While hurried on the road, Da Sikong and Er Sikong talked.

However, the difference with Zhang Ruochen's speculation was not large. It was indeed Bai Qinger, who brought the monks of the major forces to the source temple. A large amount of holy medicine was taken away by Da Sikong, Er Sikong and others. Could n’t those monks be jealous?

In a hurry, they could only run away.


In that area full of holy medicine, there are still some holy medicine that have not been picked, and they all grow in powerful formations. A large number of strong people gather here to try to break the battle.

A large number of monks of the land demons occupied a ruin.

In the ruins, an ancient holy tree grew, and there were more than ten holy fruits flowing with electric light on the tree. The mages of the Earth Demon clan emperor, Xuan Zehai, and the Yan Luo clan are cracking the square formation of the ancient holy tree.

Yan Zhexian and Xuan Qingzhang stood in the outer area, alerting other monks to attack.

Although there are not many monks who dare to provoke the Yanluo tribe, here is the source temple after all. For the treasures, those bold monks can do everything.

Xuan Qing said: "The original temple was born, and the gods of the major forces in **** should be here?"

"The gods care more about the original temple than we do, and I guess that some of them may have reached the southern boundary of the sword, or even may have entered the temple." Yan Zhexian said.

Xuan Qing's eyes waved, and suddenly, tentatively said, "Zhang Ruochen has once again stood on the limelight, turning all the major forces into play, and many members of the family have already spoken out, so they must teach them harshly he."

Yan Zhexian's eyes were cold and he said, "Don't mention it to me. If you meet me, I will also teach him fiercely. Let him know how terrible the anger of Miss Yan Luo is."

The thought of Zhang Ruochen and Bai Qing's children taking advantage of her name to sneak into the Origin Temple in advance, the anger in Yan Zhexian's heart was burning. I really want to scold dogs and men like other monks.

There were noises in the distance, and many monks took off.

A monk of the Demon race rushed over quickly and said eagerly: "Fell the two great saints, Zhang Ruochen appeared!"


Yan Zhexian threw his long sleeves into a streamer and broke away.

Xuan Qingzhen followed closely.

With five monks, Zhang Ruochen came to this area again, watching the overwhelming monks from all over the force, without any panic, saying: "The holy medicine in this area has been picked almost, why? So many monks stay here? Everyone, there must be some treasure in other areas of the source temple. "

A group of men and horses of the Shura Temple stepped out aggressively.

A leading saint with three tails, Xiu, in order to reach the highest state, said: "Zhang Ruochen, I am a great saint in Shura Temple, did you kill it?"

This man, named Shan Haijun, has cultivated his existence for thousands of years.

The temple of destiny was headed by Prajna, and a group of holy spirits poured out to surround Zhang Ruochen.

Prajna Road: "If you are the Great Saint, can you explain where did the best source **** crystal of Givenchy's heart come from?"


"Zhang Ruochen, was the Great Saint Phil Tintin of my Phil family killed by you?"


"In the Goddess Building of the Destiny God Realm, five superb original **** crystals were stolen, and Tan Fei blew up the Holy Source, almost killing the monks of our major forces. Is this what you did?


Monks of all influences snarled Zhang Ruochen with anger or resentment.

Yan Zexian was so angry that Zhang Ruochen hated it, but when she saw Zhang Ruochen in such a dangerous situation, she could not help but rushed out and didn't want to go down at this time.

Even inexplicable, some worry.

What if that guy provokes anger and is killed?

"In the **** world, killing a few holy saints still needs to explain to you? If you shot now, I killed all of you, and you still do n’t need to explain to anyone."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the Quartet, with a majestic expression on his body, Shen Yuan's ancient sword was already in his hand, and he screamed, "Flash away!"

"It's too arrogant, what kind of cultivation do you have, so no one in your eyes?" The Supreme Master of the Shura Temple, Shan Haijun, roared Shen.

Zhang Ruochen said: "No one in your eyes? You are clearly guilty of Luo Zhi, you want to put me to death and divide up all the treasures on me. How else can I tell you the truth? Does it make sense?"

The monks of all the major forces could not bear it, and took out all the holy artifacts, preparing to join forces to kill Zhang Ruochen.

"And slow."

Prajna stepped out of a group of monks in the Temple of Destiny and came to the opposite of Zhang Ruochen, saying: "Other things, you can solve it in private. clear."

Zhang Ruochen saw that Prajna took the initiative to come forward, in order to get him to seize her for quality, and get away.

Zhang Ruochen was not moved, and said: "Of course, her supernatural source crystal was snatched from me. Her Highness Goddess believes that there is no collusion between me and the monks in heaven?"

Suddenly, a laughing child sounded in the crowd: "Zhang Ruochen has a sentence that is right, how can there be so much to say? Why kill so much nonsense?"

A child exuding nine colorful gods' light came out of the monks.


He soared, flying out the six swords on his back.

Among them are two swords, which release the mighty supreme power, which are two supreme holy vessels. The six swords flew together and stirred the waters upside down.

At the scene, with the exception of several great saints, all the other saints were standing unsteadily, and were almost swept away by supreme power.

This child is naturally a greedy baby.

The greedy baby sneered, "I heard that you defeated the lack, this time, I will go all out."

"Sky Soul."

The rules of Kendo in the waters flew towards him and came to the top of his head, condensing a shadow of soul. In a short time, the sword of the greedy baby surged.

"Sura kills everything!"

The six swords lined up together, turned into a sword-like practice, and chopped down.

Zhang Ruochen's body turned golden, and a soul shadow appeared above his head. He rushed straight up and chopped his sword. "Sword Eleven."

Up and down, two violent kendo forces collided together, bursting out tens of thousands of swords.

In the sword spirit, there is a powerful sword soul power. A monk was hit, the holy soul was severely damaged, and a scream was made in his mouth.

"Sky Sword Spirit ... Zhang Ruochen also cultivated Sky Sword Spirit ..."

"It's true that Tianjian Soul is right. Zhang Ruochen actually cultivated Tianjian Soul in Baixu Realm. His accomplishments in Kendo are so high?"

In the exclamation of the crowd, the greedy baby and Zhang Ruochen had been fighting dozens of swords.

Suddenly, the greedy baby fell from above and fell heavily into the mud, making a large area of ​​water extremely turbid. The Six-Handed Sword also fell from the sky and plunged into the ocean floor.

The abdomen of the greedy baby was cut with a long sword path, which could not heal for a long time.

He turned around and leaped from the ground, his face stunned, and shouted, "Zhang Ruochen, don't go, let's fight again."

The crowd then realized that Zhang Ruochen had no idea where he was going. Even the five monks were taken away by him.

The elders of the Supreme Master, who were present, looked at each other, shocked to the point that they could not be added. Has Zhang Ruochen grown to this point?

So many monks came together to condemn him, but he calmly escaped and came and went freely.

Prajna looked at the direction of Zhang Ruochen's departure, and an invisible smile appeared in the star eyes.

After a while, news came that Zhang Ruochen defeated Nan Sheng.

The crowd was shocked again. Some monks who had previously spoken to Zhang Ruochen felt panic and regret in their hearts, fearing that Zhang Ruochen secretly retaliated. This trip to the Temple of Origin seems to be even more dangerous!

Xuan Qingying looked at the greedy babies surrounded by a group of monks in the Qinglu Temple, still a little lost, and mumbled to himself: "No one can stop Zhang Ruochen from rising, and the mundane world of **** will soon be his world."

The source temple is full of danger. Except for the monks in the Qinglu temple, there is no other force, and they continue to pursue Zhang Ruochen.

The reason why Zhang Ruochen returned to this place was to look for the breath left by Shi Shenghua.

Compared to Givenchy, who couldn't find it, he thought that it was more important to find people who were sage-eating flowers, stone emperors, sword emperors, and blood slaughters. There is a very subtle connection between him and Shi Shenghua, and she can feel the direction of her departure.

Not long after chasing it, Zhang Ruochen found a vine of the holy flower in a dilapidated stone hall.

Picking up the vine, Zhang Ruochen perceives it, saying, "The breath of the sea passenger. Great, in the source temple, it is a good opportunity to kill him."

In the hundred-city royal city, the first time he saw Haike, Zhang Ruochen's heart of truth felt that there was truth in his body. So he was included in the list of slaying.

As for the great saint in the **** world, why is there a mystery of truth? Zhang Ruochen probably has some guesses. Mostly, he killed the monks who had the mysteries of truth and seized them.

Zhang Ruochen burst out to catch up at a faster speed. It didn't take long for him to perceive a wave of familiar power in the water.


In the vast ruins in front, the water quality is extremely turbid, with ripples of death gas ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ accompanied by deafening fighting sounds, gushing outward.

Although the Haike is a dead family, the body is a **** corpse.

At this moment, his body of God is more than a thousand feet high. He grabbed the stone emperor, suppressed it in the palm of his hand, and laughed: "A piece of xuanhuang stone can be cultivated to such a state. This is the treasure of the Supreme Holy Artifact. material."

"Xuanhuang Holy Lance!"

Shi Huang gave a loud shout, and a lance with long scales flew out of his body, and flew towards Haike's brows.


The Haike ignored it at all. After the Xuanhuang stun gun hit his eyebrow, a layer of gods appeared on the skin automatically, and the king's holy weapon flew out.

"Ha ha! The physical body of this seat is stronger than Zhang Ruochen's demigod physical body, can you also be hurt?"

Hai Ke thrust the stone emperor into his mouth and swallowed it. He planned to use the fire in his body to first refine and tame his soul and will.

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