Global Reincarnation: Knowing The Plot From the Start

7 billion people in the world have tried their best to pass the dungeon, even at the cost of their lives! But when Chu Tian woke up, he was pleasantly surprised to find that these so-called copies were all movies and TV dramas he had seen before! Chu Tian, ​​who knows the plot we.... Read more

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Chapter 1260 can you take it Chapter 1259 Ning Surou, die! Chapter 1258 art is explosion

Chapter 1257 You are my most important person Chapter 1256 promise Chapter 1255 you will die soon Chapter 1254 Can I kill them? Chapter 1253 Ning Surou's big move! Chapter 1252 Something happened! ! ! Chapter 1251 pressure Chapter 1250 That feeling is so painful Chapter 1249 universal scissors

Chapter 1248 Chutian's plan? ? ? Chapter 1247 People are coming! Chapter 1246 Wife won't let husband see?

Chapter 1245 Summoning the Devil's Son? Chapter 1244 no big deal Chapter 1243 Do you really think I can't deal with you? Chapter 1242 Chapter 1241 Pete power up! Chapter 1240 ok you can die Chapter 1239 old friend of the eternal lord Chapter 1238 you can eat this Chapter 137 I'm dying

Chapter 1236 The final battle in seven days! ! ! Chapter 1235 mission completed! Chapter 1234 plan of disaster Chapter 1233 barking Chapter 1232 Now you are dead! Chapter 1231 Disaster is coming! Chapter 1230 Summoning, problem disaster! Chapter 1229 Morgana's USB stick! Chapter 1228 Watch the world come! Chapter 1227 come with me! Chapter 1226 Blast the continent! Chapter 1225 Tell the truth, spare you!

Chapter 1224 I'm afraid I can't leave you with a whole body Chapter 1223 disaster Chapter 1222 task release again Chapter 1221 tribute Chapter 1220 then punish you Chapter 1219 out of body Chapter 1218 Faith collapsed! Chapter 1217 I'm an ant Chapter 1216 It's just the out-of-body period! Chapter 1215 Careless! Chapter 1214 life or death Chapter 1213 Killing me would be a great loss for humanity

Chapter 1212 This is your fate! Chapter 1211 are you kidding Chapter 1210 here we go again? Chapter 1209 Pete's research! Chapter 1208 teach cheats Chapter 1207 real devil! Chapter 1206 The family is here! Chapter 1205 angel's daughter Chapter 1234 You can rest in peace. Chapter 1203 Wang Tiedan Chapter 1202 he has a problem Chapter 1201 power Bank? ? ?

Chapter 1200 Comprehend the supreme method! Chapter 1199 You can hide this secret. Chapter 1198 How to be as stupid as a donkey? Chapter 1197 Change in the position of the owner Chapter 1196 It's all a misunderstanding Chapter 1195 Big Dipper Sword Sect Chapter 1194 condition Chapter 1193 Slay the two demons! Chapter 1192 isn't he dead Chapter 1191 What is your identity? Chapter 1190 Two demons! Chapter 1189 Outrageous!

Chapter 1188 The vitality of grass elements Chapter 1187 Poke the devil's den Chapter 1186 imperial jade liquor Chapter 1185 Lingxi's world is also in danger Chapter 1184 The master has an order to kill Chu Tian! Chapter 1183 Human bomb? ! Chapter 1182 Kill the Nightmare Demon Chapter 1181 the answer in the heart Chapter 1180 fantasy Chapter 1179 Ghost hitting the wall? ! Chapter 1178 body for experimentation Chapter 1177 You are such a good man!

Chapter 1176 not hard not hard Chapter 1175 Chu Shi Chapter 1174 Powerful cultivator! Chapter 1173 The advantage is mine! Chapter 1172 Bring it back to Qingyu Village Chapter 1171 toxin Chapter 1170 soil Chapter 1169 stench Chapter 1168 do it for you Chapter 1167 Damn samsara! Chapter 1166 Eight Lords Chapter 1165 Xiao Zhidie

Chapter 1165 odor Chapter 1163 black figure Chapter 1162 Confused? ! Chapter 1161 Edgeworth Flying is because he is handsome! Chapter 1160 Qing Yu Zhuang Chapter 1159 the world! Chapter 1158 Has the S grade become Chinese cabbage? Chapter 1157 Hand over a copy of the Raiders! Chapter 1156 Get ready to go to the world! Chapter 1155 Remaining time of use of the big clock Chapter 1154 Yanhuang No.1 Chapter 1153 worry

Chapter 1152 inside world, outside world Chapter 1151 Smile, come back to life! ! ! Chapter 1150 ID: 谪 谪 Chapter 1149 The battle between Chutian and Lingxi Chapter 1148 The world is shocked! Chapter 1147 Advance, SSS-level reincarnator! ! ! Chapter 1146 Pangu bloodline! Chapter 1145 return! Chapter 1144 Let you choose a comfortable death Chapter 1143 Dementor Chapter 1142 I, live for my king! Chapter 1141 Bonus points for extra!

Chapter 1140 Chutian VS Meru Aim! Chapter 1139 Changes in Meruam Chapter 1138 you think I'm blind Chapter 1137 Is Chutian the source of fear? ! Chapter 1136 A little tricky? Chapter 1135 Fate makes us meet Chapter 1134 transmission of power Chapter 1133 Yupi's change, the power of anger! Chapter 1132 Chutian shot! Chapter 1131 Shit, you're careless! Chapter 1130 nausea! ! ! Chapter 1129 too strong!

Chapter 1128 Is this your hands and feet? Chapter 1127 Choice! Chapter 1126 fear! Chapter 1125 have to do Chapter 1124 Kuroko dance thought Chapter 1123 Dragon Stars Chapter 1122 Affirmation from King Chapter 1121 Terrifying power! Chapter 1120 name Chapter 1119 wheat Chapter 1118 Aren't you sad? Chapter 1117 Totally blocked NGL

Chapter 1116 Who are you Chapter 1115 Chutian is a trait Chapter 1114 Stimulate the power of thinking! Chapter 1113 The three moves are over, is it me? Chapter 1112 Money Chapter 1111 what a king should do Chapter 1110 damn Chapter 1109 It's not good to scare children Chapter 1108 NGL Chapter 1107 Hiso Chapter 1106 chimeric ant Chapter 1105 good luck

Chapter 1104 You deserve to be punished! Chapter 1003 pixie shock Chapter 1102 Parasite Chapter 1101 Lovers of Chutian Chapter 1100 No, no Chapter 1099 Silicon-based life forms come to Blue Star Chapter 1098 rubber creature Chapter 1097 Beimang Chapter 1096 Weren't you being tough just now? Chapter 1095 reflection monster Chapter 1094 Can Chutian make special items? Chapter 1093 The new queen!

Chapter 1092 Cao Zhao's world Chapter 1091 Brother Chu, thank you Chapter 1090 you are honest Chapter 1089 Are we alive? Chapter 1088 The invincible giant has fallen again! Chapter 1087 Earthquake coming? ? ? Chapter 1086 What can you do to me? Chapter 1085 people Chapter 1084 Cao Mengde is my ancestor Chapter 1083 Answer wrong and die! Chapter 1082 You are not qualified to test us Chapter 1081 Weird topic

Chapter 1080 hell exam room Chapter 1079 nice one Chapter 1078 core energy Chapter 1077 A breakthrough in spiritual attributes! Chapter 1076 Soul of the Sword Chapter 1075 Three question marks! Chapter 1074 Hello Earthlings Chapter 1073 you know my strength Chapter 1072 so strong man Chapter 1071 he is a superhero Chapter 1070 I want to invite you for a drink Chapter 1069 enemy of enemy

Chapter 1068 He's so strong Chapter 1067 Hang Iron Man and Team Rice! Chapter 1066 Invade the building! Chapter 1065 Give you a chance, you are useless! Chapter 1064 evolution! Chapter 1063 Infinite space for change! Chapter 1062 a little hurt Chapter 1061 For Chutian's reincarnator information? Chapter 1060 Mr. Chu! Chapter 1059 You are more interesting than Chutian Chapter 1058 Treat others with their own way! Chapter 1057 Stop them!

Chapter 1056 $500 billion? ! Chapter 1055 He is still alive! ! ! Chapter 1054 kill all Chapter 1053 Let you live but not die Chapter 1052 Kill Lingxi? Chapter 1051 A hundred million years? ? ? Chapter 1050 air wall Chapter 1049 To disintegrate the heavenly organization? ? ? Chapter 1048 Xu Ying VS Morgan Chapter 1047 cruel Chapter 1046 crazy plan Chapter 1045 difficult

Chapter 1044 Chutian's death! Chapter 1043 true god! Chapter 1042 Eighty percent of the power of the phoenix Chapter 1041 initialization…… Chapter 1040 Chu Yu, memory clear! Chapter 1039 Dryad Neidan Chapter 1038 Chu Tian is dying? Chapter 1037 An unexpected knife! The world is destroyed! Chapter 1036 swear to god Chapter 1035 ten thousand year tree demon Chapter 1034 white fox family Chapter 1033 Oyamamura

Chapter 1032 living hell Chapter 1031 Thanks to their ingenious minds Chapter 1030 It turns out that what the Chinese people said is correct! Chapter 1029 treason Chapter 1028 you can rest in peace Chapter 1027 Prevent? Chapter 1026 appalling Chapter 1025 Do you have any comments? Chapter 1024 world change Chapter 1023 chat Chapter 1022 Thirty-sixth Heaven Chapter 1021 someone three thousand years ago

Chapter 1020 Come back, super harvest! ! ! Chapter 1019 You need to figure it out yourself! Chapter 1018 Fight against Motoko Jin! Chapter 1017 Zhu Bajie: Do you want to eat pork head meat? Chapter 1016 Say it again and try it! Chapter 1015 The ancestor of Earth Immortal, Zhen Yuanzi! Chapter 1014 Infinite Heavenly Venerate Chapter 1013 Agarwood Chapter 1012 Monkey King Monkey King! Chapter 1011 Are you ungrateful? Chapter 1010 treasure! Chapter 1009 Can't go to the west

Chapter 1008 East Prince Chapter 1007 I am not Chutian's opponent! Chapter 1006 It turned out that he was the evil one! Chapter 1005 It's old to be replaced. Chapter 1004 you can't kill me Chapter 1003 Nezha was punished Chapter 1002 Yang Jian's soul asks questions Chapter 1001 Fraternity? Chapter 1000 Chutian shows its strength! Chapter 999 provoke Tianwei Chapter 998 Bajie Gong Cabbage Chapter 997 I call you, do you dare to agree?

Chapter 996 Four Spirits and Twenty-Eight Constellation Chapter 995 The five directions reveal the truth Chapter 994 Go to hell Chapter 993 Liu Yanchang was seriously injured Chapter 992 Hunyuan Tianmang Chapter 991 start to act Chapter 990 Other reincarnators' schemes! Chapter 989 Hunyuan umbrella Chapter 988 magic red Chapter 987 There is nowhere to hide from the devil's birthday! Chapter 986 I'm here to help you get revenge Chapter 985 have difficulty

Chapter 984 three scholars Chapter 983 Huashan Mountain God Chutian! Chapter 982 Demonic! Chapter 981 lotus lamp Chapter 980 Give Chen Xiang to Yang Jian Chapter 979 Bigu! Chapter 978 Burn the book of life and death! Chapter 977 you are not mine Chapter 976 magic weapon Chapter 975 Underworld Chapter 974 Cai Shikou asks for a cut! Chapter 973 Perspective in vivo

Chapter 972 enhance strength Chapter 971 Western beauty Chapter 970 Big smart pig Bajie! Chapter 969 The monkey is here to steal the elixir again! Chapter 968 How can you contaminate people out of thin air Chapter 967 The way of immortality! Chapter 966 Tusita Palace Chapter 965 to heaven Chapter 964 Who the **** is your brother? Chapter 963 Dear Chapter 962 "Splitting God's Palm" Chapter 961 A lot of people bully me!

Chapter 960 unlucky blue butterfly Chapter 959 frightened Chapter 958 I will take you to heaven Chapter 957 Havoc Chapter 956 Chutian eggs really hurt. Chapter 955 boy you are very nice Chapter 954 An unexpected knife Chapter 953 Fight, Yang Jian! Chapter 952 This dragon is too bad. Chapter 951 persuade Liu Yanchang Chapter 950 earthquake! ! ! Chapter 949 four princesses

Chapter 948 You are so filial to me! Chapter 947 Is the barrier so broken? Chapter 946 you bastard! Chapter 945 name not mentioned Chapter 944 Blue Butterfly Goddess Chapter 943 Chutian, sweeper! Chapter 942 copy: Chapter 941 flirting with lingxi Chapter 940 Soaring strength! ! ! Chapter 939 Come back, the world is sensational again! Chapter 938 Yet another special item! Chapter 937 mission completed!

Chapter 936 Purify dirty air Chapter 935 Can't get in, can't get in no matter what! Chapter 934 Habit of cheating flowers Chapter 933 Get down to business, Barbatos! Chapter 932 son of chalk Chapter 931 thank you Chapter 930 Lady, die! Chapter 929 Yae Miko Chapter 928 An unexpected knife Chapter 927 I am your general's man! Chapter 926 I know you **** ask? Chapter 925 Go to Inawa

Chapter 924 This is the third question. Chapter 923 Evil eye Chapter 922 Miss Chapter 921 eye of god Chapter 920 i am your father Chapter 919 Demon Chapter 918 Wendy Chapter 917 eye of god Chapter 916 Ying's brother Chapter 915 Amber Chapter 914 "Genshin"! Chapter 913 Save the world with you?

Chapter 912 Xu Ying's recovery? Chapter 911 Sublimation, perish! Chapter 910 Are you keeping it as a souvenir? Chapter 909 Three life planets within a thousand light years! Chapter 908 Space Technology! Chapter 907 Interstellar Immigration Program! Chapter 906 Chutian is back! Chapter 905 time passes differently Chapter 904 Supercomputers of the 1980s! Chapter 903 Create another Chu Yu? Chapter 902 S-class computing chip Chapter 901 Yanjing in another world is in trouble!

Chapter 900 Hello Chief! Chapter 899 cosmic life detector Chapter 898 Abandon the Blue Star Project? Chapter 897 Great Harvest Mission Rewards! ! ! Chapter 896 Mission accomplished! ! Chapter 895 Take you to the sun Chapter 894 Particleize! Chapter 893 Dead Chapter 892 overall mission Chapter 891 small island Chapter 890 Lingxi was jealous. Chapter 889 Are you looking for death?

Chapter 868 Burn a country! Chapter 867 save your people Chapter 866 Lingxi's ability disappeared. Chapter 885 disaster! Chapter 884 Proxima Centauri Chapter 883 The black cloud overwhelms the city and wants to destroy it! Chapter 882 ruthless! Chapter 881 nutrient solution Chapter 880 hostile Chapter 879 Go to Proxima Chapter 878 higher civilization Chapter 877 Translate for me translate what a **** surprise

Chapter 876 Proxima Centauri is coming! Chapter 875 The big trick! Chapter 874 The same world! Chapter 873 Chutian people are going to be stupid! Chapter 872 HB301 Chapter 871 BBQ Aliens Chapter 870 Shameless! Chapter 869 Ready for the final verdict again! Chapter 868 higher civilization Chapter 867 Absorb the life force of the planet! Chapter 866 Eighties Chapter 865 another world?

Chapter 864 who are you! Chapter 863 suddenly turned on Chapter 862 problem occurs! Chapter 861 i want to kiss you Chapter 860 $24 billion! Chapter 859 Let Chutian handle it? Chapter 858 What I say is what, do you have an opinion? Chapter 857 Chu Tian he is too strong! Chapter 856 Unreasonable Chutian! Chapter 855 chase Chapter 854 Confused Married? Chapter 853 Marriage certificate? !

Chapter 852 Silly girl and Lingxi's account Chapter 851 Global shock! Chapter 850 I suddenly remember happy things Chapter 849 Blast the planet! Chapter 848 Great crisis in the real world! Chapter 847 Chutian VS Devil Chapter 846 mantra blue Chapter 845 My blood pressure is going up Chapter 844 A country's plan! Chapter 843 Go to the moon! Chapter 842 looking for something Chapter 841 brain activity

Chapter 840 Here is Blue Star! Chapter 839 The diamond treasure chest is gone? Chapter 838 Return to the real world with a copy character! Chapter 837 Will you come back next time? Chapter 836 Exploding stars! Chapter 835 sacrifice Chapter 834 despair! Chapter 833 scary monster Chapter 832 A monster the size of a star! Chapter 831 black flying insect Chapter 830 Kasha's father Chapter 829 I am seven thousand years older than you!

Chapter 828 College Physics! Chapter 827 The concept of hidden space Chapter 286 Bingbing: I love you! Chapter 825 Plenty of Void Creatures Chapter 824 edge of the universe Chapter 823 Wormholes that appear suddenly. Chapter 822 The role of the anti-void cube Chapter 821 because i am the **** of death Chapter 820 Blast the reward? Chapter 819 Rexer Chapter 818 ok, so big Chapter 817 Re-simulate the big clock

Chapter 816 Organizations need you! Chapter 815 Heavenly King Hexi! Chapter 814 Black Iron Armor Chapter 813 Ten thousand years of black iron Chapter 812 you stand here don't move Chapter 811 Buddha does not cross the people here Chapter 810 Not dead yet? Chapter 809 Lingxi's concern Chapter 808 Final verdict! Chapter 807 prophet Chapter 806 Malzaha Chapter 805 Chutian, destroy the planet!

Chapter 804 Kill Chu Tian! Chapter 803 The lair of the void creatures? Chapter 802 Bart! Chapter 801 space combat Chapter 800 Detonate a natural satellite! Chapter 799 Low-end version of the big clock Chapter 798 Let go of your stinky fart! Chapter 797 Time and space are messed up! Chapter 796 Kasha! Chapter 795 Who is wrong and who is right? Chapter 794 A Billion Times Gravity! Chapter 793 Detonate the stars!

Chapter 792 Haoyue Chapter 791 Join forces! Chapter 790 Copy the male core! Chapter 789 Hero core! Chapter 788 You want me to die Chapter 787 Kill the Triangle! Chapter 786 Triangle civilization Chapter 785 Morgana would agree Chapter 784 Big hero Chutian! Chapter 783 Special ability promotion! Chapter 782 Taiqing Shendan Chapter 781 let's talk

Chapter 780 Today she must die! Chapter 779 Ruoning's killing intent! Chapter 778 Lingxi likes Chutian? ! Chapter 777 angel cold Chapter 776 Kill the gluttonous army Chapter 775 Hard against nuclear explosion! Chapter 774 Trigger side quests Chapter 773 In a week, you will know the answer Chapter 672 Silicon-based life? Chapter 771 Rose is confused Chapter 770 am i drinking? Chapter 769 Lieyang Star, Pan Zhen!

Chapter 768 Do you know Hua Ye? Chapter 767 Check Hiko's body Chapter 766 I just like roses Chapter 765 you are Morgana Chapter 764 There is a man who misses you all the time Chapter 763 Your profile is a little weird Chapter 762 death karl Chapter 761 hack archives Chapter 760 spy? Chapter 659 Soldiers of the Hero Company? Chapter 658 Morgana, cool ice. Chapter 657 We are soldiers of the Soldier Company!

Chapter 756 Successfully reached SS rank! ! ! Chapter 755 Sixx Kaiouken! Chapter 754 surface-to-air missile Chapter 753 I am very happy to see the teacher again Chapter 752 Three million points awarded! ! ! Chapter 751 Saitama's terrifying power! Chapter 750 Saitama appears! Chapter 749 Chutian's life-saving trump card! Chapter 748 Chu Tian was hanged Chapter 747 To die! Chapter 746 You are pretty meaty Chapter 745 How many peanuts?

Chapter 744 Just looking for death? Chapter 743 Sea God Chutian! Chapter 742 get out of here Chapter 741 The terrifying power of the magic flame! Chapter 740 another space Chapter 739 You want to treat me to hot pot! Chapter 738 Xu Ying has news! Chapter 737 Reaper's Scythe Chapter 736 Scam call? Chapter 735 Butterfly Chapter 734 Come back, everyone SSS evaluation! Chapter 733 sacrifice

Chapter 732 who are you with Chapter 731 He is simply a monster! Chapter 730 Chu Tian is too arrogant Chapter 729 Brothers, here comes the reward Chapter 728 Reaper Tyrant Chapter 727 Shrimp Pork Heart Chapter 726 it's finally here Chapter 725 How can this not kill you! Chapter 724 Upgraded version of the licker monster Chapter 723 break the code Chapter 722 They are like gods of war! Chapter 721 Something has happened, aliens have invaded the earth!

Chapter 720 You two have a fight Chapter 719 Are they angels sent by God? Chapter 718 far away Chapter 717 The power of the magic flame! Chapter 716 Save all mankind? ! Chapter 715 Survivors! Chapter 714 Follow Chutian boss Chapter 713 Save all mankind! Chapter 712 Random copy! Chapter 711 The twentieth floor copy! Chapter 710 Chutian, we are kidding! Chapter 709 Zhao Zuan's birthday

Chapter 708 Questions from keyboard warriors! Chapter 707 About to be promoted to SS rank! Chapter 706 New Special Ability: Magic Flame! Chapter 705 The world will remember you! Chapter 704 Let the whole world believe in Chutian! Chapter 703 Julia lost her memory? Chapter 702 Reward lots of points! Chapter 701 very powerful weapon Chapter 700 I can't help you! Chapter 699 Master, stay safe! Chapter 698 Do you know the Great Sword of the Realm? Chapter 697 Nima, still want to pretend?

Chapter 696 nmsl? Chapter 695 How can you be so strong! Chapter 694 i am your father Chapter 693 New mission progress! Chapter 692 Get ready to summon the Demon King! Chapter 691 Lend your life to use it! Chapter 690 The sky has changed Chapter 689 Calm before the storm Chapter 688 Wang Wanru proclaimed emperor! Chapter 687 Qin Yijue, a Stranger Chapter 686 One hit kills the iron in seconds! Chapter 685 One against two!

Chapter 684 Are you Nan Xuelin's daughter? Chapter 683 Summon the Demon King Chapter 682 Jiangliu Chapter 681 Eight Wizards! Chapter 680 Help Nan Surou to gain glory and wealth! Chapter 679 I'm the **** insane! Chapter 678 Brother, you are amazing! Chapter 677 Hu Lei! Chapter 676 I am the boss of the Pingnan Fleet Chapter 675 Silly girl: We have fusion skills! Chapter 674 shocked! Chapter 673 Someone did it on purpose!

Chapter 672 Give you a chance, you are useless Chapter 671 Violently **** the cold Zen turtle! Chapter 670 He is definitely not human! Chapter 669 King Kong Arhat Chapter 668 Everyone who knows is dead Chapter 667 The Temptation of Nan Surou Chapter 666 I have some personal things to talk to you about Chapter 665 Hua Zhong's shock Chapter 664 Rich heaven and earth spirit Chapter 663 Unlock abilities again! Chapter 662 Kill Xiao Sihai! Chapter 661 Boss, I'll take the seat!

Chapter 660 The idea of ​​a hornet Chapter 659 Shocked Hua Zhong! Chapter 658 Thanks to Chutian as a teacher! Chapter 657 Li Gou-left Chapter 656 Gang crime! Chapter 655 The world of Sword Spirit! Chapter 654 spirit clan girl Chapter 653 Personal Copy: Bandit Heist Chapter 652 The downfall of the Red and White Alliance! ! Chapter 651 Completely wiped out! Chapter 650 no need to exist Chapter 449 changes in the moon

Chapter 478 Delivered to your door? ! Chapter 647 Lin Yutong's legitimate defense! Chapter 646 Hot search was robbed! Chapter 645 Reward: Divine Skill! ! ! Chapter 644 return! ! ! Chapter 643 Side quest complete! ! ! Chapter 642 Sudden death! Chapter 641 Answer honestly and spare your life! Chapter 640 He must be a god! Chapter 639 who is stronger Chapter 638 Lots of bonus points! Chapter 637 are not you cold?

Chapter 636 Arctic Circle Chapter 635 test Chapter 634 Your face is full of stories Chapter 633 Expected results! Chapter 632 men in black Chapter 631 Cunning and cunning! ! Chapter 630 God-level special items! ! ! Chapter 629 I am the real, you are the fake! Chapter 628 male female Chapter 627 True and False Poseidon Chapter 626 You deserve someone to serve! Chapter 625 Fate has made her choice!

Chapter 624 crown as king Chapter 623 I am God! Chapter 622 I agree to fight him! Chapter 621 Get off the throne! ! ! Chapter 620 you drink too much Chapter 619 First generation kings! Chapter 618 Are you doubting me! Chapter 617 Feast! Chapter 616 I want to be your god! Chapter 615 It's cool to pretend Chapter 614 Reincarnator! Chapter 613 Your current technology is incomprehensible!

Chapter 612 Let me play two tricks with you! Chapter 611 your dad asked me to greet you Chapter 610 Terrifying strength! Chapter 609 deep sea world Chapter 608 surrender Chapter 607 It's so big! Chapter 606 S-class arrogance! Chapter 605 pretend everyone likes it Chapter 604 Land of Peach Blossoms Chapter 603 demigod Chapter 602 mother box Chapter 601 He's just a financial clerk!

Chapter 600 Mr. Bruce Wayne Chapter 599 Will it trigger side quests? Chapter 598 New copy! Chapter 597 Gold hoop! Chapter 596 Arrogant A-level reincarnator! Chapter 595 Afraid to scare your soul away! Chapter 594 You are the foundation Chapter 593 Smile, really dead! Chapter 592 return! Lift the first-order blockade! Chapter 291 Devil's Purple Lotus Chapter 590 almost burp Chapter 589 I want to create a whole new world

Chapter 588 energy collapse Chapter 587 Only one person can survive! Chapter 586 emotion of love Chapter 585 An upgraded version of the curse? Chapter 584 You have to believe in the light! Chapter 583 What is the alarm number 110? Chapter 582 two tired people Chapter 581 Cthulhu Change Chapter 580 Defeat the evil god? Chapter 579 harvest emotions Chapter 578 grey world Chapter 577 Evil God Little Loli!

Chapter 576 The evil **** is coming! Chapter 575 at your service my lord Chapter 574 six star light Chapter 573 She might be dead too! Chapter 572 Chapter 571 If you don't like it, just say it! Chapter 570 Wang Yao who confided his heart Chapter 569 Not so much power. Chapter 568 Duel with Chutian? Tired of living? Chapter 567 How can people still fly? Chapter 566 Loneliness is a fear! Chapter 565 lonely quiet

Chapter 564 Almighty god Chapter 563 Please kill Chutian! Chapter 562 no man, no ghost Chapter 561 Mr. Chu, save me! Chapter 560 Evil creature (pseudo) Chapter 559 Use nightmares to deal with curses? ? Chapter 558 he's in bad shape Chapter 557 I have invited Daoist Master Chu to you! Chapter 556 died Chapter 555 military arrival Chapter 554 Brother, don't do this! Chapter 553 lend you a soul

Chapter 552 play tricks Chapter 551 Exorcist! Chapter 550 died three years ago Chapter 549 Who can stand this? Chapter 548 Something's not quite right Chapter 547 easy to solve Chapter 546 shocked mother and daughter Chapter 545 spooky mask Chapter 544 I am oily, I am not oily Chapter 543 Against the curse? Chapter 542 School flower meeting Chapter 541 Weird man in black

Chapter 540 Block Scarlet Eyes Chapter 539 Master save me! Chapter 538 Curse of the URL Chapter 537 The spooky event of the restart! Chapter 536 the curse of the crowd Chapter 535 Beimang Cemetery Chapter 534 evil spirits Chapter 533 The universe is collapsing? ? ? Chapter 532 Campus time? Chapter 531 back to Earth! ! ! Chapter 530 Smiley suicide note! Chapter 529 Neko Musume

Chapter 528 Three S-level evaluation guides! Chapter 527 Chu Xiulan is causing trouble! Chapter 526 Come back, great harvest! ! ! Chapter 525 mission completed! ! Chapter 524 Saitama's Growth! Chapter 523 Super potential! Chapter 522 Long time no see, Saitama! Chapter 521 Go a year later! Chapter 520 Looking back from across time and space Chapter 519 The strength of Chutian terror Chapter 518 Beat up! ! ! Chapter 517 Who is he, so powerful!

Chapter 516 Kill that giant centipede! Chapter 515 I am the first! Chapter 514 Grandpa is him! Chapter 513 Saitama's punch! Chapter 512 Trigger side quests again! ! ! Chapter 511 Crab Monster Chapter 510 Travel through time and space, back to three years ago! Chapter 509 The shock of the Hero Association! Chapter 508 spike Chapter 507 Strength crushing Chapter 506 Genos' PK invitation! Chapter 505 This is embarrassing!

Chapter 504 Only Chutian is the most important! Chapter 503 shocked the audience Chapter 502 Terrifying Chutian and Saitama Chapter 501 Go home and drink milk? ! Chapter 500 bald uncle Chapter 499 Choose mission two! Chapter 498 Break your arm! Chapter 497 Silly girl is angry! Chapter 496 Shinichi's love Chapter 495 unremarkable young man Chapter 494 Spike! Chapter 493 Met an old acquaintance!

Chapter 492 One Punch Man! ! ! Chapter 491 Are there demons on the moon? Chapter 490 Chutian, No. 1 in the world? ! Chapter 489 thunderstorm Chapter 488 The American reincarnation who swallowed his voice! ! ! Chapter 487 Temple of Faith Chapter 486 China and the Soviet Union appeared! Chapter 485 Go to Hollywood! Chapter 484 Target: California! Chapter 483 Open the Devil's Handbook again! Chapter 482 The property of a smile! Chapter 481 smile in shock

Chapter 480 Breakthrough, S-class! ! ! Chapter 479 return! ! ! Chapter 478 Guo Shi Wushuang Chapter 477 two worlds Chapter 476 It's just a fool Chapter 475 Use magic to defeat magic! Chapter 374 Silly girl lost? Chapter 473 awesomeness Chapter 472 Conditions for opening infinite space Chapter 471 fantasy Chapter 470 weird Chapter 469 Buddha's light shines

Chapter 468 Terrorist Reincarnation Chapter 467 Devil's life! Chapter 466 wait three days Chapter 465 diamond Chapter 464 come out, don't hide Chapter 463 Possessed by a ghost? ! Chapter 462 Hit a ghost? Chapter 461 horror funeral home Chapter 460 Wrongful soul asks for life! Chapter 459 Ruthless! Chapter 458 to Seoul Chapter 457 Thirteenth person

Chapter 456 play tricks Chapter 455 "Murder Comics"! ! ! Chapter 454 Lots of fairy beans! ! ! Chapter 453 Smile at home dinner Chapter 452 goodbye old acquaintance Chapter 451 brother and sister Chapter 450 silly girl learning exercises Chapter 449 your world is ruined Chapter 448 Here she is again! Chapter 447 New abilities! ! ! Chapter 446 magical reward Chapter 445 The copy is over, come back!

Chapter 444 Undersea nuclear explosion! ! ! Chapter 443 The strongest tsunami in human history! Chapter 442 Monsters are scared! ! ! Chapter 441 The strongest blow! Chapter 440 Spike! Chapter 439 From the future? ! Chapter 438 where did the hydrogen bomb go Chapter 437 Cobalt bomb? Chapter 436 shameless Chapter 435 I am the God of China! Chapter 434 Clash of power! Chapter 433 Press and rub on the ground!

Chapter 432 Chutian is God! ! ! Chapter 431 Chutian shot! Chapter 430 Stupid fight! Chapter 429 Fascinated by color? Chapter 428 standing rat Chapter 427 Best viewing location! Chapter 426 Copy is on! Chapter 425 Bounty Hunter Chapter 424 The sixteenth floor copy! Chapter 423 Inaccessible world! Chapter 422 Silly girl's wish! Chapter 421 Are you two in trouble?

Chapter 420 you didn't die? Chapter 419 Heaven-defying authority! Chapter 418 Unlock unlimited space permissions! Chapter 417 My master! Chapter 316 vitality! Chapter 415 Can't get out! Chapter 414 Zeus, die! ! ! Chapter 413 Beat up Zeus! Chapter 412 Forcibly activate 40% of the power of the phoenix! Chapter 411 Use Faith Statue Chapter 410 devour Chapter 409 Falling back!

Chapter 408 Zeus is coming! Chapter 407 Silly girl was attacked Chapter 406 Silly girl showing power! Chapter 405 Something from Sakura? Chapter 404 one day one Night! Chapter 403 game rules Chapter 402 Li Er Chapter 401 I seem to have seen you somewhere Chapter 400 brothers Chapter 399 Xiaoqing's plea! Chapter 398 Blood is poisonous! Chapter 397 The forest is big and there are all kinds of birds

Chapter 396 Unlock unlimited space permissions? ? ? Chapter 395 Where there is a devil, there is a god! Chapter 394 See you again little novice? ! Chapter 393 Brothers and sisters, run! Chapter 392 Earn rewards? ! Chapter 391 Enter the gate! Chapter 390 The injustice of Menger's death! Chapter 389 fuck you Chapter 388 Big deal! Chapter 387 provocative Chapter 386 court death! Chapter 385 Battle Dragon One!

Chapter 384 Go to the Pacific! Chapter 383 The trial tower is open! Chapter 382 Fifty times gravity! Chapter 381 Back to Australia! Chapter 380 You still lie now Chapter 379 stupid world Chapter 378 Smile Resurrection! Chapter 377 Chu Tian shot at Qian Xiao? Chapter 376 Smile hurts! Chapter 375 collapsing world Chapter 374 Fahai's letter before his death Chapter 373 Fahai is dead!

Chapter 372 Silly girl's strength increases Chapter 371 Return to the personal copy of "Green Snake"! Chapter 370 A reward for a silly girl? Chapter 369 Complete the mission quickly and come back again! Chapter 368 Destroy the island! Chapter 367 human evaporation Chapter 366 Ten Thousand Swords Secret Technique! Chapter 365 airdrop box Chapter 364 Chutian, the humanoid self-propelled plug-in! Chapter 363 False news! Chapter 362 Fall into a box! Chapter 361 "Jedi Survival"! ! !

Chapter 360 Changes in the global master list! Chapter 359 another plane Chapter 358 return! Reward: Spirit Bone Skill! Chapter 357 Wuhun Hall is coming! Chapter 356 Fight against Qian Renxue Chapter 355 Bibi Dong Chapter 354 Behead, million-year-old soul beast! Chapter 353 war! Heavenly Dream Ice Silkworm! Chapter 352 super mental strength Chapter 351 Annihilation Orb Chapter 350 Tianmeng Ice Silkworm Appears! Chapter 349 Strange eyes of ice and fire

Chapter 348 Poison Douluo! Chapter 347 Ice and Fire Eyes Chapter 346 Xiao Wu is here? Chapter 345 I predicted your prediction Chapter 344 Azure Bull Python! Chapter 343 Dragon Fist! Chapter 342 Ninety thousand year soul beast Chapter 341 Are you a beggar? Chapter 340 Tang San's excitement! Chapter 339 Fool Tang San Chapter 338 20,000-year-old soul beast! Chapter 337 The Great Star Dou Forest is not safe.

Chapter 336 Dai Mubai Chapter 335 Are soul masters amazing? Chapter 334 Set off! "Douluo Continent"! Chapter 333 Copy: Douluo Continent Chapter 332 woman's intuition Chapter 331 return! Global shock! Chapter 330 Generous customs clearance rewards! Chapter 329 Kill Frieza, an unexpected victory? Chapter 228 Battle with Frieza! Chapter 327 Defeat the Buddha and Sun Wukong! Chapter 326 It was Frieza! ! ! Chapter 325 field

Chapter 324 bad situation Chapter 223 Tonic pill Chapter 322 Upgraded bombing zone Chapter 321 Melulam, Qiu, die! Chapter 320 Cooperate with Monkey Chapter 319 Both glory and loss Chapter 318 dad Chapter 317 Stay behind! Chapter 316 The day the Broken Sword is recast! Chapter 315 Micro nuclear bomb! Chapter 314 Xu Chu! Chapter 313 Qiqi meets Shi Potian

Chapter 312 Yupi with amazing defense! Chapter 311 Sneak attack on Meru Em! Chapter 310 Is Qiu crazy? Chapter 309 Ge Xiaolun in meat Chapter 308 Godkiller Axe Chapter 307 Zhixin was killed in seconds! Chapter 306 what is that! Chapter 305 Galactic Force Chapter 304 a child Chapter 303 Exaggerated bombing zone! Chapter 302 collapse! withdraw! Sell! slip! Chapter 301 Kill Jace!

Chapter 300 Battle Yasuo! Chapter 299 Yasuo, Riven, Taliyah! Chapter 298 Chimeric ants! Chapter 297 Surprise attack Chapter 296 Slaver's Robe! Chapter 295 PUBG Mobile Chapter 294 key Chapter 293 secret room Chapter 292 memory tampering Chapter 291 Enter! Multiplayer copy world! Chapter 290 Get five people together! Chapter 289 What do you think of Chutian people?

Chapter 288 Graduation straight away! Chapter 287 Team brush copy! Chapter 286 Grow fairy beans! Chapter 285 Multiplayer copy card! Chapter 284 slip away Chapter 283 Fight Frieza! Chapter 282 Attack Frieza! Chapter 281 Frieza is here! Chapter 280 The giant ape King Vegeta! Chapter 279 Take the initiative! Chapter 278 Bardock! Chapter 277 A scum with a combat power of only 5!

Chapter 276 Chutian's Great Flickering Technique Chapter 275 Greedy Zevr Chapter 274 Zevr Chapter 273 Star Vegeta! Chapter 272 Wish again! Chapter 271 Thank you for your mercy Chapter 270 Fairy Bean Recipe Chapter 269 Bulma's wish Chapter 268 The strength of Kakarot Chapter 267 Kakarot, my dear brother Chapter 266 Meet Sun Wukong and others! (Happy new year acridine!) Chapter 265 Only one copy of "Dragon Ball"!

Chapter 264 Dragon Ball and the Hunger Platform Chapter 263 Such a brainy girl! Chapter 162 Nuclear weapons are recommended! Chapter 261 Wang family, it's over Chapter 260 The rise of Chutian! Chapter 259 Can't kill Chapter 258 sell Chapter 257 God and Demon! Chapter 256 Emperor, take it! Chapter 255 against Zeus Chapter 254 Dominate the world Chapter 253 Kill one person in ten steps!

Chapter 252 Kill the emperor now! Chapter 251 The world is so quiet! Chapter 250 Wang Defa's help? Chapter 249 Battle against two A-rank reincarnators! Chapter 248 The power of Zeus! Chapter 247 Buddha's Fury Lotus Chapter 246 Great show! Chapter 245 living hell! Chapter 244 War is imminent! Chapter 243 Don't tell the plan! Chapter 242 breakthrough! A grade! Chapter 241 Bo Gang, die!

Chapter 240 Help me kill! Chapter 239 Bugs, you are dead! Chapter 238 Bo Gang's body, Mihara Mountain Chapter 237 Action after three hours Chapter 236 Zeus' plan Chapter 235 Po Gang appeared Chapter 234 shit Chapter 233 We know each other? Chapter 232 Yamaguchi-gumi Chapter 231 the second demon Chapter 230 embolus Chapter 229 cancer

Chapter 228 The magic bullet cannon! Chapter 227 Trial Tower Chapter 226 Smiles coming to S-class! Chapter 225 Great harvest, 400,000 points! Chapter 224 Another special ability reward? ? ? Chapter 223 The fierce battle of Jean Grey! Chapter 222 Awakening, the power of the phoenix Chapter 221 The plan begins! Chapter 220 Cut Huqin Grey! Chapter 219 solve two Chapter 218 Today is your birthday next year Chapter 217 cooperate

Chapter 216 serum Chapter 215 Back in 1973 Chapter 214 Only he can save us! Chapter 213 Magneto's Misunderstanding Chapter 212 Professor's Brain Supplement Chapter 211 What kind of magic does the ability of a silly girl still have? Chapter 210 here they come Chapter 209 Mutants find Chutian Chapter 208 Play against 3 Sentinel robots Chapter 207 Silly girl's clothes were burnt to ashes Chapter 206 Silly Girl VS Sentinel Robot Chapter 205 The woman who wants to seduce the emperor

Chapter 204 A copy of the twelfth floor Chapter 203 come from the Wang family Chapter 202 return! Chapter 201 Eternal power comes from... Elm Street? Chapter 200 Summon Demon Chapter 199 This is reality Chapter 198 Dreams and...Reality Chapter 197 Memory loss? Chapter 196 dead reincarnator Chapter 195 Silly girl exception Chapter 194 About to face... Freddy! Chapter 193 ghost

Chapter 192 Faith statue Chapter 191 Back, bonus skill: Liquify! Chapter 190 Did Liang Jingru give you the courage? Chapter 189 Yanren Zhang Yide [Fifth Update] Chapter 188 The sneak attack of the reincarnator [fourth more] Chapter 187 50,000 to 700,000! 【Third Update】 Chapter 186 New Battle of Guandu! 【Second Update】 Chapter 185 Where does peace in the world come from? 【First Update】 Chapter 184 Sima Yi [Fifth Update] Chapter 183 Chutian, the leader! 【Fourth more】 Chapter 182 Dong Zhuo's Dog Head [Third Update] Chapter 181 Feng Xian, where is my son? 【Second Update】

Chapter 180 Kill Dong Thief! 【First Update】 Chapter 179 Competing in the World [Fifth Update] Chapter 178 The princes were shocked [fourth more] Chapter 177 Very easy [third more] Chapter 176 Will the task be so simple? 【Second Update】 Chapter 175 Cao Mengde [First Update] Chapter 174 Union Chapter 173 The tenth floor copy: unknown! Chapter 172 How are you different from that Cao thief? ! Chapter 171 New S-Class Reincarnator! Chapter 170 Thor's Hammer Chapter 169 Jedana, die!

Chapter 168 armed color domineering Chapter 167 Another B-rank reincarnator! Chapter 166 sow discord Chapter 165 Chutian, reveal your identity! Chapter 164 Are you... the emperor? ! Chapter 163 Long live His Majesty the First Emperor! Chapter 162 human ugliness Chapter 161 In the real world, it's messed up! Chapter 160 Is Xiaoxue Ning Ruxue? Chapter 159 That is Ning Ruxue! Chapter 158 After possessing human feelings... Chapter 157 Improved version of silly girl

Chapter 156 Reward special item: Silly Girl! Chapter 155 Give me a fight! Chapter 154 Kill Huangmei again! Chapter 153 BUG of infinite space? ? ? Chapter 152 Pig Bajie is really a tiger Chapter 151 I found a stupid pig Chapter 150 time travel Chapter 149 Yellow Eyebrow King Chapter 148 Please enter the power-on password Chapter 147 Chinese brand 2060 mobile phone, silly girl! Chapter 146 Magic Phone and Thor Chapter 145 Great harvest, rewarded with two diamond chests!

Chapter 144 Completion of side quests, additional rewards Chapter 143 Water floods Jinshan Chapter 142 Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi in the World of Gods and Demons Chapter 141 arctic fox Chapter 140 side quests Chapter 139 West Lake meets Bai Suzhen Chapter 138 Fahai's Purple Gold Bowl Chapter 137 Dawei Tianlong! Chapter 136 almost revealing identity Chapter 135 people who appear suddenly Chapter 134 Fight against quasi-A rank reincarnators Chapter 133 Quadruple King Fist

Chapter 132 against bazaar Chapter 131 You have been kicked out of the group chat! Chapter 130 Unprecedented rewards! Chapter 129 I can't do it anymore, if you do this again, I will die... Chapter 128 The effect of fairy beans Chapter 127 find dragon balls Chapter 126 Hanging and beating the Great Demon King of Piccolo! Chapter 125 Kill Dambalin Chapter 124 Dambalin is here Chapter 123 I abstain! Chapter 122 The world's first martial arts club! Chapter 121 Enter, Dragon Ball!

Chapter 120 Behead! Chiwen Ryosuke! Chapter 119 Lion's Roar Chapter 118 The second special ability, comprehensive strength level B! Chapter 117 Holy Wanted Chapter 116 somersault cloud Chapter 115 Kill Megatron! Chapter 114 found a lonely Chapter 113 Special Items, Tinder Source Chapter 112 Meet Mikaela Chapter 111 The plans of the rest of the reincarnators Chapter 110 Don't even say thank you? Chapter 109 Promise Sword Saint, plateau blood!

Chapter 108 Zeus, been tricked! Chapter 107 Use nuclear weapons! Chapter 106 typhoon! Chapter 105 The army is out! Chapter 104 Westerners' freedom Chapter 103 SSS class wanted criminal! Chapter 102 Grim Reaper's Manipulation Chapter 101 The first danger! Chapter 100 death is coming Chapter 99 I see! Chapter 98 disconnect from the outside world Chapter 97 blockade!

Chapter 96 real crisis Chapter 95 The wood show will be destroyed by the forest wind Chapter 94 Emperor is dead? ! Chapter 93 Sakura's SS rating Chapter 92 Instructed! Chapter 91 The Unspeakable Sakura Chapter 90 Only she can change the rules of the game! Chapter 89 Mutate, change the game Chapter 88 Constraints and Oaths Chapter 87 rolling Chapter 86 Fierce battle, Chutian battles twenty-one reincarnators! Chapter 85 live and live

Chapter 84 Ability of Sakura Chapter 83 Participate in the Hunger Games Chapter 82 Sakura girl Chapter 81 Comprehend "Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon" Chapter 80 Control the blood! Chapter 79 Come back, break through a thousand spiritual changes! Chapter 78 Chutian's suicide, destroying Jia Ye! Chapter 77 found Chapter 76 Kill, Toshio Saeki Chapter 75 Unstoppable Gaga Coconut Chapter 74 The wrath of the reincarnators Chapter 73 Gaga Coconut is coming!

Chapter 72 unresolved resentment Chapter 71 start! "The Curse"! Chapter 70 middle-aged woman Chapter 69 frenzied! Chapter 68 The Grudge has a high mortality rate! Chapter 67 The next instance, "The Grudge"! Chapter 66 The little dragon girl who worries about gain and loss Chapter 65 Above the main hall, behead Jia Sidao! Chapter 64 The Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty invited Xiaolongnu to a banquet? ! Chapter 63 In the same room with the little dragon girl... Chapter 62 Become the paradise of night devil! Chapter 61 Little Dragon Girl's Care

Chapter 60 Butterfly effect, the Mongolian army is coming! Chapter 59 Do you think you fit in? Chapter 58 There is a misunderstanding between us Chapter 57 Guo Jing is here too! Chapter 56 Long girl, let's dig a little deeper! Chapter 55 The little dragon girl was stunned Chapter 54 Hanging on the hill! Chapter 53 Cheeky Qiu Chuji Chapter 52 Condor Heroes! Chapter 51 How can neuropathy hide strength? Chapter 50 trouble Chapter 49 Playing with water attributes in front of Chutian?

Chapter 48 Does anyone else have a copy guide? Chapter 47 Reward the barbarian king's big move! Chapter 46 The reincarnators are boiling! Chapter 45 Get 0 points reward? ! Chapter 44 Break the rules? ! Chapter 43 unlucky reincarnator Chapter 42 Phantom Fierce Room! Chapter 41 modify modify Chapter 40 Chutian, shameless! Chapter 39 smile Chapter 38 Are you going to kill me? Come on then! Chapter 37 Kaiouken!

Chapter 36 Mission failed, obliterate! ! Chapter 35 Silly reincarnators Chapter 34 Different world Chapter 33 Open, different dimension mouth! Chapter 32 laboratory Chapter 31 The enemy comes to the door Chapter 30 Hell Difficulty "Mist"! ! ! Chapter 29 It was her...? Chapter 28 Coincidence? Chapter 27 Chutian became the target of public criticism Chapter 26 Dungeon Cooldown Refresh Card Chapter 25 Special ability evolution card

Chapter 24 modify modify Chapter 23 so weak? Chapter 22 fairyland Chapter 21 Jiuquan Town has changed Chapter 20 They really are a gang! Chapter 19 look dumbfounded ninth uncle Chapter 18 modify modify Chapter 17 special items Chapter 16 sleep with anne Chapter 15 Book Chapter 14 Book Chapter 13 Nine Uncle's Doubt

Chapter 12 Annie's invitation Chapter 11 Personal copy! "The Exorcist" Chapter 10 S-rank reincarnator! Chapter 9 Sit down and start! Chapter 8 Great rewards! Chapter 7 come back! SSS-level super **** evaluation! ! ! Chapter 6 Lonely Eagle's Intentions Chapter 5 Night Demon regains consciousness Chapter 4 Catch Night Demon Chapter 3 Chutian's thoughts Chapter 2 A copy of "I Am Legend"! Chapter 1 only i know the plot

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