Global Weird: I Can Simulate In Advance

On that day, one percent of the world’s human beings were selected, and they went back and forth between reality and one weird copy. A magician with treacherous methods, a warrior of alien blood who can drive mountains, a magic spirit that haunts ghosts, and a monster in th.... Read more

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~ closing remarks ~ Grand Finale: Hide and Seek Chapter 754 The third head is awakened, and the power is liberated!

Chapter 753 The first emperor to complete the seizure! Chapter 752 Zhu Xian! Chapter 751 The Mysterious Immortal Sleeping Inside the Moon Chapter 750 Lin Xianbai has it, but Renhuang doesn't Chapter 749 Wang Yanqing left, Pluto resurrected! Chapter 748 Become a god, Wang Yanqing helps out, and Ying Xiao dies! Chapter 747 Looting the shrine, becoming a **** is imminent! Chapter 746 The news of Ying Xiao made Lin Xianbai a god! Chapter 745 The real whereabouts of the emperor

Chapter 744 The world is unified, the **** of the future appears, the truth! Chapter 743 The ending of Wang Yanqing? Chapter 742 Prophecy murals come true, the death of the empress

Chapter 741 The queen's plan, "Chen Lan" appeared! Chapter 740 Invite the East China Sea to fight, solo kill the eight national pillars! Chapter 739 The 9th house level of Dzogchen, the limit of all realms 【Wish you all a happy Chinese New Year... Chapter 738 The dark current is surging, the eve of the storm [I wish everyone a happy new year... Chapter 737 Western surrender, the world 2 points Chapter 736 Hunt down the demigods! Chapter 735 Xuanzhong of the Tulip Empire, let's go to war! ~ A letter to book friends in the new year Chapter 734 devil's kiss

Chapter 733 How to Kill the Second Consciousness Chapter 732 Life and death are all between a kiss? Chapter 731 Energized items finally appeared, saving Wang Yanqing's prophecy Chapter 730 Lodi's last gift Chapter 729 Ten days of simulation, the end is coming Chapter 728 Kevin's gold ring Chapter 727 The Real Murderer of the Queen's Death Chapter 726 bye saoirse Chapter 725 1 step to God's chance Chapter 724 Fighting between man and god, warrior Chen Lan! Chapter 723 Chi Yuanan who came suddenly Chapter 722 Chance to solve the 3 demigods

Chapter 721 The 'Unreasonable' Conspiracy of the Tulip Empire Chapter 720 The treasure left by Li Guanqi to the weird world Chapter 719 Envoy of the Tulip Empire Chapter 718 Gu God's Remnant Body Chapter 717 The foreshadowing emerges, the 13th bishop, Lin Xianbai! Chapter 716 The spirit stone is full, and the return to the ancestral temple is imminent Chapter 715 Blood and gu, love and obsession Chapter 714 Dynasty Wings, it's all over Chapter 713 The Canonization Ceremony of the Dawu Dynasty Chapter 712 Transcendent "Adam" Chapter 711 She is not her in this world Chapter 710 Wang Yanqing's Demonic Personality

Chapter 709 The end of Daluo, the empress of Dachu with the fortune of the country! Chapter 708 The red blood stains the white snow, and the emperor's flames are ignited! Chapter 707 The devil takes pleasure in playing with people's hearts Chapter 706 the exact same future Chapter 705 Wei Mo's father, Wei Guozhu! Chapter 704 My merits and demerits in life will be commented by future generations Chapter 703 Finally see Wang Yanqing, the battle of the ancients on the moon? Chapter 702 Princess of the Great Wu Dynasty Chapter 701 In the battle between the two emperors, one must die? Chapter 700 2 prophecies of the Kobe 1 family Chapter 699 The former "mascot" of the Sakura Shogunate Chapter 698 The grasslands, the shogunate, and the oriental islands all belong to the Wu Dynasty!

Chapter 697 The blood moon in the sky, the devil in the world Chapter 696 The might of a demigod! Chapter 695 Luo Di's help to Li Guanqi Chapter 694 "Your eyes are as beautiful as his." Chapter 693 With the luck of the country, the demigod Martial Emperor! Chapter 692 Ascend to the throne and proclaim the emperor, the dynasty is born! Chapter 691 Enthronement Ceremony Chapter 690 On the eve of enthronement, goodbye Sophia Chapter 689 A descendant of the Ying family, Zhou Lan? Chapter 688 What the little brother is best at Chapter 687 The Fatal Flaw of Atavistic Demon Blood Chapter 686 Empress of Great Chu's attitude towards Tian Khan

Chapter 685 The Great Chu Dynasty, the Empress within the Great Wall! Chapter 684 Ying Xiao, Ying Xuan, Lu Hong, Sakurai Yuko Chapter 683 Demigod magician, Lu Hong! Chapter 682 The process of God reshaping the body Chapter 681 Further application of 【Time Backtracking】 Chapter 680 Fist asks the sky, two gods from different time and space meet! Chapter 679 The orcs gather, the banner of the dynasty! Chapter 678 Sword God's Past Chapter 677 God's true identity Chapter 676 Golden Tree, Amur Khan Chapter 675 The Correct Interpretation of the Prophecy Murals Chapter 674 Goodbye Lodi, the prophecy mural of the Kobe family

Chapter 673 3 life-saving graces that cannot be repaid Chapter 672 Li Guanqi who has never traveled through time and space Chapter 671 Simulate the truth of the world Chapter 670 Strange object, the heart of 7 colorful dreams Chapter 669 God's Promise to the Chosen Chapter 668 Day of Resurrection Chapter 667 The Real Conditions for the Resurrection of the Gods Chapter 666 The afterlife, endless torment Chapter 665 "Tyrant" of the Steppes, Irid Khan Chapter 664 The man who delayed the resurrection of the gods by his own power Chapter 663 The crystal coffin, the corpse of a beautiful woman whose body does not rot Chapter 662 Amur Khan has another hidden secret - God!

Chapter 661 Some infamy, someone has to recite it Chapter 660 Ying's Emperor Fist, the third orifice, open! Chapter 659 The intermediate barrier between the west and Daluo, grassland Chapter 658 [Synaesthesia] Batu Bukhhan, the fist of the Ying family! Chapter 657 The second generation of Khan, the war between the grassland and Daluo Chapter 656 Back in time, the real reason for the wear and tear of the sacred monument Chapter 655 Ancestral world, hallucinatory dream? Chapter 654 Lions and Tigers Raid, Muya's Late Night Visit Chapter 653 Pluto's reincarnation Chapter 652 The founder of the Northern Mang court, the sun flower of Amur Khan Chapter 651 When the Khan enters the city, the grassland changes Chapter 650 Mu Family's Voting Certificate——Persuading Khan to Surrender

Chapter 649 Beimang King City, memories of old people Chapter 648 Gu **** believers, armor 3 and armor 7 Chapter 647 Preparations for the lion slaying operation Chapter 646 The son of the contemporary devil, senior sister? ! Chapter 645 The Demon King's House really hides demons! Chapter 644 The 8 demigods within the Great Wall? ! Chapter 643 The "time bomb" left by Lodi Chapter 642 Li Guanqi and the Eastern Emperor! Chapter 641 Domineering first experience Chapter 640 King's Landing Baiwei, God Khan! Chapter 639 The golden dragon elephant shows its power, the siege is over! Chapter 638 The city was destroyed, the people were killed, and the puppets were sacrificed with blood!

Chapter 637 King's Landing, the war begins! Chapter 636 Go! Chapter 635 The Meaning and Cost of War Chapter 634 A grassland where the royal court is weak and order collapses Chapter 633 The finalization of the expedition plan Chapter 632 Spiritual God Stone and Gu God Fragmented Soul Chapter 631 Dragon halberd joins, swords, guns, swords and halberds! Chapter 630 poor ares Chapter 629 The artifact that turns into a human form - the dragon halberd! Chapter 628 The second golden dragon Chapter 627 Li Guanqi, who inherited the will of the ancestor dragon? Chapter 626 The world's first 8 hexagram level!

Chapter 625 [Synesthesia], the will of the king of dragons of all dynasties! Chapter 624 Prophecy, break, emperor robe, Wang Yanqing? Chapter 623 Surprise, the simulator's charging item! Chapter 622 Dragon blood evolves, Yinglong reappears! Chapter 621 After one hundred and ninety-eight years, the injustice is snowed Chapter 620 The king of giant dragons, Li Guanqi! Chapter 619 Communication with the 3rd Golden Dragon King Chapter 618 Collective migration, Yinglong 1 family who left the planet Chapter 617 The inheritance of illusion of the 3rd Golden Dragon King! Chapter 616 The battle of giant beasts, the battle of the Dragon King! Chapter 615 Ying Longtong's memory and illusion Chapter 614 The giant dragon family who fell into the illusion, Ying Longtong!

Chapter 613 The father of the forest dragon, the mastermind behind the scenes? Chapter 612 Forest dragon blocked from ancestral lair Chapter 611 Different race, same desire Chapter 610 Dark Dragon King - Hades! Chapter 609 Possibility of conquering the curse spirit 1 family Chapter 608 Human beings rescued by the cursed spirit, human and the cursed spirit Chapter 607 The Fall of the Violet, the Rise of the Western Nations Chapter 606 The extra 4 divine veins and 12 orifice points! Chapter 605 The Boundary of Eight Trigrams, the 1st Military Division Chapter 604 Overlord of the grasslands, Tian Khan! Chapter 603 The reunion of old friends, Bai Wei and Misha Chapter 602 Centaur ancestor, Bai Wei Chiron

Chapter 601 Lin Xianbai, Southern Border, Gu God Ancestral Temple Chapter 600 Savage Savage Orcs Chapter 599 People who have traveled to a strange world... Chapter 598 They are the leaders of a tribe Chapter 597 "United" Tauren 1 Clan Chapter 596 Head-to-head battle of the 9th palace level! Chapter 595 Tauren Chief - Alto Milne! Chapter 594 World Mission - War! Establish a country! Unity 1! Chapter 593 An extraordinary person who has the same "potential" as Luodi Chapter 592 No. 13 in the world, Mr. Autumn Chapter 591 1 person's life, for 1 city's life? Chapter 590 Rewards are issued, artifacts are unsealed!

Chapter 589 Spy, Inner Ghost, Dealer, Saoirse Chapter 588 Unpredictable [Resurrection] Ability Chapter 587 Extraordinary King, Spiritual Pillar Chapter 586 Immortal gods - gods about to be resurrected? Chapter 585 Recognize the self, integrate the law, the 9th-order soul! Chapter 584 The reminder of the heart of time and space, the clouds of luck Chapter 583 Luo Di's last gift - Ying's 7 stars! Chapter 582 Li Guanqi wakes up and slays the dragon! Chapter 581 The 9th Palace-level Great Perfection, the Golden Dragon King! Chapter 580 Tiankeng occurs frequently, joys and sorrows in the world Chapter 579 The contact of 2 parallel time and space - Tiankeng! Chapter 578 The world's number one, lv. 90's Li Guanqi!

Chapter 577 The emperor ends, the sun rises Chapter 576 Ying Xiao's last message, conspiracy? Really remind? Chapter 575 Southern Border, the Mysterious Gu God Ancestral Temple ~ Thank you to the leader of [Red Dust Cold Sky Dance]! Chapter 574 Chapter 573 Chapter 572 hidden demigod Chapter 571 Weak Muppets - Ying Xuan Chapter 570 demigods of the world Chapter 569 Biggest winner? Chapter 568 Violet is destroyed, truly invincible! Chapter 567 Since you can't refuse war, accept it happily!

Chapter 566 Luo Di dictated the real reason why Da Luo discriminated against magicians Chapter 565 Lodi is coming! Chapter 564 A dream within a dream, a second-level nightmare! Chapter 563 nightmare, regret, hateful, pitiful Chapter 562 7 stars gather, the Big Dipper is now, and the seclusion is open! Chapter 561 Ying Xiao's 5 nightmares, Wang Yanqing's "death" Chapter 560 The Big Dipper sequence is complete! Chapter 559 Ying Xiao's vision, reshape Da Luo! Chapter 558 The altar of the magic knife, god-level ability - unintentional slash! Chapter 557 Life is a constant comparison Chapter 556 The person chosen by Luo Di - Li Guanqi! Chapter 555 The answer to the Fairy Forest incident, the demigod knight!

Chapter 554 The things that are not young will eventually trap them for a lifetime Chapter 553 Dreaming back to the past, facing the divine punishment of Vulcan! Chapter 552 The price of the Wang family's unicorns - lifespan Chapter 551 Level 8 Snow, Magic Sword Altar, Level 9 Qingxuan! Chapter 550 The return of the tulip elves, the hidden mission failed Chapter 549 The curtain ends, the departure of the kingdom of dark night Chapter 548 Kingdom of Night and Empire of Violet Chapter 547 How to unlock the 9th layer of magic knife, snow gun, and imperial armor Chapter 546 The frog at the bottom of the well always has to go to the new world Chapter 545 Demigod remains, atavistic Yinglong skeleton? Chapter 544 Olina's Way to Be King, Kingdom Treasure Chapter 543 Hidden tasks, golden talents, golden abilities!

Chapter 542 king Chapter 541 Night Elf Gala Dinner Chapter 540 The side effects of Greed Wolf Star - what is the king? Chapter 539 A new age of night elves Chapter 538 The place where Wenqu Xingchen technique uses "wu" Chapter 537 Dead Artifact - Loya Giant Tree Chapter 536 The case of the night elves Chapter 535 The Queen of the Night who cannot be fully healed Chapter 534 Control the night elves and heal them! Chapter 533 Night Elf in Hot Springs Chapter 532 Through the evolution of the secluded blood, purple hair and purple pupils! Chapter 531 Gods do not save people, believe in a bird? !

Chapter 530 The depths of the universe, the first era! Chapter 529 The story of 'you', the ultimate secret to the perfect connection to the blood! Chapter 528 I have already traveled to the 'you' in the depths of the galaxy! Chapter 527 Double space, tomb crypt, golden dragon elephant! Chapter 526 The simulation restarts, the mystery of the seclusion in the depths of the tomb! Chapter 525 There are many doubts, who is the real son of prophecy? Chapter 524 The prophecy screen, the purple-haired emperor, the son of Tongyou! Chapter 523 The prophecy succeeded, strange prophecy results Chapter 522 Pluto conferred spells, prophecy runes! Chapter 521 Purple-haired savior? That's not me either... Chapter 520 Son of Prophecy? The savior of the tulip elves? Chapter 519 The Queen of Tulips Behind the Scenes

Chapter 518 The death of the elves, the queen's handwriting? ! Chapter 517 The Forest of Fairies, the home of the tulip fairies Chapter 516 The 8th-order soul method, the embodiment of the fire **** Mengyao Chapter 515 The legendary elves? Chapter 514 The battlefield belonging to Li Guanqi - the Daluo Civil War! Chapter 513 The Tulip Empire ravaged by war Chapter 512 Fighting the 8th-order female knight, Hades shot! Chapter 511 The length of stay extended by Lin Xianbai Chapter 510 The life-and-death struggle between Li Guanqi and Lin Xianbai? Chapter 509 The real cause of Saoirse poisoning, the crisis is coming Chapter 508 The ancestral land of the Wang family, Wang Yanqing Chapter 507 The truth of the Daluo Dynasty discriminating against magicians?

Chapter 506 The essence and truth of the artifact [six thousand words Chapter 505 The blood feud between the artifacts and Hades Chapter 504 Pluto who decided to cooperate Chapter 503 Saoirse's Feedback, Soul Ascension, Goodbye Hades Chapter 502 Wei Mo's master, the clue to the blood of the secluded Chapter 501 Through the blood poison, tarot prophecy Chapter 500 Conjuring Academy Invasion, All-Out War Begins! Chapter 499 Luo Di, who chased Ying Xiao all over the world Chapter 498 7 stars, 7 stages of the blood of the secluded Chapter 497 Prime star, a signal from the depths of the universe! Chapter 496 Demigod level? The greedy wolf attracts the stars! Chapter 495 The man who passed by Li Guanqi

Chapter 494 Oriental dragon, that terrifying old emperor! Chapter 493 Queen of Tulips Chapter 492 Intimacy with the Queen? Chapter 491 Wang Xiu and the Queen, son of Wang Xiu Chapter 490 The Queen's Wing's hostility to Li Guanqi Chapter 489 Tulip Imperial Capital, Queen's Wings! Chapter 488 long lead time Chapter 487 Western fantasy, sorcerer and staff Chapter 486 Simulation restart, the attitude of the Queen of Tulips Chapter 485 The new school magician, officially independent! Chapter 484 The storm is coming, the Dark Brotherhood and the new warlock Chapter 483 The whereabouts of the Temple of War!

Chapter 482 Artifact's circle of relatives, siblings, father and daughter Chapter 481 Pluto's road to becoming a god, devouring the shrine! Chapter 480 The ruins of the gods, the arena! Chapter 479 Forbidden land, the legend of the daughter country Chapter 478 Perfect route, meet Tokugawa Shinji! Chapter 477 Failed Puzzles, Different Simulation Routes Chapter 476 Tamper with memory and seek skin with tigers! Chapter 475 The Mystery of the Lord of the Armor, Greek Philosophy Chapter 474 Simulation, the armor of the gods! Chapter 473 8 Gua level, 9 house level Chapter 472 Goodbye Hades, the 6th strange world has come! Chapter 471 The 5th round of luck, the 7th-order soul!

Chapter 470 Wang Xiu, Takeda Kosai, come to the battlefield! Chapter 469 Questions from the Black Cat Chapter 468 In the depths of the pyramid, the great witch of the Yu Dynasty wishes! Chapter 467 Egypt, Pyramid of Khufu, black cat reappears! Chapter 466 Affected Evil Phoenix Chapter 465 Goodbye Chi Xiaoxiao Chapter 464 Origin of the Star Chapter 463 The 8th star technique of 7 stars in 1 Chapter 462 The special ability of the Big Dipper 7-star sequence group! Chapter 461 The strongest 7-star, star sequence! Chapter 460 Deter the world! [Six thousand words large Chapter 459 A museum turned into a forbidden place

Chapter 458 The evolution of life is plunder! Chapter 457 The epiphany of the laws of space, the pinnacle of the 6th level! Chapter 456 Ye Kui's memory, the beginning of the fall! Chapter 455 A divine weapon that controls the rules, a taboo? ! Chapter 454 Unconscious, uncontrollable artifact Chapter 453 Ye Kui's past, self-inflicted sin, can't live Chapter 452 Pluto and the Emperor meet again Chapter 451 Artifact Chain, Ye Kui Chapter 450 Lin Xianbai, whose body was occupied by an artifact Chapter 449 Simulation and Prediction Chapter 448 The 5th world tour is over, back to reality Chapter 447 The status quo of the simulator, many doubts

Chapter 446 Uniqueness, integrity, the mission of 2 generations Chapter 445 The truth of the simulator, the voice of the ancestors! Chapter 444 Time jade pendant, a new feature of the simulator Chapter 443 The snow gun shows its power, and the Wenshui County incident ends Chapter 442 The fish is dead and the net is broken, the 6-level ancestor of the Beicun family! Chapter 441 The loyalty of the head of the Kawashima family Chapter 440 Surprising Shogunate Chapter 439 Minoan family Chapter 438 spy Chapter 437 Li Guanqi's plan for Wenshui County Chapter 436 Wang Xiu's relics that were taken away, save the assessment Chapter 435 Lord of Wenshui County, Takeda Ryoko

Chapter 434 Wang Xiu's legacy, the whereabouts of the rechargeable items? Chapter 433 The reason why Mo Dao and Shun Kong followed Li Guanqi Chapter 432 The power of the Ice Temple has been exhausted, and the combat power has skyrocketed! Chapter 431 The world's first lv. 70 transcendent, returning to his ancestors again... Chapter 430 The 4870th year of the new era, the first year of the artifact Chapter 429 Level 3 truth Chapter 428 World No.2, Lin Xianbai and Annie, transformed 10 times! Chapter 427 The residual power of the Ice Temple! Chapter 426 Unblock the snow gun, goodbye Hades! Chapter 425 The first conjurer in history Chapter 424 Ice Temple, the difference between the old era and the new era Chapter 423 Ancient ruins, ancient high-tech cities

Chapter 422 Mission completed, go to Ice Temple Chapter 421 Magic Rune Box, Carl's Secret Chapter 420 The truth, Carl's past Chapter 419 Tauren mercenaries, strange motives Chapter 418 Xingyue Everything Pavilion Chapter 417 The capital of the Sakura Shogunate - Heian-kyo! Chapter 416 the truth? Got a gap in history to fill? Chapter 415 Sister's old friend, Ryota Miyagi Chapter 414 Hunting demons, the physical limit Chapter 413 Level 6 Ascension, Li Guanqi and Hades' first look at each other! Chapter 412 Half-demon Li Guanqi, non-human ancestor Chapter 411 Li Guanqi's relationship with Hades

Chapter 410 Shun Kong recognizes the master, the old king of Hades! Chapter 409 The crazy Lin Xianbai, the lion woman who recognizes the Lord Chapter 408 Tier 6 Soul Ascension Array! Chapter 407 The old friend of the magic knife - Shunkong! Chapter 406 Auction starts in August, shocking 4 transactions! Chapter 405 stronger? No, be the strongest! Chapter 404 The plan can't keep up with the changes, Miyamoto auction! Chapter 403 Ancient civilization, artifact fusion! Chapter 402 The end of the sword, the story of one generation has one generation Chapter 401 The top of Xiaoshan, the second generation of the sword of the covenant! Chapter 400 Wang Xiu's death, the queen is coming! Chapter 399 The Ragnarok at the end of the Old Age, the battle armor of the gods!

Chapter 398 The song of the siren, the impostor little mermaid princess Chapter 397 Underwater Palace, Mermaid Family 1 Chapter 396 Heart of Fire, what if you don't have a heart? Chapter 395 Ying Xiao, Ying Xuan, Ying family Chapter 394 Improper door, wrong household, tragedy of disparate family background Chapter 393 The living Chi Yuanan Chapter 392 [Choice: Senior Sister's Home] Chapter 391 The 9th palace-level ancestor appeared, and the senior sister left Chapter 390 Lung of gold, 5 ranks, the world's first! Chapter 389 Devil's field, battle 6 together, cut Gundam! Chapter 388 Copy ability, the law of light! Chapter 387 Hiroshi Onishaku

Chapter 386 Stealing teacher Wang Xiu? Another owner of Fenglei Sword Intent? Chapter 385 New quest [Greek Mythology: Armor of Ares]! Chapter 384 Ancient script, the eye of the black cat! Chapter 383 Defense soul, 7th-order magic weapon! Chapter 382 Miyamoto Auction, the first of the 9 Sakura martial arts! Chapter 381 The disappearing two people, the matter of Burning Spirit Mountain is not over yet Chapter 380 The gift of the Nishimura family, the Eye of Light! Chapter 379 Mission change, resurrection artifact! Chapter 378 Accidentally protruded, the burning spirit landslide, Fujii Teru appeared! Chapter 377 Gunling wakes up, it turns out it's really my sister Chapter 376 The artifact parts of the snow gun, found! Chapter 375 Fenling Mountain, a black-hearted enterprise

Chapter 374 Misunderstanding of thinking, the real object of prophecy! Chapter 373 The official admission date of Burning Mountain Chapter 372 Burning Spirit 8 Craftsman, Iwai's Secret Prophecy Chapter 371 Strange young man in white, Takada Cang Chapter 370 bizarre conflict Chapter 369 Biphasic Mirror, Copy, Divide Soul! Chapter 368 Sister, we meet again Chapter 367 The ancestral treasure of the Nishimura family, a taboo! Chapter 366 Former Northridge 1st Family Chapter 365 The knife spike of the magic knife, the new function of the magic box Chapter 364 Brother Magic Knife, Sister Dianxue, Artifact Parts! Chapter 363 artifact green tire

Chapter 362 Burning Spirit Mountain, a fire attribute artifact! Chapter 361 Kuroba Shin 1's Secret Item Chapter 360 Magic knife, snow gun, simulator, artifact collection Chapter 359 The magic knife is possessed, and the 8 veins are fully opened! Chapter 358 Beiling, Aoyun Kendo Hall, Black Feather Shin 1 Chapter 357 soul contract Chapter 356 The mission of life and death - [Master of the Magic Sword]! Chapter 355 The glamorous soul in the lair, the mysterious sword box Chapter 354 The overlord of the Mochizuki Mountains - Quasi-level 6! Chapter 353 6 arms, 6 veins, body lv. fifty! Chapter 352 Right arm Shenmai, open, 4 elephants in the middle! Chapter 351 A tragic childhood, the heart of a knight

Chapter 350 Raven reappears, samurai Ryota Aoyagi Chapter 349 The sorrow of longevity, the estrangement of years Chapter 348 The truth about Shimono Honey Town Chapter 347 The identity of the sorcerer is exposed, Wang Xiu's choice [Eight thousand words big... Chapter 346 Wind and Thunder Sword Intent, ask the sword to find a breakthrough! Chapter 345 Haina 0 Chuan, the melting pot of martial arts, invincible! Chapter 344 The seventh-order magic weapon, the wind and thunder sword! Chapter 343 Wind Thunder Sabre Maniac and Wind Thunder Sword Demon, [The Covenant of Swords]! Chapter 342 Da Luo Wufu who traveled to the shogunate, the legendary swordsman Wang Xiu! Chapter 341 Teleportation error, mysterious powerhouse in the unknown valley! Chapter 340 The 5th strange world comes, great fusion! Chapter 339 The fourth round of luck, the law of thunder!

Chapter 338 Soul Contract, Failed Engagement Reception Chapter 337 The origin of Aura recovery, the mysterious castle Chapter 336 Blood Potion, Parents Chapter 335 This is the best time, everything is still too late Chapter 334 Extraordinary five years, I'm back! Chapter 333 Time crown, travel through time and space, the future **** appears! Chapter 332 Lin Xianbai, the secret reminder, the lifespan is exhausted? ! Chapter 331 The law of plunder! Chapter 330 Law, the world's first lv. sixty extraordinary! Chapter 329 With good luck, you can face the gods of Tianshifu! Chapter 328 How scary is the uncaring super king? Chapter 327 Return to the wasteland and head to Longhu Mountain

Chapter 326 The swordsman of Yu Chao, Qi Feng! Chapter 325 Prehistoric Humans of the Forbidden Lands Chapter 324 lv. Fifty-nine, only one level away! Chapter 323 Alien Blood, World Will, Origin, Surgical Organ Chapter 322 The mysterious remnant of space Chapter 321 Brand new rules of luck Chapter 320 Tier 4 Wraith Fruit, Destruction, Tier 4 Soul! Chapter 319 Lin Xianbai's secret reminder Chapter 318 Reasons for the disappearance of shelters Chapter 317 Great War Chapter 316 Going back in time, Han Mengyao and the evil phoenix! Chapter 315 Founder of Psionic Technology

Chapter 314 100 years, really long time... Chapter 313 Chijia mountains and rivers, good and bad, good and evil Chapter 312 Alien Space Shelter, Goodbye Chishan River Chapter 311 Chixiaoxiao and Chishanhe, all the truth [six thousand words] Chapter 310 Imprisoned Chi Xiaoxiao Chapter 309 The leader of the Scarlet Blood Army is not Scarlet Xiaoxiao Chapter 308 Han Mengyao and Xiehuang, the battle for the North Pole Chapter 307 Haocheng, a group of extraordinary people, Han Mengyao's diary Chapter 306 Brought back from the weird world, Han Mengyao's trophy Chapter 305 Alien blood virus, a wasteland era with no bottleneck in the flesh? Chapter 304 Sweeping the tide of 10,000 corpses, the **** of the world! Chapter 303 Witness the future, return to the present, change the future

Chapter 302 Lin Xianbai's plan to rebuild the civilized order of mankind! Chapter 301 Beyond simulation, meet Lin Xianbai again Chapter 300 Chi Xiaoxiao and Han Mengyao, new information Chapter 299 Bizarre, only exists in the legendary dream shelter Chapter 298 Pioneer of the magic world, great beginning! Chapter 297 Hualou, Li Guanqi's disciple? Chapter 296 0 years to see the dream, she waited for a full century Chapter 295 The Key to the Path of the Conjurer, Minghua Tribe Chapter 294 Nuclear radiation, deformed babies, God's refusal, sorcerers! Chapter 293 100 years, some people miss it, some people are famous all over the world ~ Brothers, did not really disappear for 0 years Chapter 292 Human Survivors of the Wasteland Age, Purple Leaf Tribe

Chapter 291 In the era of wasteland, the city ruins where monsters are rampant! Chapter 290 unacceptable reality Chapter 289 She in the photo, the 4th reward settlement [six thousand words] Chapter 288 Apocalypse Shelter, 2 old photos from the past Chapter 287 New features of the simulator, going back in time Chapter 286 The 800-year-old book collection of the Moye family, ancient ruins Chapter 285 The world's first lv. 50 extraordinary! Exceptionally perfect... Chapter 284 The world's first 4-level warrior! Chapter 283 Goodbye to the thunder monitor lizard, why should I forget the grace of teaching? Chapter 282 The truth behind [Gu Zhai Fascination]! (6,600 words… Chapter 281 The world's first 3-level magician! Chapter 280 Gu King Champion, come out! Time earrings, now!

Chapter 279 Monument of Humanity, 4 Pillars of Heaven! [6,400 words big... Chapter 278 Different blood potion, failed to refine? ! Chapter 277 "Function", treat each other frankly Chapter 276 Doubtful High Priest Chapter 275 Sister's past, turn over or cover? Chapter 274 Martial arts secret technique, 4 pillars reach the sky! Chapter 273 Demon King Family, Succubus King Yanqing! Chapter 272 The 5th-level magician made a move, and the senior sister appeared for the rest of her life! Chapter 271 Tiger Banshee, Mars' recipe! (Thirty-three) Chapter 270 The supernatural power kills the divine sword, instantly kills the fourth-order curse spirit! (two/three) Chapter 269 New quest: [The Witcher's New Potions] (1/3… Chapter 268 Empire of Tulips, The Witcher's Potions (4/4)

Chapter 267 New School Warlock Arya, Alchemy Specialization (Green)! 【… Chapter 266 Dream Shelter? Han Mengyao in history! (Two/Thurs... Chapter 265 Brand new mission, [Old Age and Reality] (1/4) Chapter 264 Ancient Scholar, Portrait of Emperor Shenwu (4/4) Chapter 263 Moxie Gu Village, the Magic Family (3/4) Chapter 262 Magician and magician, the battle between the old and the new in the magic world! (two… Chapter 261 The dual supernatural powers of compassion, the sword of killing the gods, and the armor of the gods! (one… Chapter 260 The second head, awakening supernatural powers, killing the sword! Chapter 259 "Taiyin Guanyue Jue", the 9th-order soul! Chapter 258 Goodbye sister, Wang Yanqing's choice Chapter 257 The truth behind Zhuang Yuan's natural art! Chapter 256 The bizarre and sudden death of Chen Yue, the confusing truth

Chapter 255 Lei Cheng, Chen Yue, Ying Xiao, the Ying family! [Six thousand words… Chapter 254 "Forbidden Object - Water Bottle", Southern Border Lake Cloud City! Chapter 253 The Leicheng Incident, Li Guanqi's exclusive mission [6200… Chapter 252 Spirit-refining insects, spirit-refining array diagrams, and spells are level 3! 【Six thousand… Chapter 251 Gu Village is fascinated, start to simulate [six thousand words] Chapter 250 Special Perfect Ending: Thunder City No. 1! 【Six thousand words】 Chapter 249 Kill 3 people in a row, swordsman, sword intent! Chapter 248 4 big families, the first generation ancestors! Chapter 247 Leicheng Medicine Porridge, 0-year plan, artificial soul Chapter 246 My name is... Qing Lu Bai! Chapter 245 Body Refinement! Martial arts incantation, 3 is the peak! Chapter 244 4 Elephant secret realm, plundering the "water world"!

Chapter 243 4 Elephant secret realm, plundering the "water world"! Chapter 243 The royal family of the Ying family cannot live forever Chapter 242 The world's martial arts, melting into a furnace! Chapter 241 The origin of witchcraft, grass tie doll, Qin Lubai's "blood" Chapter 240 Chi Yuanan, the general of poetry and painting, Bai Yang, the head of the White Tiger family! Chapter 239 Old maniac, big killer, ghost 3000! Chapter 238 Xuanwu family, the ability "water world"! Chapter 237 4 families of martial arts, plundering martial arts! Chapter 236 The first generation of rivers and lakes belonging to Baiyang Chapter 235 The real body of the soul, the Dharma of Hades! Chapter 234 1-way rolling, brothers and sisters in black Chapter 233 Level 2, the two fight to the death!

Chapter 232 The mysterious Qin Lubai is the Chi family again! Chapter 231 Encountering Qin Lubai by chance, the underground fights with life and death! Chapter 230 The 1st and 4th Elephant Mysteries of Leicheng that year! Chapter 229 Leicheng, the battlefield turns to rivers and lakes! Chapter 228 Spiritual fire body refining, simulation restarts! Chapter 227 The evil obstacle of the Phoenix 1 family, the evil phoenix! Chapter 226 The top of the snow-capped mountains, the back of the emperor! Chapter 225 The ability to control paper figures, the so-called fate? Chapter 224 The avenue is like the sky, I can't stand it alone! Chapter 223 The world's first lv. forty extraordinary... Chapter 222 The ancestral heritage of Tianshifu, the heart of the phoenix! 【Five in the future... Chapter 221 Yu Chao's Paper Daoist, Liu Gui!

Chapter 220 Paper man daughter, Han Mengyao? 【Five thousand words】 Chapter 219 The fate of generations [five thousand words] Chapter 218 6Gray fog in your village, weird paper figures! 【(Three/Three) 3… Chapter 217 Han Mengyao's marriage in Lugui Village? 【Five thousand characters Chapter 216 6 Strange Bodhisattva Statues! 【Five thousand characters ~ Daily 4D Chapter 215 6 The real breakthrough of the Guicun incident Chapter 214 Born in response to calamity, the 1st hero! Chapter 213 The black cat falls into a dream, and the emperor looks out Chapter 212 Simulation of college life Chapter 211 I only do what I think is right Chapter 210 【Case 78 - Paper Man】

Chapter 210 [Case 78 - Paper Wedding Dress] Chapter 209 Reiki origin point Chapter 208 Secret base under the university Chapter 207 The opening of the extraordinary age Chapter 206 Transcendent University, full live broadcast! Chapter 205 Weird world, open! Chapter 204 The flag of the Scarlet Blood Army will fly forever! Chapter 203 5 line-level Takefu, 5 dirty, Musashi! Chapter 202 Huge hidden danger! Chapter 201 Chi Xiaoxiao appearing in reality Chapter 200 What is true and what is false? Chapter 199 3 heads, 6 arms, 6 methods simultaneously!

Chapter 198 The spiritual power bound by the fleshly body broke the seal! Chapter 197 Chi Yuanning's natural technique! Chapter 196 Back to the barracks, blood in a river Chapter 195 Wufu's life energy Chapter 194 Baiying turns red, a little snow turns a little blood! Chapter 193 Blood burning ability! Chapter 192 Chi Yuanan's soldiers, no deserters! Chapter 191 The combination of spiritual power and physique, fighting Chishan River! Chapter 190 Army spies, show up! Chapter 189 Leave the Great Wall and go outside the Great Wall! Chapter 188 Zhao Shan, who wants to stand out Chapter 187 Some snow, some blood!

Chapter 186 Sacrificial instruments, dual guns in 1 Chapter 185 Adventure on the cliff, magic weapon Chapter 184 Wang Yanqing's second late-night visit Chapter 183 Wang Yanqing's husband, Chi Yuanan, the general of poetry and painting! Chapter 182 Sister-in-law, you have to remarry me Chapter 181 In the blink of an eye, half a year, four thousand eight hundred and seventy-one Chapter 180 Plunder, eat to the peak of 2 Yi! Chapter 179 Military duty, obey! obey! Obey again! Chapter 178 What is a Daluo soldier? Chapter 177 A new recruit, Li Guanqi Chapter 176 Daluo army formation, warrior phantom! Chapter 175 Sister from the same door

Chapter 174 The late night of the female commander Chapter 173 An unknown soldier to a dynasty general Chapter 172 Going to war for her husband, Wang Yanqing! Chapter 171 Daluo frontier, the Great Wall of Heaven! 【2 in 1, four thousand four... Chapter 170 Plunder, Meng Yan's ability! Chapter 169 Lucky + three, go out to pick up money Chapter 168 [something] that the strange world lacks Chapter 167 Martial Arts 2 Ritual, Yang Realm! Chapter 166 3rd reward settlement Chapter 165 Ending inventory Chapter 164 【Forbidden Champion Road】 Chapter 163 Time Necklace!

Chapter 162 The troubles remain unresolved, Zhuang Yuan Chapter 161 Zhuang Yuan, who likes to play introspective thinking Chapter 160 Godslayer Dark Brotherhood Chapter 159 Zhuang Yuan, S-level plot evaluation Chapter 158 Li Guanqi, who killed the enemy at level 3 Chapter 157 3 heads, 6 arms, 2 shadows! Chapter 156 4 elephant-level alien blood warriors, can be called immortal! Chapter 155 Meng Yan who was seriously injured Chapter 154 A natural spell, completely awakened! Chapter 153 4 star killer attacked and died? ! Chapter 152 so-called absolute defense Chapter 151 Shocked the curse spirits of 10 miles and 8 townships

Chapter 150 Re-enter the Laylo Mountains! Chapter 149 candle, dead body, heart, altar Chapter 148 The world's first lv. 30 extraordinary person! Chapter 147 10 bottles of "spiritual blood boiling" potion! Chapter 146 The Chi Xiaoxiao who traveled through? Chapter 145 Chi Xiaoxiao's death? Chapter 144 Tentacle Spell and Annie, brother and sister Chapter 143 Keep your hands, Tongshu's trump card? Chapter 142 Say the curse, follow the law! Chapter 141 Curse Spirit, 2 Yiyang Realm! Chapter 140 Innate spell, underworld spell! Chapter 139 The sacrificial vessel, the chain that binds the sky!

Chapter 138 The sacrificial utensil of the chief of the kiln Chapter 137 Winning streak, crushing! Chapter 136 First battle won! Chapter 135 4 chiefs, wheel battle! Chapter 134 Chief of the beast house, 4-armed ape! Chapter 133 Li Guanqi's "potential" is invincible! Chapter 132 The representative of the popular faction, Li Guanqi Chapter 131 Come see me fight today Chapter 130 Awakening: Heart of War! Chapter 129 The Red Family, the Red Blood Army, it's war again! Chapter 128 red-haired girl looking through the window in the middle of the night Chapter 127 Detailed explanation of the 9 realms

Chapter 126 Imperfect level 3 talent? Chapter 125 1 yuan level, 1st grade, ancient rules Chapter 124 What is your natural spell? Chapter 123 The truth about mechanical prosthetics Chapter 122 Look up, it's the sky Chapter 121 The body of the secluded, the identity exposed? Chapter 120 Dog Spellmaster of the Conjuration Academy Chapter 119 Wei Mo, Ying Xiao, son of Tongyou! Chapter 118 The First Emperor and the Prairie Overlord Chapter 117 dark monitor lizard Chapter 116 Southern Xinjiang secret medicine Chapter 115 Northern Mang Royal Court, the storm is about to come

Chapter 114 longevity, conjurer Chapter 113 Destiny back on track again Chapter 112 The balance of the soul Chapter 111 One-handed suppression, 1 blockbuster! Chapter 110 Everyone, get started! Chapter 109 Championship Challenge Chapter 108 Southern Border Capital, City of Gu Chapter 107 lv. Twenty-eight, No. 1 in the world! Chapter 106 compression! Spiritual Power 0 Refinement! Chapter 105 The truth about Misha Chapter 104 bad news Chapter 103 The truth about the death of Guxue Campus

Chapter 102 Centaur girl, Misha Chapter 101 Spiritual Power 0 Refinement, Invincible Road [Three Thousand Words] Chapter 100 Compressed spiritual power, 0 is smelted into steel! Chapter 99 Centaurs in the castle Chapter 98 Guxue Campus, 5th-level magician! Chapter 97 That's what power tastes like, boy Chapter 96 Who dares to ask the magician to explain? ! Chapter 95 Daluo Yiren Mansion! Chapter 94 Those who block me, die! Chapter 93 Can the strong be reckless? Chapter 92 Insect Whisperer, the greedy and corrupt southern Xinjiang army Chapter 91 Gu God Blessing and Sacrificial Artifacts

Chapter 90 Gu God's Blessing Chapter 89 The war between Daluo and Nanjiang Chapter 88 Southern Border Tribe, Green Fang Adventure Group Chapter 87 Level 3 sacrificial device Chapter 86 Spell Mastery (Green)! Chapter 85 Official copy, open! Chapter 84 The truth buried in history Chapter 83 In extraordinary times, hide the weakness Chapter 82 Leaders and Kings Chapter 81 White hair and blue eyes, the super king Chapter 80 Martial arts Takayama, fist 撒 灵! Chapter 79 Level 2, Dark Side, 2nd Form!

Chapter 78 Spells pretending to be ghosts Chapter 77 Student Council President, Gao Anyang Chapter 76 0 years ago, a female student who committed suicide by hanging Chapter 75 Spirit-absorbing body, the key to breaking the game! Chapter 74 Alien blood, failure, zombies, evolution! Chapter 73 Weird campus, the setting sun is like blood! Chapter 72 problem occurs! Chapter 71 "Beautiful" campus life Chapter 70 The beginning of an extraordinary age Chapter 69 The sky above the heads of all extraordinary people! Chapter 68 Penglai Fire Keeper's Q&A Chapter 67 The Historic Meeting of the Extraordinary Number 1 and the Extraordinary Number 2

Chapter 66 Penglai, Night Watcher, Fire Keeper Chapter 65 Rain City Night Battle! ~ Testimonials Chapter 64 Burst simulation, butterfly effect! Chapter 63 Tan Wenyan and the curse spirit Chapter 62 Home tutor, spell spirit breath Chapter 61 Taoism is natural, Lin Xianbai Chapter 60 Innate spell, no? ! Chapter 59 return, reward settlement Chapter 58 Special Perfect Ending [Remorse Before Death] Chapter 57 Firefall vs Iceberg, the last battle! Chapter 56 Return to [Forest Strange Things], kill!

Chapter 55 Martial arts break through the boundaries, accumulate and grow! Chapter 54 Wufu, pay attention to virtue! Chapter 53 Fist to open blood, copper skin martial realm Chapter 52 The simulator is charged, the copy is wrong! Chapter 51 A different natural spell? Chapter 50 open surgery, surgical transplantation Chapter 49 Ethan's Human Trials Chapter 48 Forbidden knowledge in the world of sorcery Chapter 47 The human heart is the most strange Chapter 46 Blood Warrior's Bottleneck Chapter 45 Control the curse array and fight back! Chapter 44 The joint 1-level spell spirit!

Chapter 43 The rating is 10.0, the first in the world! Chapter 42 A level 3 magician? Chapter 41 Spell Spirit Raid, Wu An's Natural Technique Chapter 40 Demon species Chapter 39 Belonging to a dynasty of alien warriors Chapter 38 Weird World, 4870 AD? Chapter 37 Entrance test for the academy of magic Chapter 36 Insufficient capacity, simulation interrupted Chapter 35 Treacherous forest, die! Chapter 34 Weird world, 2 degrees are coming! Chapter 33 It's kinda weird to play. Chapter 32 The meaning of extraordinary power

Chapter 31 The blue bottle fills the blue, leaps and bounds! Chapter 30 The Spell Appears! Chapter 29 Soul-absorbing body, the truth of death Chapter 28 Simulate reality! Chapter 27 A grand new era Chapter 26 Talent upgrade, Tongyou (red)! Chapter 25 natural spell Chapter 24 Special perfect ending! Chapter 23 Ability, the last trump card Chapter 22 Kill Wei Mo and fight Zhang Yang! Chapter 21 Get your hands on it! Chapter 20 Spells, abilities, ratings soar!

Chapter 19 Different blood ceremony, ice control! Chapter 18 each has ghosts Chapter 17 Publicity, Trade, Bug Whisperer Chapter 16 Abilities (Three/Three) Chapter 15 The arrival of the alien blood warriors (2/3) Chapter 14 Conditions that trigger the perfect ending (1/3) Chapter 13 Wei Mo's diary, son of Tongyou Chapter 12 New BE (Bad) Ending Chapter 11 inferior curse, superior incantation Chapter 10 Is someone cultivating immortals? Chapter 9 The realm level of the strange world Chapter 8 Daigo empowers, curses and insects transmit the power

Chapter 7 Conjurer Traits, Qualifications, and Disabilities Chapter 6 More than 90 million "dead" people Chapter 5 Extraordinary leaderboard, king! Chapter 4 The real weird world is coming Chapter 3 The perfect ending, the ability to bring back reality! Chapter 2 Ending 2: [Eternal life and disciples] Chapter 1 Weird World Simulator

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