almost completely enveloping Shen Lin in front of it.

And the power of this "sunburst" is more than twice as powerful as Shen Lin's "flaming palm"!

"A good move, take advantage of the strength." Shen Lin was burned by the flame almost all over her body. Although she was still healing quickly, the pain made her miserable. She gritted her teeth and said, "Is this the Tai Chi of the Furnace Pure Azure Realm?" Sure enough..."

However, Shen Lin couldn't figure it out, even if it was a Tai Chi grinding plate in the Furnace Flame Realm, it was impossible to absorb the Suzaku flames so easily.

Shen Ruyu ignored the opponent, and after a palm, he approached the opponent again.

While the other party was being reborn from the ashes, Shen Ruyu finally managed to get close to the other party...

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