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God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms

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Activating the Myriad Realms Delivery System when he was dying, Jiang Fan started a different life from then on!

Sent a cup of hand-ground coffee to Su Daqiang, and returned a marriage certificate for marrying a wife at will!

Spicy crayfish was given to Concubine Yang, and he was rewarded by the first-class national prince plus Lingnan Litchi Garden!

I gave two baskets of kiwi fruit to the ancestor of Bodhi and learned the 72 changes directly!

Save Wu Dalang, hang Ximen Qing!

Grab Superman’s panties and poke the Hulk in the eyes!

The system is in hand, I have the world!

- Description from Unknown


Short Title:GDMTTR
Alternate Title:神级万界外卖员
Author:Palace Tofu
Weekly Rank:#120
Monthly Rank:#21
All Time Rank:#1206
Tags:Ancient ChinaFanfiction, Beautiful Female Lead, Cheats, Dense Protagonist, Discrimination, Fan-fiction, First-time Intercourse, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Nationalism, Racism, System, System Administrator,
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16 Comments on “God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms
  1. Chapter 1409. By this point MC has an enemy everywhere. Old cockroach enemy that refuses to die, piece of waste turn into powerful enemy lurking waiting to hurt MC more. Another loach also getting strong the "Feng" who still went missing. Then there is more and more enemy that MC pick up along the way. And yes, his enemy by his side and he still not aware of it, and this one hurt him more. Oh boy, life is too damn difficult man. Reading to this point, I'm getting tired, exhausted from reading so many struggles and try to survive, MC should be decisive and cunning and yet he leaves behind the enemy all over the place. Many old enemies do not solve yet, create more. Even with the system, MC in this kind of a mess? And that Zhou or Zhao, don't remember exactly, the enemy that destroys his family, to this point, he still can't completely destroy them. One point MC thinks reaching level 10, he can kill them. Then at another point, MC thinks reaching level 14 he can kill them. What the hell? Should MC reach level 20 before he can do it? If so, he should be low-key, all these messes is very tired. He has so many enemies now, old and new, I can't keep track anymore. So many enemies, I hardly remember them all. Damn. This turns out to be one of those struggling to survive the style of the novel. Fight, fight, fight, and fight with no end and break in the foreseeing future. I hate this kind of novel the most, if life is too damn difficult, just leave everything behind, go into secluding in the jungle where there is no human. Then when you strong enough come back and kill. Too damn tired to continue this type of novel. I will end here.

  2. Honestly, I was interested in the idea of a traverser type system with comedy however its poorly executed and the plot is extremely forced and where the author tries to be funny its cringy and of putting instead.___________________________ Theres a scene where the mc plays piano and since he is so good and fast it sets the piano on fire and it's extremely stupid... not mention the fact the mc is portrayed as smart, domineering etc... however when you read it all you get is Stupid, autistic, negative IQ and in general a hot blooded mc with no ability besides plot armour

  3. I don't like the mc!!! He's like I want revenge but I need money first! Then later he got money he give them away to his student parents to pay off debt! Isn't that mean you work for nothing? Let's just say he want to help the student, I'm okay with that but after the fight the boss want to pay him half of the income but he say no!!! Like Wtf!!! Then his porcelain from song dinasty just vanish like he didn't have it after he tried to use it to pay for noodles for ip man. Later he got into acting but he didn't want to get paid!! Don't you understand that those people isnt admiring you but laughing at you like a fool!!! Wake up you're not the no.1 rich man anymore!!! You want revenge but don't want money?? Like fuck you!! You're like everything depends on the system reward!? It's not a money making novel I get it but everybody need money!!! No one ever feel there's enough money for them they'll feel less so they keep to go to work so the can get money bitch!!!!

  4. This novel starts out pretty well. But as the novel progresses it getting worst and worst. I'm quite sure that I read somewhere MC was already upgraded to level 7, then he later upgrades Sun sutra to level 7 as well. At chapter 336, people keep saying he is level 6. This is very confusing, was MC level regress without me reading somewhere? Also that cockroach Yang, he just an ordinary little arrogant loser. But he was saved by someone time and time again. Why MC so careless? Just behead him and put him in the system space so that no one can revive him again? Why the author make this little Yang so important worth living like a cockroach forever? Did MC do not have enough enemies as it is? Have to keep this little annoying bastard around forever too? Also that Feng's body is missing, assuming another cockroach saved by someone. Why? Is that person a lot stronger than MC, is the system so useless can't kill a couple of cockroaches? This novel is getting worst and worst, very annoying as the chapter progress.

  5. Min, request ini novel: "人在东京开始打卡", Klu ditranslate di google judulnya ini: "People start clocking in Tokyo" ceritanya slice of life fan fic gtu, dimana kumpulan characters anime dikumpulin di satu cerita.. Ini link novelnya: https://sj.uukanshu.com/book_amp.aspx?id=153476

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