Under the light of countless destruction, the old nest of the Shenshan Demon Race collapsed inch by inch.

"Do not!!"

"help me!!"


The screams of incomparable screams erupted among the countless sacred mountains, and the strong men of the sacred mountain demon race turned into ashes under the light of destruction and disappeared completely.

More than a dozen true demons of the sacred mountain demon race each performed secret methods in an attempt to escape from the light of destruction.

It's just that the dozen or so true demons of the Shenshan Demon Race were swept away by the light of destruction, and their bodies collapsed inch by inch, turning into ashes and completely destroyed.

"Damn the ants, they hurt me! But, just use everything you have to become my food for my continued evolution!"

After the original evil ancestor destroyed the Shenshan Demon Race, he smiled grimly, and his weak aura once again returned to its heyday.

The joint attack of the original mountain demon ancestor and Yi Zang did indeed damage the original evil ancestor! It's just that after He destroyed the Shenshan Demon Race, with the help of that destructive power, he once again restored the prosperous power.

This is the terrifying power of destroying the magic source, the treasure of the era. As long as it is destroyed continuously, the power of the imperial messenger can be improved. Ultimately destroy everything, even oneself.

The original evil ancestor was jealous of the terrifying force that destroyed the source of the magic, and then sealed it.

Yi Zang frowned slightly: "This madman! The crazier he gets, the stronger he gets!! Let me be helpless!!"

The original evil ancestor has been eroded by the Destroy Demon Source, and has become an irrational lunatic, destroying and destroying everywhere. But in this way, he is stronger and more terrifying than in the past.

Yi Zang also had nothing to do with the original evil ancestor. If he allowed the original evil ancestor to be destroyed everywhere and practiced in retreat by himself, the speed of cultivation would never be comparable to that of the original evil ancestor.

After all, the original evil ancestors could continue to grow stronger as long as they continued to destroy various existences.

"I found you!!"

Ripples flashed, the original evil ancestor smiled sensibly, and then flew into the distance across countless light years.

Yi Zang frantically attacked the original evil ancestor, forcing the original evil ancestor to fight back and resist.

A few days later.

The original evil ancestor made a weird jump, appeared in a void, stretched out his hand and grabbed it.

A terrifying, destructive devil's claws directly grabbed towards a star field.

An extremely beautiful flower emerged directly, turning into a sword of flowers, piercing through the sky, and in an instant, the tearing void disappeared from the star field.

The supreme being, the succubus demon ancestor, is obviously unwilling to live and die with the original alien demons.

"Original evil ancestor, you **** beast!! There is a dark child in our original alien demons!!"

A touch of despair flashed in the eyes of the Kongyi Demon Ancestor, screamed sternly, and shook his figure, turning into a stream of light and flew out of the star field, fleeing madly into the distance.

A huge world emerges directly, and there are countless strong men of the original alien race in that world.

"Do not!!"



From that world, countless strong men of the original alien race flew in all directions.

The big destruction hand in the sky directly photographed.

As soon as countless original foreign demon clan experts saw that big destruction hand, their bodies immediately collapsed and destroyed.

The powerful, Heavenly Monarch rank of the original alien demon was slapped by the destruction hand, and it turned into dust and disappeared like a bug frozen in amber.

Boom! !

In the desperate gaze of the empty alien demon ancestor, the star where the original alien demon race was located was also crushed by the original evil ancestor's claw.

The ancestor of the empty demon screamed crazily with crimson eyes: "Damn it! You beast! Damn it!!"

The reason why the original evil ancestor can find this place so accurately is obviously that he has long arranged a dark child in the original alien demon race. Want to catch the original alien race in one go.

It's just that the original evil ancestor was not sure to destroy the original alien demons, and those dark children did not start. After he went mad, he used those dark children to wipe out the original alien demons, which was a bit ironic.

"Little ant, dare to scold me? I'm looking for death!!"

The original evil ancestor smiled sensibly, and countless demon pupils flashed, looking towards the empty alien ancestor.

Countless twisted and weird magic lights flashed, and the Kong Yi Demon Ancestor immediately sent a wave of creepy throbbing from the depths of his body. His body stiffened for a moment.

At that moment, a weird and terrifying magic knife emerged from the void, slashed on the body of the Kong Ali Demon Ancestor, and directly cut the Kong Ali Demon Ancestor into two.

"Yi Zang!!"

Kong Yi Demon Ancestor screamed, a look of despair flashed in his eyes, and completely died.

In the entire Void Demon Realm, the phantom of the empty and different demon ancestors directly emerged, split, and large swaths of blood spewed out, blood raining across the sky, and stars falling like rain.

"King Different Demon Ancestor also completely died!!"

"The original alien demons are also finished!!"

"who is the next?"


All the true demons in the Void Demon Realm saw the vision of the complete death of the empty demon ancestors, and their hearts were also cold, shrouded in endless fear.

The Void Demon Ancestor is also the top strongest in the Void Demon Realm. Once he is completely destroyed, there will be one less horrible existence in the Void Demon Realm that can be against the first evil ancestor of the Antigen.

"Damn!! You took my prey again!! I will destroy everything about you!! Destroy all the human race!!"

An anger flashed in the eyes of the original evil ancestor.

Waves of destruction spread in all directions, and hundreds of human races in the world were completely destroyed under the claws of the original evil ancestor.


Yi Zang's eyes were cold and turned into a magic knife, continuing to attack the original evil ancestor.

"You don't care about these human races! Do you care about the human races in the Central Demon Realm of the Netherworld Realm and the Holy Realm of Gods and Demons?"

The original evil ancestor smiled Senran, his body shook, turned into a stream of light, and flew towards the center of the Void Demon Realm.

"Damn it!"

Yi Zang frowned slightly, using various secret methods to attack and kill, blasting towards the original evil ancestor.

"The original evil ancestor is flying towards the central demon realm of the imaginary world!!"

"Damn it, as soon as he arrives, the central demon realm of our Void Demon Realm will be destroyed!!"


A look of fear flashed in the eyes of the true demons in the Central Demon Realm of the Void Demon Realm.

Once the original evil ancestor descended into the central demon realm of the Void Demon Realm, with his terrifying power, it could completely destroy everything and become stronger by geometric progression.

At this moment, a detached light emerged from the void, forming a sea of ​​detached light.

In that detached sea of ​​light, Shu Feng's figure emerged directly, striding along the detached sea of ​​light.

"That's Shu Feng, he wants to advance half a step beyond!"

"Shu Feng, he also wants to advance half a step beyond!"


The eyes of that true demon fell into the void, and everyone's eyes flashed with excitement.

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