in the room.

The sun was shining, the cool summer breeze blew in from the window, and the light blue curtains fluttered slightly.

Li Guanqi got up together, and subconsciously turned on the phone and glanced at it.



After turning off the screen of his mobile phone, Li Guanqi was surprised to find that there was an extra black jade pendant on his bedside table.

The whole body of this jade is profoundly black, and there seems to be a drop of bright red blood sealed inside. It looks a bit strange, but under the sunlight, it adds a bit of strange beauty.


Suddenly, the black jade shell of the black blood jade turned into black water and splashed, and the drop of dark red blood sealed in it was miraculously suspended in the air.


The next moment, this drop of red blood burst into a dazzling blood light, instantly covering Li Guanqi's whole body.

At the same time, an ethereal and melodious voice that could not distinguish between male and female sounded:

"Soon, one percent of the world's human beings will be pulled into the weird world, and in the cycle of life and death, they will enter one weird copy after another, and they will become the one in a hundred extraordinary people, including you!"

"And you, now have the ability to simulate the world in advance."

"So there really is a **** in the world?!"

The blood light gradually dissipated.

Li Guanqi regained his sight, and then found that he was no longer in the room at this moment, but was standing on a land shrouded in black mist.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at the translucent light curtain in front of him, his face hard to hide the shock.

At the top of the light curtain, there are seven characters.

【Spooky World Simulator】

The left half of the light curtain is a virtual image of Li Guanqi.

His whole person is placed in a large font, slowly rotating, a tall body of 1.98 meters, strong and strong muscle lines, refreshing and capable short hair, and a sunny and handsome youthful face.

[Comprehensive evaluation: You are eighteen years old this year, born in a sports family, inheriting the excellent genes of your parents, and you have been practicing basketball hard since the age of five. You have a strong body and are much stronger than most weak chickens... Of course, Still a rookie. 】

[Rating score: 1.2 (human average score is 0.8)]

"Am I so arrogant?"

Li Guanqi was taken aback for a moment, and then he reacted.

The average human score is so low because there are still some disabled people in the world, as well as most sub-healthy ordinary people who do not exercise all the year round.

Look at the right half of the light curtain.

Many boxes are arranged together, but they are all black and look like they have not been unlocked. Only the first box has content.

Red letters on a black background:

[Novice Trial · Apprentice of the Magician]


Just as Li Guanqi turned his gaze to this line of words, white light flashed, and the entire light curtain turned into a turquoise panel.

Boxes began to appear above.

【Optional Talents】

[Beautiful body (white): You are a talented player who is expected to enter the national basketball team, and your physical fitness is very good. 】


Li Guanqi was speechless.

It's just one talent in total, what else is there to choose from.

He stretched out his finger and clicked on the option of [Body Double Stick (white)].


The light curtain panel refreshed, and then boxes began to appear.

[On the first day, you crossed. 】

[An old man in black robe asks if you want to be his apprentice. 】

[You were a little stunned when you just crossed over and didn't respond for a long time, then the black-robed old man waved his palms at you impatiently]

【you are dead. 】

? ? ?

"I am he meow?"

Li Guanqi was taken aback.

Is this dead?

Don't, don't be embarrassed, what's so embarrassing about crossing over all these years.


The prompt sounded, and Li Guanqi found that the [Reset] option appeared in the lower right corner of the panel.


Li Guanqi took it lightly.

The panel refreshes.

[On the first day, you crossed. 】

[An old man in black robe asks if you want to be his apprentice. 】

[You learned from the previous experience, so you didn't feel overwhelmed, just answer directly]

[The old man in black robe gave two cups, the left cup contained a few plump white maggots, and the right contained a group of black bed bugs, slender roundworms, and a group of colorful little bugs. 】

[The old man in black robe asked which cup do you want? 】

[The cup on the left]

[The cup on the right]


Li Guanqi raised his brows, this frame was obviously different, and he had to choose by himself.

He stretched out his hand lightly.

[You chose the cup on the left, resisted the nausea, picked up the cup and poured it into your mouth, chewing vigorously, the plump and juicy strips of white maggots, and the disgusting taste of the juice bursting in your taste buds cycle. 】

[The old man in black robe beat you to death. 】

"It appears to be the cup on the right."

Li Guanqi was not surprised.

The option of choosing one of the two is naturally likely to fail.


[… (repeated process omitted)]

[You chose the oversized mixing cup on the right where bed bugs, roundworms, and all kinds of disgusting bugs are piled together. 】

[The old man in black robe beat you to death. 】


Li Guanqi was stunned.

Not on the left, not on the right, so why are you making trouble with me? !


[… (repeated process omitted)]

[This time, which cup do you choose? 】

Li Guanqi stood in front of the panel and pondered for a long time.

At last he said:

"I choose to kill this old man."

[You were so angry that you opened the table and punched the old man in black robe]

—Talent: Body Booster (White) Effective —

[With your excellent physical fitness, you endured for three minutes in the face of the curse attack released by the black-robed old man. 】

[You awakened new abilities in battle! 】

[Quick Step (Green): You come from a sports family and have honed your basketball skills since you were a child. Although you are tall, you are also extremely agile and flexible. You can activate the deepest potential of the human body when you need it, and burst into extreme speed in an instant. UU reading]

[You were beaten to death by the black-robed old man before you could use your new talent. 】


[… (repeated process omitted)]

— Ability: Quick Step (Green) Effective —

[You burst out with amazing speed during the battle. 】

[The old man in black robe didn't expect you, a mortal man, to be so fast. He underestimated the enemy and didn't react. He was successfully approached by you and killed him with a thorny curse as a dagger. 】

[After the black-robed old man died, his body turned into countless curse insects to drown you. 】

[You are also dead. 】

—Ending One: The Choice of Sand Sculpture —

[Ending evaluation: A good newcomer copy, I sent you an old grandfather to teach you spells, but you had to give them a knife, and then who did you ask to teach you spells?

You can’t get into Tsinghua University even if you are taught by a teacher, and you still hope that you can get into Peking University by studying hard by yourself?

Of course, that's what you're saying, it's still amazing that you can kill an aloof magician with your mortal body. If your deeds can be spread out, you will become a monument in history!

It's a pity, you're still dead, and killing one thousand enemies loses one thousand, as if it's meaningless. 】

[Ending reward: a purple talent! 】

[Tongyou (Purple): You are born with the material to become a magician, and your aptitude is excellent. Although you have not practiced before, your blood in your body is born with extremely high spiritual power, and you can communicate with all kinds of insects.

Insects are the creatures that are closest to the ghosts of the underworld.

Insects can hear the voice of the spell.

And you, you can understand the voices of insects and the voices of the curse insects. You are keenly aware of these cute little states, so you can teach them according to your aptitude and cultivate more powerful curse insects. 】