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"Existing across two eras, the last of the old era is also the first son of the new era..."

Li Guanqi put down the letter in his hand and whispered to himself.

"Is that so?"

Shun Kong made a slightly surprised voice, "This guy named "You" has improved the blood of Tongyou in the new era, so that this physique has evolved?

There are countless special constitutions in the world, but the reason why special constitutions are called special is because of the "illogicality" of these constitutions, there is no special reason at all, and naturally they cannot be changed.

And this guy can actually improve Tongyouxue, what a genius. "

"He improved Tongyou blood."

Li Guanqi's eyes narrowed slightly, and he said in his mind: "But what I am a little curious about is that Ares said earlier that the ancestor of the Yun family discovered a son of Tongyou who died 2,000 years ago - Roger.

In that Roger's tomb, the ancestor of the Yun family discovered his seven-stage theory of penetrating the blood.

So, is this "you" improved blood-to-you related to these seven stages?

Or, they each researched their own, and made the blood of Tongyou two different directions? The plasticity of this ghostly blood is so strong? "

"You'll know soon enough."

Shun Kong smiled, "Why do you think so much now, didn't the former high priest say it anyway? All of You's research is regarded as a burial object. When you go in and dig a grave, Master, won't you be able to find out the truth? "

"But I don't know if I can open the tomb door."

Li Guanqi lowered his head and looked at the bottle of purple potion in the purple wooden box with a hesitant expression on his face.

This potion is a teleportation potion. According to the former high priest, drinking it will be able to teleport to the door of the tomb... But can he really open the door of the tomb?

According to the high priest, the wooden box is specially made, and it can turn purple when touched by the son of the secluded.

In the same way, he should have used the same technique in this letter, so that the son of Tongyou could see the hidden content when he looked intently.

But he couldn't.

He also smeared his own blood on his eyes to enhance the associated vision.

That is to say, he is the son of Tongyou, so he can change the color of the wooden box.

But the purity of his ghost blood should not be high enough, so he couldn't easily see through the hidden content of the letter.

Coupled with the prophecy seen by the former high priest... Purple-haired man?

"Roger? Stage six?"

Li Guanqi muttered to himself.

According to Roger's theory of seven stages, when the blood of the secluded awakens to the sixth stage, the strength of spiritual power will be greatly increased. At the same time, when the spiritual power is used excessively at night, his spiritual power, eyes, lips and hair will all be destroyed. turns dark purple.

Could it be that the real Son of Prophecy is a man who has awakened to the sixth stage through the secluded blood?

But it's not right either.

Excessive use of spiritual power at night will turn purple.

The first picture the former high priest saw, the original words were "a blue sky with misty clouds, but the top of an oriental attic broke through the sky, pointing directly at the blazing sun."

Isn't that daytime?

Then the purple-haired man sitting in the attic drinking tea, why is he purple-haired when he is clearly in the daytime?

Moreover, is it necessary to "excessive use of spiritual power" to drink tea?

"and many more…"

Li Guanqi suddenly thought of something, with a suspicious look on his face, "Could it be seventh-order? Roger is also sixth-order, and has not reached his theoretical perfect seventh-order. Could it be that the perfect seventh-order son of Tongyou completely changed his hair color. color?"

In other words, the son of prophecy should be a son of Tongyou who has awakened to the perfect seventh-order?

Who else could that be?

The real son of prophecy, could it be the son of the nine palace level Tongyou who poisoned Sao Ersa...


Beside him, Erwin looked at Li Guanqi, who was thinking and muttering to himself from time to time. He hesitated for a while, obviously wanting to say something, but was afraid of interrupting his thinking.

However, Pluto will not worry so much.

"Boy, don't think blindly."

Hades said impatiently, "Old

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Zizhai can also guess what you are thinking, you still don’t understand the essence of prophecy, you need to understand that prophecy is not an absolutely accurate mantra, and the interpretation of the former high priest is not completely correct.

Taking the first picture as an example, he only saw a man with purple hair.

But what can prove that the image of this purple-haired man was before saving the tulip elf, or after saving the tulip elf?

What if what this prophecy picture really wants to convey is that the savior of the tulip elf will evolve into this pair of purple hair and purple eyes after completing the rescue?

Or the ultimate form of the Messiah in the future?

Or, does it really mean that the Savior has a friend with purple hair and purple eyes?

Don't think this is nonsense. Prophecy, to put it bluntly, is a kind of thing that depends entirely on interpretation and understanding. What results can be obtained depends on how to interpret it.

So, stop thinking about it.

What you have to do now is to regard yourself as the son of the prophecy of the former high priest. You are the savior who can save the tulip elf, successfully leave this place, and return to the Tulip Empire alive!

trust yourself! "

Pluto began to pour chicken soup into Li Guanqi.

But Li Guanqi doesn't actually need chicken soup... Whether he is the real son of prophecy or not, he will seize the last remaining clue.

After all, the matter has come to this point, it is necessary to bite the bullet.


Li Guanqi glanced at the eighth-order elf magician next to him, "What do you think?"

"I don't know."

Elwyn frowned and replied in a deep voice: "Judging from the content of this letter, the high priest did not get a definite prophecy, he just saw two pictures, a purple-haired man, and the Mengling Hot Spring. .

And at the bottom of the hot spring lake, he found the entrance to the "desolate" tomb space, as well as the diary of the third-generation high priest.

These are the clues to the prophecy.

That is to say, if you can really save our tulip fairy, the savior, that tomb is the last hope.

But what I don't understand is why did the high priest say that the man with the garland is the son of prophecy?

Half a year ago, the night when the Night Demons invaded the Holy City, when the high priest handed me this box containing the envelope and the transmission potion, he told me...

"The next male human who comes to the forest of elves with a garland of blessings is our savior, who will lead us tulip elves out of **** and be born again."


This statement seems to have no basis, at least from the letter left by the high priest, there is absolutely no indication of how he came to this conclusion. "

"I'm afraid it's his own guess."

Li Guanqi thought for a while, and then asked Elwyn, "When did you find out that the space of the Elven Forest was blocked and imprisoned?"

"The same time the Night Demon attacked the city."

Erwin gritted his teeth with an ugly expression.

"That should be it."

Li Guanqi nodded, "The Night Demon attacked the city first, then the high priest found that the space was imprisoned, and finally the high priest called you over to tell you this.

That is to say, the high priest at that time judged that this space was imprisoned so that the inside could not get out, and the outsiders could not get in. The only person who could get in was the person who had his blessing garland, so he came to this guess... um ? and many more? "

Thinking of this, Li Guanqi was stunned and looked at Erwin curiously, "If his blessing garland can ignore the spatial confinement, why can't he ignore it himself?"


Erwin was also stunned, and then said: "Mr. Li, are you mistaken? Garland can't ignore the confinement of space, it can only reset the teleportation channel.

Night Demon King's space confinement can only prevent creatures of the eighth order and above from entering the forest of elves from the outside, but you are seventh order.

The reason why you can reach the Elf Forest is not because of the garland, but because you have not reached the standard of being restricted. "

"Yeah, I didn't think of it for a while."

Li Guanqi nodded.

But then, he had doubts in his heart again, "Yes, in this way, the problem does exist.

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Now, if the garland cannot ignore the confinement of space, why does the high priest say that the person who brings the garland to the forest of elves is the son of prophecy? What is the basis for the high priest? "

"do not know."

Erwin shook his head slightly, "It's weird."

A bit of doubt appeared in the green pupils of the elf magician, "As far as I know, the high priest is an elf who knows everything, and he can't ignore these things. According to his character, he should The ins and outs are all written on the letter, but he doesn't, why?"

"I always feel that he is hiding something, hiding it from me, and hiding it from you."

Li Guanqi frowned slightly.


Erwin was silent.

"Tell me more about what happened that night."

Li Guanqi sat on the wooden pier and looked at the elf magician seriously, "What did the high priest do from beginning to end? How did he find out that the space was imprisoned?"

"How do I know this?"

Elwyn was helpless, "He is the only ninth-level tulip elf in our tulip elves, and the specific process of his judgment of the situation can't be understood by us eighth-level people.

All I know is that when the Night Demon attacked the city, the High Priest saw the Night Demon army and knew that we would be defeated. He immediately wanted to set up a teleportation formation to send all the tulip elves to the palace of the Tulip Empire and ask the Queen Your Highness' shelter.

but failed!

Because the space is blocked and imprisoned, even the high priest of the Nine Palaces cannot tear open the cracks in the space and cannot teleport at all.

Maybe the high priest found out that the space was imprisoned at that time? "


Hearing this, Li Guanqi's expression suddenly became strange, "Uh, that, Erwin, I want to ask, what is your relationship with Tulip Elves and the Tulip Empire? Or, how is your relationship with the Tulip Queen?"

"good relationship."

Elwyn glanced at him suspiciously, and seemed a little strange why he suddenly asked this question, but he answered truthfully: "We Tulip Elf and the Tulip Empire have always maintained a good relationship.

Because we, the tulip elves, can help the tulip empire and help some of their people raise their soul realm to the eighth level.

In return, the Tulip Empire also provides us with various resources from time to time.

As for the relationship with Her Royal Highness, it is not bad. She even came to visit us in person a hundred years ago.


Saying that, Elwyn sighed softly, "It's a pity that we Tulip Elves have always avoided the world and rarely contact the Tulip Empire actively. Now that half a year has passed, I'm afraid the Empire doesn't even know what happened to us.

If they knew, even if the Night Demon King's method of blocking the space was very clever, it should not be able to stop the crack of the empire's powerhouse... It's a pity that they haven't been able to find it yet.

And the various methods we use to contact the Tulip Empire are ineffective due to spatial confinement. "


Li Guanqi's expression became more and more strange.

I'm afraid not, bro.

It is the queen's artifact "Quiet Space" that blocks the space.

Does the Tulip Empire know about it? I don't know, but Her Royal Highness must know these things personally, and save you... It may be Isabel who almost killed you.

"Forget it, don't talk about that."

Li Guanqi waved his hand, then looked at Erwin and said seriously: "To tell you the truth, the reason why I came to your Elf Forest is to let you help me raise my soul to the eighth order, and this blessing wreath is the entrustment of Her Royal Highness the Queen. handed over to me."

"I got it."

Elwyn nodded, "After all, eight out of ten people who come here with a garland of blessings are for this purpose, but unfortunately, I can't help you rise to the eighth rank right now."


Li Guanqi asked.

"Because the reason why our elves can help you human beings to ascend to the eighth order of souls is actually not just us."

Elwyn lowered his head, raised his right hand and gently grasped an emerald necklace around his neck, with a flash of reminiscence in his eyes, "In the center of the holy city of our tulip elves, there is a place called "Elves".

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Holy Fountain".

You must go out of your body and let your soul be completely immersed in the holy spring for 8 days and 8 nights, and then we elves can use the secret method to mobilize the power of the holy spring to help your soul break through.

But now, the Holy City has…”

"It has become the royal city of night elves."

Li Guanqi reluctantly took over the words, "So if I want to rise to the eighth rank here with you, I have to drive away all the night elves, right?"

"Night Elf?"

However, as soon as these words came out, Elwyn frowned and said displeasedly, "Sorry, Mr. Li, but I hope you don't call those man-eating monsters that way. This is an insult to our elves."

"Ah, sorry."

Li Guanqi nodded apologetically, "I am negligent, I will pay attention."

"Thank you for your understanding."

Erwin bowed his head and saluted. This time, it was different from the greeting ceremony that Li Guanqi had seen before. He interlaced his hands and put his fingers on his chest, bowing his head and bending over.

"So the picture of things is pretty clear."

Li Guanqi picked up the purple potion in the purple wooden box, "Drink this bottle of teleportation potion and go to that "you" tomb, all the answers should be hidden behind the door of that tomb, of course, if I can't open it The door, then everything will be closed."

"You must be able to open it!"

Erwin looked at him with hope in his emerald green eyes.

Apart from looking forward to Li Guanqi's success, this elf magician really has nothing else to do.

"Go out, I want to be alone for a while, and then send it over. You can just wait for my message outside."

Li Guanqi said suddenly with the teleporting potion in his hand.

"Uh, yes."

Elwyn was startled for a while, but nodded and turned to leave.

"Hey wait!"

However, Li Guanqi suddenly stopped him, "Give me a few more bottles of blood, maybe I will go to the tomb of "You" at that time, and I have to rely on your blood to cast the prophecy to get hints."


Elwyn didn't have any ink at all, and directly used the power of the Law of Wood to condense 10 large wooden bottles, and then bleed, ready to fill them one by one.

While bleeding, he also used healing to quickly regenerate blood.

"Mr. Lee."

Soon, Erwin filled 10 bottles of blood and placed them on the wooden pier.

"Thank you, you can go now."

Li Guanqi nodded.

"Everything, UU reading www.uukanshu.com depends on you, Mr. Li."

Elwyn bowed deeply to him, and then, as if he didn't feel enough, knelt down and kowtowed a few times before turning and leaving.

The eighth-order elf magician disappeared from Li Guanqi's line of sight along the stairs when he came.

When Erwin's back was completely invisible, Li Guanqi withdrew his gaze, lowered his head to look at the purple potion in his hand, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

It seems that it is not simulated.

The next tomb ghost knew what was going on. It was bad not to be able to open the gate, but if the gate was opened, the situation inside the tomb would be even more dangerous and unpredictable.


Li Guanqi closed his eyes, and his whole body burst into red light.

Simulator, go!

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