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Go Through the Book and Save the Hero!

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You just want to wear books, just want to be the male lead’s little first love, little beauty, little girlfriend, little crying bag, little follower, little cute… Have you ever thought about the feelings of the male lead? You don’t, you only love yourself.
Inexplicably became a Tang monk who fell into the Pansi Cave, and the male protagonist’s feelings are also very simple.
Gu Zhixing: “Thank you for your invitation, don’t wear it anymore, kidney deficiency.”
After Gu Zhixing dodged the fall of three girls expressionlessly, avoided the collision of five girls, and ignored the sobbing of two girls, Gu Zhixing was pulled into an empty classroom.
In the classroom, the girl blushed, “You…I like…”
Gu Zhixing held her hand, his black eyes were indifferent, “Sister, I don’t eat your way.”
The girl stomped her feet embarrassedly.
Gu Zhixing pushed her away and left without looking back. After walking out of the classroom, Gu Zhixing glanced down at his chest, Jun Mei’s reckless face was full of indifference.
Well, the corset is very useful, the baby is very good, and the store service is also very good. I will come again next time.
The person who witnessed the whole process gritted his teeth and said harshly: “I’ve been accused again? How many good sisters do you have!”

Content tags: Supernatural ability Wearing a book Female disguise as a man Shuangwen
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Short Title:GTBSH
Alternate Title:管管穿书,救救男主!
Author:call me Su Sanshao
Weekly Rank:#7327
Monthly Rank:#6824
All Time Rank:#8401
Tags:Crossdressing, Female Protagonist,
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  1. This story is hilarious🤣 After reading until chapter 22, I can officially say it’s like Ouran Highschool Host Club or well, has the same vibes.

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