The magic sound stood on the head of a female idol, her face was extremely pale.

Around Jiao's body, there are 1500 billion sacred sacred areas formed by the rules of the Holy Word. Hair turns into purple vines and floats in the water, releasing a wisp of net fire.

The sword emperor stood on the palm of the deity, his body was scattered and scattered, and his condition was very bad.

After Shi Huang was swallowed into the stomach by the sea passenger, both of them gave birth to the sorrow of the fox and the morale fell to the bottom of the valley.

"Do you want to continue to struggle? In Hell, following this seat is more promising than following Zhang Ruochen." Hai Ke found out a giant hand with a flowing chain of God pattern, patted it down, and shattered the idol suddenly. .

The magic sound was smart and flew out of his fingers. When he was stranded in the water, his five fingers grabbed it from the air, tearing open fissures of dozens of feet in length, and flew straight to the Haikemen door.

Before the five space cracks reached Haike, they were closed by Haike's channels.

"In my domain, a space attack is useless."

From the rubble, Haike captured the sword emperor.


The five fingers exerted a slight force, and the sword king's body burst into pieces, turning into a cloud of light.

Haike gave a light sigh, carefully gazed at the clouds of palms, and said in surprise: "It is a sword, and a consciousness was formed. This is the core of the sword god-level power. Sword meaning? "

If the Haike got the treasure, a sword intended to practice to the Great Holy Realm would be enough to sell sky-high prices.

The magic sound had sensed Zhang Ruochen's arrival, so he released all the remaining holy spirit in his body and turned it into a magic fire. With his arms out, he turned into thousands of vines and entangled the sea god's body.

The magic fire burned on the vines, making the sea passenger into a huge fireball.

The hacker roared, "Look for death."

In his pupils, two gigantic beams of aura with a diameter of several centimeters spewed out and flew towards the magic sound.

At this moment, Haike's face changed, and he noticed that there was a powerful force above him, and his mouth roared, "Zhang Ruochen!"

"It's me."

Zhang Ruochen scooped out of the space, a sword straight down.

The ancient sword of Shen Yuan reached the weight of the planet and became a hundred feet long, like a black waterfall.

Since Zhang Ruochen chooses to shoot at this time, he will never give Haike any chance to avoid it. Sneak killings and head-to-head confrontations are two completely different concepts.

Haike was too late to think about how Zhang Ruochen exhibited the movement of space in his own way. In a hurry, he had to do as much as possible to mobilize the rules of the Cause in the way to form a wall of defense.


Shen Yuan's ancient sword broke through the defensive light wall, and was attached to the scalp of the sea passenger, dragging from the back of the head to the bottom of the back, forming a path of hundreds of feet in length.

The wound was startling.

A large amount of divine blood poured from the sword road, which instantly dyed this water area red.

Zhang Ruochen did not rejoice because of this, but his face became a lot uglier. Such a rare opportunity did not kill Haike with a single sword.

Haike's **** body, the defense is really too strong, to the benefit of Shen Yuan's ancient sword, plus Zhang Ruochen mobilized the power of the world of Qian Kun, it just broke into the depths.

Not to mention separating the body of God, in fact, not even Haike's bones were injured.

The two auras of light beaming from Haike's eyes had already severely wounded the magic sound, flying out like a piece of coke and crashing into the depths of the bottom of the sea.


Haike broke the vine wrapped around his body, and his body quickly contracted, becoming only more than two meters high. Homeopathy also avoided Zhang Ruochen's sword to his neck.

Since his own domain, Zhang Ruochen's space power cannot be restrained. Then, the huge body of God will become his flaw, giving Zhang Ruochen more opportunities.

God's body becomes smaller, which is better for him.

The second sword missed, Zhang Ruochen retreated decisively and gained a deeper understanding of Haike's strength.

Although this person looks overbearing, impulsive, and addictive on the surface, in fact, he has very rich combat experience. If he belittled him, he would suffer a lot.

The disciple of the big man in Wushen Shenhai is a leisurely generation.

Haike's back was invaded by sword gas, and the wound was difficult to heal.

Thinking that he would be hurt by a weak monk such as Zhang Ruochen, Haike's heart was filled with anger, summoning the axe of torment, and chanting; You run away. "


More than nine trillion sacred sacred rules cover even wider ocean waters.

The temperature in this area of ​​water dropped rapidly, and strange pieces of ice crystals condensed. The cold air made the speed of blood and holy air in Zhang Ruochen's body extremely slow.

The space seemed to be frozen.

The hacker strode over and said, "This place knows that you are the master of time and space, and your ability to escape is great. However, the dense patterns and formations in the source temple will greatly limit your power. How do you think you have a chance to escape? "

"When did I say I want to run away?" Zhang Ruochen said.

Hakka said: "You can't break my physical defenses without my defense. In frontal confrontation, do you think there is still a chance? I practice in the sea of ​​uncertainty over the years. The environment here allows me to Become more powerful. "

"Stubborn and weak, isn't it speaking by mouth?" Zhang Ruochen said.

The distance between the two was narrowed to ten feet.


The hacker lifted the holy axe and chopped down with one ax.

The tomahawk became ten feet long instantly, and the axe was as large as a house, releasing a purple-black thunderbolt.

Zhang Ruochen turned sideways and evaded quickly.


The cataclysm axe was on the bottom of the sea, and a crack hundreds of meters long was cracked, and numerous **** patterns were touched. Below the crack, a devastating beam of light emerged.

Although Zhang Ruochen avoided the axe, it was difficult to avoid the thunder and lightning everywhere.

In the water, the power of lightning is inevitable.

Dozens of lightning strikes on the armor of Vulcan, penetrates the armor, and attacks Zhang Ruochen's body. Each thunderbolt pierced the body like a sword.

Hai Ke laughed a long time and waved his axe.


This time, Zhang Ruochen took out the hidden mountain magic mirror, and the mirror became one person tall, reflecting the lightning in the water back.




Hai Ke confident and calm, said: "It has been so dodging, you can't hide for long."

Zhang Ruochen looked around and noticed that the edge of Haike's channel had completely frozen into white ice and was shrinking rapidly.

His activity space will become smaller and smaller.

What's more important is that the white ice is completely combined with the sacred rules of the sea passenger. Even if Zhang Ruochen mobilizes the upsurge of space, he can't pierce through the space.

"It seems that there is no other way!"

Zhang Ruochen whispered in such a low voice, and then said to the oncoming sea passenger, "Do you really think that your body is unbreakable?"

"To break my defense of the gods, unless there is a demigod shot, there will be a chance." Hai Ke Road.

From the space ring, Zhang Ruochen took out a copper coffin and slammed it with a palm and flew it out.

There was a faint light of divine light in the coffin, overflowing.

It is the coffin containing half of the dead body.

Hai Ke was slightly surprised, and then smiled: "Are you ready for yourself even with the coffin?"


A strange voice came from the coffin.

The dense god-eating insects flew out of the coffin, the body was blue and blue staggered, emitting blue flames all over, and flew towards the sea passenger.

"God Eater!"

Hake's complexion finally changed, and he immediately stopped and let out the air in his body, condensing into a huge spherical defense cover, and then chopped out with an axe.

God corpses, the most feared, is the bite worm.

The number of god-eaters is extremely large, and everything is eaten.

Although Haike's attack is strong, the defense of the Devourer is not weak. He can only kill a few with one axe.

Zhang Ruochen took out the Seven-Star Emperor Palace, found the sacred flower that was returned to its original shape, and brought it into the palace, and healed in the fountain of life.

The guardian spirit respects the barren sky, knowing that the Haike is a tyrannical existence, and immediately activates the formation method, the **** pattern, and the Great Holy Inscription pattern.

Standing at the gate of the Seven-Star Emperor Palace, Zhang Ruochen watched the sea passenger surrounded by the bite-sucking insects, releasing the boundless realm of truth in the universe.

At the same time, a crystal-clear diamond-shaped gem flew from his body, with 126,000 facets, and the brilliance was brighter than the thousands of stars in the realm.

The sea passenger who was preventing the bite worm from coming near, suddenly shocked to find that the truth and mystery in his body flew uncontrollably to the Seven-Star Emperor Palace.

"Zhang Ruochen, you really have the treasure of truth, you don't want to take away my mystery."

Hai Ke leap forward, rushing out of the swarm, the cataclysm axe grabbed by both hands, suddenly chopped down with the potential of thunder.

The Tomahawk became a hundred feet long, and the lightning turned into an ocean.


The seven-star imperial palace's layer-by-layer defense matrix light curtain was broken by him, and the huge tomahawk slowly fell.

Zhang Ruochen has taken two ten thousandths of the truth into the body of the sea guest, and has embraced the heart of the truth, looking up, and said in his mouth, "Sword!"

A dazzling sword light flew from his eyebrows and struck Haike.


The sea passenger flew backward and fell back into the swarm.

Zhang Ruochen frowned: "He doesn't seem to be hurt, but his desire is not strong enough."

Yu Jian did not hurt Hai Ke's **** body, but caused some trauma to Hai Ke's spirit and holy spirit.

Zhang Ruochen sat down on his knees, held Wan Zhou Dzi Bead in his palm, mobilized strong mental power into it, and said in his mouth, "Death of the Heart."

This curse directly attacked the Sacred Heart of the Haiker.

Hai Ke's mental power ~ ~ was not as powerful as Nan Sheng, and was attacked by the Death Spell, and was immediately severely affected. The defense appeared flawed, and there was a **** eater. He took the opportunity to drill into the wound on his back.

"Forget to break the spell."

"Countless curse."

"Blood Devour."


One spell after another, read from Zhang Ruochen's mouth.

The hacker roared again and again, so he stopped paying attention to those god-eaters that fell on his body and rushed towards the Seven-Star Emperor Palace.

Zhang Ruochen knew that his power was strong, and of course it was impossible to collide with him directly. With a change of heart, Qixing Imperial Palace became the size of a fist and disappeared into space. The next moment, appeared in the direction behind Haike.


There is another chapter tonight.

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