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Glory Riding and Cutting

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The gods disappeared, the magic declined.

Thousands of years later, the war on the Aslow continent resumed. A soul from another world came to this world with a mission and became an abandoned son of a framed family.

Power and glory, power and wealth. Can he use the power of Calradia to gain a foothold in this war-torn world? Can it be the variable that ends it all?

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Short Title:GRC
Alternate Title:荣耀骑砍
Author:night, chaos
Weekly Rank:#3667
Monthly Rank:#2334
All Time Rank:#4715
Tags:Aristocrat, Army Building, Dwarfs, Elves, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Mercenaries, Modern Knowledge, Monsters, Nobles, Orcs, Racism, Religions, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slaves, Sword And Magic, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Transported to Another World, Wars, Wars Weak to Strong, Weak to Strong,
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19 Comments on “Glory Riding and Cutting
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  1. Welp, gonna add "Religion" and "Scheme and Conspiracies" tags. The MC uses religion as another scheme to fool every commoner in that world.

  2. This novel is a Mount & Blade Warband and Skyrim fanfic (you'll see Fus Ro Dah and Loh Vah Koor thuum being used in this novel). Just like other similar novel, the MC is a modern people that transmigrated to the body of some sort of weak protagonist (he is a titleless noble that KIA on the battlefield because of his brother's plot) that get the M&B and Skyrim system and start his life as a mercenary. Then he come back to his homeland to usurp his father and killed the brother, then he starts to build his own kingdom from there. Overall i give this novel 4 out of 5 stars (the author not butchering the game used by the system, and there are a little amount of CCP propaganda in it).

  3. simply put MC being ollivander's grandson, with a friendship system, he is a year older by 3 friends and is sorted into Ravenclaw, for his character Dumbledore is made as a kind old man with experience so you should know this means the character is not dark, the story is quite good to spend time, love interest there are 2 cho chang and the original character. this is good but i don't read it anymore because i saw harem signs or maybe not?,i'll read it when i finished with the current book

  4. I don't know if you guys want to read it, a love story with 1 heroine, no faceslap and arrogant young master, I read it as a distraction because nothing has been good lately. be careful it's very sweet https://sj.uukanshu. com/book.aspx?id=173261

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