"Liliette, just come by yourself, Aizen-sama gave an order. If you start fighting, try not to interfere.

So, I'll stay by the side. After all, with your strength, it is impossible to be killed, is it? "

The tenth blade, that is, Keyatai Stark leaned lazily next to the pillar at this time, and then hit a Hatcher.

See this scene.

Liliette's teeth tickled.

With a slash, she forced Intil to retreat, then directly used the ring to teleport to Stark's side, which was an elbow.

"Ahem, what are you doing, Liliette, you want to rebel!"

"Stark, I told you that I can't beat her, you lazy, if I die, who will play with you!"

Lili Nite said in a huff.

Stark touched his head awkwardly, and then carried Liliette on his shoulders in a neat motion.

But the buttocks are facing forward and backward.

"Let you be disobedient, and see if I can teach you a lesson!"

"Stop it! There are outsiders here, don't spank me, it really hurts!"

Lili Nette kept wailing, but Stark didn't let go.

Seeing this operation of the two of them, Intil suddenly felt like he was a bit redundant.

"Why don't you continue, I'm leaving?"

Intil pointed out the door.

But just when she was about to leave, Stark stopped moving.

"Don't leave in such a hurry, I haven't been here for a long time, stay here for a while...his!

Liliette, what do you bite me for, do you know it hurts? "

Stark didn't finish pretending to be X, Lili Nette bit him through the defense in one bite.

All of a sudden.

Before Intiel could do anything, the tenth blade first started with his subordinate officer.

When Intil saw the two men in an intense two-person sport, he sighed and turned to leave.

At first she came here, thinking what kind of powerful enemies she would encounter.

I even worried about whether I would be in danger.

But looking at the current situation, they are likely to beat their own people to death.

Therefore, Intiel intends to stay away from the two teasers here and find his opponent again.

But just when she walked to the door.

Two virtual flashes spouted from behind him at the same time.

Intil was too late to release Qiushui's ability, so he could only dodge it instantaneously.

Two virtual flashes, one red and one blue, cross each other to form a very magnificent landscape.

And after this joint virtual flash came out, the power was also very powerful.

This blow directly pierced the wall in front of the gate.

The huge rubble fell from above, blocking the position of the gate and blocking the way Intil left.

"I have said that when you come here, don't leave in a hurry.

Since we are guests, we, as hosts, naturally have to entertain us...sigh!

Liliette, why are you biting me again! Did you not take medicine? "

"Stark! Look at what you have done. Now she can't get out, so how can we get out!"

Is it possible that you have to move these gravel away piece by piece? ! "

Liliette snarled loudly, but Stark buttoned his ears and looked a little impatient.

"Of course I won't do this, because this is your job."


The subordinate officer of the tenth blade may never have been so speechless.

However, the relationship between the two of them is not generally good.

Even if they are often awkward, these two people have not really done anything now, they are just a small fight.

"Huh! Who cares about this kind of thing!"

Liliette was silent for a long time, before she let out a cold snort and walked towards the corner silently.

Intil's eyes are very good.

She could see that there were many tools in the corner.

Although I don't know what those tools are for, but now they are used to destroy these gravel, it is quite useful.

even though.

With their strength, they can get rid of these rubble by simply moving their hands.

But after all, there is a piece of collapse here, if you are doing it, it is easy to cause a large area of ​​collapse.

That would be more than worthwhile.

So it is best to deal with these gravel in a normal way.

"Intil, right? Your name is very nice, and your character is very appetizing to me.

Why don't you stay here and stay with me?

Anyway, I don't like to fight and kill. I think our character fits well. "

"Sorry, you don't have a chance, and I am too lazy to send you a good person card.

Now that you are going to do it, come on.

Let me see how the strength of the first ten blade is! "

Intil's eyes gradually became narrow.

Formidable power, at this moment, gathered on the blade.

Stark sighed after seeing this scene, covering his face with one hand.

"You misunderstood, I don't mean that I like you, but I simply want you to stay here and chat with me.

After all, I am alone and lonely. Although Lili Nite is noisy, she is just a child! "

Hearing Stark's words, Intier's preparations for attack stopped, and he couldn't help but froze for two seconds.

Liliette, who was not far away, even scolded Stark while cleaning up the rubble.

After all, she heard what he said just now~www.mtlnovel.com~ Although she didn't know your relationship with her, and your situation.

But since you are a shaman, we are naturally enemies.

So there is no need to talk so much, and my purpose here is not to chat, but to become stronger! "

Having said this, Intil paused for a while before continuing to speak.

"To be honest, I don't even know whether you are good or bad, and I don't care.

After all, we are only temporary enemies, so this time, we simply put aside our identities and fight the battle.

Think of it as a discussion between friends, what do you think? "

Intil's ability can see through a person's true heart.

Although it will be because of the other person's, the time that everyone sees through will be different.

This is also the power brought by her fruit ability.

It's just that this ability is basically useless in battle or in normal times.

After all, Carl is guarding him, so she has never used it.

But now here, I am alone, and there is no teammate to rely on.

So Intil, this ability was turned on from the beginning.

Then he found out.

The true face of this tenth blade is loneliness.

The ultimate loneliness!

It is precisely because of this loneliness that he has become a little lazy, and even has a feeling of detachment.

And his nature is not bad.

The same is true for Liliette.

Her true heart is that she is more active, likes to play and fights, but she is more resistant to such things as murder.

Unless it is something she hates, something that can no longer be hated, or someone who wants her life.

Otherwise, she would not be a killer easily.

It is precisely because of this.

That's why Intier would say this.

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