The explosion caused by the battle reverberated continuously in this empty room.

At this time, a petite girl with a horn off the mask on her head broke her face, wiping sweat on the ground, looking at the battle in the sky with excitement on her face.

She was the Liliette who had just sailed by herself, that piece of rubble.

Now she is finally free and has time to watch the battle.

However, the battle between Intier and Stark was really too fierce, and the speed was also very fast.

Lili Nette, can't see clearly, the battle between these two people.

But even so, she saw it with gusto and enjoyed it.

"It's a pity, at this time, it would be nice to have some real delicacies.

Those who have been to this world say that in addition to the delicious soul, the food over there is not bad.

There is nothing in Xuye Palace, which is really boring. "

Lili Nite, sitting on a pillar that was broken in battle and lying on the ground, dangling her legs, her hands on her legs, her hands dragging her entire head.

She looks very cute like this.

If she hadn't had this mask, I'm afraid no one would connect her to Shaman.

After all, Lili Nite's character is closer to humans.

at the same time.

The battle between Intier and Stark is still in full swing.

Although Stark is now calmly unworthy.

No matter how Intier's offense, he can deal with it calmly.

However, Intil's strength gradually became stronger in the constant battle.

Carl told them.

If you want to improve your strength, pure practice is not enough.

You also need to use battles to stabilize your current strength.

So now as the fighting time has not been short and lengthened, Intil's strength has also improved faster and faster.

To be precise, this was originally her strength, but because no one had fought with her before, her potential had not yet been developed.

Now it's different.

With such a sparring partner like Stark, and without worrying about his own safety, Intil naturally let go of his hands and feet.

But even so, when she faced Stark, she couldn't break through the opponent's line of defense.

Even Stark counterattacked from time to time, she had to work hard to resist.

Otherwise, it is very likely to be injured.

This is the strength of the tenth blade.

Intil is no opponent at all.

"Your strength is getting stronger and stronger, and if this continues, I'm afraid I will have to act real.

I don’t want to hurt you, and I’m a bit tired now and want to sleep well, so how about we stop here? "

Stark said.

He also hit a Hatche by the way.

Intil didn't take the opportunity to attack, but tilted his head and looked at the opponent suspiciously.

Before she looked at other emptiness, and those who invaded the world, none of them were as lazy as him.

The bewildering operation of this guy made Intier a little bit incomprehensible.

"You don't have to wonder. I have this character. If I can avoid trouble, I am naturally unwilling to cause trouble.

More importantly, you are not a **** of death, and we are not real enemies.

So it is the best choice so far, otherwise some of us must be injured. "

What Stark said was justified and well-founded, and for a while, Intil couldn't find a way to refute it.

"How about it, let's just stop it, anyway, your strength has also improved, is it enough to go back for business?"

Hearing the other party's words, Intil's eyes gradually became firmer.

"Not enough, I haven't learned how to swastika!

I want to be strong, because only in this way can I follow my brother Carl.

I don't want to hold back, so I must become stronger, at least have the ability to save my life.

This is what I want! "

At this point, Intil paused for a while before continuing to speak.

"I know you are very reluctant, but now that time has passed so long, it is inconvenient for me to find other people, so I bother you and keep fighting with me!"

Intil said so.

Her eyes are very sincere.

Especially the kind of emotion that wanted to become stronger was completely passed on to Stark.

This made him hesitate a little, and finally nodded and chose to agree.

"If this is the case, then I will look at the face of those words before, and be your sparring partner.

But let me know in advance, this time, I'm going to be serious!

If I hurt you, I will not be responsible! "

Stark's eyes suddenly became sharp.

The Rei Pressure spread out all over him, directly dissipating a part of the Rei Pressure armor on Intil's body.

Feeling the pressure, Intier bit his lip, held Qiushui's knife handle tightly with both hands, and rushed up.

But this time, Stark did not blindly defend, but chose to attack.

He also stepped out in a vigorous step, and directly collided with Intil's attack, Uukanshu, which caused a violent explosion.

This time, Intil was knocked into the air without exception, and then fell heavily to the ground, leaving a huge hole.

Intil sipped a **** saliva, then smiled, decisively releasing Qiu Shui's ability.

Now that it was determined that the opponent was really moving, Intier would naturally not use his own shortcomings to meet the opponent's strengths.

So she didn't hesitate to control the surrounding spiritual power, and began to bombard the opponent.

But Stark is very flexible.

Intil's very long forward sway attack, for Stark, wanting to evade is simply a breeze.

Therefore, Intil's attack did not hit him, but was attacked by the opponent in close quarters.

After suffering heavy damage, Intil did not give up, but continued to fight with it.

The battle between the two became more intense, and their movements were twice as fast as before.

Liliette below, swaying around while eating melons and watching the show, looked very comfortable and enjoyed it very much.

But at this moment.

There was a roar in the sky.

A huge spiritual pressure gathered together on it, and even Stark was temporarily forced back.


Accompanied by such a loud roar, the surrounding spiritual pressure was all controlled by the voice master.

Stark felt the spiritual pressure in his body, a little uncontrollable.

But after forcibly suppressed, this feeling gradually disappeared.

But Liliette below started to dance.

And her face was full of horror!

Because her current movement was not spontaneous at all, but inexplicable, she just moved like this.

"Stark! Help! My body is out of control!"