Ross was dumbfounded!

It is even more timid!

He started from scratch, from a small soldier, step by step to today, it can be said that no scene can scare him!

Even when facing Hulk, it is the same!

However, facing Jiang Fan who was smiling, he seemed to have returned, the first time he went on the battlefield!

It is a feeling that you may die at any time!

Not kidding!

Is really going to die!


Rose's whole body seemed to froze, and the cold sweat had wetted his clothes for an instant!

Although there are soldiers around to protect and tanks in the distance, but now, he only feels like a naked three-cup chicken!

Just waiting for Jiang Fan's chopsticks to fall, he will die without a whole body!


Rose gritted his teeth and suddenly spoke:

"Misunderstanding! This is all a misunderstanding!"

"Ha ha……"

Jiang Fan smiled:

"Misunderstanding? Then if I hold your mother naked at this time, that is also a misunderstanding?"

"Yes! That must be a misunderstanding too! It must be my mother who wants to plot against you!"

Rose nodded again and again, righteously speaking!

Jiang Fan was stunned!

"You are really shameless!"

"Little meaning, little meaning, we started off shamelessly, you are absurdly praised..."

Ross laughed again and again!

Even Jiang Fan couldn't help but say something awesome at this time!

It's a beautiful country, it's so **** beautiful!

Shameless to this point, there is really no one!

However, shamelessness alone cannot escape death!

Jiang Fan's eyes suddenly fierce!

at this time!

"Mr. Jiang!"

Betty's voice suddenly came from a distance!

Jiang Fan looked back and went straight to the circle!

I saw that Banner and Betty were running fast from a distance!

Both of them were wrapped in a big quilt, but underneath, only a pair of legs appeared!

And with the running, it is obviously full of rhythm!

Jiang Fan couldn't hold himself steady, he only felt that his old waist was almost here!

It's all special at this time, these two people still have this kind of elegance!

More than an old driver, he can almost get a rocket driver's license!

And Rose was stunned!

This, what's so special...


That's what it meant!

Banner, am I special--

The old guy is about to fall apart!

When he beats Banner himself, Banner beats Betty!


However, with Jiang Fan, he didn't dare to do anything at all!

"Mr. Jiang! Please let my father go!"

The two ran over, and Betty suddenly pleaded!

"Yes, Jiang Fan, just let it go!"

Banner also said something without pain or itching!

But in fact, he kept wiping his neck secretly!

As expected to be a genius in physics, he was able to free up a hand at this time, and his understanding of "force" was beyond imagination!

Jiang Fan calmly made a received gesture!

Banner immediately looked happy!

He has been living away for so many years, has a family and can't go back, and has suffered so much, all because of the **** Rose!

Even if he was once a saint, he can't control his anger!

Jiang Fan promised him to kill Ross, he was simply his reborn parent!

That's right!

Because of giving him sexual blessings, he is already his second parent!

"Ding! Bruce Banner is grateful to you beyond the limit! Your reward has been unprecedented, super doubled!"

"Super Double: Not only will this order get extra rewards, in your next three orders, you will get an extra reward related to the order world!"

"Ding! Since you won the super double for the first time, the system will reward you with a gold draw!"

Damn it!

Jiang Fan is excited!

It's not in vain that I was in the cold wind and listened to you for more than two hours of gunfire!

This time it was a big profit!

Rose, must die!

However, obviously cannot be killed at this time!

"Hehe, okay, I'll just let him go!"

Jiang Fan smiled slightly and looked at Rose!

"General Ross, shake hands and make peace!"

With that said, Jiang Fan has reached out to Rose!

"Huh? Good! Good!"

Rose nodded repeatedly and hurriedly reached out his hand!

Jiang Fan gave him a virtual squeeze, and he had buried a real energy directly in his body!

At most the next day, this old guy will die suddenly!

Moreover, no matter how the autopsy is done, the cause of death will never be found!

After dealing with these, Rose didn't dare to stay at all!

Take the rest, turn around and run!

And when Jiang Fan lifted his finger, a strong wind had once again sent Banner and Betty into the house!



The bed board sounded again!

The crowd of onlookers resumed their previous actions, and they all continued to look at the house enthusiastically!

After all, it is very likely that a new record will be born!

Many more girls secretly winked at Jiang Fan!

Only Jiang Fan, squatting on the ground, looked blank!

Heaven, it's almost bright!

at last!

The sound of the bed board shaking suddenly stopped!

And the prompt of the system suddenly sounded!

"Ding! This takeaway task has been completed. You have 30 minutes to stay. You can choose to return automatically or return automatically after the time is over!"

It's finally over!

Jiang Fan's eyes were full of tears!

Can't wait to choose to return!


Along with the white light, Jiang Fan finally returned to the system space!

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting 13634 causality points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for gaining Banner's gratitude-gamma rays (once)!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining Banner's gratitude again-the Hulk Experience Card!"

"Ding! As you get a super double, your extra rewards are drawn..."

"Ding! The extraction is complete! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Hulk bloodline (Gold rank)!"

Damn it!

Jiang Fan was immediately excited!

Hulk blood!


At the next moment, a syringe appeared in Jiang Fan's hand!

And in the syringe, there is a tube full of blood glowing with a strong green light!

Hulk blood: This is a tube of blood filled with infinite power!

Grade: Gold

Function: After injection, it can greatly improve the physique and basic attributes of all power levels, and is immune to most poisons and viruses, and has strong recovery and defense capabilities, and can adapt to any environment under normal conditions!

Active skills:

1. Transformation: Transform into a Hulk, all invincible! This ability can be used once every twenty-four hours, and it takes ten minutes to transform each time!

2. Rage: After injecting blood, you can continuously accumulate rage value. In the state of transformation, your strength will continue to increase with rage value, up to the gold limit!

Remarks: The power of the Hulk bloodline is much more than that. In the future, the host can try to obtain a higher level Hulk bloodline!

too strong!

Purely from the perspective of improvement, this is definitely the strongest pedigree Jiang Fan has obtained so far!

Not only the basic attributes will be greatly improved, the key is that the transformation is too awesome!

Before the transformation, the anger was accumulated, and after the transformation, it was the nineteenth limit of ten minutes!

No field, absolutely invincible!

The real thing, a real man in ten minutes!

The key is that this kind of power-level pedigree and Jiang Fan's own attributes are extremely compatible with each other!

The power exerted must be stronger!

At this moment, Jiang Fan was moved!

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