Everyone is staring at that house!

He squinted his eyes and listened to the violent shaking of the bed board!

"This rhythm must be the long drought and the cold rain!"

"No more! It's Altman who has been single for a hundred years to see a little monster!"

"This is the first time this old man has seen such a big scene for decades!"

"I can't see that the boy is thin and small, and his physical strength is so amazing!"

"Is this really afraid of saving for forty years?"

The crowd was shocked!

By now, the bed board has been ringing for a full two hours!

Except for a short pause for a few minutes in the middle, there was no urine point during the whole process!

Even many people have already yawned!

However, unlike the others, Jiang Fan is stunned!



With the sound of the bed board constantly ringing, the system prompts began to dominate the screen!

"Ding! Bruce Banner's gratitude to you has greatly increased! Your rewards continue to increase!"

"Ding! Bruce Banner's gratitude to you has greatly increased! Your rewards have been greatly improved!"

"Ding! Bruce Banner's gratitude to you has greatly increased! Your rewards have been greatly improved!"

"Ding! Bruce Banner to you..."

There is actually this operation?

Moreover, the normal stay time should be only half an hour, but the system prompts that it turns out that the banner is not strong enough!

Ask him to wait for a while!

What a special thing!

Although the rewards are constantly increasing, it is great, but does Laozi want to listen to it all night?

The cold wind was bleak, Jiang Fan felt for the first time that he seemed to need a warm bed!



The sound of the bed board continues!

Jiang Fan decided to find a place for supper!

But at this moment!


"Boom boom boom~~~"

Suddenly there was a hum of helicopters in the distance!

The ground is trembling faintly!

Jiang Fan looked into the distance and saw that four helicopters were rushing in the distance!

On the ground, more than ten trucks drove over!

Even among them, there are five tanks!

The leader is an extremely sturdy armored vehicle!

Just look at the camouflage colors above, it's an army!

In an instant, Jiang Fan knew who it was!

General Ross!

This guy must have learned of the situation here, and it was long overdue to mobilize the army!

And in the house!



The bed board is still shaking!

"Okay! I'll help you again!"

Jiang Fan shook his head and rose directly into the sky!

At this moment, all military helicopters and vehicles have also arrived!

"Everyone, please evacuate immediately!"

"It's very dangerous here, please leave this block all!"

"Bruce Banner! You have been surrounded by us! You will be caught immediately!"

"Repeat it again! Bruce Banner, you're already—fucking?! Iron Man?"

The loudspeaker on the helicopter was still broadcasting, but as soon as I saw Jiang Fan flying in the sky, I immediately fell into the circle!

But they reacted immediately!

"No! Not Iron Man!"

"This guy doesn't wear armor at all!"

"You can fly in the sky without armor!"

"Who is this guy?"

A group of American soldiers were all stunned!

Through the video, General Ross, who was watching here in the armored vehicle, was completely stunned!

It is understandable that the laboratory can create a monster like Hulk!

But, who is that guy?

Why can you fly into the sky helplessly?

This completely violates the laws of physics!

Newton is on, don’t you mean gravitation?

con man!

Do not!


This is not the time to complain!

Rose suddenly picked up the walkie-talkie!

"Don't talk nonsense! Hit the flying guy down!"

"If we can master the secret of his flight, then our air force must be awesome!"

Several pilots were taken aback!

"But General, what about Hulk?"

"We'll deal with him later!"

"But, depending on the situation at the scene, he seems to be...shaking the bed with your daughter!"

The soldier said softly!

Rose furious:

"He shakes the bed to do my ass! Immediately blast the trapeze down!"


The soldier hurriedly agreed!

Putting down the communicator, Rose frowned!

"The shaker...what is the shaker doing at this time? It really is a stupid fool! So is Betty, who doesn't sleep in the middle of the night, so what to do with him!"

General Ross, who is over sixty years old and full of generation gaps, simply understood it literally!

When ordered, the soldiers on the helicopter fired two missiles directly at Jiang Fan!


Two missiles dragged the swaying flames and went straight to Jiang Fan!

"not good!"

"Mr. Jiang, run away!"

"It's shameless! I actually did something to Mr. Jiang!"

"Damn! American soldiers are not like this on the first day!"

"Mr. Jiang! Damn it!"

On the ground, the crowd screamed!

Jiang Fan smiled slightly, facing the two missiles that had already arrived in front of him, he actually made a football kick in mid-air!



Jiang Fan kicked out with both feet!

next moment!


The two missiles turned out to be a big turn, rushed to the helicopter and flew back!


"You can actually play like this!"


"It's too exaggerated!"

The crowd was dumbfounded!

The pilot who fired the missile was stunned!

I even forgot to dodge!

next moment!


The helicopter exploded directly into flames!

General Ross in the armored vehicle has a dull face!

Kick the Missile!

Not only did it not explode, it actually kicked two arcs!

Blast the helicopter!

Iron Man didn't dare to play like this!

"Damn it! Bombard! Bombard all!!"

Rose roared suddenly!

"But General! There are so many civilians ahead..."

"I care about them to die! It's just a bunch of untouchables! Compared to our great American dream, this **** is nothing!"

Rose roared:

"The value of this flying man is 10,000 times more important than them!"

"Shoot! Get me down this trapeze!"


A group of soldiers hurriedly agreed!

However, I haven't waited for them to do it!


"Oh my God! This monster!"

"He's here!"

With the scream coming from the communicator!

"Boom! Boom!"

There was an explosion in the sky!

The remaining four helicopters all exploded into fireworks!

Suddenly, Jiang Fan took the initiative, and a few sword energy directly overturned them!

Rose was shocked!

What happened just now!

Didn't the air combat come to an end before he made a move?

And at this moment!

"Kang Dang!"

The armored vehicle trembled violently!

Immediately afterwards, the extremely strong steel armor above suddenly made a harsh "tear" sound!

next moment!


The upper part of the entire armored vehicle was torn apart alive!

It seems to have opened a panoramic sunroof!

And a tall and handsome man was standing on the edge, smiling at Rose and others inside!

Exactly, Jiang Fan!

Everyone panicked!

They took out their pistols and aimed at Jiang Fan!

And the tanks at the rear have all their muzzles aimed at this side!

"Don't move!"

"Raise your hands immediately!"

"Put your hands where we can see!"

A group of people screamed!

But Jiang Fan didn't care about them at all!

Just looking at Rose with a smile!

"Old guy, how do you want to die?"

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