Jiang Fan reappeared and has already come to a residential area!

At this moment, the night is full, and the whole community is quiet!

And within a few kilometers, there is peace!

Jiang Fan frowned slightly!

its not right!

Generally, customers are in trouble when placing orders!

Why is it so peaceful around here?

Jiang Fan took out the compass:

"Positioning! Bruce Banner!"


The pointer points directly to a house not far away!

Jiang Fan is very curious!

The surrounding environment is the American emperor at a glance!

Once here, Banner was 100% monitored by General Ross!

This guy doesn't run into the deep mountains and old forests, so he really enjoys his stay!

It makes no sense!

He stepped forward and walked directly towards the house!

However, as soon as I arrived at the door, the voice of a man and a woman rang out!




Damn it!

Jiang Fan was shocked directly!

He was so familiar with the voice that he was arranging the flowers back then!

This is so obvious that someone is beating Boer!

broad daylight! Lang Lang Qian Kun!

Someone is so vulgar!

I, Jiang Fan, must listen carefully and see how shameless you can do!

Jiang Fan, with a righteous heart, put his ear to the door directly!


"No! Betty! Nothing!"

"What's wrong, Banner? You know, I won't resist..."

The people in it turned out to be Bruce Banner, and his most beloved woman, Betty, the daughter of General Rose!


Worthy of being the Hulk!

If Rose **** you, you **** his daughter!


Jiang Fan nodded repeatedly!

But at this moment!

Banner’s voice was full of pain!

"No! Betty, I didn't mean that! I mean, I, I can't!"


Betty suddenly exclaimed!

"You, can't you?"

"Yes, it is!"

Banner sighed!

For any man, this sentence is more ashamed than being cuckolded by his wife!

No way!

What a shame!

Fortunately, after Betty was shocked, she immediately consoled her!

"Banna, you must be too nervous! Don't worry, I am safe here!"

"No, I mean..."

"I understand, you are under too much pressure, and there are two bottles of Viagra at home, or do you knock all of them?"

Betty's words are tantamount to a mountain that completely crushes Banner!

"No! Betty! These things are useless at all! I mean, I won't do it for the rest of my life!"


Betty exclaimed!

And Banner has already explained it painfully!

"Once my heartbeat reaches a certain level, I will transform! Even if I kiss, I have to control my heartbeat! Nothing else, I can't do anything at all!"

"How could... how could this happen!"

Betty was stunned!

"I am sorry……"

Banner's voice is full of self-blame and shame!

"God, please, help me! In front of my most beloved woman, saying that I can't do it, this, this is simply..."


Just when Banner was most helpless!

The knock on the door suddenly sounded!

It is Jiang Fan!

As an almighty takeaway, at this time, of course you have to help Banner!

You can't, I can!

No no no!

I can help you!

"Hello, is Bruce Banner here? I'm here to deliver you food!"

Jiang Fan's voice carries a savior-like holiness!


There was a sudden exclamation in the house!

"It's not good! They came here!"

"Damn it! How could it be so fast!"

"Unexpectedly, I learned to fake takeaways!"

"Betty! I have to run away!"

"Banna! Don't! Take me!"

"No, Betty! I'm leaving, I wish, I wish you happiness!"

Banner said painfully, and at the same time, turned around and wanted to jump out of the window and escape!

But at this moment!


Jiang Fan pushed the door open with a slight force, and walked in directly!

I saw a thin man in the room, carrying his pants, preparing to run away!

And a beautiful woman dressed in cool clothes is looking at him reluctantly!

These two people are Bruce Banner and Betty!

Seeing Jiang Fan push the door and enter, the faces of both of them have changed drastically!


Banner saw that Jiang Fan didn't wear take-out clothes at all, and suddenly became flustered!

At the same time, because of the nervousness, the speed of the heartbeat suddenly increased!

There was even a green light in his eyes!

"Banna! Run!"

Betty pounced directly at Jiang Fan!

At the same time, I yelled!

"I'm the daughter of General Ross!"

"Don't catch Banner! Otherwise I will let my father punish you!"

"Banna! I've stopped him! Run!"

Jiang Fan looked dumbfounded!

At the same time, it's even more, sorry!

Betty's clothes are too cool!

In order to stop him, he hugged him so tightly, it made him so ashamed!

I just came to deliver food, and I actually enjoyed the treatment of Banner. This family is so enthusiastic!

However, he was disrespectful-no! Ashamed!

"Miss Betty, I have a family and a mouth! Please respect yourself!"

As Jiang Fan said, he immediately pulled Betty away!

Look at Banner at the same time!

"Banna, I..."

"Asshole! How dare you hurt Betty!!"

Before Jiang Fan had finished speaking, Banner was immediately angry when Jiang Fan pushed Betty away!

Visible to the naked eye, the green light in his eyes is already extremely hot!

At the same time, on the neck, there are already very thick blood vessels that look like green tree roots, all of them bulging high!

This is a sign that you are about to transform!

And the next moment, Banner was already lying on the ground and roaring desperately!

At the same time, in Banner body, an extremely astonishing breath is radiating!

Just a little bit of feeling, Jiang Fan's face changed completely!

Not yet completely transformed, at this moment Banner's breath has surpassed Feiwu!

"Betty! I really deliver food!"

"If you don't believe me, look!"

Jiang Fan said, directly showing the takeaway!

Suddenly, a strange smell filled the whole house!

And when Banner smelled this, his whole body trembled!

"It smells so good! I really want to eat it! Hmm!"

Seeing Banner's reaction, Betty was stunned!

Looking at Jiang Fan dubiously!

"You, are you really sending out?"

"Of course! Otherwise it is not me who came, but the **** army of Ross! I am a friendly army!"

what? !

How dare you call Rose a bastard!

This must be an ally!

Betty made a decisive decision and immediately looked at Banner!

"Banna! Stop it!"

"No, it won't work, it's too late!"

Banner let out a painful howl, and his whole body has completely turned green!

next moment!


All over his whole body, there were bursts of harsh noises that seemed to be twisted by steel bars!

Countless muscles continue to expand and converge, making him more than ten times bigger in an instant!

Become a terrifying muscle monster!

At the same time, an incomparably terrifying aura that looked like a wild beast had already burst out!

The Hulk, appeared!

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