A group of young men and women finished their barbecue in the Longshan Botanical Garden in Leijiang City.

"Shu Feng, you will clean up the rest!"

Xu Gang, a young man wearing a brand-name suit and a sunny face, pointed to a pile of debris left over from the barbecue, and pointed to a medium-sized figure with good features, a little handsome, and a short-haired boy with two patches on his clothes.

The smile on Shu Feng's face was slightly stiff, and his eyes turned to the crowd. One was wearing a white dress, small black leather boots, shoulder-length hair, skin like milk, melon seed face, willow eyebrows, picturesque eyebrows, pure and beautiful The girl looked away.

That beautiful girl is Zhong Jietong, the girl Shu Feng has a crush on for a long time.

Zhong Jietong tilted her head slightly, got up and walked out.

Shu Feng's eyes dimmed slightly, and he forced a smile and said, "Okay!"

Xu Gang smiled boldly: "Go! Let's sing K together, I'll treat you!"


"Brother Gang's singing is already comparable to professional singers. Don't miss it!"

"Is it true? Bragging!"


Amidst bursts of laughter, the group of young men and women left grinning, as if there was no companion of Shu Feng.

"She and me are people from two worlds after all. Even if we are in the same class, there are two parallel lines. I have tried my best! I should give up!"

Shu Feng looked at the girl's back, her nose was slightly sour, her eyes were red, and two lines of tears remained. After seeing Zhong Jietong from the first day of the junior high, he liked this beautiful, smart girl who was ranked in the top five in the class and chased her for two years. The result was this, and he was already disheartened.

"Jie Tong, are we a bit too much?"

One of Zhong Jietong's good girlfriends, a pair of big long legs and a model-like figure, Wang Lu whispered in a low voice compared to Zhong Jietong's only slightly inferior.

Zhong Jietong said indifferently: "The high school entrance examination is coming. I am destined to be admitted to Leijiang No.1 High School. There is no possibility between him and me. It is best for him to cut off all his hopes. Moreover, I treat him, indeed. no feeling."

Wang Lu nodded slightly and left with Zhong Jietong.

Shu Feng was in a daze. When he was putting away the barbecue fork, he was accidentally stabbed by the barbecue fork, and a drop of blood fell on a piece of black charcoal.

A black breath poured out from the black charcoal, and it fell into Shu Feng's eyebrows.

"Discover the host and bind the soul."

"The scan begins!"

"Central analyzer, intact!"

"The Eternal Power Furnace is broken!"


Numerous weird and mysterious information entered Shu Feng's brain one after another, almost bursting his brain directly.

Outside the Longshan Botanical Garden, an ordinary-looking black dog suddenly moved his nose slightly, his eyes flashed a red light, his figure flashed, and he rushed towards the botanical garden.

The conductor at the entrance of the botanical garden glanced lazily towards the entrance.

A very strange scene appeared, the black dog actually ran into the botanical garden under the nose of the conductor.

"Well, what's the matter with that black dog? How can there be a dog here? Why is it black? Am I dazzled?"

Shu Feng's headache was a little better, as if attracted by something, he suddenly looked in the direction of the black dog, and at a glance, he saw a trace of black aura gushing out of the strange black dog. His eyes were red and dead. Staring at him deadly.

"Its target is me!"

Shu Feng was startled, and quickly pulled out two barbecue forks with both hands, looked at the black dog vigilantly, and instinctively felt that the black dog's target was him.

The black dog, the size of a wolf dog, had red eyes, and with terrible pressure, he walked towards Shu Feng step by step.

"Can't escape! The terrain here is empty, and I can't run it. You can't easily escape against wild dogs like wild dogs. Otherwise, it will be considered prey and attack!"

Shu Feng firmly grasped the two barbecue forks, his body trembled slightly, cold sweat ran down his back.

When the black dog approached Shu Feng's distance of five meters, it suddenly accelerated, like a cheetah, and rushed towards Shu Feng.

"Go to hell!"

Shu Feng held a barbecue fork and pierced directly towards the strange black dog.

"so hard!"

The barbecue fork pierced the weird black dog's back, as if pierced on a steel plate, barely pierced the black dog's skin, and dripped drops of black blood on the ground.

The weird black dog opened its mouth wide and bit on Shu Feng's right leg.


The bite force of the strange black dog's mouth was terrifying. Shu Feng screamed and fell to the ground, his right leg was actually bitten off by the strange black dog.

"What kind of monster is this? Am I going to die?"

A look of fear flashed in Shu Feng's eyes, and he resisted the pain, holding the barbecue fork in his left hand, and stabs the weird black dog fiercely.

A black sword light flashed, and the head of the strange black dog was chopped off at once, and a large amount of black blood was scattered on the ground.

A trace of weird and incomparable aura gushed out of the black dog's corpse and sank into Shu Feng's body.

"Ding Xiaoxue?"

Shu Feng glanced intently, and saw a man wearing a black samurai uniform and holding a black long sword, with fluttering black hair, tall, cold and noble, his skin was white and silky like milk, and his features were exquisite and exquisite. The stunning girl who refused to breathe thousands of miles away stood in front of him.

Zhong Jietong is a classmate in Class 53 of Leijiang No. 3 Middle School. Ding Xiaoxue is the only school flower recognized by Leijiang No. 3 Middle School. Every time he takes an exam, he is the first in grade and sports almighty. When school is over, there are even nearby middle school and high school students to visit her.

Zhong Jietong is cheerful, lively, socialized and has many friends. Ding Xiaoxue has a cold temperament, like a fairy who does not eat fireworks in the world, the flower of Gaoling high above, there are only two or three good girlfriends, not too many friends.

Shu Feng didn't expect that the person who saved him was actually Ding Xiaoxue, the beautiful iceberg girl in the school.

Ding Xiaoxue raised her eyebrows slightly and said curiously: "Do you know me? Who are you?"

Shu Feng looked painful, his body was tight, he looked at the bleeding right leg, gritted his teeth and said: "I am Shu Feng, a student in Class 53 of Leijiang No. 3 Middle School, your classmate. Ding Xiaoxue, help me make a 120, quick It hurts me."

"I haven't seen you before! You can see the Void Demon, you are a psionicist who just awakened. That's easy!"

Ding Xiaoxue took out a vial, shredded Shu Feng's pants on his right leg, sprayed several times on the wound on Shu Feng's right leg.

"It hurts! It hurts me!"

Shu Feng screamed, and only felt that the wound was painful and itchy, and his body twitched, as if a mysterious power was taken away and sank into his right leg.

After struggling with pain for five minutes, Shu Feng entered as if he was fished out of the water, foaming at the mouth, sweating all over, collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath.

Ding Xiaoxue whispered: "This high-level fast-healing Ling Mist seems to have a lot of side effects! Accompanied by severe pain, spiritual exhaustion, physical exhaustion, no wonder it's so cheap, only one million bottles. This kind of medicine is impossible. Used in battle, it can only be used in a safe place."

Shu Feng gasped and gritted his teeth: "120, I'm going to hit 120, my leg was bitten. If I die, I will miss the rescue time."

Ding Xiaoxue stabbed Shufeng's injured right leg with a scabbard and said: "Your leg has been cured. Don't pretend to be dead, get up!"

"Do you still have humanity...Huh? It doesn't hurt anymore!"

Shu Feng was furious, and just about to say something to her, he was suddenly surprised to find that his right leg, which had been bitten off, had been healed and scarred. He hesitated for a while, struggling to get up from the ground, gasping for breath, exhausted as if he had finished playing a 90-minute football game.

"How is it possible? My right leg was obviously bitten off by the black dog! What is going on now? Huh, what about the black dog corpse?"

Shu Feng glanced around, a look of doubt flashed in his eyes.

The body of the black dog has disappeared. If it weren't for Shu Feng's dripping blood, broken pants, and twisted barbecue forks, which proved what happened just now, Shu Feng would definitely make Shu Feng think that everything just happened was an illusion.

Ding Xiaoxue said: "The black dog is a virtual demon that has sneaked into our world. It is a low-level virtual demon. It has not yet condensed into an entity. Once it dies, it will turn into dust. Only the high-level virtual demon will leave a corpse. "

Shu Feng looked dumbfounded: "Void demon? What is that? I have never heard of such a thing on the Internet or in schools. Are you kidding me?"

"Void demons are alien monsters that have come to our world from the void world. Only us psychics can see it. In order not to cause panic, few people know the existence of void demons and our psychics. If ordinary people don't get special The license, knowing our existence, will be sealed and remembered."

"The Internet is also under the supervision of our psychics, and there is no possibility of spreading information about illusions."

"Shu Feng, since you can see the existence of the Black Dog Void, it proves that you have awakened as a psionicist and a member of the psionicist." Ding Xiaoxue said.

Shu Feng curiously asked: "Wait a minute, if ordinary people don't have a special permit and know of our existence, what should we do?"

Shu Feng's parents are still alive. He wants to know how his parents will be treated when they know they are psionicists.

Ding Xiaoxue said: "Don't worry, we will let the hypnotists among the psionicists seal their memories. Seal one person, one million yuan at a time."


Shu Feng was taken aback and blurted out.

Rice in Leijiang City is 3 yuan per catty. Shu Feng's father is a small employee in a private enterprise, and his mother is a cashier in a convenience store. The combined monthly salary of the two barely exceeds 4,000 yuan.

One million is an astronomical figure for the Shufeng family.

Shu Feng asked, "What if I don't have money to pay?"

Ding Xiaoxue said: "That will be difficult. If you don't have money, you will be sent to the erosion world to make money, and you won't be able to come back until you make enough money."

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