Just after the transformation was completed, the Hulk had already let out an extremely angry roar!

And just when the Hulk roared, Jiang Fan's pupils shrank, and he took Betty into the sky!

next moment!


The entire house was completely blown away by the terrifying sound that was brought out by this roar!

All the surrounding furniture, wooden ceilings, and even the concrete walls, all seem to have been erupted by a volcano, and are still in the air, which has been directly exploded into fly ash!

And the power of Yin Xiao was far more than that, it directly affected a dozen nearby houses!

More than a hundred meters around this area was blown to the ground!

Just a roar, unexpectedly produced such a terrifying effect!

The strength of this Hulk is so powerful that it is incredible!

Jiang Fan's eyes jumped!

What an amazing power!

Just roar, there is such a power, then if you want to do it...

Suddenly Toguro appeared in his mind!

Also a pure power player, the Hulk is simply the super advanced version of Toguro!

And Betty is already shocked!

Just staring blankly at the green monster below!

"Oh my God, Bruce..."

The surrounding people have all rushed out of the house one after another, watching this scene in disbelief!

"Oh buy it!"

"what happens!"

"Look! Someone actually flies in the sky!"

"Wait! Then, what is that?"

"It's a monster! It's terrible!"

"So green! It's almost the same as my hat!"


The crowd is like headless flies!

The Hulk simply ignored the surrounding crowd, just stared at Jiang Fan firmly!


The Hulk roared again!

And this time the goal is Jiang Fan!

However, as soon as he roared, Jiang Fan had disappeared out of thin air!

Wind Teleport!

The Hulk's brain is obviously not bright enough!

Seeing Jiang Fan disappeared, he was stunned!

But Jiang Fan's voice suddenly sounded from behind him!

"Hulk! I'm not malicious!"


Hulk turned back suddenly!

But found that Jiang Fan was standing tens of meters away from him!

And he was holding Betty in his right hand!

"Betty! Let go!!"

Hulk roared suddenly and hit the ground with a fierce punch!


A loud noise!

There was a sudden tremor in the range of more than a dozen miles, it was as if an earthquake had occurred!

And Hulk directly cracked a crack that was more than ten meters wide!

This crack continued to spread, and it reached Jiang Fan's feet in an instant!

"No! Banner!"

Betty exclaimed suddenly!

Jiang Fan's complexion changed, and his figure flashed, leading Betty directly to avoid!

next moment!


The crack spread hundreds of meters, and then it was at the end, like a volcanic eruption, suddenly burst open!

It directly blew up an earth wave hundreds of meters high!

Just smash it, and it caused such damage!

This guy is simply a demolition monster!

The crowd around was completely stunned!



"The monster is crazy!"

"Call 911!"

"Don't be silly! Let those idiots come over and give this monster the knee of death?"

The crowd became more panic!

And seeing that he didn't hit Jiang Fan, Hulk actually roared again!


Accompanied by this roar, his whole person actually jumped high!

Everyone looked up at the Hulk who was jumping high, only to find that this product had jumped a full 100 meters!

After that, they smashed Jiang Fan down like a meteorite!

This reckless stuff!

Jiang Fan is full of black lines!

He understands him as a bad person, and he understands if he wants to save Betty!

But you smashed it down like a big meteorite, didn't you want to smash Betty to death together?

This guy really did exactly what Sol said, fool Hulk!

The rest of the people had already opened their eyes wide in horror!

Just now, they had all clearly seen Hulk's strange power!

If this monster is smashed, it must be more powerful than a meteorite!

All of them will die!

Everyone looked desperate!

And Betty's eyes widened, and the whole person was shocked!

"It's over!"

Just the general grid of Hulk, once it is dropped, let alone her, even the elephant is dead!

And just when she looked horrified!

"Ha ha……"

A gentle laughter suddenly sounded from her ears!

It's Jiang Fan!

"You, are you still smiling?"

Betty was shocked!

This takeaway is so strong!

But Jiang Fan ticked the corner of his mouth:

"Of course, if he is on the ground, it would be really troublesome, but in the sky..."

The horror of Hulk lies in his power!

But speed is his biggest weakness!

Especially in mid-air, he can't fly, his speed will only become more sluggish!


Jiang Fan has disappeared out of thin air!

Betty was taken aback!

And the next moment!


"what is that?"

"It's the flying man just now!"

"He, what is he going to do?"

With the exclamation of the crowd, Betty looked towards the sky!

Just looking at it, she was stunned!

Jiang Fan didn't know when he appeared behind Hulk in midair!

Even patted Hulk on the shoulder!

Hulk looked back in surprise!

I saw Jiang Fan smile at him!

Hulk was taken aback!

next moment!


Just watch Jiang Fan suddenly stretched out two fingers, and directly touched Hulk's eyes!



A wave of air suddenly burst from Jiang Fan's fingers and Hulk's eyes!

With this poke, Jiang Fan was actually activated three times, detonating with energy!


Although Hulk is invulnerable, he still feels pain!

He cried out, and almost subconsciously covered his eyes!

Jiang Fan's fingers trembled even more, and he felt as if he was poking on the tough steel plate!

His phalanx almost broke off shockingly!

Hulk's defense was even more exaggerated by his imagination!

However, Jiang Fan was forced to endure the discomfort and suddenly charged up!

Four times!

Charged to detonate!

"I am!"

Accompanied by this roar, Jiang Fan slapped his yin leg and kicked directly onto Hulk's crotch!


Above the entire sky, there seemed to be a muffled thunder!

A wave of air like a nuclear explosion suddenly dispersed from the two of them!

"Um oh oh oh oh~~~~~"

Hulk's mouth suddenly became an O-shaped!

Suddenly burst out a series of cock-like cry of death!

The whole person was head down, directly facing the ground and planted!

Everyone was stunned!

"Go on Voldemort! Who the **** is this guy?"

"It's too exaggerated! This green baby was scrapped with one kick!"

"You're so handsome! He's the defender of mankind!"

"Little brother! You are so handsome!"

"Come down! Drink some Huiyuan Shenbao tonic!"

The crowd was so excited!

And seeing the scene in the sky, Betty was also stunned!

What is the origin of this takeaway?

too crazy!

No one knows the horror of Hulk better than her!

After all, the experiment that turned Bruce Banner into his life was done with her!

And this takeaway can actually hang and beat Hulk!

too exaggerated!

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