Yuanshan Mozu's face suddenly changed and screamed: "Yi Zang! Please take action and save my Shenshan Demon Race!! As long as my Shenshan Demon Race survives this disaster, I will surrender to you!! I will also be with you. , Suppress the original evil ancestor!!"

Yuanshan Demon Ancestor and Yeshang Demon Ancestor joined forces, and even used the power of the entire Shenshan Demon Clan, and was still vulnerable to a half-step transcendence series powerhouse!

"Remember your promise!"

Nine Yi Hidden appeared in the void, a cold light flashed in their eyes, turning into a magic knife and slashing on the demon claw that covered the sky.

Boom! !

Accompanied by a loud noise, the claws collapsed, and Yi Zang flew upside down hundreds of light years away like a ruin.

"Yi Zang, I'll take action to suppress him for a moment!! Next, I beg you!!"

Yuanshan Demon Ancestor took a deep breath, a touch of absoluteness flashed in his eyes, and he roared sharply.

Countless mysterious curse imprints surfaced on the body of Yuanshan Demon Ancestor, and his whole person began to burn.

An ancient mystery, from the Totem Era, was constructed from countless sacred mountains, and a terrifying giant with a body length of thousands of miles emerged at once.

Yuanshan Demon Ancestor's figure flickered and merged with that terrifying totem giant.

A trace of terrifying power fluctuations of half-step transcendence series diffused from the body of Yuanshan Demon Ancestor.

"Unfortunately, this state can only be maintained for a moment!!"

Yuanshan Demon Ancestor felt the terrifying power in his body, and a trace of regret passed in his eyes. He is an old monster with a half-step transcendence that has survived from the Totem Era to the present.

It's just that in this era of the Void Demon Realm, Yuanshan Demon Ancestor can only stop the strongest, and can only mobilize the power of the past for a moment.

"The Ring of God Mountain!!!"

The sacred mountains above the body of the original mountain demon ancestor flew out directly, turning into a ring of sacred mountains, and swept toward the destruction giant that the original evil ancestor had transformed.

"Ant! Break it for me!"

The original evil ancestor smiled grimly and slammed his claw.

The endless light of destruction erupted from the demon claws of the original evil ancestor, and crushed on the ring of the sacred mountain.

Boom! !

One sacred mountain after another collapsed directly, and the nearly ordinary sacred mountain collapsed and shattered under the blow of the original evil ancestor.

The remaining sacred mountain turned into a round of rings, and it was tightly wrapped around the body of the original evil ancestor, and turned into a round of rings, directly entwining the original evil ancestor.

"Get out of here!!"

The original evil ancestor let out a sharp roar, and the countless light of destruction burst out in an instant, and the sacred mountains surrounding his body exploded directly.

The sacred mountain giant transformed by the original mountain demon ancestor also cracked, and the magic blood like yellow mud spewed out of the body, and the wounds on his body were also difficult to heal.

Thirty-six Yi Zang appeared at once, and once again transformed and split into one hundred and eight Yi Zang exuding the weakest half-step transcendence series horror.


One hundred and eight Yi Zang formed a large array, with fierce light flashing in their eyes, turning into an evil magic knife and slashing them madly.

Countless evil sword lights burst out instantly, swallowing the original evil ancestor directly.

Countless lights of destruction condensed on the body of the original evil ancestor, and then collapsed and shattered under the slash of the evil blade light.

"No!! I can't die!! I can't die!!"

I don't know how many knives were slashed, the original evil ancestor made of the light of destruction screamed, and his body completely collapsed, turning into countless pieces and dissipating.

"Yi Zang, my God Mountain Demon Race is willing to surrender to you! Please also take it in. I will bear all the sins in the past!"

Yuanshan Demon Ancestor sighed, his body collapsed inch by inch, turned into countless dust, and drifted away with the wind.

In the entire Void Demon Realm, the true demon projection of the original mountain demon ancestor emerged directly, and then split, a large swath of blood gushing out, blood raining across the sky, and stars falling like rain.

"The original mountain demon ancestor has also completely died!!"

"The Primordial Evil Race among the three Primordial Demon Races has been destroyed, and the Shenshan Demon Race seems to be about to decline!"


When the true demons in the virtual world saw this vision, there was a slight strangeness in everyone's heart.

Many true demons who have survived from the era of the original demons have very complicated hearts. The original mountain demon ancestor is a famous overlord no matter what era, and has killed countless powerful people. The fall of such a supreme power made everyone feel a little complicated.

"Yeshang Demon Ancestor has seen His Majesty Yi Zang, my Shenshan Demon Race is willing to surrender and serve His Majesty!"

Demon Ancestor Yeshang flew out of the sacred mountain, his eyes flashed over Yi Zang's body, a complex color flashed, and he bowed his head and bowed in salute.

The human race, a weak race, was just food and toys in front of the inhaled Yeshang Demon Ancestor. After all, the warriors of the Shenshan Demon Race are the powerhouses of the perfect Demon God series when they grow up, and they don't even need Demon Fruit.

Such a weak existence actually gave birth to a powerful person like Yi Zang, and advanced half a step beyond, controlling the hegemony of the Void Demon Realm, which is simply incredible.

Suddenly, a light of destruction appeared, and a demon claw penetrated the back of Demon Ancestor Yeshang like lightning.

"Are you not dead?"

An unbelievable flash of Demon Ancestor Ye Shang's eyes.

"Of course I didn't die! How could I die before everything was destroyed? Hahahaha!!"

The original evil ancestor smiled frantically, and countless lights of destruction burst out instantly, swallowing Yeshang Demon Ancestor directly.

Demon Ancestor Yeshang instantly turned into ashes under the shroud of the light of destruction.

In the Void Demon Realm, the phantom of the Yeshang Demon Ancestor appeared directly, and then split, blood gushing out, blood raining across the sky, and stars falling like rain.

"Yeshang Demon Ancestor, he has also fallen!"

"Shenshan Demon Race, it's over!"

"The two strongest men of the Shenshan Demon Race are completely destroyed!! How could this be?"


The true demons in the entire Void Demon Realm felt a trace of chill in their hearts when they saw this scene.

Even though the Shenshan Demon Race is extremely powerful, but without the guardianship of the two strongest people, it will immediately fall from the top race in the Void Demon Realm.

When the Yuanshan Demon Ancestor and Yeshang Demon Ancestor were alive, they had killed many true demons and defeated many powerful ones. Now that the two strongest men have completely died, those strong men who have enemies with the Shenshan Demon Race will never let go of this opportunity.

"You dare to shoot at me! Little bugs, destroy them all!"

The original evil ancestor smiled sensibly, and countless lights of destruction erupted from his body, blasting towards the sacred mountain demon clan nest below.

In the lair of that sacred mountain demon clan, countless sacred mountains gleamed lightly, condensing to form a huge sacred mountain phantom that seemed to suppress the world.

The sacred mountain barrier containing various powers such as flames, ice, snow, darkness, and light emerged directly, blocking the light of destruction.

Boom! !

The light of destruction swept away, and various sacred mountain barriers collapsed one by one.

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