But Jiang Fan just smiled!

Hulk is indeed terrifying, but its weaknesses are equally obvious!

That is, speed and mind!

If you use the flying centipede as a comparison, the flying centipede can kill Jiang Fan in seconds, and the Hulk can kill the flying centipede with a single punch!

But Hulk's mind is too simple!

This idiot was originally inflexible, but he jumped into the air!

For Jiang Fan, this is simply a living target!

But the defense of this product is too exaggerated!

With four times the charge detonated, Hulk was fine except for the pain!

Instead, the bones that shook myself are falling apart!

According to this calculation, even if the terror is five times or even six times the power to detonate, it will not hurt him at all!

Such a terrifying defensive power has almost surpassed the category of gold level!

And this is not Hulk's strongest state at all!

The point is, this guy is very vengeful!

With his ass, he knows that once he recovers, then Jiang Fan must face the crazier and more terrifying Hulk!

But since Jiang Fan dared to make a move, of course he was fully prepared!

Just as Hulk opened his mouth, Jiang Fan quickly threw something into Hulk's mouth in an instant!

This thing is surprisingly what Jiang Fan got from the world of One Punch Superman, the crab stick!

Crab Stick: The taste is first-rate, and the crab meat is full! This is real crab meat!

Remarks: You will be happy both physically and mentally by eating this item!

Hulk is angry all the time!

It is also anger that gives him even more powerful strength!

However, this crab stick can make people happy both physically and mentally!

Eliminate anger directly!


Hulk swallowed the crab stick in one bite, and suddenly his whole body trembled!

"no, do not want!!"

Hulk, who had never been fearless, even let out a terrified roar!

In this world, there is only one thing that can make Hulk afraid at this moment!

That is, the commanding power of the body, change ownership!

And just as he roared, his whole body began to tremble violently!

Immediately afterwards, his size began to shrink!

The green is getting lighter and lighter!

He is becoming Bruce Banner again!

However, he is less than ten meters away from the ground at this moment!

It's about to hit the ground!


Betty suddenly exclaimed!

And at this moment!


Jiang Fan suddenly appeared, already hugging Banner!

Then, land gently!

Get it done!

"Papa Papa Papa!!"

The applause of the crowd sounded like thunder in an instant!

"Little brother! You are amazing!"

"I haven't found out just now, this little brother is so handsome!"

"And the strength is so strong!"

"The key is to still fly!"

"I really want to try the feeling of having a shot in the air with him!"

"Little brother! Take our sisters to experience a real double flight!"

A group of girls are full of excitement!

However, many people are all staring at Banner!

"It turns out that he is the green monster!"

"Kill him!"

"Little brother, kill him and kill him for the people!"

"Yes! The house I just bought with a loan!"

"Never forgive him!"

The crowd is excited!

And Banner was already sober at this time!

When he saw the surrounding scene, he was shocked!

Full of guilt!

Unexpectedly, I once again caused such damage!

"sorry Sorry……"

Banner looked at the crowd guiltily!

And Betty also hurriedly spoke:

"Please let him go!"

"Don't think about it!"

"This kind of monster will go crazy again when it is bad!"

"Send him to a scientific research institution!"

"Use it to sell money and compensate us!"

A group of people yelled!

Banner and Betty looked panicked, and Banner's heartbeat has accelerated again!

Jiang Fan's face sank!

I just took him under control, you idiots are doing it to death!

"Shut up!"

Jiang Fan suddenly shouted angrily!

The crowd was stunned, and they all closed their mouths honestly!

But Jiang Fan said coldly:

"Your compensation, I'll come!"

"Go to Tony Stark and tell him that Jiang Fan asked you to go!"


Everyone was stunned!

"You, you actually know Tony Stark!"

"That Iron Man!"

"The richest man in New York!"

"Wait! Jiang Fan? I, I seem to have heard this name!"

"I see! It's him! He, he is the man who killed Obadiah and saved Iron Man!"

"Iron Man Tony Stark recognized it, the only hero in his mind!"

Everyone looked at Jiang Fan in disbelief!

For them, Jiang Fan is just a legendary character!

Unexpectedly, they could actually see it!

And Betty and Banner were also stunned!

Tony Stark’s name is unknown to everyone!

However, they did not expect that Jiang Fan would still be Tony's hero!

too exaggerated!

This takeaway named Jiang Fan is incredible!

With such a profound background, I actually took the initiative to help them, really, they were so touched!

"Jiang Fan, thank you, thank you!"

Banner and Betty all looked at Jiang Fan with excitement!

"Ding! Banner and Betty are grateful to you, and your rewards have been improved!"


This is what I want!

"You're welcome! By the way, your takeaway!"

As Jiang Fan said, he had already directly taken out the takeaway!

The next moment, the wonderful taste of chrysanthemum tea of ​​Jingxin oral liquid version suddenly filled the whole ruins!

"This, this is..."

When I smelled this, Banner was immediately excited!

"This taste, this must be what I need!"

"I have a hunch! As long as I drink it, I will definitely get **** again!"

As he said, he involuntarily accepted the takeaway, and suddenly took a sip!


"Oh my God!"

Banner suddenly widened his eyes!

"Yes! This tastes so wonderful!"

"This is a calm feeling!"

"Although my heart beats faster, my heart is full of peace!"

"Gujing Wubo! Calmly hold the gun! Don't be bothered by heartbeat and transformation!"

"Tons, tons, tons~~"

Banner drank the takeout and looked at Jiang Fan suddenly!

"Jiang Fan! Thank you for your great grace! I will thank you very much later!"

After saying this, he already grabbed Betty!

"Betty! I think I can do it again!"


Betty was stunned!

"I said, I'm done!"

Banner flushed with excitement!

"Come on! Let's start now..."

Banner breathed heavily, and his heartbeat had already exceeded the load, but he didn't even transform!

Only then did Jiang Fan understand the true meaning of this takeaway!

This is so clear that it is specially prepared for Banner, the bird controller!

However, how could Jiang Fan make Banner so open!

"Who, I bought your house, ask Tony for money!"

Jiang Fan pointed at a man!

"No, no, no! Use whatever you want, it's my pleasure!"

The man hurriedly spoke!

Jiang Fan was not welcome, and with one move, a gust of wind rose on the ground, and directly sent Banner and Betty into the house!

But for a moment!




In the house, the loud noise of the swaying bed board has resounded in the night sky!

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