"Hahahaha, you are so interesting, just say this to you, no matter what the battle is, I will protect you from death!

After all, friends or something is too scarce for me.

Now that you are the first person to say this to me, it is really touching. "

Stark said so, and then directly used the ring to turn, came behind Intil, and launched an attack on her.

But this blow did not fall, but stopped at the position of her neck.

"You are careless, if I really want to do it, you are dead, my friend."

Stark said with a smile.

Yin Tilton's eyes widened when he jumped toward the face.

However, at this moment, Stark caught up again.

Intil jumped away again, but Stark's speed was so fast that she couldn't get rid of the opponent at all!

If Stark really kills, Intil knows very well that he has already died three times!

But it doesn't matter if the opponent starts, because she has Karl's amulet on her body.

This thing can block a fatal attack.

Since the Marvel world, this thing has been worn on her body.

Luo also has the same style on his body.

So she is not worried at all.

After all, she believed in Karl.

What's more, this is a system product.

If you say block once, you can definitely block it!

Even the attack of God is the same.

After all, this is a defense of the rules system, and the price is still very cheap.

But the only flaw is that this thing is bound to people.

After the same person uses it once, the second one cannot be used within a month.

So Intil, you have to be careful.

She took a deep breath and her eyes became firmer.

"Thank you, there is no direct killer, but from now on, I want to be serious!

Next, let us have a real battle! "

Intil roared loudly.

It was the first time that she yelled such a loud voice.

The fruit power, in conjunction with her voice, caused the surrounding air to stir up ripples.

All the spiritual power, in her roar, converged towards her body.

Only a few seconds.

Intil's body suddenly appeared a layer of pure white and translucent armor formed by the condensed spiritual power!

This is the aura of Intil, using Hades and his own abilities to create the aura of pressure.

Although the defense power of this thing is not very good, it can increase Intil's own speed!

But it is a pity that this move was developed for this world.

If she changes some worlds, she is not sure whether she can continue to use it.

After all, every world is different.

But it's enough to be used in this world.

As for the other worlds, it is enough to make improvements based on the situation there.

And this move, regardless of defensive power and offensive power, is relatively ordinary, or even the same as none.

But its speed has been directly increased by five or six times!

The original intention of this move was to help Intil, who was originally not fast, and to increase his life-saving ability.

So every movement she is doing now seems to have been played six times faster.

Even in her own eyes.

So at that time, Intil suffered a lot while learning this trick.

Fortunately, she is now able to master it proficiently, at least for combat, there is no problem.

Stark could not help being cautious when seeing Intier's state.

He could perceive that the spiritual pressure armor on Intil's body was not formed by his own spiritual pressure.

Instead, it covered himself with the help of the external spiritual pressure.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this.

The advantage is that it can be used without restrictions, and it can be repaired if it is broken, without consuming its own power at all.

But the disadvantages are also obvious.

That is the spiritual pressure around, if it is attracted away by a stronger force, this move will become very weak.

Although it will not necessarily be lifted, it is definitely weaker than it is now.

Stark is very strong, and he can see the key to this trick at a glance.

But he didn't have any desire to fight, so he didn't bother to use his skills to weaken Intil's aura.

He just rushed straight up and fought Intil with one hand!

Stark's speed is still very fast, but Intil, covered in the Reipress armor, is faster than Stark!

In the battle between the two of them, sparks brought lightning, and even afterimages appeared.

When Lili Nite moved the bricks over there, she could only see the afterimages of this scene, and then curled her lips and continued to move the bricks.

After all, this level of fighting is no longer something she can intervene.

Although Lili Nite's strength is not weak, she can only be ranked in the middle rank among the subordinate officials, and even lower.

However, she is the only subordinate officer of the first ten blade, so compared to other people's status, she is still higher.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, she would not go to fight, unless no one could go up and carry it.

Just in the face of such a battle of great disparity in strength, UU Reading www. uukahnshu. com, she is still sober.

She can't die after all.

Otherwise, Stark will fall into loneliness again.

This is something she doesn't want to see.

"This human being is also pretty good, even if she suddenly broke in and said she was going to fight, it was really impolite..."

Liliette moved bricks while complaining.

After Stark recognized Intier's character, she also recognized Intier and planned to treat her as a friend.

But this friend is only temporary.

After all, they are not very clear about what Intier is like.

She can only rely on this identity to let Stark not kill herself, nothing more.

So Intier himself knew very well that he was not very important to Stark.

After all, they just met now.

But since the other party has already said that he will not kill himself, then Intil must take this opportunity to exert all his power!


Intil's offensive became more and more fierce.

The spiritual power she draws on is getting stronger and stronger.

This is more powerful than when she used to train 卍jie.

More importantly.

Stark drew his sword!

In the previous battle between the two of them, Stark was able to resist Intil's attack with just one pair of hands.

But it doesn't work anymore.

Because there was a very shallow wound on his hand.

Although the healing ability of the broken face is very strong, and some of the virtual have the ability to regenerate the BUG level of speeding.

But Stark is a person who loves cleanliness.

Since Intil's attack can slightly hurt himself, then he must draw his sword to fight!

This is also an affirmation of Intil's strength.

Now that Intil's strength has become stronger, he naturally has to respond!

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