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God-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate

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Carl died accidentally, so he traveled to the world of One Piece and obtained the god-level selection system.

‘Ding! Three million push-ups are completed, and the god-level selection system is officially launched! ’

‘Ding! The dying golden lion is detected, and the god-level option is turned on! ’

‘Option 1: Rescue the Golden Lion, get the appreciation of the Golden Lion, and become his most trusted subordinate and apprentice! ’

‘Option 2: Let it go, let him fend for himself, get the title indifferent and ruthless, and increase all attributes by 200%! ’

‘Option 3: Kill the golden lion and get some of the abilities of the golden lion at random! ’

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GESFP
Alternate Title:从海贼开始的神级进化
Author:Want to eat elbow
Weekly Rank:#88
Monthly Rank:#14
All Time Rank:#839
Tags:Ability Steal, Arrogant Characters, Clever Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Futanari, Game Elements, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Humanoid Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Military, Money Grubber, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Pirates, Reincarnation, Second Chance, Smart Couple, System, Weak to Strong, World Travel,
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34 Comments on “God-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate
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  1. la novela al principio era algo buena en el mundo de one piece... pero al ingresar al mundo marvel se degenera el nivel de poder ya que el prota al llegar al mundo marvel lo hacen ver como unos de los mas poderosos solo teniendo el nivel de poder de imp de One Piece, pero lo peor es que al final cuando ya puede ganarle incluzo a galactus, cruza al mundo de fairy tail y hacen ver como a makarov y los magos del concilio que tienen un poder similar al de el y tiene que ser cauteloso otra vez... en mi opinion la novel se volvio absurda asi que la dropee en el cap 500.... calificacion No recomendable a leer.... y para los que pregunten por sus waifus hay varias de las protagonistas que quieren con el pero el prota se lleva a sus viajes a una mujer desconocida haci que no hay harem gente....

  2. At first, the main character claims that even relatively peaceful pirates like Luffy are despised by him for disturbing the order in society, and just a dozen chapters later, he declares his desire to start a war over Ace's execution in order to gain more power... Yeah, this story with a hypocritical protagonist is not for me(.

  3. Admin, when someone being reported please check the authenticity first since there are many idiots trolls who report spam on account who edit the right tags. It will be sad if someone being banned coz some trolls got bored and decide to wrongly reported other people.

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