Many true demons in the Void Demon Realm regard Shu Feng as an enemy, and do not want to see him also advance half a step beyond. Once Shu Feng and Yi Zang advanced a half-step detachment at the same time, the entire Void Demon Realm would fall into the control of the human race.

However, the original evil ancestor has been eroded by the Destroy Demon Source, becoming a lunatic who only knows to destroy everything. If Shu Feng can kill such a lunatic, even if he advances half a step beyond, those true demons will support him.

"Want to advance half a step beyond? Looking for death! If you ruin you, I will definitely gain more power!!"

The original evil ancestor's pupils flashed with a light of destruction, smiled crazily, and flew directly in the direction where Shu Feng was.

Thirty-six Yi Zang appeared at once, and his eyes turned into a pair of evil and weird, as if the evil demon pupil that could destroy everything looked towards the original evil ancestor.

The evil light turned into a mysterious chain that was tightly wound around the body of the original evil ancestor.

"Break it for me!"

The original evil ancestor gave a sharp roar, and countless evil lights burst out all over his body, directly shattering the mysterious chains.

Countless evil lights gleamed, and the chains of evil appeared again, entwining tightly around the body of the original evil ancestor.

"You want to stop me! You can't do it!"

The original evil ancestor smiled frantically, opened his mouth and sprayed, and a beam of destruction that seemed to penetrate the firmament fell from the sky, across the void, and blasted towards Shu Feng who was advancing.

Shu Feng was walking in the sea of ​​detached light, unable to withstand the crazy blow of the original evil ancestor.

Endless darkness emerged from the void, and the Dark God Sovereign appeared in the darkness, with solemn colors flashing in his eyes, countless dark curses appeared all over his body, and the whole person began to burn everything.

Click! !

The [Dark Abyss Demon Pupil] in the hands of the Dark God Emperor burst open and merged into his body, and he also turned into a dark light that was as black as ink and blasted toward the ruining light beam in the sky.

Boom! !

The light of darkness collided fiercely with the beam of destruction, and the terrifying shock wave spread in all directions.

Where the shock wave passed, countless stars were completely destroyed.

More than a dozen galaxies collapsed and shattered under the bombardment of the power of darkness and the beam of destruction.

The real demon shadow of the Dark God Emperor suddenly appeared in the void, split directly, blood gushing out, the stars fell like rain, and the blood rained across the sky!

Those strongest people who want to explode a half-step detachment strike, they must burn all their power, including life and soul.

After the original evil ancestor was corroded by the source of destruction, any blow contained the power of destruction, and the true demons killed by him would be completely destroyed without exception.

"Next, it's my turn!"

The corpse **** emperor walked out of the void, and the quiet guard was in front of Shu Feng, looking at the void with a solemn expression.

Shu Feng's commander was also the only one who could resist the attack of the original evil ancestor. Even if the rest of the true demons burned everything, they couldn't resist the attack of the original evil ancestor. That was the horror of the strongest.

"It actually blocked my blow. The struggle of these little ants is worthy of praise!! But what about this blow?"

The original evil ancestor smiled sensibly, opened his blood basin again and squirted, and a beam of ruining light blasted towards Shu Feng.

Countless evil lights condensed, forming an evil shield to block the beam of destruction.

Boom! !

There was a shock in the void, the evil shield collapsed, and the beam of destruction light collapsed and dissipated.

Countless magic pupils opened directly above the body of the original evil ancestor, and dense rays of destruction directly blasted out from all directions, penetrating the void.

Yi Zang five fingers and wiped it toward the void, eliminating the twisted holes in the void one by one.

"Break it for me!"

The original evil ancestor burst out countless rays of destruction all at once, sweeping away in all directions.

Under the burst of light of destruction, the chains of countless evil curses collapsed one by one.

A wave of twisted and weird lights of destruction blasted directly towards Shu Feng.

In the void, a shield of evil emerged, blocking the light of destruction, blocking the light of destruction one by one.

A mysterious light of destruction suddenly pierced Yizang's defenses, penetrated through the void, and blasted straight towards Shu Feng in the distance.

The strength of the original evil ancestor has surpassed Yi Zang, and he is attacking the other side, and he will lose if he stays long. This broke through Yi Zang's defense in one fell swoop.

"It's me! My lord, I will definitely protect you!"

The corpse **** emperor looked up into the void, surrounded by countless corpse energy in the corpse emperor's pupil, reflecting the light of destruction in his magic pupil.

The original evil ancestor attacked Shu Feng at a distance of countless light years, only then could it be easily caught by the Emperor of Corpse God. The corpse **** emperor is also ready to completely die.

"No!! I will deal with Him myself!"

A cold voice oscillated in the void, and Shu Feng had already come to the door of detachment, and his five fingers pressed on the door of detachment.

Numerous mysterious and unpredictable powers gushed out from the detachment door and sank into Shu Feng's body.

A half-step transcendence series of terrifying aura diffused out of Shu Feng's body, spreading in all directions.

Shu Feng made five fingers, his right hand turned into a sun, and he grabbed directly at the light of destruction in the void.


Accompanied by a loud noise, the light of destruction in the void was directly squeezed by Shu Feng.

The terrifying shock wave spread in all directions, and the stars were directly shattered by the afterwaves of the two half-step transcendence battles.

"Half a step beyond detachment!"

"Shu Feng advanced half-step beyond!"


All excited eyes focused on Shu Feng's body.

"Half a step of detachment, it's really amazing!!"

In a secret realm, a strange light flashed in the eyes of the Dark Snow Demon God slowly. He also didn't expect that Shu Feng, who had walked out of a small world like an ant, could advance half a step beyond and become the most terrifying overlord of this world.

In a pavilion, the giant **** Tianjun looked up at the void, with endless regret flashing in his eyes, and muttered: "Half a step beyond! It's amazing! Heyu Tianjun, you are so cheap!! I really regret my death. It's up!!!"

Heyu Tianjun's eyes flashed with excitement and slowly said: "Half a step to detachment, really amazing! This guy Shu Feng is far beyond my expectations!"

Heyu Tianjun did not expect that Shu Feng’s strength would improve so quickly, and in such a short time he had already advanced to become a half-step transcendence series of terrifying powerhouses, and became the top master of the imaginary world. .

"Half-step detachment!! It's really a blow!!"

Tomorrow Luo Luo was in a secret realm, looking at Shu Feng standing proudly in the void, a trace of complexity passed in his eyes. Although he has had many adventures and made great progress, his progress is not worth mentioning when compared with Shu Feng!

Shu Feng's figure shook, turned into a sun divine light, and flew in the direction of the original evil ancestor.

A few days later, a divine light of the sun flew out of the void, blasting towards the original evil ancestor like a meteor.

The original evil ancestor's backhand grabbed the sun's divine light with one claw.

Boom! !

Accompanied by a terrifying loud noise, the sun god's light was smashed to pieces by the original evil ancestor.

An evil blade flashed, and the body of the original evil ancestor was cut into a terrifying knife wound.

The magic light of destruction flashed one after another, and the wounds on the original evil ancestor healed quickly.

Originally, Yi Zang had fallen short of Uehara's wicked ancestor, but after Shu Feng joined the battlefield, the situation was reversed in one fell swoop. Together, the two of them immediately gained the upper hand and suppressed the original evil ancestor to death.

But the original evil ancestor's strength was equally terrifying, constantly absorbing the power in the void, constantly wounding his body, but also constantly recovering, no matter how he could not kill!

"Two **** ants!! I must kill you!"

The original evil ancestor roared frantically, displayed a secret method, turned into a destroying magic light, and directly slammed into the central demon realm of the Void Demon World.

Shu Feng blasted out with a punch, and a round of big sun blasted on the destructive light, obliterating part of the destructive light.

Yi Zang slashed down with a single knife, and the evil magic knife also slashed on the destructive light that the original evil ancestor had transformed, cutting out the part of the destructive light.

The magic light of destruction burst into waves of terrifying destruction, dozens of surrounding galaxies collapsed and destroyed, and the worn-out part quickly recovered.

"Shu Feng, neither of us can stop him! Once he destroys the entire Void Demon Realm, then even you and me will be completely destroyed. The people we value will also be destroyed! Now only left The only way!"

Yi Zang's gaze condensed before falling on Shu Feng's body and slowly said.

Yi Zang and Shu Feng, two half-step transcendent powers, can defeat the original evil ancestor, but the original evil ancestor has completely integrated and destroyed the source of demon, and the horror is boundless. Even if it is not defeated by Shu Feng and Yi Zang, they are still terrifying. , Can destroy everything and keep getting stronger.

The treasures of the era born in each era are very terrifying, and their power is extraordinary. Otherwise, it won't take a half-step beyond the strong to be able to control it.

Shu Feng sighed slightly: "It can only be so!"

Yi Zang smiled slightly and said: "You don't have to sigh! Only when we merge can we be able to detach and become the first detached person in history!"

Shu Feng said: "I want to dominate!"

"Then each have their own abilities!"

Yi Zang smiled, countless curse marks appeared all over his body, countless selves emerged behind his body, blooming with incomparable light.

Countless mysterious curse imprints appeared all over Shu Feng, and countless worlds of himself appeared, turning into a ray of light intertwined with the light that Yi Zang turned into.

A huge light egg emerged in the void.

"What to do? The original evil ancestor is about to descend into the Central Demon Realm of the Void Demon Realm!!"

"Run! You must run away!"


The true demon saw the original evil ancestor flying toward the central demon realm of the virtual demon world, and everyone's eyes flashed a touch of despair, using secret methods to take the elites of their own race away from this place.

Once the Central Demon Realm of the Void Demon Realm was destroyed by the original evil ancestor, it would take millions of years for the Void Demon Realm to recover its vitality.

Moreover, once the original evil ancestor destroyed the central demon realm of the Void Demon Realm, it would become even more terrifying if he did not know how much destructive power he could harvest.

"Destroy me!"

The original evil ancestor descended to the top of the central demon realm of the Void Demon Realm, showing a distorted and weird original demon body, with a grinning smile, countless demon pupils flashed, and countless ruined light beams descended from the sky and blasted towards the central demon realm of the Void Demon.

"Do not!!"



In the Central Demon Realm of the Void Demon Realm, a look of despair flashed in the eyes of countless strong people. As soon as they saw that beam of destruction, they were enveloped in endless despair and fear.

A white jade-like palm emerged directly, swelling into the wind, turning into a giant hand covering the sky, and slapped it with a fierce palm.

The countless pillars of destruction light were directly sucked in by the white jade-like palm, collapsed and annihilated.

That white jade-like palm took the opportunity to slap towards the original evil ancestor.

Boom! !

Accompanied by a loud sound of earth-shattering, terrifying shock waves spread in all directions, and countless stars collapsed and shattered.

The original evil ancestor exploded and shot towards the rear like a decayed catkin, and his whole body split apart, a large swath of blood spewed out, enveloped in endless flames, and burned crazily.

Amidst the shadows and the rays of the sun, an extremely handsome figure, which seemed easy to hide in the first moment, and the terrifying human race powerhouse who looked like Shu Feng directly appeared in the next moment.

"That's Shu Feng?"

"No, he is Yizang!!"

"It's terrifying! His strength is stronger than me in the heyday!!"

"This guy, I'm afraid it is the most powerful half-step transcendence powerhouse ever!!"


Those strong men from different eras who were hiding in the hidden Jedi of the Void Demon Realm stared at the strong man, and a shock of shock flashed in their eyes.

"Original evil ancestor! Go and die! Your death can also become a resource for me to evolve into a detached one!!"

The cold light flashed in Shu Feng's eyes and waved his hand.

A terrifying magic knife gathered by the power of evil descended from the sky towards the original evil ancestor.

"Destroy it!!"

The original evil ancestor smiled frantically, and opened his mouth to spray a terrifying beam of destruction directly towards the evil magic knife.

The evil demon knife slashed down, and easily slashed the ruining beam of light, and it would be on the body of the original evil ancestor, and the original evil ancestor would be divided into two.


Shu Feng stretched out his hand and screamed.

Suns emerged around the original evil ancestor, turning into a solar furnace, directly swallowing the original evil ancestor, and burning wildly.

The original evil ancestor screamed, and the rays of destruction that constituted his body began to collapse every inch.

"Break it for me!"

The original evil ancestor roared, and countless lights of destruction erupted all over his body, blasting on the solar furnace, trembling the solar furnace slightly.

Shu Feng quietly looked at the original evil ancestor and slowly said: "It's useless! The original evil ancestor, you are no longer my opponent! You have only a dead end!"

Yi Zangyi and Shufeng are originally one. As soon as he merged with Shu Feng, his strength and potential suddenly increased by many times.

The original evil ancestor was no longer Shu Feng's opponent at all.

"Since I can't destroy the universe, then I will destroy you!!"

The original evil ancestor's eyes flashed a madness, and countless destruction curses appeared all over his body, burning his soul origin, turning into a light of destruction that was infinitely close to the half-step transcendence limit and blasted directly.


The sun furnace surrounding the original evil ancestor was suddenly blasted into a big hole by the light of destruction.

Shu Feng waved his hand, an evil blade of light pierced through the sky, slashing on the light of destruction.

The evil blade light instantly collapsed, and the light of destruction struck Shu Feng's body with a single blow, swallowing him directly.

An immortal curse imprinted on Shu Feng's body flashed away, and within the base space, ten synthetic beasts of the Tianjun series exploded.

As soon as the light of destruction disappeared, Shu Feng stretched out his hand.

That tower of true demons emerged directly, and countless curse chains pierced into the void, forcibly pulling out the true demonic spirit of the original evil ancestor.

"Destroy! I want to destroy everything!!"

The true demon spirit of the original evil ancestor still roared wildly.

With countless rays of light shining, the true demon spirit of the original evil ancestor was immediately enclosed in the true demon tower.

Countless magic lights flashed, countless curse imprints appeared around the tower of true demon, and the spirit of true demon of the original evil ancestor was immediately completely wiped out!

In the void, the true demon projection of the original evil ancestor appeared, split, blood gushing out, blood raining across the sky, stars falling like rain!

"The original evil ancestor has also completely died!!"

"Yizang finally became the number one powerhouse in the virtual world!"

"Human race has finally become the overlord of the virtual world!"


The eyes of the true demons gathered on Shu Feng's body, flashing a complex color. They all understand that from today, the human race will be the strongest overlord of the imaginary world.

Just as those true demons had expected, Shu Feng commanded the human race of the imaginary world rapidly expanding, and fought in the north and south.

The major races in the Central Demon Realm of the Void Realm and the Gods and Demon Sanctuary either fled to the outer starry sky of the Void Realm, or actively surrendered to Shu Feng.

Using the resources of the entire Void Demon Realm, Su Mi, Qingyan, Weird God Emperor, and Star God Emperor all advanced one by one to become the strongest.

Heyu Tianjun also directly advanced to become a true demon and became the crane feather **** emperor.

With the support of Shu Feng's endless resources, Zhu Chenyu and other women have advanced to become powerful and heavenly monarchs.

Time passed, 300 billion years passed in a flash.

Sanctuary of Gods and Demons.

The headquarters of the Terran Pantheon Empire.

Shu Feng opened his eyes at once.

In the void, countless lights of detachment emerged at once, and in that light of detachment, there was a terrifying door of detachment, and Shu Feng was standing in front of that door of detachment.

"That's your majesty!!"

"Does Your Majesty Shu Feng want to advance to detachment?"

"It's impossible to be detached? Even though Shu Feng is the most powerful half-step detachment in history, it is impossible to advance to detachment!!"


In the entire Void Demon Realm, countless true demons looked into the void at once, and everyone's eyes flashed with shock.

"Shu Feng will fall if he fails to advance!!"

"If He falls! Only then will we have a chance!"

"Human race, has dominated the imaginary realm for too long!!"


Countless strong men looked at the void, and a vicious curse flashed in the eyes of many people.

In these 300 billion years, the human race dominated the imaginary realm, and countless powerful men went to challenge Shu Feng, and they were all suppressed and killed by Shu Feng one by one, and they were reduced to his evolutionary resources.

Moreover, Shu Feng is extremely domineering, scouring the resources of the entire Void Demon Realm, making the strong under his command like rain. The oppression made it difficult for other races to even breathe.

Almost all races in the Void Demon Realm are proud of Shu Feng's service. Those races that are unwilling to work for Shu Feng can only hide in the most remote places in the outer starry sky of the Void Realm, and cannot give birth to a powerful true demon.

The strong of those races naturally long for Shufeng to fail.

"Break it for me!"

In the endless light of detachment, Shu Feng punched the door of detachment.

Boom! !

The door of detachment collapsed and shattered under Shu Feng's punch.

The whole door of detachment fell into Shu Feng's body at once, and he crossed that door of detachment with one step.

A world invincible, the horrible aura that suppresses everything and transcends everything diffuses out of that area, suppressing the Quartet.

"Damn it! He succeeded!!"

"He has advanced to the transcendence!! In this era, no one can resist him!!"


Seeing this scene, a look of despair flashed in the eyes of all the malicious true demons.

As soon as Shu Feng crossed the detachment door, he immediately came to a strange space of darkness and silence.

In that strange space of darkness and silence, there was a ball of light.

"There is the Ethereal Realm!! I have become a true detachment!! The Ethereal Realm is destroyed, and I can also be immortal!! Even self-defeating!! I finally succeeded!"

At this time, Shu Feng transformed into an easy-to-hidden form, looking down below, revealing a smile, his figure shook, and he stepped into the realm of Void Demon again.

After advanced detachment, Shu Feng can freely enter and exit the virtual world. There is still a big secret hidden in that endless dark space, but he can also relax and reunite with his family.

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