As soon as the voice fell, she saw Shen Lin raising the Flowing Cloud Sword in her hand, and the streamer on the pattern of the sword was extremely dazzling, as if it could communicate all the fires between heaven and earth.

"Mieyan Magic Array!"

Shen Lin let out a roar, the temperature suddenly increased within a hundred meters, and a huge Vermillion Bird formation gradually condensed in the sky.

The fire element in the circle appeared abnormally restless, the clouds in the sky gradually turned into dazzling fire clouds, and the fiery fire light made the air a little distorted.

"Wan Yan falls into the fire!"

I saw the Flowing Cloud Sword in Shen Lin's hand slowly falling, the flames above the Yanyan Magic Array was shining, and countless fireballs were rapidly condensing.

"Boom boom boom..."

Countless crimson fireballs began to fall rapidly, and the sky and the earth seemed to become a sea of ​​purgatory fire.

Shen Ruyu was also in this extinguishing flame formation, but what people did not expect was that not only did she not escape from the formation for the first time, she quickly approached Shen Lin.

The extreme high temperature made Shen Ruyu a little unbearable. The crimson flow density was too amazing, and Shen Ruyu was unavoidable.

Shen Ruyu had only one side to move at high speed to avoid the attack.

Rao was so slightly injured, the Burning Sky armor was stained with a lot of Suzaku flames, and the hot temperature made him miserable.

Fortunately, Shen Ruyu is an excellent fourth-order source martial artist of the fire element. Otherwise, she might be burned out in an instant before she was close to the opponent.

But the closer this is to Shen Lin, Shen Ruyu feels the more terrifying the temperature, as if his body is about to ignite...

"Is this the power of the Suzaku Sacred Pearl? It really is terrifying..." Shen Ruyu stared at the Suzaku Sky Wheel behind Shen Lin, muttering to himself.

Shen Lin looked at Shen Ruyu who was a little embarrassed, and said coldly: "I'm sorry, I can't lose this game..."

In fact, she knew she had lost, but in order not to disappoint her father, she violated the pre-match agreement and borrowed the power of foreign objects.

Shen Ruyu chuckled lightly, and said lightly: "This is not for you!"

Shen Lin chuckled and shook her head, and said in a deep voice: "Have you not recognized the facts now? You can't beat me now..."

"How can you know the result if you don't try it!" Shen Ruyu stared at Shen Lin seriously and smiled.

Shen Lin frowned as she looked at Shen Ruyu who was embarrassed. She really didn't know what Shen Ruyu was insisting on...

If Shen Ruyu is not a fire war spiritist, there may be a chance to defeat him, but she is also a fire war spiritist.

The Suzaku Sacred Pearl gave Shen Lin a terrifying fire resistance, and coupled with the ability to rebirth from the ashes, it can be said that she is basically impossible to fail now.

Shen Lin really doesn't know where Shen Ruyu's self-confidence comes from!

I saw that Shen Ruyu was still holding back the scorching flames of the Vermilion Bird, and was still slowly approaching Shen Lin.

"Liuyun cut!"

Although Shen Lin didn't know what Shen Ruyu wanted to do, she still didn't dare to underestimate the enemy.

"The Arrow of Burning Sky!"

Shen Ruyu also used his best to shoot an arrow, and the power between the two arrows of the two instruments continued to intertwined.


An explosion sounded through the world, and the dazzling energy ripples spread like ocean waves.

But before the flames were completely dispersed, three arrows with spiraling wind pierced the void, passed through the heavy flames at an extremely fast speed, and shot towards Shen Lin quickly.

When Shen Lin saw the arrows coming from three directions, her brows were also frowned.

In just half a second, Shen Ruyu shot three arrows instantly, and the strength of each arrow was amazing!

Even Shen Lin had to admire this kind of archery, and her gaze quickly fixed the direction of the three arrows.

But she ignored the eagle eye marks on her body, one of which was on her chest.

And the other two eagle eye marks, one eagle eye mark is on her right wrist, and the other is on the hilt of Liuyun sword.

Shen Lin only noticed the eagle-eye mark on her chest, thinking that these three arrows were all aimed at her heart.

Of course, this is also the inertia of thinking. After all, before Shen Ruyu, the Eagle Eye Lock can only lock one at the same time, and in most cases only one can be locked.

This also made Shen Lin think that Shen Ruyu could only lock on one target, but she didn't know that Shen Ruyu's upper limit was more than that...

"call out!"

There is no doubt that the first arrow to lock the chest was accurately grasped by Shen Lin.

But what surprised Shen Lin was that this arrow was still spinning violently in her palm.

But wasn't Shen Ruyu's previous arrow blocked by her instantly?

Why the power of this arrow is several times stronger than before!

Could it be that Shen Ruyu deliberately showed weakness before, Shen Lin thought...

In fact, it wasn't that Shen Ruyu was deliberately weak before, but the attack distance was too far before, and the power of the bow and arrow would naturally become much smaller.

This time, Shen Ruyu was less than a hundred meters away from Shen Lin, and Shen Ruyu deliberately used the technique of spiral arrows, which had powerful penetrating power!

The purpose of Shen Ruyu's first arrow was to hold Shen Lin, and the second arrow after it seemed to follow.

Shen Lin's left hand has been firmly restricted within a short period of time, and she can only use the Liuyun Sword in her right hand to chop the second arrow!

"call out!"

I have to say that Shen Lin's swordsmanship is also superb, and she accurately divides the arrow in front of her into two at high speed!

The arrow that was divided in two flew out with Shen Lin's face, and a strong whirlwind was rolled up.

But just as Shen Lin was preparing to resist the third arrow, she only felt a sharp pain in her right wrist holding the sword.

Looking down, she saw that her right wrist had been completely penetrated by an arrow with pale golden flames!

Yin Hong's blood continued to flow along her arm, but what was more unacceptable than the pain was that Shen Lin didn't understand where the arrow came from...

Shen Lin looked at the light golden flame on the arrow on her wrist, and she soon understood that the arrow was entwined with Feng Yan!

The huge flame exploded just now and became Shen Ruyu's cover, so that when the arrow of Fengyan broke through the flame, it had reached a very fast speed and completely turned into an invisible arrow.

Now it seemed that the pointless attack, but unexpectedly it was actually preparing for Feng Yan Arrow.

Otherwise, he would shoot Feng Yan arrows in front of Shen Lin, even if he was invisible in the middle, he would definitely be prepared.

And this Fengyan arrow is just after the second arrow, relying on the second arrow on the bright surface to hide it perfectly, so that the fire net can't detect it...

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