God-level Base

When the imaginary world invaded, Shu Feng awakened and became a psionicist, contacting the reality of the world. Relying on the power of the mysterious base in his body, Shu Feng rose step by step among the three realms of the virtual world, the erosion world, and the human worl.... Read more

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Chapter List

~ The new book is postponed, sorry. ~ End of the book testimonials (new book preview) Chapter 1390 season finale

Chapter 1389 Despair and hope Chapter 1388 Sacred Mountain Demon Destruction Chapter 1387 destroy Chapter 1386 The original evil ancestor advancement Chapter 1385 Crazy Chapter 1384 Easy to Zang Advanced Chapter 1383 The stars are falling like rain Chapter 1382 Netherworld Shock Chapter 1381 Suppress the original dragon ancestors of ten thousand worlds

Chapter 1380 Run away in embarrassment Chapter 1379 storm Chapter 1378 Allies of the original evil ancestors

Chapter 1377 Big win Chapter 1376 Suppress the evil ancestors Chapter 1375 ambush Chapter 1374 Siege Chapter 1373 Devour the Dark Devil's Palace Chapter 1372 Forcibly break Chapter 1371 Return to the Dark Devil Palace Chapter 1370 Advanced Xeon Chapter 1369 Frenzy of Extinction

Chapter 1368 Holy Source True Demon Stone Chapter 1367 Suppress Nine Faces Chapter 1366 Shinma Nine Faces Chapter 1365 Beast King Chapter 1364 God of order Chapter 1363 Crazy world Chapter 1362 Sun starship falls Chapter 1361 Moyuan Palace Chapter 1360 Break through Chapter 1359 confusion Chapter 1358 Dragon Emperor Chapter 1357 Devil

Chapter 1356 Robbery Chapter 1355 war Chapter 1354 alliance Chapter 1353 Kill the flame lizard monster Chapter 1352 Suppress the mad ancestors Chapter 1351 Siege the mad ancestor Chapter 1350 Ambush Chapter 1349 escape Chapter 1348 Kill the Nine Mirror God Emperor Chapter 1347 trap Chapter 1346 Four disturbing ancestors Chapter 1345 Suppress the corpse source demon ancestor

Chapter 1344 Corpse source demon ancestor Chapter 1343 Suppress the three gods Chapter 1342 Mutation Chapter 1341 sneak into Chapter 1340 Flame giant Chapter 1339 Sun starship Chapter 1338 The world is shocked Chapter 1337 Underworld God Emperor died Chapter 1336 Suppress the Thunder Demon Ancestor Chapter 1335 Easy to Zang Advanced Chapter 1334 Mutation Chapter 1333 Hades

Chapter 1332 Dark God Emperor Chapter 1331 Advanced quasi-strong Chapter 1330 Evacuate Chapter 1329 Anti-kill Chapter 1328 trap Chapter 1327 Dark plain Chapter 1326 Dark Abyss Dragon Progenitor Chapter 1325 Giant city Chapter 1324 Suppress the Dark Traveler Chapter 1323 Dark traveler Chapter 1322 No dark abyss Chapter 1321 Advanced top real magic

Chapter 1320 Suppress Dark Abyss Demon Ancestor Chapter 1319 Even Slash True Demon Chapter 1318 Show up Chapter 1317 Desperately Chapter 1316 Dark Abyss Demon Ancestor Chapter 1315 Come Chapter 1314 trap Chapter 1313 Su Mi Advanced Real Demon Chapter 1312 Wanyuan Divine Emperor Destroyed Chapter 1311 Assault Chapter 1310 Bumper harvest Chapter 1309 Suppress the God of the Night

Chapter 1308 Suppress Chapter 1307 Show up Chapter 1306 exile Chapter 1305 Fierce Night Demon Mountain Chapter 1304 Weird Master Advanced True Demon Chapter 1303 The Three-Eyed Night Watcher Die Chapter 1302 Alliance Chapter 1301 Rebellion Chapter 1300 furious Chapter 1299 Nine-fold vision Chapter 1298 disturb Chapter 1297 Golden Throat True Demon Die

Chapter 1296 Yizang Chapter 1295 Break the seal Chapter 1294 Incarnation of the original evil ancestor Chapter 1293 Advanced True Demon (Part 2) Chapter 1292 Advanced True Demon (Part 1) Chapter 1291 Nine Mirror God Emperor Chapter 1290 The Lord of the Nine-Eyed Demon is completely destroyed Chapter 1289 Siege Chapter 1288 Anger Chapter 1287 Suppress the Nine-Eyed Demon Lord Chapter 1286 Assault Chapter 1285 Primordial ancestor

Chapter 1284 plan Chapter 1283 Five Great Devil Chapter 1282 invite Chapter 1281 Suppress Huangyan Tianjun (for the Wangtian Fat Whale Alliance's ten thousand rewards plus more) Chapter 1280 abandon Chapter 1279 Ten Thousand Bells God Emperor Chapter 1278 Assassinate Chapter 1277 Control the Saint Flame Star Field Chapter 1276 The Emperor Burning Heaven is completely destroyed Chapter 1275 Suppress Chapter 1274 The Fall of Emperor Burning Heaven Chapter 1273 Sneak attack

Chapter 1272 Kill Bai Yunjun Chapter 1271 Burning God Emperor Chapter 1270 Deadly Origin Battlefield Again Chapter 1269 invite Chapter 1268 Master of Corpse Advanced True Demon (Part 2) Chapter 1267 Master of Corpse Advanced True Demon (Part 1) Chapter 1266 Corpse ancestor Chapter 1265 Shock Chapter 1264 Suppress the corpse ancestor Chapter 1263 Corpse ancestor Chapter 1262 Mutation Chapter 1261 trap

Chapter 1260 Green Forest Jedi Chapter 1259 beg for mercy Chapter 1258 Green Forest Jedi Chapter 1257 Suppress the corpse dark sky king Chapter 1256 Shot Chapter 1255 invite Chapter 1254 Stars dominate advanced real demon (part 2) Chapter 1253 Stars dominate advanced real demon (on) Chapter 1252 Ancient source star **** emperor Chapter 1251 Kill the Peerless Heavenly King Chapter 1250 Hei Yaoxing Divine Emperor Chapter 1249 The Angry Southern Star Tianjun

Chapter 1248 Peerless Heavenly King Chapter 1247 Trap (for the Wangtian Fat Whale Alliance’s ten thousand rewards plus more!) Chapter 1246 Identity exposure Chapter 1245 Twisted Old Tree Chapter 1244 Stone monument giant Chapter 1243 The Fall of Tianjun Chapter 1242 True Demon Site Chapter 1241 assembly Chapter 1240 Rolling (for the GQ1996 league’s million rewards plus more) Chapter 1239 Meet the deceased again Chapter 1238 Supreme Magic Wing Chapter 1237 The Nine Yuan God Emperor's Demise

Chapter 1236 Advanced Heavenly King Chapter 1235 Primordial God Gold Chapter 1234 The Fall of the Ancestral God Chapter 1233 Exterminate the Evil Tianhu Ancestor God Chapter 1232 Killing the King Skeleton Chapter 1231 Arena Chapter 1230 Destroying the Heavenly Monarch in Liujue Valley Chapter 1229 Three Heavenly Kings Chapter 1228 Destroy the seven hundred-armed heavenly monarchs Chapter 1227 Encircle and hunt seven hundred-armed heavenly monarchs Chapter 1226 Secret Discuss Chapter 1225 Get off the horse

Chapter 1224 Advanced Tianjun Chapter 1223 Lan Yao Shen Yan Chapter 1222 Big win Chapter 1221 Kill the Dragon Elephant Heavenly King Chapter 1220 Siege of Dragon Elephant Tianjun Chapter 1219 Suppress the ghost and dragon king Chapter 1218 Behead the Heavenly King Chapter 1217 mutation Chapter 1216 Siege Chapter 1215 Mutation Chapter 1214 Da Neng Ceremony Chapter 1213 Lord of the Corpse Advanced Heavenly King

Chapter 1212 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 1211 Start with the treasure Chapter 1210 Suppress Jiuyuan God Emperor Chapter 1209 Emperor Kuhara Chapter 1208 Tomb of the True Demon Chapter 1207 Real Magic Fight Chapter 1206 Kill the ape ancestor (for the GQ1996 alliance's million rewards plus more) Chapter 1205 Ape ancestor Chapter 1204 Kill the King of Saru Sky Chapter 1203 SSSS-Class Shadow Demon Holy Sword Chapter 1202 Continuously cut SSS-level original plus magic Chapter 1201 Assassinate

Chapter 1200 Slay Demon Fury Dragon Chapter 1199 betray Chapter 1198 Big Three Chapter 1197 Headquarters Chapter 1196 SSS-Class Shadow Demon Holy Sword Chapter 1195 Wipe out Chapter 1194 Behead Chapter 1193 Mutation Chapter 1192 Demonize Chapter 1191 Spike Chapter 1190 provocative Chapter 1189 Join

Chapter 1188 Kill the Night Zero Snake King Chapter 1187 Mutation Chapter 1186 Hara Kama Chapter 1185 Take control of Bonan Chapter 1184 hunting Chapter 1183 Apprentice Chapter 1182 Source of True Demon Chapter 1181 monster Chapter 1180 sneak into Chapter 1179 The mission of Yuanxue God Emperor Chapter 1178 Level 11 base Chapter 1177 Regret

Chapter 1176 Famous Chapter 1175 Suppress the Snake Corpse King Chapter 1174 Advanced power Chapter 1173 Cut off the shackles Chapter 1172 Secret wheel Chapter 1171 Twilight Forbidden Land Chapter 1170 Dominate the world Chapter 1169 Encircle the hunt for King Jinman Chapter 1168 Conquer the Han Kwang Empire Chapter 1167 Kill Han Guang the Great Chapter 1166 Emperor Han Guang Chapter 1165 Ascend to the throne

Chapter 1164 Scramble Chapter 1163 Morning assembly Chapter 1162 Court chaos Chapter 1161 Repressive power Chapter 1160 Fierce battle against the leader of the **** of corpses Chapter 1159 Conquer Yanshan Academy Chapter 1158 Suppress the green corpse Chapter 1157 Mutation Chapter 1156 challenge Chapter 1155 Subdue the black building Chapter 1154 The original poster of the defeated black building Chapter 1153 Assassinate

Chapter 1152 Concubine Yun Chapter 1151 Smash (addition to the rewards of the Longbow Brothers) Chapter 1150 Beilie Xuankong Chapter 1149 Make things difficult Chapter 1148 escape Chapter 1147 Advanced Demon God Chapter 1146 acquaintance Chapter 1145 Huangquan Tianjun Advanced Real Demon Chapter 1144 Huangquan Tianjun Chapter 1143 Battle of Heavenly Kings Chapter 1142 Dragon Whale King shot Chapter 1141 God of Fighting

Chapter 1140 Cut the big demon again Chapter 1139 Linghe Forbidden Land Chapter 1138 Kill the big demon **** of the six-armed soldier Chapter 1137 Continuously advanced Chapter 1136 Golden Dragon Ring Chapter 1135 Blood of True Demon Chapter 1134 Subdue the phantom succubus Chapter 1133 Jinlong Tianjun Chapter 1132 Mutation Chapter 1131 Coffin Keeper Chapter 1130 Six Yuan Resurrection Array Chapter 1129 One shot

Chapter 1128 Show up Chapter 1127 Seven Sons of Truth Chapter 1126 Kill the Great Demon God (Additional rewards for the decadent Zhichen brothers) Chapter 1125 Fierce battle Chapter 1124 Corpse Ye Mo Qilin Great Demon God Chapter 1123 Variation Kirin Sea Leaf Chapter 1122 Thousand claws Chapter 1121 Mutations Chapter 1120 Kill the Kirin Haiye Chapter 1119 Big fish Chapter 1118 Sea beast tide Chapter 1117 Mutation

Chapter 1116 Kirin sea leaf Chapter 1115 Destroy the upper demon Chapter 1114 Kill the corpse night golden dragon Chapter 1113 Meet acquaintances again Chapter 1112 Dragon Whale King Chapter 1111 Advanced High Demon God Chapter 1110 return Chapter 1109 Black Death Demon Dragon Heavenly King Chapter 1108 Turn face Chapter 1107 Black Death Mountain Chapter 1106 Fight Chapter 1105 Advanced Dragon King

Chapter 1104 Trap (added for GQ1996 league) Chapter 1103 8 source evil dragon Chapter 1102 Sneak attack Chapter 1101 Overnight explosion Chapter 1100 Golden Dragon Chapter 1099 Kill Garman Chapter 1098 Anti-kill Chapter 1097 Oncoming Chapter 1096 Wipe out Chapter 1095 Siege Chapter 1094 Join the Dark Night Rose (addition for GQ1996 league) Chapter 1093 Dragon Soul Stone

Chapter 1092 Shock Chapter 1091 White dragon Chapter 1090 Surrender the Beikou Group Chapter 1089 Dragon Hunter Organization Chapter 1088 Late night sound Chapter 1087 New world Chapter 1086 Strange dominates advanced high-ranking demon god Chapter 1085 task Chapter 1084 Advanced Ten Source Middle Demon God Chapter 1083 Weird bell Chapter 1082 Crane Chapter 1081 Chief of Qionglin Banquet (Added for GQ1996 League)

Chapter 1080 Escape Chapter 1079 Siege Chapter 1078 Defeat the Sacred Sun Demon God Chapter 1077 Defeat the Ninth Yellow Spring Chapter 1076 Fight Chapter 1075 The Ninth Yellow Spring Chapter 1074 God Orb Chapter 1073 All suppression Chapter 1072 Advanced Middle Demon God Chapter 1071 Convergence of Power Chapter 1070 Goose plucking Chapter 1069 Qualify

Chapter 1068 Alarm (Added for GQ1996 League) Chapter 1067 Shock Chapter 1066 Fight Chapter 1065 Siege Chapter 1064 Double happiness Chapter 1063 Threat Chapter 1062 Tolls Chapter 1061 Ferocious Chapter 1060 Seize power Chapter 1059 Terran can't go Chapter 1058 Qualification test Chapter 1057 Kill the sheep and give birth to one

Chapter 1056 provocative Chapter 1055 conflict Chapter 1054 Water Night Magic City Chapter 1053 Conquer the Moon Snake God Chapter 1052 Anomaly of Stone Carvings Chapter 1051 The dark history of the Golden Throat Chapter 1050 Stone giant Chapter 1049 Kill the Thunder Bull Demon God Chapter 1048 hunting Chapter 1047 Advanced Lower Demon God Chapter 1046 Taihe Tianjun Chapter 1045 True Demon Inheritance

Chapter 1044 True Magic Projection Chapter 1043 Kill the weird Chapter 1042 Tomb of the True Demon Chapter 1041 Kill the Nine Ling Bone Chapter 1040 Fight Chapter 1039 Weird temple Chapter 1038 Primordial Demons Chapter 1037 Mutation Chapter 1036 aisle Chapter 1035 Wipe out Chapter 1034 Fight Chapter 1033 Induce

Chapter 1032 palace Chapter 1031 sneak into Chapter 1030 invite Chapter 1029 Middle Demon Grade Synthetic Beast Chapter 1028 Hunting the middle demon **** level monsters (additional for GQ1996 league) Chapter 1027 play off Chapter 1026 explore Chapter 1025 Weird master advanced Chapter 1024 Unify Stormwind Continent Chapter 1023 Assassinate Chapter 1022 Kill the one-eyed troll demon god Chapter 1021 Pioneering (adding to the GQ1996 league)

Chapter 1020 Synthetic Aoyan Chapter 1019 Backlash Chapter 1018 Kill the real dragon Chapter 1017 Wipe out Chapter 1016 Kill the holy source ice demon god Chapter 1015 Mutation Chapter 1014 Demon Meeting Chapter 1013 Comprehend the law of time Chapter 1012 inventory Chapter 1011 Continuously cut the lower demon **** (addition for GQ1996 league) Chapter 1010 Shu Feng appeared Chapter 1009 Suppress

Chapter 1008 Magic Wolf Search Warrant Chapter 1007 Kamukura Chapter 1006 who is he Chapter 1005 Tomorrow Chapter 1004 Slaughter Chapter 1003 Wanbao Tower Chapter 1002 Real magic Chapter 1001 Advanced Demon Chapter 1000 Kill the Little Jiaohuang Chapter 999 Sword Slash the Three Dark Kings Chapter 998 Turn face Chapter 997 Majestic statue

Chapter 996 puppet Chapter 995 Medicine Garden (Added for GQ1996 League) Chapter 994 Infighting Chapter 993 Kill Shadow Plus Chapter 992 Ten-level base Chapter 991 Monument to the Devil Chapter 990 inherited Chapter 989 Powerful worship Chapter 988 Fox fake tiger Chapter 987 Weird Galaxy Chapter 986 Weird Master Advanced Demon God Chapter 985 Count the gains

Chapter 984 Seize the treasure Chapter 983 Black blood slaughter Chapter 982 Fan Xinghe (Added for GQ1996 League) Chapter 981 Silver Frost Witch Advanced Chapter 980 God star Chapter 979 enter Chapter 978 Exterminate the Tiger Flame Demon God Chapter 977 Tiger Flame Demon Chapter 976 Save beauty Chapter 975 Ten Demon God Grade Synthetic Beast Chapter 974 Top Moshen Fruit Chapter 973 Kill three golden lion kings

Chapter 972 Kill streak (for GQ1996 league plus more) Chapter 971 Bai Yihou Chapter 970 Ten Thousand Dead Watches Chapter 969 Into the night lake Chapter 968 Dark magic wind (addition for GQ1996 league) Chapter 967 Ji Shuangyue Chapter 966 Corpse night lake Chapter 965 command Chapter 964 Demon-level Stone Jiao Chapter 963 Wipe out Chapter 962 Eagle Arc King Chapter 961 Nine Star Blue Waiting Robe

Chapter 960 Destroy Demon-level monsters Chapter 959 Kill the Flying Owl King Chapter 958 The second demon-level synthetic beast (added for Murong Shimeng DH League) Chapter 957 Disaster Chapter 956 sneak into Chapter 955 Corpse beetle Chapter 954 Golden Throat Hunting List Chapter 953 Murderous Chapter 952 Central Demon Chapter 951 Solicit Chapter 950 Demon-level weird dragon Chapter 949 Death Cause Battlefield

Chapter 948 Kill the Blood Ice King Chapter 947 Crazy evolution Chapter 946 Behead the Demon God Chapter 945 Guluo Flame Demon God Chapter 944 Nameless sacred stone Chapter 943 Slaughter Chapter 942 Yi Zang Chapter 941 Real Dragon and Weird King Chapter 940 Demon Skeleton Chapter 939 Ancient place (addition for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 938 Kill the Ice Python King Chapter 937 Ice Python King

Chapter 936 Third Vice President Chapter 935 Silver Ghost King Surrender Chapter 934 Devouring Ghost King Chapter 933 Even swallow the evil spirits Chapter 932 Seven evil spirits Chapter 931 Ten Thousand Ghosts Meet Chapter 930 Red Moon Society Chapter 929 Kill Wang Ninghai (addition for Murong Shimeng DH League) Chapter 928 Three Holy Family Chapter 927 Kill ghosts Chapter 926 Poison Chapter 925 Two wishes

Chapter 924 Ghost world Chapter 923 Terrible weird master Chapter 922 Weird master Chapter 921 Behead the war dragon god Chapter 920 Forcibly break into the kingdom of war Chapter 919 Kill the sun dragon again (add more for Murong Shimeng DH League) Chapter 918 Kill the Dragon God of Slaughter Chapter 917 Shu Feng comes Chapter 916 meeting Chapter 915 Break out Chapter 914 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 913 Lower Demon

Chapter 912 Inheritance (addition for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 911 conflict Chapter 910 Advanced Half-Step Demon God Chapter 909 Back to the Ice Hell Demon Shrine Chapter 908 Unify the world of magic soldiers Chapter 907 Kill the weird dragon Chapter 906 Kill weird monsters Chapter 905 Shocking (adding more for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 904 Start with the Holy Blue Magic Sword Chapter 903 Big win Chapter 902 Sword Emperor Chapter 901 Kill the Flame Sword Emperor

Chapter 900 Mount Holy Mountain Chapter 899 mural Chapter 898 Advanced Saint Demon Soldier Chapter 897 Suppress the Emperor of Skyhook Chapter 896 Take the Stone of Saint Gold Chapter 895 Emperor Tian Hook Chapter 894 trap Chapter 893 Chase Chapter 892 Stone of Saint Gold Chapter 891 Destroy the Black Ice King Chapter 890 Kill the weird monster Chapter 889 joint

Chapter 888 The Saint Blue Demon Soldier was born (addition for Murong's death dream DH League) Chapter 887 Weird dragon Chapter 886 Weird mountains Chapter 885 Interview Chapter 884 Nine-level base Chapter 883 get away Chapter 882 Kill Hu Yanlie Chapter 881 You didn't even die (for Murong's death dream DH League added) Chapter 880 Desperately Chapter 879 Kill the half-step Demon God Realm powerhouse Chapter 878 Three-faced Devil Chapter 877 Weird monster

Chapter 876 means Chapter 875 League of Nations Chapter 874 Change Chapter 873 Advanced high-ranking magic soldier Chapter 872 Big win Chapter 871 Decisive battle (addition for Murong's death dream DH League) Chapter 870 Shock Chapter 869 Siskin behind Chapter 868 Assassinate Chapter 867 Kill the Red Flame Eagle King Chapter 866 Show up Chapter 865 Poison

Chapter 864 track Chapter 863 Green Lake City Chapter 862 Suppress the Flying Ape King Chapter 861 Remorse (for the bonus of the ice brothers) Chapter 860 Cut the Earth Rock Knife Chapter 859 Leave the family Chapter 858 People from Marquis Mansion Chapter 857 Three wishes Chapter 856 Magic Soldier World Chapter 855 Apprentice Chapter 854 Ice Prison Demon Temple (for the GQ1996 League’s million rewards plus more) Chapter 853 Behead the Demon King of Banleyka

Chapter 852 Silver Frost Witch Chapter 851 Red Flame Eagle King Chapter 850 Begging for mercy (for GQ1996 brothers' reward plus more) Chapter 849 Anti-kill Chapter 848 provocative Chapter 847 Void Mothership Chapter 846 Fen You Mo Yan Chapter 845 The existence of terror Chapter 844 Cold fire Chapter 843 Advanced mid-level demon king (for GQ1996's million rewards plus more) Chapter 842 Gain inheritance Chapter 841 Kill the ancient black wing demon king

Chapter 840 Mutation Chapter 839 Legacy of the Demon God Chapter 838 enter Chapter 837 Annihilate Chapter 836 The Fall of the Black Flame Demon (Added more for a large share of the agent alliance) Chapter 835 Demon-level ruins Chapter 834 Anti-kill Chapter 833 Black Wing Bone Demon King Chapter 832 Holy Source Magic Kingdom Chapter 831 Coming to the Netherworld Chapter 830 Cut the Void Demon Sky Pillar again Chapter 829 Desperate Ethereal Kings (add more for a large share of the agent alliance)

Chapter 828 Shock Chapter 827 Slaughter Chapter 826 Break out Chapter 825 Mutation Chapter 824 Cut the Void Demon Sky Pillar again Chapter 823 Pass through Chapter 822 Defeated Wei Tuxian Chapter 821 Fusion Chapter 820 Crazy evolution Chapter 819 Advanced lower demon king (add more for a large share of the agent alliance) Chapter 818 Kill the Winged Demon King Chapter 817 Cut off the Ethereal Sky Pillar

Chapter 816 Kill the Crimson Eye Chapter 815 Shock Chapter 814 Rancid Swamp Chapter 813 Dark God Evolution Chapter 812 Seed of Darkness Chapter 811 The Fall of the Scaly Ape Demon King Chapter 810 Fall of the Titan Chapter 809 Fierce Skeleton Monkey King (additional changes for a large share of the spy alliance) Chapter 808 curse Chapter 807 Siege Chapter 806 Gods Chapter 805 Scaly Ape Demon King

Chapter 804 Magic wave Chapter 803 Mutation Chapter 802 Fight (for a large share of the secret agent alliance to add more) Chapter 801 Angel descends Chapter 800 Dark God Evolution Chapter 799 Vicious Scorpio Chapter 798 Crimson Eye Chapter 797 Wing Demon King Chapter 796 storm Chapter 795 Test (add more for a large share of the secret agent alliance) Chapter 794 Mutation Chapter 793 Upper shadow manipulation

Chapter 792 Thor Chapter 791 Kill the Nightshade King Chapter 790 Siege Chapter 789 Nightshade Chapter 788 Son of Destiny of Gulundo World (Added for a large share of the agent alliance) Chapter 787 Hunting native gods Chapter 786 Fusion Chapter 785 Enthroned Ceremony Chapter 784 Retreat (add more for a large share of the Secret Service Alliance) Chapter 783 Kill the angels of war (add more for a large share of the agent alliance) Chapter 782 naval battle Chapter 781 Oncoming

Chapter 780 National reaction Chapter 779 God of Darkness (add more for a large share of the agent alliance) Chapter 778 Advanced Void King Chapter 777 Eighth base Chapter 776 Cthulhu Chapter 775 Evolution of the Ocean God Chapter 774 Kill Cthulhu Chapter 773 Fierce battle Chapter 772 Cthulhu Chapter 771 Hell Skull Island Chapter 770 Steel Beast Evolution Chapter 769 Kill the Dark God

Chapter 768 Ice halberd Chapter 767 God of darkness Chapter 766 Assassinate the Shadow God Chapter 765 Slash the gods Chapter 764 The gods come Chapter 763 Start first Chapter 762 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 761 Kill the crazy flame dragon Chapter 760 Crazy Yanlong (additional bonus for the GQ1996 brothers!) Chapter 759 Kill Catters Chapter 758 Bacchus Chapter 757 prophet

Chapter 756 Sa Ye Island (for Wangtian Fat Whale Brothers' rewards and rewards) Chapter 755 Alliance of Gods Chapter 754 Evolution of the Ocean God Chapter 753 Kill Bloodthirsty Chapter 752 Bloodthirsty Chapter 751 Irosec Chapter 750 Set off to Saye Island Chapter 749 Sea Serpent Evolution Chapter 748 Take control of Blood Whale Island Chapter 747 Kill the sea snake god Chapter 746 Attack on Blood Whale Island Chapter 745 Big win

Chapter 744 Septic Whale King Chapter 743 Blood Whale King Chapter 742 Kill General Black Skeleton Chapter 741 Defeat Chapter 740 General Black Skeleton Chapter 739 Medium sacred treasure Chapter 738 Burning Dragon God Chapter 737 surrender Chapter 736 Rage Chapter 735 Marentina Chapter 734 Chaos Bloodthirsty Eagle God (seeking monthly ticket, seeking subscription) Chapter 733 Siskin behind

Chapter 732 Cannibalism Chapter 731 Gun of Modan Chapter 730 Siege Chapter 729 Melee Chapter 728 God of Blood Sacrifice Chapter 727 Losing streak Chapter 726 Rolling Chapter 725 Hunting space Chapter 724 undercurrent Chapter 723 Spike Chapter 722 Magic Exchange Chapter 721 Legendary Mage

Chapter 720 Treasure Map Chapter 719 Extraordinary thoughts Chapter 718 disciple Chapter 717 Fire super talent Chapter 716 Seven days high tower Chapter 715 Seventh Tower Invitation Letter Chapter 714 Apprentice of Magic Chapter 713 Kill Chapter 712 Paul's wish Chapter 711 Kill the Black Feathered Snake Eagle King Chapter 710 Advanced Demigod Chapter 709 Cang Ming Twelve Demons

Chapter 708 Great tomb Chapter 707 Kill the white ghoul king Chapter 706 White Ghoul King Chapter 705 Kakine Shokai Chapter 704 Take control of the Republic of Brentania Chapter 703 Blood Demon Chapter 702 Fight Chapter 701 flame Chapter 700 Aoiwa, presided over by the earth Chapter 699 Furious Dragon God of Slaughter Chapter 698 Lian Tu Shen Ling Chapter 697 Killing Blood Spear

Chapter 696 Fight Chapter 695 Curse absorption Chapter 694 Colorful cursed sealed beast Chapter 693 Kill the original lord Chapter 692 Show up Chapter 691 Fall of the God of Grey Mist Chapter 690 Cross the river Chapter 689 The Fall of the Frozen Prince Chapter 688 Colorful Kingdom of God Chapter 687 Destroy the Flame God Chapter 686 Flame God Chapter 685 tyrant

Chapter 684 Jinshan Chapter 683 Niya jewel Chapter 682 Burning City Chapter 681 Kill the wise Chapter 680 Annihilate Chapter 679 Giant city Chapter 678 Turn face Chapter 677 Behead Chapter 676 Accompany Chapter 675 Niya civilization Chapter 674 Fenkong Mohuo Chapter 673 resurrection

Chapter 672 Underground world Chapter 671 Kill the **** of poison Chapter 670 Shu Feng returns Chapter 669 Venomous god Chapter 668 Big change Chapter 667 Heterogeneous Chapter 666 sinner Chapter 665 Kill the Black Spider Demon King (additional bonus for Wangtian Fat Whale brother's ten thousand rewards) Chapter 664 Advanced Demigod (Part 2) Chapter 663 Advanced Demigod (Medium) Chapter 662 Advanced Demigod (Part 1) Chapter 661 Change

Chapter 660 The Kingdom of Icarn surrendered Chapter 659 Behead the Frost Lord Chapter 658 Release the seal (additional rewards for the Strawberry Brothers of Xingjiang Love) Chapter 657 save Chapter 656 Saint Susan Chapter 655 Kill the Spider Demon Chapter 654 Siege Chapter 653 Shu Feng comes Chapter 652 Spider Demon Chapter 651 Purification (for Wangtian Fat Whale Brother's rewards plus more) Chapter 650 The last struggle Chapter 649 Surrender the Evil Eye Demon Lord

Chapter 648 Kill Devil Chapter 647 Escape (for the ice brothers' rewards plus more) Chapter 646 hunting Chapter 645 Kill the Serpent of Fear Chapter 644 Fight Chapter 643 Coming to the Netherworld Chapter 642 end Chapter 641 Demon King Chapter 640 Kill the demon king of wolf (for Wangtian fat whale brother's ten thousand rewards plus more) Chapter 639 Turn face Chapter 638 Ambush Chapter 637 guard

Chapter 636 The Demon Lord of Wolf Descends Chapter 635 Spike the Dragon Emperor Chapter 634 Dragon Emperor Appears Chapter 633 Ambition Chapter 632 Angelina captured Chapter 631 Kill Oko Chapter 630 Anti-kill Chapter 629 Extinction Chapter 628 Mutation Chapter 627 Qingyuekan Chapter 626 Excalibur Chapter 625 Propose marriage

Chapter 624 Legendary epic Chapter 623 The Fall of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 622 Engagement and shock Chapter 621 Gal evolution Chapter 620 The King of Void Demon? I've been beheaded long ago! Chapter 619 Kill the blue dragon Chapter 618 Horrified Chapter 617 Devil Dragon Slave Hunting Group Chapter 616 Defeat the Elf Queen Chapter 615 condition Chapter 614 Elf Queen Chapter 613 Annex the kingdom of shadows

Chapter 612 Destroy the King of Shadows Chapter 611 Assassinate Chapter 610 Slash Chapter 609 Enthroned Chapter 608 Break the army with one sword Chapter 607 Kill Emas Chapter 606 Dedication Chapter 605 Great Fear Chapter 604 Why do you want to force me Chapter 603 condition Chapter 602 Depraved Chapter 601 Meet Silleia again

Chapter 600 Part ways Chapter 599 New King Chapter 598 Imas Chapter 597 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 596 Devil Gal Chapter 595 The calculations of the legendary monsters Chapter 594 Kill the empty eye king Chapter 593 Shattered Eye Chapter 592 Empty Eye King Chapter 591 Monster Siege Chapter 590 Seven gods Chapter 589 Shock

Chapter 588 Seven-level base Chapter 587 Suppress Gal Chapter 586 Runaway Chapter 585 False God Gal Chapter 584 Mutation Chapter 583 Goblin King Amaranto Chapter 582 Demolition Gundam Chapter 581 Magical Skills and Blood Contract Chapter 580 Wipe out Chapter 579 Spike the evil eye tyrant Chapter 578 Kill the pig head emperor Chapter 577 The way thieves fight

Chapter 576 Courros Mountains Chapter 575 Arthur and Alisa Chapter 574 Holy eagle city Chapter 573 Gold Adventurer Chapter 572 Crazy upgrade Chapter 571 Awakening, the king of shadows! Chapter 570 Kill the two-headed frost giant Chapter 569 Is he a thief? Chapter 568 Spike the black dragon Chapter 567 Dragon hunting mission Chapter 566 Church of the Snake of Fear Chapter 565 Adventurer's Guild

Chapter 564 Five Great Devil Kingdoms Chapter 563 Thieves Chapter 562 Kahn Chapter 561 Diary of Gods Chapter 560 Crazy evolution Chapter 559 Destroy the Maggot King Chapter 558 Maggot King Chapter 557 Behead Chapter 556 Five-Eyed Monster Chapter 555 Go deep Chapter 554 Weird ancient lamp Chapter 553 Golden City

Chapter 552 Picture poor see Chapter 551 Dream city Chapter 550 Capis Chapter 549 Miracles and shock Chapter 548 White Jade Sacred Tree Advanced God Chapter 547 My summoned thing wants to be a god Chapter 546 Kill the God of Light Flame Chapter 545 God of Light Flame Chapter 544 Siege Chapter 543 Big win Chapter 542 Spike the six-eyed monster Chapter 541 Crisis

Chapter 540 Six-eyed monster Chapter 539 Surrender [Huangquan Magic Butterfly] Chapter 538 Big win Chapter 537 Rolling Chapter 536 Tea Mangalore Chapter 535 Yellow Spring Fantasy Butterfly Chapter 534 Remove the prime minister Chapter 533 Anu Rebellion Chapter 532 Suppress the Night Shrine Chapter 531 Arriving at the Night Shrine Chapter 530 Zhu Valve Secret Library Chapter 529 Live of the Odd Demon Cult

Chapter 528 White Jade Sacred Tree Chapter 527 Sacred fruit Chapter 526 Big win Chapter 525 Lian Zhan Ling Sheng Chapter 524 Siege Chapter 523 Tenjin Temple Chapter 522 Converge Chapter 521 Taiheng Mountain Chapter 520 Mutation Chapter 519 Gabriel Chapter 518 Behead Okaru Chapter 517 Demigod okaru

Chapter 516 Yanshen Sect Chapter 515 Stunning fiancee Chapter 514 Blind date Chapter 513 Come back home Chapter 512 Big Six Chapter 511 Holy palace Chapter 510 Destroy the Gate of the Void Demon (For the sake of teasing you, rest in peace, brother’s rewards.) Chapter 509 Defeat the False Demon Chapter 508 Kill the Grand Duke of Alva Chapter 507 Advanced Spirit Saint Chapter 506 Statue of King Moen Chapter 505 Grand Duke of Alva

Chapter 504 Kill the Duke of Nether Demon Chapter 503 Mutation Chapter 502 Netherworld battlefield is coming Chapter 501 The Holy Gate of Kilometers Chapter 500 Shock Chapter 499 Slay Saint Sagu the Golden Eagle Chapter 498 Assassinate Chapter 497 Back to Blue Star Chapter 496 Kill the Grand Duke of Gumodo Chapter 495 Big win Chapter 494 The terrifying basalt soldier Chapter 493 Ling Jiang Xuanwu

Chapter 492 Fragment of the Heart of the World Chapter 491 Surrender the Northern Desert King Court Chapter 490 Advanced Celestial Realm Chapter 489 Driving experience at Beimo Wangting Chapter 488 Wipe out Chapter 487 sneak into Chapter 486 Spirit power surge Chapter 485 Wake up (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 484 undercurrent Chapter 483 Wipe out Chapter 482 Killing King Galli Chapter 481 Hit hard

Chapter 480 Crystal worm Chapter 479 Double War King Galliers Chapter 478 Kill the Grand Duke of False Demon (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 477 King of Void Chapter 476 Exterminate the real Xuan Ning Chapter 475 Converge Chapter 474 Mutations (a reward for the broken heart and no longer loving brothers) Chapter 473 Corpse of the Void King Chapter 472 Variation Crystal Gu Chapter 471 limit Chapter 470 Origin of the World Chapter 469 Why run away

Chapter 468 Dragon Mountain Three Demon Chapter 467 attract Chapter 466 Big Brothers' War Chapter 465 Comprehend the true meaning of the cloud Chapter 464 Chapter 463 Suppress Lingzhaokong Chapter 462 Ling Zhaokong Chapter 461 Destroyed Skeleton Gate Chapter 460 The Prison Skeleton Gate (for Can Meng Yi, the only brother's ten thousand rewards plus more) Chapter 459 Inn Chapter 458 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 457 Exterminate the Duke of Nether Demons

Chapter 456 Duke of False Demon in Double Battle (for Minglong 78's million rewards plus more!) Chapter 455 Duke of False Demon Chapter 454 Fierce battle Chapter 453 Enthroned Ceremony Chapter 452 The supreme monster (for the decadent Zhichen brothers' rewards plus more!) Chapter 451 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 450 Sixth-level base Chapter 449 demise Chapter 448 Kill Wanxuan Demon Ancestor (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 447 Wanxuan Mozu Chapter 446 One man breaks the army Chapter 445 Surrender to the overlord of Wanxuan Demon Sect

Chapter 444 The death of Xuanmo Shengzi (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 443 Angry into anger Chapter 442 Exterminate the dragon Chapter 441 You are all rubbish Chapter 440 Hand over Han Feng (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 439 Sovereign of Killing Sword Demon Sect Chapter 438 Converge Chapter 437 Who is for and who is against? Chapter 436 Killing the Sword Demon Saint Child (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 435 conflict Chapter 434 Color lotus feast Chapter 433 undercurrent

Chapter 432 The corpse of the **** insects (for Canmeng Yi, the only brother's ten thousand rewards plus more!) Chapter 431 Suppress the Thousand Gu Demon Sect Chapter 430 Thousand Gu Demon Sect Chapter 429 Yin and yang Chapter 428 Ten Thousand Demon Gu King (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 427 Ten Thousand Gu Magic Skills Chapter 426 Love Backlash Chapter 425 Love Chapter 424 Spike Zheng Bao Chapter 423 Big match begins Chapter 422 4.5 million source energy Chapter 421 Exterminate the Master of the Sea Demon Society

Chapter 420 Persuade Chapter 419 Turn face Chapter 418 Wusheng-class Thunderbolt Dragon Eel (plus more, subscription, monthly pass) Chapter 417 Suppress Hai Wuzun Chapter 416 Behead the Devil Tiger Chapter 415 Siege Chapter 414 Strike (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 413 Thunder Dragon Eel Chapter 412 Sea Magic Club Chapter 411 Surrender Sun Yijian Chapter 410 Turn your face (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 409 【Haisheng Ten Eclipses】

Chapter 408 Treading the Sea Demon Commander Chapter 407 Flying Gu Chapter 406 activation Chapter 405 Lunar Eucharist Chapter 404 Gu Magic Chapter 403 Inner disciple Chapter 402 Check Chapter 401 Kill the Rat Chapter 400 Magic Mouse (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 399 Horror perception Chapter 398 Fawn Chapter 397 Natural power

Chapter 396 Blue Sky Mountain (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 395 absorb Chapter 394 Gangster Chapter 393 Kill Tujia Chapter 392 Weird (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 391 dark Chapter 390 Xuan Lei City Chapter 389 Big secret Chapter 388 Advanced Spiritual Venerable (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 387 Purple Spirit Cloud Phenomenon Chapter 386 Spike the Marquis of False Demon Chapter 385 Poisoning

Chapter 384 God's tribute (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 383 Big gift Chapter 382 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 381 inventory Chapter 380 Retire (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 379 Kill the Duke of Skta Chapter 378 Shock Chapter 377 Big win Chapter 376 Spike the Duke of Barvely (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 375 The collapsed first-level psionic tower Chapter 374 Demon Turtle Enchantment Chariot Chapter 373 massacre

Chapter 372 Shu Feng is here (add more, ask for subscription. Chapter 371 Crisis Chapter 370 Phantom Beast Phantom Dragon Chapter 369 Harvest Chapter 368 Suppression of the Duke of Devin Kula (addition, subscription, monthly pass) Chapter 367 Duke vs. Duke Chapter 366 Fight Chapter 365 Duke of Devon Kula Chapter 364 Meet Zhong Jietong again (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 363 Annihilate Chapter 362 Lin Wuchen Chapter 361 Behead

Chapter 360 Tier 5 Spirit Spear Beast (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 359 Encircle Chapter 358 Reverse Cross Synthetic Beast Chapter 357 Steel Beast Evolution Chapter 356 Big win (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 355 Kill the Marquis Reva Chapter 354 Hunt Chapter 353 Siege Chapter 352 Defeat Sun Liang (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 351 Reinforcement square valve (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 350 Military envoy Chapter 349 Shufeng Evolution

Chapter 348 Five-level base Chapter 347 Shocked (two) Chapter 346 Shocked (1) Chapter 345 Catch it all Chapter 344 Suppression of the Duke of Ramata Chapter 343 Exterminate the Duke of Void Demon (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 342 Chase (plus more) Chapter 341 Counter-attack Chapter 340 The terrifying swamp overlord Chapter 339 Break the vanguard Chapter 338 Kill the Marquis of Fall (plus more) Chapter 337 Assassination (a reward for Jiang Chao vs. Zheng Hongsheng brothers)

Chapter 336 Infighting Chapter 335 Poisonous absorption physique Chapter 334 Harvest Chapter 333 Suppression of the Three Marquis (plus more) Chapter 332 Three Marquis (additional bonus for ice and ice) Chapter 331 Suppress the Earl of Nether Demons Chapter 330 sneak into Chapter 329 A sudden turn of the situation Chapter 328 Fight (for the decadent Zhichen brothers' rewards plus more) Chapter 327 design Chapter 326 【Dragon of Judgment】 Chapter 325 【Ice and Snow Wolf King】

Chapter 324 Change (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 323 Foreign aid (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 322 Immortal body Chapter 321 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 320 Nine magical skills Chapter 319 Blind date (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 318 Semi-Holy Zhu Yan (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 317 The strange and dangerous imaginary world Chapter 316 monster Chapter 315 Weird Chapter 314 Enter (add more for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 313 Dark magic wind (addition for Murong's dead dream DH league)

Chapter 312 Variant Nightgrass Chapter 311 condition Chapter 310 negotiation Chapter 309 Ambush (addition for Murong's death dream DH League) Chapter 308 Surrender to the stars (add more for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 307 Suppress the stars Chapter 306 Assassinate Chapter 305 Grab food Chapter 304 Black Wind Thief Mad Knife (Added for Murong Shimeng DH League) Chapter 303 Fragrant rice collar (addition for Murong's death dream DH League) Chapter 302 Secret battle Chapter 301 Swamp Overlord

Chapter 300 Demigod Skeleton Chapter 299 Fighting the Marsh Dragon (Added to Murong's Death Dream DH League) Chapter 298 Kill the swamp venomous bee Chapter 297 Swamp Three-Headed Crocodile Chapter 296 Kill the giant swamp giant crocodile Chapter 295 Swamp Five-Headed Snake (addition for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 294 Three-headed Snake in the Swamp (Added for Murong's Death Dream DH League) Chapter 293 Steel Beast Evolution Chapter 292 conspiracy Chapter 291 prophecy Chapter 290 Liu Lang (addition for Murong's dead dream DH League) Chapter 289 Development (addition to Murong's death dream DH League)

Chapter 288 Marsh Pearl Rice Chapter 287 Barren Territory Chapter 286 Marsh dragon collar Chapter 285 Convergence (plus more) Chapter 284 Dark War (for the Wanji Tianxia Brothers' reward plus more) Chapter 283 Surrender the Crimson Eye Chapter 282 Defeat Nice Chapter 281 Black pupil Chapter 280 Three killer networks (plus more) Chapter 279 Suppression of the Dark Hand Meeting Lord (Additional rewards for Brothers of the Hengji Tianxia) Chapter 278 Assault Chapter 277 Dark hand

Chapter 276 Suppress the Leopard Chapter 275 Chain reaction (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 274 Advanced Spirit Sect (plus more) Chapter 273 True Dragon Zhentian Chapter 272 Dragon Ball Chapter 271 Eight gate valves Chapter 270 Climbing to Tianshan (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 269 Convey (plus more) Chapter 268 Full evolution Chapter 267 fury Chapter 266 Looting Chapter 265 Family Mobilization Order (addition, subscription, monthly pass)

Chapter 264 Stage (plus more) Chapter 263 Big win Chapter 262 Kill through Chapter 261 Earl of Nether Demon Chapter 260 Fight (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 259 Destroy the Void Demon of the Spirit Venerable Realm (plus more) Chapter 258 The opened battlefield of Ethereal Demon Chapter 257 Turn face Chapter 256 Show up Chapter 255 Infiltrate (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 254 Painter (plus more) Chapter 253 Anti-kill

Chapter 252 Outlanda Town Chapter 251 Ancient West Asian Civilization Site Chapter 250 Chen family submits (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 249 Sixth-level spiritual master (plus more) Chapter 248 White Dragon Eagle Chapter 247 Destroy the ghost of the spirit sect Chapter 246 Shock Chapter 245 Gambling appointment (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 244 Yuanhai Shujia (plus more) Chapter 243 Spiritual meridians are fully open Chapter 242 return Chapter 241 Unseal

Chapter 240 Do things (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 239 Peace is so good (plus more) Chapter 238 destroy Chapter 237 Gathered Ethereal Powerhouse Chapter 236 Shufeng Evolution Chapter 235 Destroy the giant Wushuang (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 234 Assassin (plus more) Chapter 233 Rescue Chapter 232 Fight Chapter 231 Phoenix Mountains Chapter 230 Anti-hunting (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 229 Dragon Hound (plus more)

Chapter 228 Fight Chapter 227 Destroy the Eight-Eyed Madness Chapter 226 Horrible eight-eyed maniac Chapter 225 Provocation (plus more) Chapter 224 Siege (for tease than you rest in peace, brother's million rewards plus more) Chapter 223 Eight-eyed maniac Chapter 222 Big win Chapter 221 Fight Chapter 220 Earl Aiyou (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 219 Level 4 base (plus more) Chapter 218 Dragon Slaying Chapter 217 Bunnyman's Hope

Chapter 216 Suppress Viscount Oakley Chapter 215 Erosion (for the prawn noodles for you to eat brother's million rewards plus more) Chapter 214 Evolution of the Beast of Steel Chapter 213 Assassinate Chapter 212 Kill Chapter 211 force Chapter 210 Surrender the two-headed magic wolf (plus more, please subscribe. Chapter 209 Titan Wushuang (plus more) Chapter 208 Suppress Chapter 207 Shio Kitayama Chapter 206 enter Chapter 205 See you again (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass)

Chapter 204 Void Hunting Ground (plus more) Chapter 203 Harvest Chapter 202 Extermination of the Grand Duke Chapter 201 Blood Dominates Su Mi Chapter 200 Dominate the source embryo (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 199 Reunion (Kasara) Chapter 198 Retreat Chapter 197 Void Blue Night Chapter 196 Assassinate Chapter 195 Won the championship (plus more) Chapter 194 Join hands (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 193 Sweep

Chapter 192 Spiritual Sacred Wu Zhongchao Chapter 191 Mu Tianlong Chapter 190 Mu Tianlong (plus more) Chapter 189 Defeated Shenghu (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 188 Take a place Chapter 187 Sun Moon Excalibur Chapter 186 Advanced psychic Chapter 185 Spiritist limit (plus more) Chapter 184 Ji Yuan (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 183 Subdue the Spirits Chapter 182 Ji Bingyun Chapter 181 transaction

Chapter 180 Ancient Moon City (plus more) Chapter 179 The death of Chen Ningquan Chapter 178 Big win Chapter 177 Big move Chapter 176 Kill the evil head Chapter 175 Blood ghost man (plus more) Chapter 174 Ambush (add more, ask for subscription, monthly pass) Chapter 173 Eighth-level spiritualist Chapter 172 False Demon Hunting List Chapter 171 Gods Research Association Chapter 170 Yan Lord Jing Chen (plus more subscriptions, monthly pass) Chapter 169 Aftermath (add more, ask for order.)

Chapter 168 Domination Chapter 167 Lord of the Night Lord Chapter 166 Kill Suhamu III Chapter 165 Angelization (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 164 Sacrifice (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 163 Swept Chapter 162 Fierce battle Chapter 161 Mutation Chapter 160 Fairy juice (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass!) Chapter 159 Enter the palace (500 monthly ticket plus more) Chapter 158 Steel Beast Evolution Chapter 157 Arm of god

Chapter 156 Sweep Chapter 155 Strong attack (add more, ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass) Chapter 154 Turn face Chapter 153 Framed Chapter 152 Afef Chapter 151 Detect Chapter 150 Dark Night Church (for my brothers who have always supported the addition) Chapter 149 Defeat Hasna (add more for 400 monthly pass) Chapter 148 challenge Chapter 147 Hasna Chapter 146 Learn from each other Chapter 145 Leiyin Republic (additional to 300 monthly pass)

Chapter 144 Catch it all in one go (for the love of WL brothers and more rewards) Chapter 143 Capture (to add more rewards for the broken heart and no longer loving brothers) Chapter 142 Assassinate Chapter 141 task Chapter 140 Advanced Spiritualist Chapter 139 Spiritist limit (additional changes for the 1300 first order) Chapter 138 Return (additional changes for the 1200 first order) Chapter 137 Kill the face of the Devil Tree King (Additional changes for 1100 songs) Chapter 136 The power of the king (to add more rewards for the love of WL brothers) Chapter 135 Kill the Spirit Sect again Chapter 134 ambush Chapter 133 Advanced Grandmaster badge

Chapter 132 Shufeng Evolution (additional changes for 1000 songs) Chapter 131 Evolution level three base (additional changes for 900 first orders) Chapter 130 Kill the general of the sky (additional to the 200 monthly pass) Chapter 129 The Fall of the General Phantom Chapter 128 The fierce steel beast Chapter 127 Lian Zhan General (for the decadent Zhichen brother's ten thousand rewards plus more) Chapter 126 Airdrop (for Minglong 78's million reward plus more) Chapter 125 Siege Chapter 124 Allied forces arrive Chapter 123 Beast of Steel Chapter 122 Lingzong-level synthetic beast Chapter 121 Capture the City of Steel (additional changes for the 700 first order)

Chapter 120 Big win (additional changes for 600 first orders) Chapter 119 Killing Silver Art (plus more for 100 monthly pass) Chapter 118 Tagumulis evolution Chapter 117 Camilla Evolution (for the 08a brothers' rewards plus more) Chapter 116 Tagmurris surrendered (a reward for the honest boy) Chapter 115 collapse Chapter 114 Break through Chapter 113 Tagumris Chapter 112 Clean up (for book friends 2018031...the brother's ten thousand rewards plus more) Chapter 111 Chapter 110 Giant polluter (a reward for the LUVlolita brothers) Chapter 109 Ye Mingxi (a reward for the brothers of the sand family Ximea)

Chapter 108 Giant species (for the death of the brothers, rewards and more) Chapter 107 Rotten monster Chapter 106 Restriction Chapter 105 The new world Chapter 104 Order (for a large share of the agent brother’s rewards plus more) Chapter 103 Converge Chapter 102 Kill the Spirit Sect Chapter 101 The new book has been released, the new book is titled "Killing Demon Can Be Stronger" Chapter 100 Shelf testimonials Chapter 99 Giant monster Chapter 98 Chaser Chapter 97 Break through

Chapter 96 ambush Chapter 95 The end of the loser Chapter 94 Erosion Chapter 93 Lingjing City Chapter 92 Scripture of the Sun and Moon Chapter 91 Fang Yao Chapter 90 Freshman chief Chapter 89 Queen of Fire Chapter 88 Defeat Li Xuanyi Chapter 87 Sora no Hitomi Chapter 86 Defeated Shangguanxiong Chapter 85 Hundred dogs rampant

Chapter 84 Original Dream Tree Chapter 83 Six seeds Chapter 82 Learn Chapter 81 7th floor Chapter 80 Queen bee Chapter 79 Aftermath Chapter 78 Save beauty Chapter 77 Kill the bloodblade demon commander Chapter 76 Encounter Chapter 75 Advanced brave Chapter 74 Divinity life form Chapter 73 Destroy the Nether Gate

Chapter 72 Bloodblade Demon Chapter 71 Horror Void Chapter 70 Kill the evil jade horse Chapter 69 Evil jade horse Chapter 68 nest Chapter 67 Tricky Chapter 66 Muluo Village Chapter 65 You Meng Chapter 64 Rapid progress Chapter 63 God level open pulse method Chapter 62 Big purchase Chapter 61 Shock

Chapter 60 Advanced Spirit Chapter 59 Secondary base Chapter 58 return Chapter 57 Kill the Goblin King Chapter 56 decisive battle Chapter 55 Defeat Chapter 54 Raid behind Chapter 53 Accompany Chapter 52 Rescue Chapter 51 Parasitic Nerub Chapter 50 evolution Chapter 49 Colorful honey

Chapter 48 Trophy Chapter 47 capture Chapter 46 Camilla Chapter 45 Nine-level apprentice Chapter 44 Maisen Chapter 43 nest Chapter 42 Enchanted Giant Rat Swarm Chapter 41 explore Chapter 40 victory Chapter 39 Black dog phantom group Chapter 38 Night attack Chapter 37 Wipe out

Chapter 36 sneak into Chapter 35 Defeat Chapter 34 Mutation Chapter 33 within Temptation Chapter 32 Three major boundaries Chapter 31 Catch Chapter 30 reverse Chapter 29 Invert black and white Chapter 28 Frame Chapter 27 evolution Chapter 26 Odd Evil King Chapter 25 Disguise

Chapter 24 Culling Chapter 23 Void Shadow Chapter 22 Buy a house Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Annihilate Chapter 19 action Chapter 18 evolution Chapter 17 Hypnosis Chapter 16 Seven Holy Spears Chapter 15 Ogre Chapter 14 Goblin Chapter 13 Intercept

Chapter 12 teach Chapter 11 test Chapter 10 Ma Jin and You Meng Chapter 9 Three modes Chapter 8 Black Dog Void Chapter 7 Practice Chapter 6 Mall Chapter 5 Three big worlds Chapter 4 invite Chapter 3 Beiling Street Chapter 2 Three Realms Chapter 1 Void

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