Stark saw Liliette's body below, and began to dance involuntarily, his face suddenly changed.

Then he saw that Intil at this time was also dancing his body, looking like dancing.

Liliette's movements are exactly the same as Intier.

However, Intiel jumped up, very elegant and beautiful, but Liliette was stiff, even a little curious.

have to say.

The same dance, different people jumping up, is completely different.

At this time, Intiel had just completed the swastika.

Not only Lili Nite danced with her, but the surrounding Reiatsu danced because of Intil's dance.

Although the initial solution of this autumn water is almost the same, this time, Intil can control more spiritual power and a wider range!

"Stop it for me!"

Stark was a little angry at this time.

He released the virtual flash without hesitation.

This force was very powerful, and it hit Intil's face directly.

But after Intil pointed Qiu Shui at this virtual flash, the attack suddenly disappeared.

However, Intiel did stop the dance, and the surrounding spiritual power also stopped. Lili Nette was panting hard, her eyes full of horror, her hands supporting her knees.

If Intier hadn't stopped, she wouldn't know when she would jump.

And she has a feeling.

That is, as the dance moves, the spiritual power in his body is drastically reduced.

And she has a feeling, if the abilities in her body disappear completely.

It's going to die!

So Lili Nette looked at Intier's expression now, full of horror and horror.

She had no idea that such a harmless little girl could be so strange and vicious.

The contrast is too big.

"Sorry, I just learned the swastika, so I didn't hold it back for a while, I just let go of my ability, so I temporarily lost control."

Intil leaned slightly to express his apologies.

At the same time, she apologized to Liliette on the ground.

But Liliette snorted coldly, and didn't fully accept it.

After all, she was controlled and performed various movements, which made her feel ashamed.

Stark saw that Intiel was so sincere, and he also understood that she just didn't fully control her power.

"It turns out that it's such a thing. It's a normal phenomenon that the power control is not complete for the first time.

But your ability is so weird, even if I saw it, I felt a little shuddering. "

Stark shook his head, looking helpless.

Intil didn't say anything, but pointed the black knife at the opponent.

"Under your strong pressure, I have learned to swastika, and I have to thank you for that.

So next, let's go to the second battle! "

"Stop fighting, this time I said nothing is fighting."

Just as Intier was preparing to fight, Stark had already retracted his Zanpaku Knife, and then sighed.

"You've already learned how to squat, and there is no need for me to continue fighting with you.

So go back wherever you came from, thank you for coming to accompany me to relieve my boredom, but it is not safe here, you should leave as soon as possible. "

Hearing what the other party said, Intil frowned.

She knew that Stark was lazy, but she didn't expect the other party to be so lazy.

However, Intiel thought for a while, and finally nodded, relieved the swastika, and then retracted Qiushui into the scabbard.

After all, she and Qiu Shui belong to that kind of pacifist.

If it is not necessary, if you can not fight, it is best not to fight.

After all, the world is still more peaceful in peace.

Especially Qiu Shui's ability after the **** was not born for fighting.

Just now, Lili Nite would dance with Intier's movements. This is the ability of Qiu Shui after the solution.

This ability is very exaggerated, and it can control the bodies of those who are covered by the Qiu Shui Spiritual Pressure.

Unless the opponent's strength is too much, or there are other special preparations, she will be completely controlled.

In this way, as long as you dance, the other party's spiritual pressure will continue to spread out, and then return to nature.

Intil and Qiu Shui would not absorb these spiritual pressures themselves, so these would eventually dissipate in the air.

When the spiritual power completely dissipates from the opponent's body, the opponent will fall into a paralyzed state.

This is a state of suspended animation, but there is no real death.

The shape is similar to that of a vegetable.

As for when he would wake up, even Intil himself didn't know.

After all, she had just learned how to slay.

And even if you want to wake up, it will be judged based on the opponent's strength.

In addition.

All condensed spiritual power, or attacks that rely on spiritual power as a medium, will automatically dissipate half a meter in front of Intil.

If the enemy's strength is too strong, Intil needs to manually gather his strength and dissipate his attack.

Before Stark released a virtual flash to attack Intil, she cracked it down. This is the principle.

After all, even if Stark is in its current state, it is better than Intiel, who is unsolved, UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com.

If he is back, Intier would not be an opponent at all.

But it was not easy for her to be able to offset Stark's false flash.

After all, she could control Liliette's virtual flash when Hajime solved it before, but she had nothing to do with Stark's virtual flash.

After all, the difference in strength between the two is too large.

It is precisely because of this that if Intiel does not learn how to seduce, there is no room for resistance at all.

In addition.

After the Qiu Shui swastika, there is still a very powerful ability.

That is, the scope of spiritual influence has been expanded three or four times!

And can condense three spiritual powers around him at the same time at one time.

The condensing speed has also changed from a long forward swing to an instant!

This is a very big enhancement to Intil's strength!

The above is all the abilities of the black sword Qiushui after the swastika.

However, Qiu Shui is a weapon purchased by the System Mall after all, so after the swastika, the name will not change in any way. The only change is that the original black knife has a strange red pattern on it.

When Intil absorbs spiritual power, this pattern will light up.

This represents the upper limit of the absorption of autumn water.

If it exceeds these, it will be automatically released and let it blend into the air.

This can also be regarded as Qiu Shui's self-protection mechanism to prevent himself from being overwhelmed.

But at the beginning of the solution, Qiushui had no such lines.

This is unique to Swastika!

that's all.

While learning about Qiushui's new abilities, Intil had afternoon tea at Stark.

He even took them with him.

Anyway, it is safe for the time being, and she is not in a hurry to go back, staying here to accompany the lonely face-to-face chat and have a long experience.

pretty good.

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