The Haiyuan calendar is 1520.

In a small town named Boya in the East China Sea.

A man is in the open air plaza with a group of children doing push-ups.

"Brother Carl, why are you so good? You can do more than a thousand push-ups every day."

"Brother Carl, we have to be as powerful as you, so that we can protect the town of Boya!"

"Brother Carl, I can declare you..."

"If you exercise every day like me, you can definitely defeat the pirate and become the hero of the town!"

Carl has a handsome smile on his face, without any pretensions at all.

The kids around are chatting here, and Karl is also happy to say that they like him so much.

Suddenly, an electronically synthesized voice rang in Carl's mind.

"Ding! The novice task of three million push-ups has been completed, and the **** level selection system is officially opened!"

Hearing the sound of the system turning on, Carl stopped exercising and smiled again, which melted the hearts of the girls in Boya Town.

"After five years, I finally completed this task!"

That's right.

Carl is not an aboriginal, but a traverser.

But when he crossed five years ago, he was drifting on the sea.

If it weren't for the people from Boya Town to rescue him, I am afraid that he would become the worst traverser and would be drowned in the sea at the beginning.

Like other traversers, Karl also gained the system after crossing.

But the system told him that he must complete the novice trial selection task before he can officially open the god-level selection system.

So Carl chose three million push-ups, and it took five years to complete the task.

Although there are two other options, they are reborn as a girl, and randomly lose a body function...

So there is no choice...

Fortunately, these three million push-ups also strengthened Carl's physique, allowing him to help Boya town repel some pirates who did not offer a reward.

Since then, Carl has been a big hit in the town.

In addition, Karl has also learned in the past few years that this is the world of One Piece. This shocked Karl, and at the same time he exercised more diligently!

In such a world full of monsters, if you don't have a certain strength, you can't even protect yourself!

"Next, let me study how to use this system.

A system that has been turned on for such a long time should work very well! "

Speaking of Carl, he opened the panel of the system.

But this system has no other functions besides the personal property panel, which surprised Carl, so he can only open his own property panel and talk about it.

‘Properties Panel:

Name: Carl

Strength: F+

Agility: f-

Spirit: G+

Physical strength: E-

Ability: Military Fist (G)

Remarks: The attribute of an ordinary adult male is G-! ’

Carl twitched his mouth. He didn't expect that after so many years of exercise, his attributes would be a little higher than that of ordinary adult men.

As for the martial arts boxing, this is just a little self-defense skills he learned in his previous life.

"Come on, a man with a broken leg appeared in the port, making trouble in the port, come over and help!"

Suddenly, the self-defense guards of the town yelled, and all the adult men in Boya Town took up farm tools and rushed up.

Carl is used to this kind of thing.

After all, there are always some troublesome pirates who come to look for trouble.

But Boya Town is located in a remote area, and pirates offering rewards don't even bother to come to such a small place.

So their lives are fairly comfortable.

Carl walked slowly like this and saw a familiar yellow figure.

But suddenly, the sound of the system sounded, making him stunned.

'Ding! The dying golden lion was found, and the god-level selection system has been triggered! ’

Option 1: Help the Golden Lion plunder the town, gain the appreciation of Golden Lion, and become his most trusted subordinate and apprentice! ’

‘Option 2: Leave it alone, let him and the town’s residents fend for themselves, get the title indifferent and ruthless, and the title attribute will increase their total attributes by 200%! ’

‘Option 3: Kill the golden lion and get some of the abilities of the golden lion at random! ’

It turned out to be Golden Lion Shiji!

Carl did not expect that the person who caused the riot in the port would be such a legendary figure.

However, it is also written on the system that the Golden Lion is on the verge of death, and now at the port, it should be just struggling to save himself.

"This is also an opportunity for me!"

Carl knows very well how important these options are!

But before he could make a decision, riots broke out again in the port.

He clearly saw that there were many residents of Boya Town who were swept up by a strong air current and then fell to the ground.

This is obviously the fruit ability of the Golden Lion!

"Cough cough, listen to Lao Tzu all the waste here, Lao Tzu is the golden lion Shiji, the big pirate on this sea!

I now order you to find me the best medicine, the best ship, and the best ship doctor! "

"Otherwise, cough, cough, or all of you will die!"

The Golden Lion spoke intermittently, coughing twice from time to time.

Even every time you cough, you will cough up blood.

This means that he is already at the end of the crossbow, and can't last long!

And Carl also heard him.

So I chose three without hesitation!

'Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring some of the golden lion abilities! ’

Feeling the flow of air on your hands is the ability of floating fruits. UU Reading www. The corner of Karl's mouth raised slightly.

Had it not been for these residents to save themselves at the beginning of the journey, I would have died long ago!

Carl murmured something in his heart, and then strode up.

"Everyone will let me go, this pirate will let me deal with it!"

"It's Lord Carl!"

"Master Carl is here, and he must be able to teach him well!"

"Carl, be careful, this guy is weird, he can blow people away, it's really terrible!"

The surrounding residents were scared because of the fierce expression of the golden lion and the hand he had just exposed, and they did not dare to approach.

But Carl knows very well that the Golden Lion at this time is just the end of the crossbow, vulnerable!

"Golden Lion Shiji, the legendary big pirate, even broke his legs in order to escape from Pushing City. However, it is pitiful to fall into this field now!"

Carl's eyes were full of contempt, even though the golden lion was the great pirate of the last era.

But he is now on the verge of death, and there is no threat at all!

"What if it wasn't that straw hat boy? Can I fall into this field?"

"Ahem, since you know me, kid, save me quickly and stop talking nonsense! As long as you can save me, you will be the deputy captain of the Flying Pirates in the future!"

"It's really tempting..."

Carl smiled, walked up to the golden lion, and picked up the dead tree and Sakura ten.

"What are you going to do!"

The golden lion's eyes widened, and he waved his hands.

The huge tornado rises into the sky!

Carl smiled, also releasing the power from the golden lion!

Withered Wood and Sakura Ten penetrated the golden lion's body without hindrance!

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